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Mrs Hansen’s Boarding House — Part 6

And now for the conclusion of our story….

Part 6

Ida Reed handed James the note one week later. He told Lisa.

“Ok, this is it. I’m to meet her on the fourth floor tonight at midnight.”

“So at midnight I’ll come downstairs and wake Mrs. Hansen. I’ll borrow a camera too. I’ll say I heard noises upstairs like somebody was up there, and they were hurt or something.”

“Just make sure you get there fast. That woman threatened to blister my butt and she’s going to be mad. Not to mention that I can still feel last week’s punishment.”

Lisa said she could too. But days later it had faded to a faint glow. Still, the memory hurt worse.

It was agreed. James would make his rendezvous on time. Lisa would wait fifteen minutes and then find Mrs. Hansen. She’d take her to the fourth floor. She’d hear Mrs. Reed and James inside and fling open the door. Then, good bye Ida Reed.

At the stroke of midnight James emerged from his room. And waiting right there was an angry looking Ida Reed. She glared at him through narrowed eyes. “Come with me,” she said. It was a curt command. James could hear the anger in her tone. She turned at the stairs and started down.

“Wait,” said James. “aren’t we going—you know—up there?” He gestured toward the fourth floor.

She turned and grabbed his elbow. “That’s for nice obedient boys who do as they’re told. I have a special treat for you. Follow me.”

James gulped and followed. What now? He wouldn’t be up on four when Lisa and Mrs. Hansen came looking. He followed her down.


Lisa looked at the clock. 12:15. Time to go. She put on a housecoat and

slipped silently out of her room. She made her way down the ground floor hallway to Mrs. Hansen’s room. She knocked on the door. A few minutes later a disheveled Greta Hansen opened the door.

“Whatever is the reason, young lady, for this disturbance?” She was clearly annoyed.

“I…I heard noises. Upstairs. On the fourth floor. It’s like someone is up there. And I heard voices. Angry voices.” She decided to spice it up a little.

“Voices? On the fourth floor? No one is supposed to be up there.”

“Well they are. I can show you.”

Grumbling, but clearly concerned, Mrs. Hansen let Lisa lead the way.


The basement! They were headed for the basement. The room Lisa had discovered. And it was just as bizarre as Lisa had described. A block with retraining straps stood in the center of the room. It was a black padded box on short legs—tilted forward. James saw the big four poster bed, the X frame, the mirrored walls and ceiling. And the implements hung along one wall. There were paddles and straps, multi-thonged whips, canes and switches. James shivered. What was she going to do? He could just turn and run, but that wouldn’t help. They had to be caught in flagrante delicto by Greta Hansen for this to work. But she and Lisa were up on the fourth floor by now.

“All right, James. We are going to come to an understanding.” Ida Reed walked over to the wall and selected a black leather strap. “Now, strip!” she said. “I think you need a little trip to the woodshed, my young lothario.”

Reluctantly, James began to take off his clothes.


“I don’t hear anything,” said Mrs. Hansen. Lisa had led her down the fourth floor hallway. She wasn’t hearing anything either. James was supposed to raise his voice, make noise. But it was silent up here. She heard nothing.

“But I did hear,” said Lisa. “I think it was coming from behind this door.”

“Young lady, if this is some kind of prank, I am not amused and you will be on the list for demerits. I would think after last week you’d be on better behavior and try to avoid being on the wrong end of my paddle.” She folded her arms and frowned.

“If you’ll just look.” Lisa threw open the door. Nothing. A dark empty room.

Mrs. Hansen turned on the light and looked around. “There is no one here. Why did you bring me up here?” She fixed Lisa with a sharp look.

Lisa panicked. Where had they gone? What had happened to James?  Suddenly, she knew.


James was naked. Strapped down over the box, he could hardly move. He was tilted forward, his buttocks jutting up. He felt horribly vulnerable. Ida Reed paraded in front of him slapping that strap in the palm of her hand.

“Before we resume our relationship,” she said, “it looks like you need a little lesson in obedience. If you are with me, you will not have a girlfriend, some sweet little coed sapping all that energy. That is for me, understand?”

James nodded dumbly.

“So I will ask the questions and you will answer, got it?”

James said nothing.

“Yes, ma’am?” said Ida, putting her hand behind her ear like she couldn’t hear him.

“Yes—yes, ma’am,” said James.

“Good. But first, we have to have our little trip to the woodshed, don’t we?” She moved out of his vision to stand behind him.

“P—please, ma’am. Don’t.” James clenched his buttocks.

“But you’ve been a naughty boy, James. Naughty boys must be punished.”

Whack! Splat! Smack! Ida Reed delivered three strokes of the strap as hard as she could.

“Ah! Ahh! Yah!” cried James. The strap was a tongue of fire across his bottom.

“There. That’s a good start.” She reared back again and swept the cruel strap forward again.


“Lisa Benson, where are you going, child?” Lisa had bolted and began to scramble down the stairs. The plan was abandoned. She had to find James. The basement room. That’s where they were. Had to be.

Mrs. Hansen had no choice but to follow. Lisa hit the third, then the second floor. Mrs Hansen hurried after her. When she saw Lisa hit the first floor and head for the basement, she yelled frantically, “Don’t go down there!”

But it was too late. Lisa was halfway down the basement stairs. Molly, Betty and Fran emerged from their rooms and followed the commotion—all the way down the stairs.


Crack! The strap seared James buttocks again. It was agony.

“Are you going to obey now and stay away from that little floozy?”

Crack! The strap delivered another fiery band of sting. “Are you, James?”

“Oww…yes, ma’am. Yes, ma’am.”


Lisa heard the sharp crack and flew toward the door. She flung it open. Ida Reed stopped in mid stroke, frozen in place. Like a deer in the headlights, she stared uncomprehendingly at the intruders. Molly, Betty and Fran crowded in behind Lisa, nearly piling into each other and looked inside. Behind them, Mrs. Hansen was screaming for everyone to stay out and go back upstairs.

“My gosh,” screamed Betty, taking in the bizarre tableau. “It’s like a torture chamber in here!”

Lisa’s camera flashed, catching Ida Reed, strap in hand, standing behind the naked boy secured to the box with angry red streaks across his buttocks.


James escorted Lisa to his new apartment. All paid for, along with his tuition, all courtesy of his parents and the newspapers who had solicited his story. The Saint Paul newspaper headlines had read:


Another said:


The stories went on to report that one Greta Hansen and her lesbian lover, one Ida Reed, had ensnared impressionable college students in a web of sadomasochistic slavery masquerading as moral discipline.

It was a bit of an exaggeration, but close enough. James guessed it sold newspapers, so he wasn’t complaining. His parents had been so ashamed and chagrinned at being taken in by Mrs. Hansen that they’d given him his own apartment, just off campus at the University of Minnesota in Duluth. Lisa had transferred there too. Of Mrs. Hansen and Ida Reed he’d only heard rumors—that she was in Oklahoma, that she’d fled to Alabama. He had no idea.

Lisa had just transferred. In the intervening weeks they’d written to each other often. Now she’d arrived and James was excited to see her. He had picked her up at her dorm and was proud to show her his apartment. Lisa was all butterflies. She’d been waiting for this.

James noted that she looked great. Wearing a short dress, one of those new “mini” skirts that showed off her great legs, she was a dream.

“It’s not much,” said James as he showed her around. “Just a one bedroom. But it has a kitchen and I got some nice furniture for the living room.”

“I think it’s wonderful,” said Lisa. “And the best thing—no  rules and no curfew.”

“No landladies with paddles waiting?” said James with a wry smile.

“That too,” she laughed.

James even made dinner for them both. It was just spaghetti, a jar of Ragu, and some Kraft parmesan cheese, but to Lisa it was a gourmet feast—because James had made it. After supper they moved from the table in the nook to James’ new couch.

“Seriously though,” said Lisa. “I’m sorry about what happened. My plan fouled all up and you got the worst of it.”

“So did you,” said James. “Back in Mrs. Hansen’s room I could see you in the mirror.”

“Oh!” Lisa put her hand to her mouth. “You saw me bare and everything.”

James blushed and tensed up. She paused a minute, just breathing. “Did you like what you saw?” she asked softly.

James relaxed. “Yes. I did. You’re—you’re beautiful. I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it,” he stammered.

She put her finger to his lips. “Shssh. Just kiss me. The last time we were interrupted pretty rudely.”

James needed no second invitation. An electric atmosphere had been building throughout dinner. Now they were two young people on a collision course fueled by passion. He pulled her to him and kissed her. She snuggled up to him on his lap so that she was facing him sideways as he remained seated. They kissed that way for several minutes and then James reached over and tentatively put his hand on her luscious ass. “Ohh,” she moaned. He fondled her through her skirt, squeezing and rubbing her resilient bottom. “I love it when you do that,” she breathed. Then she pulled away as they came up for air.

“But I should be punished,” she said. Lisa turned over, placing her herself face down over James lap, her elbows on the couch. Her skirt rode up the back of her legs. “I got you into an awful mess. It’s only right that I should have a spanking for what Mrs. Reed did to you.”

“What?” said James. “But you….” He started to speak but then realized that this wouldn’t be punishment, or at least not angry, harsh punishment. She was blushing and slowly rotating her hips on James’ lap. James recognized the obvious signs of arousal despite his inexperience. She likes having her bottom played with. Maybe she likes having it spanked. He decided to find out.

He slowly lifted her skirt. “Yes, I think you were naughty. I think a spanking would be just what you need,” he said, playing along.

“Ohhh,” she said, lifting slightly so her skirt would slide up more easily. “You won’t take my panties down will you?” The panties in question were a skimpy white lacy creation that breathtakingly revealed most of Lisa’s plump and shapely bottom.

James understood that to be an invitation to do that very thing. When she felt his fingers in the waist band, she lifted up once more. James slowly peeled the flimsy panties down, unveiling a pair of jouncy bottom globes that were now arched up provocatively for his attention. Lisa purred as his hand roamed across the expanse of her saucy behind, stroking and patting. Then he raised his hand and brought it down with a light slap. Then he gave her a few more. She wriggled and looked over her shoulder.

“That’s not a real spanking. Do it like you mean it. Spank your naughty girl properly.”

James decided she was serious, and launched into a series of firm swats that alternated between cheeks. Right-left, right-left. He peppered her bottom with brisk spanks that quickly raised a pink flush on her soft white skin.

Lisa reacted with low moans and wriggles. “Yes, oh, yes,” she said urging James on. James took that as a signal to up the intensity. He smacked her lush fanny with authoritative, crisp spanks that flattened the wobbling globes and caused this delicious jiggling. He felt himself getting hard. Surely Lisa felt it too.

Oh! Ouch! It’s starting to burn. But it feels good too. A good sting.

The splats of James palm on Lisa’s bare bottom filled the little apartment, echoing sharply off the walls. James hoped the neighbors wouldn’t hear. That could be embarrassing.

She was now raising her hips to meet his descending hand. Smack! Splat! Crack! The spanks were slower now and timed to her up and down movement. In addition he was pausing to rub between swats. Lisa moaned again and ground her hips against James’ groin. James found the sweet and slick wetness between her legs. She pushed back, impaling herself on his fingers.

I can’t take this any longer, James decided. He flipped her over so she was face up. He kissed her and began to unbutton her blouse. Her fingers flew as well, practically tearing off his clothes. They made it to the bedroom and James placed her on her back. “Let me do something for you,” he said, bringing his lips to the triangle between her legs. It wasn’t as if he didn’t know a thing or two about pleasing a woman. Lisa thought she’d come out of her skull with pleasure when his tongue found her spot.

When he entered her for the first time she practically exploded. It was a furious coupling that climaxed in a white blaze of rapid jerking, of bodies slamming together with abandon. But the next times were good too in a different way—more tenderness, a slower building to climax rather than racing toward it. She especially liked it when he did her from the rear. It gave him a chance to squeeze, pat and fondle her succulent ass cheeks, still warm from that stimulating spanking. It was heavenly.


Farther south in a suburb of Norman, Oklahoma….


“That’s five demerits, young lady.” The stout matron, a formidable woman built like some Midwest prairie farmer’s wife, addressed the schoolgirl in the ridiculously skimpy plaid skirt and white blouse. “Dishes not done, rooms not dusted. Go fetch the paddle. You are due for a reckoning.”

The “schoolgirl” who looked to be more in her 40’s than her teens, padded off and returned a moment later with paddle in hand. The matron took a seat on an armless chair. “Come here and get across my knee.”

“Oh please, Greta, don’t do this to me,” the schoolgirl whimpered.

“What did you call me? Get over my knee this instant, Ida. Until we get some boarders from the university,  it’s Mrs. Hansen to you. You are the sole resident of Mrs. Hansen’s boarding house and you will do the chores I give you or pay the consequences. Lift your skirt, pull those panties down and over my knee you go, girl. You have lessons to learn…..”



Spanking Stewardesses — Part 8


Sharon watched intently as Craig flipped the coin in the air.

“Heads!” he announced with a grin.

“Nuts!” Sharon made a face. “And I was so looking forward to putting you through your paces again!”

In working out their equal partnership agreement, the two young people had agreed that it might prove interesting to take turns playing master-and-slave with one another. Rather than simply alternate between the two roles, they had found that it was much more exciting if they determined the master for the evening by flipping a coin. That way neither of them knew in advance what role he or she would have to play, and the uncertainty increased the anticipation considerably.

“You’ve won enough already!” Craig told her. Sharon had been the winner the three past Saturday evenings, and Craig still had vivid memories of how she had tormented him. Picking up a number of ideas from Kathy, Sharon had introduced him to bondage and had spanked and switched him thoroughly. Tied up helplessly, he had been compelled to caress her entire body orally, beginning with her feet. He hadn’t realized how demanding she could be until he was completely helpless and at her mercy.

“Please, could I have a cigarette first?” Sharon asked a little nervously, anticipating that he fully intended to get some revenge.

“I’ll give you a couple of minutes, slave!” he told her.

Sharon puffed anxiously on her cigarette, occasionally directing a meek glance at him.

“Time’s up!” Craig finally told her. “Take off your dress!”

Stamping out her cigarette and getting to her feet, Sharon reached behind her and unzipped her black dress. Slightly flushed and self-conscious, she stepped out of the dress and stood there attired in a matching black bra and pantie outfit, a black garter belt, charcoal nylon stockings and spike heel pumps. The black garments made a striking contrast with her white flesh, and Craig gave her long, lithe figure an appreciative glance.

Sharon watched with some concern and a little anxiety as Craig brought a cardboard box from the closet. “What’s in there?” she asked nervously.

“You’ll find out, slave girl!” he told. “Come over here and put your hands behind your back!”

Sharon meekly complied, watching backward over her shoulder as Craig brought a brown leather strap out of the box. He promptly secured her wrists together behind her back with the strap, buckling it firmly in place. Bringing a similar strap out of the box, he passed it around her elbows and began drawing it together. Sharon gasped as he forced her shoulders back, compelling her to stick her breasts out even more prominently in front.

“Hey, not so tight!” she gasped.

Craig didn’t stop until her elbows were in contact, leaving Sharon a little embarrassed and uncomfortable. He buckled the strap in place while she continued protesting meekly. Next, to Sharon’s surprise, be brought out a metal-studded leather dog collar and promptly snapped it around her neck. The collar had a four foot long leather leash attached to it.

“Please, that’s humiliating!” Sharon protested. “Say, where did you get these things anyway?”

“Never mind!” he remarked, grasping the leash and starting to lead her around the room. Given no choice, Sharon had to follow him and blushed prettily as he led her around the room a couple of times. The long-legged brunette watched rather apprehensively as he once again reached into the box and brought out a couple of additional leather straps.

Dropping to his knees beside her, he slipped one of the straps around her trim ankles and hobbled them together. Next he took the second strap and wrapped it around her thighs just above her knees, buckling it securely in place. By this time, Sharon felt completely helpless and was watching him quite anxiously. She surreptitiously tried to work loose from the bonds at her wrists, but found that it wasn’t possible.

“What are you going to do to me?” she asked in a small, childlike voice.

“A slave has no right to ask questions!” he told her. “I just might lead you around on the leash some more!”

“I couldn’t even hop with those things around my legs!” Sharon protested.

“We may see about that!” he grinned, reaching into the box and bringing out a red rubber ball strung on a clothesline rope.

“Oh, no!” Sharon gasped as she saw the gag. “Please, no gag! Please, honey, not that!”

With a confident smile, he stood up and held the gag up to her face.

“Please, honey, I don’t want to!” Sharon continued to plead. “Please, don’t make me! It’s uncomfortable!”

Craig stepped behind her and, reaching over her shoulders, grasped the loose ends of the rope with both hands. Stretching the rope taut, he pulled the rubber ball up in front of her mouth.

“Open your mouth!” he ordered.

“Please! Please!” Sharon pleaded.

“Open your mouth!” he repeated the order.

After a moment’s hesitation, Sharon reluctantly opened her pretty mouth wide and submissively held her brunette head back. Craig pushed the rubber ball into her mouth, forcing it between her teeth.

“Ugh!” Sharon groaned as she was forced to bite down on the rubber ball, which forced her jaws apart quite uncomfortably.

With the rubber ball deep in her mouth, Craig tied the loose ends of the rope together behind her neck. With her mouth wide apart and her eyes bulging from the effect of the gag, Sharon looked delightfully helpless as she stood there with her arms and legs confined in the straps. Unable to say anything through the gag, she looked continually at him in a futile effort to communicate with her eyes. After pausing to give her attractive figure an admiring look, Craig brought out a long length of clotheslines rope and fastened it to the bonds at her wrists in back.

While Sharon watched apprehensively, he flipped the rope over an overhead light fixture and slowly began pulling on the rope. As her arms were drawn up in back, the helpless young woman had no choice but to bend forward while keeping her legs straight.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!” Sharon ineffectually tried to protest through the gag as Craig kept pulling on the rope.

He didn’t stop until poor Sharon was practically bending double with her brunette head down to her knees and her pantie-clad buttocks jackknifed upward in back. As he tied the rope in place, there was nothing she could do but haplessly remain in position despite the strain on nearly every muscle in her body. As Craig stood there giving her long, nyloned legs and upturned bottom the once over, Sharon futilely tried to protest and plead through her gag.

Leaving Sharon in the uncomfortable position, Craig walked over to the closet and started bringing out some punishment implements. In recent weeks, he and Sharon had collected a number of such items, including a couple of wooden paddles, a riding crop, a leather paddle, a switch and several straps in various sizes. Although Sharon could not see what he was doing from her position, she suspected what he had in mind and writhed haplessly in the vulnerable position.

Once had he had brought out all of the punishment instruments, Craig decided to take time out to fix himself a drink. Leaving Sharon in the helpless position, he went out to the kitchen and leisurely fixed himself a drink. Returning to the living room, he sat down with his drink in hand and leaned back to enjoy the scenery.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,” Sharon moaned through the gag, trying to attract his attention. Her arms and back were beginning to ache in the uncomfortable position, but she couldn’t move a muscle to relieve the tension.

After a few sips on his drink, Craig picked up one of the leather straps and walked over to her. Assuming that he was going to use the strap on her upturned bottom, Sharon cringed and tried to plead through her gag. However, Craig had a different project in mind. First, he unfastened the rope at her wrists, allowing her to straighten once again. The pretty brunette breathed a sigh of relief and tried to tell him something through the gag. Next, Craig reached behind her and unsnapped her bra and pulled the cups loose in front, allowing her pretty breasts to spill out. Sharon looked quite surprised and blushed.

With an amused smile, Craig grasped the leash and pulled it up with a short rein. “Let’s go!” he instructed, giving a slight yank on the leash.

“Mmmmmmmmmm!” Sharon shook her head vigorously.

“Come on!” Craig ordered, yanking on the rope.

With her long legs still fastened together by the straps at her knees and ankles, Sharon had no choice but to hop even though her high heels made the task all the more difficult. As she hopped along in response to Craig’s yanks on the leash, there was nothing Sharon could do to keep her loose breasts from flip-flopping embarrassingly in front of him. Blushing with embarrassment and feeling thoroughly undignified and ridiculous, Sharon haplessly followed him in a wide circle around the room. From the bulge in his trousers, she could tell that he was enjoying the show she was unintentionally putting on for him.

Craig led her over to the couch and seated himself. Staring at the strap in his hand, the helpless brunette shook her head and tried to protest as he pulled her toward him. She finally collapsed over his lap and he pulled her legs up on the couch. Without further ado, he inserted his hand into the waistband of her panties and began pulling them down. He pulled the panties down out of the way below her stocking tops, leaving her well-rounded bottom squirming anxiously on his lap.

“It’s about time you had some discipline!” he told her.

“Mmmmmmmmmm!” Sharon tried to protest through her gag, turning her brunette head around to look at him.

After making her wait anxiously over his lap for a couple of minutes, Craig raised the strap and applied the first stroke across both pretty bottom cheeks.


“MMMMMMMMMM!” Sharon’s girlishly wide hips bucked up sharply on his lap as the strap left its red mark across her sensitive flesh.

Craig paused and applied the second stroke lower down, flicking the tender base of her buttocks.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm!” Sharon squirmed prettily on his lap, her pained shriek muffled by her gag. She instinctively fought against the bonds holding her arms and legs helpless, but none of the straps gave way. Settling back down on his lap, she could feel his erection pressing firmly against her side.

Holding the helpless young woman face down over his lap, Craig began putting the strap to her bare bottom and upper thighs with regular strokes. Gagged and completely helpless, Sharon could do nothing but moan through her gag and squirm furiously as the strap set her aflame. As her tender spanking surfaces turned a flaming red, the pretty stewardess kicked her long legs frantically back and forth and did her best to evade the downward strokes of the strap.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm! Mmmmmmmmmmm! she pleaded and protested through the gag, tears streaming down her cheeks.

Disregarding her pleas and frantic efforts to avoid the strap, Craig continued applying it vigorously to her burning hind quarters. He didn’t stop until Sharon’s pretty buttocks and upper thighs were a deep shade of scarlet and the tearful young woman felt as if she had been sitting on an oven. Gasping and nearly choking with the gag in her mouth, Sharon desperately tried to catch her breath while her helpless hands futilely tried to reach down to console her flaming bottom.

“Now I suppose you’d be willing to do about anything to avoid any more of this strap!” he told her.

Sharon hastily nodded her brunette head in agreement. Getting to his feet, he picked her up in his arms and carried her into the bedroom. Placing her face down on the bed, he began undoing the straps that confined her arms and legs.

“Now don’t remove your gag!” he warned her, rolling her over on her back. Sharon winced as her freshly spanked bottom came in contact with the bedspread, and tried to protest to him through the gag. Craig proceeded to strip her panties down her long legs and removed them along with her shoes. After taking a quick look at the pretty nest of dark brown hair, Craig went over to a closet and brought out three lengths of rope.

“Hold out your hands!” he instructed.

As Sharon meekly extended her hands, he took one of the lengths of rope and quickly tied her wrists together. Next, he looped a length of rope around each of her ankles, pulling her legs well apart and tying her ankles to the foot of the bed. Lying there with her brunette charms fully on display, Sharon blushed prettily and watched him with a combination of fear and excitement. Standing beside the bed, Craig quickly began disrobing. Sharon stared at his erection as he knelt on the bed beside her.

Stroking his hand gently over the pretty triangle of hair at the apex of her legs. Craig began fondling her charms with his fingers. Helpless to resist, Sharon blushed and squirmed girlishly against her bonds and moaned through her gag. It wasn’t long before she was moist and sticky between the legs, and was rocking her pelvis as much as the bound position would permit. Craig continued tormenting her manually for the next few minutes, and Sharon was gasping and thoroughly flushed when he finally stopped.

Pulling her bound wrists down against her torso, Craig knelt astride her helpless body and reached under her head to untie the gag rope. Knowing what was in store for her, Sharon stared upward at his stiff penis. As he pulled the rubber ball from between her teeth, Sharon gulped for air and tried to relax her jaw muscles a little. Feeling her warm breath against him, Craig stuffed an additional pillow under her head—elevating it some more and bringing her pretty face closer to his throbbing member.

Balancing himself on all fours Craig leaned forward on his elbows, slowly lowering his sleek hard shaft to her waiting face. Sharon lifted her head slightly and planted a moist kiss on the tip of his stiff muscle. Feeling her warm mouth against his sensitive flesh, Craig tensed with pleasure and held himself in position over her. Without further ado, Sharon began covering his sturdy member with moist, eager kisses. She quickly worked up and down the full length of his penis, her pretty lips nibbling at the masculine rod above her.

As Sharon settled back on the pillow to catch her breath, Craig lowered herself closer to her to explore her pretty face and throat with his pulsing shaft. He began at her throat first and Sharon drew her head back to permit the sleek head to probe the entire area. Moving his hips from side to side, Craig allowed his hard spear to brush familiarly against the soft white flesh of her throat. As he did so, he could feel Sharon’s warm breath on him.

“Oooooh!” Sharon moaned expectantly as he moved his body forward slightly, allowing the head of his penis to rub against her chin.

As Sharon opened her pretty mouth expectantly, Craig turned his body slightly to one side and allowed his bulging shaft to brush against her soft cheek. He could feel her quivering under him as he allowed the head of his member to slide up her cheek until the tip was pressing against her right eye. As he held it there for a moment, Sharon kissed the base of his penis moistly and excitedly. Next, he moved to the other side and allowed the tip of his hard muscle to probe her left eye. Finally, he began moving his hips in a semicircle above her face, allowing his throbbing member to rub against her forehead, cheeks, nose and eyes.

“Please!” Sharon whispered urgently, planting a couple of moist kisses along the base of his exploring rod.

The pretty stewardess opened her mouth as far as she could, and drew back her head slightly to make it easier for him. Craig brought the tip of his erect penis up to the inviting opening, and felt Sharon’s eager lips cupping around it. He thrust forward just slightly, pushing the crown of his shaft just inside her warm, moist mouth. As Sharon eagerly embraced his masculine spear with her pretty mouth, Craig paused for a moment to allow her slippery tongue to thoroughly caress the head of his penis.

“ Mmmmmmmmmmm!” Sharon moaned beneath him, turning her brunette head from one side to the other and allowing his stiff member to explore the insides of her cheeks.

Craig thrust forward again, penetrating slightly farther into the moist opening. Sharon groaned slightly as he forced her mouth wider apart, but quickly became accustomed to having the sturdy muscle inside her yielding mouth. Nibbling on the outside with her lips, she rolled her tongue around the probing shaft and sucked on it. As her saliva moistened his penis and filled her mouth, the sucking noises became quite audible. Craig tensed anxiously at the warm, tantalizing caresses, and could feel her long, brunette body writhing with excitement under him.

Slowly he pushed forward again, inserting his hard member deeply into her mouth. As Sharon groaned and gulped heavily under him, he quickly drew back slightly to give her more time to become adjusted to his probing shaft. After a moment, he slowly inched forward again, forcing her mouth wide apart. This time Sharon was able to handle it and continued her sucking and licking movements as his bulging rod reached the back of her mouth. Craig waited for a moment to make sure that she was fully prepared to accommodate him.

He began moving back and forth, allowing the hard, sleek member to slide back and forth in her wet mouth. With each forward thrust he reached the back of her mouth. Gulping heavily on her saliva and quite breathless under him, Sharon nibbled and sucked and eagerly kept her pretty head in position for him. As she became accustomed to the deep thrusts into her mouth, Craig began rocking back and forth with quicker movements.

“Oooooooooooooh!” Sharon shuddered beneath him as the pulsating member jerked back and forth in her expanded mouth.

Drawing back until just the head of his penis was in her mouth, Craig paused for a moment. “Do you want to rest for a moment, honey?” he asked.

When Sharon refused the opportunity to take it out of her mouth, Craig resumed his pumping movements. He began slowly but was soon rocking back and forth with quick, jerky movements. Gulping breathlessly, Sharon sucked hard on the throbbing muscle with audible slurping sounds. She could sense his tension and was quite prepared for the inevitable. As his movements became faster and faster, she writhed excitedly on the bed under him.

Finally Craig thrust forward deeply into her mouth, and the pretty stewardess felt the sudden gush of warm, sticky fluid jetting into her mouth and throat. As the fluid sprayed into her mouth with erratic spurts, Sharon uttered a loud gasp and gulped heavily to keep from choking. She made no effort to escape and Craig left his throbbing and aching muscle plunged deeply into her mouth until the last drop of semen had emerged and his penis was beginning to lose its tension.

Afterwards, Sharon lay breathlessly on the bed as Craig untied the ropes at her wrists and ankles. Gratefully stretching her long, stockinged legs, the shapely brunette removed her bra and lay expectantly on the bed. Leaving on her stockings and garter belt, she drew her knees back and spread her thighs apart invitingly. Her glistening brunette charms revealed her excitement. Although it wasn’t consistent with his master-slave role, Craig could not resist the opportunity to caress Sharon’s pretty cunny with his tongue.

Dropping to his knees between her legs, Craig slipped his palms under her scarlet hips to lift her slightly. Sharon flinched as his hands came in contact with her smarting bottom, and excitedly opened her thighs even farther. Craig quickly plunged his face into the inviting nest between her legs. The leggy stewardess was already soaking wet and gasped with delight as Craig’s mouth and tongue began to explore her pink girlish charms. With a pleased sigh, she coiled her long legs around him to hold him in position.

“Oh! Oooh! Oh, my!” she exclaimed breathlessly, rocking her pelvis back and forth with excited jerks. As her moisture began to cover his mouth and face, Craig shoved his tongue between the thicker outer lips and worked it deeply inside her. Sharon reacted with a squeal of delight. Her long legs jerking almost straight up in the air, the pretty young stewardess reached an intense orgasm.

Mrs. Hansen’s Boarding House — Part 5

Part 5

Here was the plan. Mrs. Reed always did a curfew check. She’d come upstairs and open each bedroom door and look in, making sure everyone was there if they weren’t otherwise accounted for down in the library or recreation room where the TV was.

“We’ll slip off up to my room before curfew while they are all watching TV. When Mrs. Reed opens my door, you give me a big kiss, like you’re kissing me goodnight. That will make her jealous. When she sends you another note, tell me when you have to go meet her on the fourth floor. I’ll get Mrs. Hansen. I’ll tell her I heard a strange noise coming from the fourth floor. I’ll lead her up there, she’ll hear you inside and fling open the door and Ida Reed’s goose will be cooked. What do you think?”

It sounded ok, but James had reservations. “I think you’d better get there in a hurry or my goose will be cooked. She threatened to blister my butt good. I mean, she warned me about Fran. When she sees me with you she’ll think I’m some kind of cheating Casanova.”

“Don’t worry,” said Lisa. “It’s a good plan.”

They planned it for a Saturday night. There would be fewer people there, plus the curfew was extended to midnight on Saturdays. But, because it was a weekend, both Mrs. Hansen and Mrs. Reed were extra vigilant. James had not been summoned by Ida Reed for a week since the incident reported by Lisa. Had she turned over a new leaf? James didn’t know, but from time to time he caught her looking at him, at times flashing him a knowing smile. He figured she was just biding her time. A note could come at any time. And then another thought hit him. He should hold onto those notes. The evidence could come in handy.

Saturday night James and Lisa sat in the TV room. Betty had a date. Molly was visiting a friend at the women’s dorm. Fran came in from something, James didn’t know what.  At 11:00 Molly came in. Lisa announced that she was going to bed. Two minutes later James announced that he too was turning in.

Fran watched them both get up and leave. Her eyes followed James as he left. He seemed nervous. Something wasn’t right. She was still mad at James over the paddling incident, but she had just figured she’d let him stew awhile before letting him back into her good graces. But why were both Lisa and James going to bed before midnight on Saturday? As soon as James was out of the room, she got up and padded silently upstairs toward the girls’ wing on the second floor. She could see James turn the corner at the second story landing. But he didn’t head for the third floor. No, he was headed for Lisa’s room. Fran saw James push Lisa’s door open and slip inside.

Fran fumed. That two-timer! He acted like he wanted so much for her to be his girlfriend, but what? He’s making time with Lisa? It wasn’t so much that Fran actually wanted James. He was nice, but…. What rankled Fran was that he was apparently planning on dumping her. Then a cold and cruel idea formed in her head. I’ll show them both. She turned around and went looking for her no-nonsense landlady.

Fran found Mrs. Hansen in the kitchen pouring a glass of milk.

“Mrs. Hansen,” said Fran. “I think there is something going on that you should know about. It’s James and Lisa. They are…well, they are…”

“What on earth are you talking about? They are what?” She turned toward Fran and put down the milk bottle.

“They are together. Upstairs,” she said, pointing up.

“Together? Where?” Mrs. Hansen frowned, her eyes boring into Fran’s.

“In Lisa’s room,” said Fran. It was strictly forbidden. Boys did not go into any girl’s bedroom. Anytime.

Mrs. Hansen took a deep breath. Her nostrils flared. “Show me,” she said.

Up in Lisa’s room, things were getting interesting.

“Uh, what should we do?” said James as he slipped in the door.

“Well,” said Lisa, “first we turn off the lights.” Lisa moved over to the wall where the light switch was and flicked it off, leaving the room dark save for  dim moonlight that streamed through the window. “Then, you come over here.” Lisa sat on the bed and crooked her finger, a come-hither smile on her face. James sat down on the bed next to her.

“Now what?” he said.

Lisa giggled. “Now you kiss me, silly. Don’t worry,” she said, sensing James’ reluctance as he glanced nervously at the door. “ She doesn’t do bed check until later. We have time.” She put her arms around James and drew him in. As they clinched and James’ lips found Lisa’s, he realized how nice this felt. The warm softness of her body pressed to his, the tender taste of her lips, the feel of her fingers in his hair. He felt instant arousal like an electric charge as Lisa’s tongue intertwined with his. It was soft, it was sweet. Not at all like the ravenous intensity of Ida Reed. They tumbled back into the bed and turned on their sides facing each other. Lisa put her arm around James’ waist pulling him tighter against her. She pressed her groin against his and allowed her breasts to mash into James chest. And oh it felt so good, she decided. She swooned when James put his hand on her bottom and began to gently squeeze the satiny globes. The kisses grew more passionate, so much so that the couple forgot entirely that their purpose was merely to create an appearance of impropriety for Mrs. Reed’s edification. The plan had been for Ida Reed to see them doing no more than holding hands. But they’d gone far beyond that.

What they created by getting so carried away was the real thing, a fact that was abundantly clear to Greta Hansen as she burst through the door and turned on the light.

“Just what is going on here?” she thundered.  The couple shot straight up, startled and disoriented as the harsh light illuminated their dishabille.

“Mrs. Hansen!” Lisa exclaimed, putting her hand over her mouth. Why her? Why now? Where was Mrs. Reed?

James rose. “We…we didn’t do anything. I was about to leave.”

“You stay right there, young man. Imagine!” she huffed. “The two of you cavorting like alley cats. This is strictly forbidden and you both know it.” She shook her finger at the couple. “There will be a reckoning for both of you. A special reckoning. And this won’t wait until Sunday night. You will both report to me tomorrow promptly after church. You will see then what the wages of sin are.” She folded her arms and glared at them both. “James, go to your room at once. Lisa, you are in for the night.”

As shocked and nonplussed as the two were, James still noticed Fran in the background, standing in the hall behind Mrs. Hansen. She had done this. She had ratted them out.


On Sunday they all went to church. It was another rule. Throughout the service James fidgeted nervously. He snuck glances at Lisa occasionally. She would return them with a wan smile, but clearly, she too was dreading the return to the house after church.

Mrs. Reed had been uncharacteristically silent that morning. James had tried to avoid making eye contact, but he couldn’t help looking her way, trying to gauge her reaction to the events of last night. But when their eyes did meet she fixed him with a glare that told him that this incident wasn’t over by a long shot.

They drove back from church. As the five student boarders trooped into the house, Mrs. Hansen announced that lunch would be delayed. They were to wait. “But James and Lisa will come with me. Right now,” she said. Molly and Betty tried to flash sympathetic smiles at Lisa and James as the two turned to follow Mrs. Hansen down the hallway to her quarters. Fran’s face was twisted into a self satisfied smirk.

She ushered them into the room. Ida Reed entered as well. She shut the door and addressed them both.

“The two of you should be ashamed. I hope you listened to the pastor this morning. His sermon was very relevant.” Indeed, James and Lisa had had to listen to the preacher rail against the sins of the flesh and describe the fires of hell that awaited those who transgressed. “I’m sure your parents would be very displeased if they knew what you two had been up to last night,” she continued. “And in fact, they would probably do what I am about to do. But since they are not here, I must act in their stead. As you know I had extensive discussions with your parents before you contracted to board here and they all approved of my methods.”

James and Lisa cast glances at each other. Lisa felt sick. Her plan had failed miserably and now here they were, probably about to undergo a humiliating juvenile punishment at the hands of this woman. And the sheer hypocrisy to boot. Lisa swore to herself that she’d fix this somehow—with James most importantly, but she’d also expose this holier-than-thou pretender.

James’ mouth was dry and butterflies churned in his stomach. How had he gotten himself into this? Was she going to punish them together? That question was answered by her next pronouncement.

“James, you go to that corner. Lisa, you stand in that corner. Face the wall, and no looking around.” They moved to comply and shuffled over to opposite corners. It was a large bedroom and James stood in a corner twenty feet away from Mrs. Hansen’s large four poster bed. Isolated though he was, there was a mirror to his left, and out of the corner of his eye he could see the reflection of the foot of the bed. There was a padded bench there. Mrs. Hansen was lost to his view for a moment, but he heard her get up and walk over to a closet. The door squeaked on its hinges and footsteps told him Mrs. Hansen was coming back. James saw her carrying an object in her hand. It was a small paddle, about ten inches long and rectangular with rounded edges. It was a smaller version of the one she customarily used.

She sat down on the bench, paddle in hand. James regarded her in the mirror, this formidable hefty woman, tapping the paddle in her palm, her expression one of grim determination. She looked like every schoolboy’s nightmare, the authoritarian schoolmarm prepared to deliver a painful chastisement for misbehavior. James almost felt his knees knock.

“Lisa, remove your dress and slip, then come over here.”

James heard a soft gasp from Lisa and then the sound of a zipper. The room was silent save for the soft rustling of clothing. James couldn’t help it. The thought of Lisa undressing made his penis harden. Then he saw her in the mirror as she walked over to Mrs. Hansen. Clad in only a white bra and white panties, she was a vision of sexiness. Voluptuous, but not fat, her pinched in waist served to emphasize her wide hips and jutting bottom. Her breasts stood high and firm with no hint of sag.

“Now,” said Mrs. Hansen, as Lisa stood to her right, “You must be punished. What you did was strictly forbidden in this house and you know it. And as naughty children you will be punished as such. Lisa, place yourself across my lap. Right now.”

“Oh please Mrs. Hansen.” Lisa spoke for the first time. “We didn’t mean it. We were only…”

Mrs. Hansen cut her off. “A blind man could see what you were up to, girl. Now get across my knee. You broke the rules and your bare seat is going to pay the price.”

Slowly Lisa lowered herself across the woman’s lap. Mrs. Hansen took a minute to adjust her until her bottom was angled up at the ceiling. Then she laid the paddle aside for a moment and slid her fingers into the elastic of Lisa’s panties.

Lisa blushed bright red as she felt her panties slide down to her thighs and ultimately come to rest around her knees. It was unbearably shameful, being treated like this. She hadn’t been in this position since she was fourteen and had called her mother a bad name. She gritted her teeth as she felt the paddle tapping her seat.

“You will each receive twenty spanks with my paddle. They will be hard. It will hurt, but you will both learn a good lesson. Mrs. Reed, keep count.” She pressed the wood onto Lisa’s behind for a moment, as if lining it up. Then she raised the paddle above her shoulder and brought it down. There was the sharp smack! of wood striking flesh.

“Yow!” exclaimed Lisa. It was like her fanny had burst into flame.

At measured intervals of a few seconds each, Mrs. Hansen doled out the punishment. The splats of the paddle on Lisa’s tender bottom ricocheted around the room like the pop of firecrackers. Lisa hissed and yelped in distress. She fluttered her feet, drumming her toes on the floor.

Smack! The paddle flattened Lisa’s bottom cheeks.

Smack! Another solid lick made her squeal.

Crack! Lisa threw back her head and gasped.

James saw the fulsome cheeks jiggle as each swat landed and, God help him, it made him randy. But he was mesmerized. Watching Lisa’s sexy form squirming across Mrs. Hansen’s lap getting her bottom spanked presented a fascinating spectacle. The stout matron, a naughty girl across her lap, her bottom bare. The rise and fall of her arm as she raised it then brought the paddle down. The sharp crack, the wriggle of the girl’s shapely fanny and the resulting cry—it was a lurid display, the likes of which James had never seen.

Ow! Ow! Ow!  Lisa squealed in reaction to the awful stinging swats. She couldn’t help it. Every lick was more intense than the last. It was awful, being helplessly jackknifed over this woman’s knee, her bottom bare, feeling the sting of that paddle over and over. She felt that she might cry.

James observed Lisa’s hips buck up and down in reaction to the paddling and listened to her soft cries. Her bottom was a bright red now. She was such a fair skinned girl that it would color that way. Then there must have been a signal from Mrs. Reed because suddenly it stopped. Mrs. Hansen put down the paddle.

“Now, girl, you may get up. Go back in the corner, put your hands on your head and no rubbing.” Sniffling back tears, Lisa picked herself up and shuffled over to her corner. Then Mrs. Hansen turned toward James. “James, you are next. Take off your shirt and trousers and come over here to me.”

James panicked. It wasn’t the imminent paddling, it was his wayward cock. It was rock hard. Mrs. Hansen would see. He gritted his teeth and willed it to subside as he shucked off his clothes. He heard Lisa sobbing softly and he turned to look.

“Don’t you look at her. You get over here,” commanded Mrs. Hansen.

James stood in front of her. Her eyes dropped to his crotch and the evidence of his arousal. “Well,” she said icily. “We’ll soon fix that, young man. Get over my knee.”

James went over the woman’s lap. He felt his white briefs sliding to his knees. The wood of the paddle tapped his cheeks, almost gently it seemed, before he felt the first hard whack.

It was a blaze of white hot sting. Then crack! Another. A few seconds later, another. I can’t take this, was his thought. It’s too much. The swats piled on top of each other, pain exploding across his bottom. He squirmed involuntarily.

“You stop that squirming, young man. You are going to take this paddling like it or not.” Then she resumed.

The cracks of the paddle fell with sonorous regularity creating a burning pain that blotted out everything. His whole world was the red hot searing agony inflicted on his behind. He heard Ida Reed count in a dry monotone. “…thirteen (crack!)…fourteen (crack!)..fifteen (snack!). James clenched his fists and tried to take it. He imagined what he must look like—bent over her knee like a ten-year-old, pants down, bare bottom up, his fanny wriggling as the paddle connected, wielded by this grimly determined matron. It would be comical if it weren’t so painfully humiliating.

How James coped without breaking down in tears was nothing short of miraculous. But he didn’t want Lisa to hear him cry like a baby. She hadn’t broken down. But it seemed like Mrs. Hansen spanked harder and harder toward the end, it was as if she were trying to make him cry. But he choked it back. After another scolding, delivered as they stood in the corner hands on head, they were allowed to dress and leave.


“I’m so sorry, James,” said Lisa. They were both standing in the parlor eating supper. There was a wide mantelpiece on which their plates rested. It hurt too much to sit. “My poor bottom is still throbbing. I think it was swollen to twice its size,” she said ruefully.

“Yeah. Mine still feels hot. But Lisa, it’s not your fault. How could you have known? It was Fran. She told on us.”

Lisa noted with satisfaction that James lips were pursed into an angry frown as he said it. Clearly Fran’s actions had soured him on that relationship.

“I don’t know what to do now,” she said, her lower lip protruding sadly.

“We’ll think of something,” said James. “Don’t worry.”

She managed a weak smile. Hopefully he was right. Still, no matter what, Lisa felt she owed him, and she resolved at that moment to make it up to James however she could. And she could certainly envision a few ways in which she might do just that. And that thought gave her a little tingling thrill.

“You know, if you think about it,” James said the next day as they walked to class, “nothing has changed. Mrs. Reed didn’t actually catch us, but she is now aware that you and I are, uh, you know, an item.”

Lisa smiled mischievously. “Is that what we are? An item?”

“Uh, yeah,” said James. “We are, aren’t we?”

“Yes we are, James,” she said with a giggle and snuggled against him. “Yes, we are.”

Spanking Stewardesses — Part 7


Kathy leaned back in the easy chair in Frank’s living room and crossed her pretty legs provocatively.

“Where’s my drink?” she demanded, looking sharply at Frank.

“I-I’ll get it!” he hastily replied, walking over to the portable bar. After dating the pretty auburn haired stewardess for several months, he was quite accustomed to being under her domination and had to admit to himself that he was too intrigued by her commanding ways to even consider rebelling against her authority. During the past few weeks, Kathy had even scheduled regular Saturday evening training sessions in his apartment to dramatize her complete control over him. She seemed to have countless ways to humble him and make him fully aware of his status as her slave, and Frank never knew what to expect next.

Frank mixed her drink and brought it over to her. Casting an admiring glance at her pretty legs, he placed her drink on the coffee table at her side. Kathy was wearing a snugfitting red knit dress that hugged the contours of her figure, outlining her full bosom and buxom hips to best advantage. In addition, she wore sheer black nylons and black patent leather pumps. Her dress had hiked up considerably and Frank could see the expanded tops of her dark stockings and a glimpse of bare white thigh. During the training sessions, she always deliberately let her skirts ride up over her stocking tops just to tantalize him.

“Please, Kathy, couldn’t we talk for awhile?” he asked meekly, unable to keep his eyes off her tapering thighs. His pants were already showing a telltale bulge.

“Perhaps, later,” she told him. “But right now I want you to bring out all my spanking and bondage equipment!”

Frank swallowed and, after a moment’s hesitation, walked over to the closet and started bringing out the items she demanded. During recent weeks she had made him purchase an entire assortment of punishment devices for her use. These included a red maple paddle, a black leather razor strap, a leather riding crop, a long whippy switch and an old fashioned style wooden hairbrush. In addition, she had made him acquire a collection of bondage items, including ropes, straps of various lengths and a red rubber ball gag.

“Bring them all out and put them there on the couch!” Kathy bossily instructed, watching him closely.

Frank rather uneasily complied. He was quite aware of her capabilities with all of the various items, and wondered what she had in mind.

“Bring me the switch!” Kathy ordered after carefully looking over the various items.

Biting his lip and looking rather uneasy, Frank picked up the switch and brought it over to her. Kathy flicked it menacingly in the air and, with a taunting smile, pressed the tip of the switch against the bulge in his trousers. Frank winced but knew better than to try to turn away.

“Kneel, slave!” Kathy told him.

Looking slightly embarrassed, Frank dropped to his knees in front of her, his eyes fastened on her pretty nyloned legs and arched feet. Smiling haughtily at him, Kathy swung a pretty foot up in front of his face.

“Kiss my shoe!” she told him.

Frank meekly pressed his lips against the toe of her gleaming patent leather pump.

“Now the other one!” Kathy told him. Leaning farther forward, Frank humbly kissed the tip of her other shoe.

“That’s right,” she smiled at him. “I hope that puts you in a suitably humble mood, because this evening’s session is going to be extremely interesting for you, I can assure you!”

Frank had no idea what she had in mind, and looked rather apprehensively at her.

“First, go take off all your clothes and then come back!” she instructed.

Frank returned in a moment, completely nude. Despite his embarrassment, his penis was dangling heavily in a manner that revealed his underlying fascination at being under the domination of the shapely young stewardess. Holding her switch in her hand, Kathy smiled knowingly at him.

“Bring me a couple of lengths of rope—one long and the other short!” she told him.

“Please, Kathy, you don’t have to tie me up!” he protested meekly. “You know I’ll do anything you ask!”

“Bring me the ropes!” Kathy repeated the command, giving him an angry look.

Frank hastily picked up the ropes she requested and brought them over to her. Using the shorter rope, Kathy tied his wrists together behind his back in a crossed position. Next, she fashioned a loop in the longer rope and put it around his neck to serve as a collar and leash.

“By this time next week, you must remember to get me a regular dog collar and leash!” she told him. “I’m tired of just using this rope.”

Pulling on the rope leash, Kathy started leading him around the room, flicking his bare legs lightly with her switch. Despite his humiliation, his excitement was obvious and Kathy smiled imperiously at the evidence of her complete control over him. Continuing to flick his legs with the switch, she led him around the room several times, tormenting him verbally and making it all the more apparent to him that she was fully in command of the situation.

Finally, she led him to the center of the room facing the door and dropped the leash. “Now, stand there, no matter what!” she ordered, giving his bare hips a flick with her switch.

Returning to the easy chair, Kathy seated herself and took a sip on her drink. Leaning back and crossing her legs with deliberate carelessness, she lit a cigarette and pretended to ignore her helpless male slave.

“Please, Kathy, do I just have to stand here all night?” Frank finally complained after several humiliating minutes.

“You do if I say so!” Kathy informed him. “Now be quiet or I’ll gag you! While you’re standing there, try to concentrate on how much you enjoy being my slave. Look at my legs! Try to make your thing stand right straight up! It will show us both how thrilling you think I am!”

Swinging her pretty leg back and forth, she smiled wickedly at Frank’s embarrassment.

Just then the apartment door buzzer rang!

“Looks as if we have visitors!” Kathy remarked, getting up from her chair with a broad grin.

“Don’t answer it!” Frank spoke up. “It’s probably just some salesman.”

Smiling impishly at him, Kathy walked over to the intercom system by the door. “Who is it?” she spoke into the mouthpiece.

Frank couldn’t hear the answer but he saw Kathy press the buzzer that unlocked the main entrance in the lobby.

“Kathy, what the hell are you doing?” he suddenly exclaimed, frantically working his wrists against the ropes that held them together.

Kathy picked up her switch and gave him a sharp crack across the hips. “I told you to stand facing the door,” she told him. “So just keep standing there!”

“Kathy, you can’t do this!” he sputtered. It was already apparent to him that he couldn’t break loose from the bonds at his wrists, and he looked thoroughly alarmed.

Kathy gave him another flick with the switch, making him flinch.

“Ow!” he exclaimed. “Come on, Kathy! This is going too far! Please!”

“Be quiet!” Kathy demanded, glowering at him.

There was a knock on the door and Frank watched frantically as Kathy walked over to the door. At the door, she turned to face him with a knowing smile. She opened the door with a flourish, and Frank’s knees nearly buckled under him as Sharon and Connie walked in with expectant smiles on their faces!

“Ooh!” both squealed and clasped their hands to their mouths as they saw Frank standing there completely naked and ashamed. The two pretty stewardesses had just returned from a flight and were still wearing their bright green uniforms. As Kathy escorted them into the apartment and closed the door, they both stared at Frank with unconcealed interest.

“Fix yourselves a drink, girls!” Kathy told them with a warm smile. “Then I’ll have my slave entertain us!”

As the two newcomers headed for the bar, Kathy returned to the easy chair and seated herself with a flash of nylon.

“Please, Kathy!” Frank pleaded with her in a low voice. “This is going too far!”

“Quiet, slave!” Kathy smiled delightedly at him.

Blushing slightly at the presence of a nude male, Sharon and Connie seated themselves on the couch with their drinks in hand. Leaning back and crossing their pretty legs, they smiled at Frank and couldn’t take their eyes off of him. Looking thoroughly embarrassed and shamefaced, Frank lowered his eyes and stared at the floor.

“Come here, slave!” Kathy told him, picking up her switch and brandishing it in the air.

Frank reluctantly walked over to her, and stood in front of her with his head bowed. As Sharon and Connie tittered in the background, Kathy reached out with her switch and playfully poked it against his semi-rigid penis.

“Tonight, slave,” she told him. “Connie and Sharon are going to help me train you! You have to obey them and do everything they say, the same as you must obey me!”

Frank gulped and cast a quick shamefaced glance at the two leggy stewardesses seated on the couch. Both smiled brightly at him and made it apparent that they could hardly wait to put him through his paces.

“I mean everything, too!” Kathy went on, continuing to poke his member familiarly with the switch. “You girls had better help yourself to those items on the couch beside you.”

Sharon picked up the red maple paddle while Connie helped herself to the black leather razor strap. Frank swallowed hard and looked quite apprehensive at the prospect of being paddled by all three of them.

“Now, slave,” Kathy told him. “I want my girlfriends to see how much you’re under my control! Get down on your knees!”

His lip trembling slightly, Frank slowly dropped to his knees in front of her. Kathy slipped off her spike heels and extended her pretty stocking feet together. Pointing her switch toward her feet and wriggling her toes, she smiled haughtily at him!

“Each toe!” she demanded.

It wasn’t the first time she had given that humiliating order, but having witnesses present made it all the more embarrassing. Frank gave her an imploring look, which she returned with an icy stare. After a long pause, he leaned forward and began kissing the nylon over her brightly painted toenails. He winced visibly as he overheard Sharon and Connie smirking delightedly in the background.

“My, you do have him well trained!” Sharon laughed.

“You haven’t seen anything yet!” Kathy assured her, flicking her switch menacingly across Frank’s bare shoulders as his mouth moved across the tips of her trim feet. Frank gulped at the implications of her remark, and wondered how far she would go in front of the two visitors.

“Now it’s about time you gave our visitors the same treat!” Kathy informed him as he finished kissing her toes.

Before Frank could turn around, Sharon and Connie had both slipped off their pumps and were seated with their pretty stocking feet extended expectantly. Both smiled and wriggled their toes as Frank embarrassedly looked at them.

“Go on! Crawl over there!” Kathy urged, getting to her feet and applying the switch vertically to his bare buttocks.

“P-please!” Frank tried to protest but Kathy smacked his hips vigorously with the switch, compelling him to crawl on the floor toward the two girls. As he made his way over to them, both girls were quite aware of the pulsing erection that revealed the full extent of Kathy’s control over him.

As Kathy continued putting the switch to him, he bent over in front of Sharon’s feet and abjectly began kissing the reinforced part of her dark brown nylons covering her pink toes. Flushing prettily, the pretty stewardess watched with obvious amusement as he humbly kissed her slender feet.

“Keep doing it!” Kathy urged him, repeatedly smacking his hips with the switch. By this time, his buttocks were criss-crossed with red lines and prickling quite uncomfortably. With each new application, he twisted his hips and gasped with pain. As he finished kissing Sharon’s feet, he moved over to Connie and began bussing her dainty feet in the same manner. The petite blonde tittered and couldn’t refrain from wriggling her toes as his lips moved up and down them.


When he finally completed the humbling assignment, Kathy looked down superiorly at him. “Now, slave, I hope you’re in the mood to serve me!” she told him.

While Sharon and Connie gasped and Frank stared in alarm, Kathy suddenly reached down with both hands and yanked up her red knit dress to the waist. She wore no panties, and her black garter belt and stockings provided an intriguing frame for the enticing patch of auburn hair.

“Not in front of them!” Frank gasped.

Holding her dress up to the waist in front and looking down severely at him, Kathy slowly started backing toward the easy chair. Sitting down on the chair, she put her feet up on the chair and spread her thighs apart, exposing herself completely. While Frank gazed at her pink charms and cast a shamefaced glance toward the two visitors, Kathy pointed a demanding forefinger at her midsection.


“Come here, slave!” she commanded.

Frank slowly began crawling to her while Sharon and Connie watched closely. The two pretty visitors were blushing slightly but obviously quite intrigued by the proceedings.

“P-please, not in front of them!” Frank pleaded as he knelt in front of Kathy’s exposed charms.

“Go ahead!” Kathy insisted. “Lick me down there. It will show my power over you!”

Frank gulped heavily and moved his face closer to the patch of auburn hair. “Please!” he pleaded once again.

“Hurry up!” Kathy commanded angrily, reaching for the willowy switch at her side.

Frank paused for a moment and then plunged his face into the heavy growth of hair. As Sharon and Connie watched with wide eyed interest, Frank abjectly began to caress the pink groove with his tongue. Kathy smiled down superiorly at him, keeping her thighs well apart to give him ample room to work in. Working his tongue up and down the coral slit, Frank occasionally cast a quick, shamed glance at the two visitors.

“Keep doing it!” Kathy told him sweetly. “Don’t turn your face away!”

Despite the presence of the two visitors, Kathy’s juices were soon flowing and she was rocking her hips back and forth in the chair. Listening to the slurping and squishing sounds, Sharon and Connie stared at the scene in fascination. Kathy clasped her hands down over Frank’s head, mashing his face against her wet delta and forcing him to continue the servile caresses.

“Oh! Keep doing it like that!” Kathy gasped with delight, beginning to move her pelvis with rapid jerks.

Gasping for breath, Frank managed to work his tongue into the pink cleft and rolled it around. Kathy let out a loud gasp and, dropping one stockinged leg down over his back, pressed his face even more tightly against her moist warm charms. Sitting on the edge of their seats, Sharon and Connie watched as if hypnotized. For the next few moments, Kathy’s delighted gasps were intermingled with the slurping noises between her legs.

“Ooh! Oooh! Ooooooooh!” Kathy finally uttered a prolonged gasp and reached a breathless climax.

As Kathy relaxed her grip on him, Frank drew back his head and remained on his knees before her. His face glistening with her moisture, he looked quite sheepish and kept his eyes lowered.

“Now that you girls have seen how delightful my slave is,” Kathy spoke up after she caught her breath. “Perhaps you would like to avail yourself of the same service?”

Frank quickly glanced up, his face a mixture of fear and excitement, as Sharon and Connie both laughed at the interesting offer.

“Well, what do you think?” Sharon asked, turning to Connie.

Both girls were blushing prettily. “Well,” Connie replied hesitantly. “I will if you will!”

“What are we waiting for?” Sharon laughed.

Frank watched closely as the two pretty stewardesses quickly pulled back their uniform skirts and began removing their dark brown stockings. As he stared at their shapely white bare legs, the two girls hoisted their skirts and pulled down their girdles and panties. Stepping out of them, they blushingly sat down on beside each other on the couch with their legs apart and pulled their uniforms back nearly to their waists. Frank stared in fascination, his eyes alternating between Sharon’s dark brown bush to Connie’s lighter haired charms.

“Well, go ahead!” Kathy told him, getting up and picking up her switch. “They both want to be licked down there, so get busy!”

She flicked his buttocks and back with the switch as he crawled over to the couch. As the three young women watched him closely, he crawled between Sharon’s white thighs. After a moment’s hesitation, he quickly lowered his face into the enticing brown patch.

“Ooh!” Sharon gasped with delight, blushing prettily as she felt his tongue come in contact with her vulva.

As Kathy stood bossily over him, supervising him with her switch, Frank servilely began to lick Sharon’s pink cleft. It wasn’t long before the longlegged stewardess was dripping wet between the legs and working her pelvis back and forth. As Sharon gasped and moved about on the couch, Connie waited anxiously for her turn to come.

“Keep doing it!” Kathy ordered when Frank stopped to catch his breath. He started to protest but she slashed the switch vigorously across his back. With a gasp of pain, he hastily lowered his face into Sharon’s moist nest.

“Oh! Oooh!” Sharon gasped, pumping her hips back and forth and pressing his face down against her with both hands.

Frank worked his tongue inside her, lolling it around her clitoris. Her long legs jerking out straight, Sharon squealed with delight and promptly reached an orgasm. As Kathy and Connie watched with big smiles, Sharon held his face down against her until her spasms began to subside.

“Hey, isn’t it about time I got in on the fun?” Connie asked even before Sharon had released him.

“Yes,” Kathy replied, flicking her switch against Frank’s back. “Get over there and lick her the same way!”

Directing a shamed look at the pretty blonde stewardess, Frank crawled between her pretty bare legs. Connie spread her thighs apart and watched closely as he lowered his face into the downy tuft of hair. Feeling the light hair brushing against his face, he began licking his tongue over her soft vulva. Connie trembled at the intimate caress and immediately began rocking her pelvis back and forth with rhythmic movements.

“Ooh!” she squirmed girlishly as he worked his tongue inside her, squeezing her smooth thighs against his head.

Sharon and Kathy watched closely as Frank’s head began moving up and down between Connie’s shapely legs. From time to time, Kathy gave him a flick with the switch to spur him on. Pausing for a moment to catch his breath despite Kathy’s insistent flicks with the switch, Frank rolled his tongue up and down the length of Connie’s moist slit. The pretty blonde responded by rocking her hips back and forth with coital movements, gasping delightedly each time his tongue caressed a particularly sensitive spot.

“Ooooooh!” Connie finally erupted with an intense orgasm, jerking her hips back and forth and squeezing him firmly between her thighs.

Frank remained on his knees afterward looking quite subdued as Sharon and Connie replaced their clothing.

“This has been quite an interesting demonstration, Kathy!” Sharon remarked. “I hope you’ll have us over again some time.

“Oh, I intend to!” Kathy told her. “This young man is going to have to learn to serve all my friends!”

Their cheeks slightly flushed, their stockings wrinkled and their uniform skirts mussed, the two pretty stewardesses gave Frank a knowing smile and prepared to depart. As Kathy accompanied the two visitors to the door, Frank couldn’t help overhearing their cutting comments and girlish laughter.

As soon as they had gone, Kathy picked up her switch and, grabbing the rope leash around his neck, started leading him into the bedroom. Staring at his erection, she flicked his legs with the switch. “Come on, slave!” she urged.

In the bedroom, Kathy paused long enough to remove all of her clothes before untying the bonds at his wrists. As they got into bed, Kathy brought the switch along with her and continually flicked his buttocks and bare legs with it.

“You had better do it just right!” she warned.

As he mounted her supine figure, Kathy switched his bare bottom even more vigorously. Spurred on by the burning and prickling sensation in his buttocks, Frank plunged his aching penis deeply into her and began riding wildly back and forth. Kathy continued applying the switch to drive him on, and in a few moments they both reached a surging climax.

Mrs. Hansen’s Boarding House — Part 4



Part 4

It was a miserable week for James. Fran avoided him. She wouldn’t talk to him at meals and would not walk to class with him. Attempts at apology were met with rebuffs. Lisa, however, was more forgiving.

“I’m sorry,” he pleaded, as they walked to class few days later. “I had no choice. I’m in the same fix as all of you.” That much was true. It seemed all of the other boarders, being freshmen and away from home for the first time were under mandates from parents to board with Mrs. Hansen’s and abide by her rules.

“I know,” said Lisa. She was still sitting rather gingerly even three days later. But neither Lisa nor Fran knew the real reason why Ida Reed had faked an injury. And James was certain that the blind draw had been rigged. It had been a ruse to drive James and Lisa apart. Trouble was, it had worked. But how could he ever tell any of the girls why Mrs. Reed had such a hold on him?

“Look, if I tell you something, do you promise not to tell Fran? It’s—it’s pretty embarrassing.”

“Well, sure. I can keep a secret.” The fact was, Lisa was very taken with James. Was this a way to get closer? Might she have a chance? She was different from Fran. Fran the cheerleader, Fran the extroverted social charmer toward whom everyone gravitated.  But Lisa had her own charms.

Lisa knew she was attractive, and, let’s be honest, built like the proverbial brick you-know-what. But she was shy. And pretty, although she hid behind these big glasses with black plastic frames. Still, boys stared at her tits all the time, which annoyed her. James hadn’t done that. James was different. Like her, he was shy. But she speculated that under that polite and shy exterior he might be the man for her. Not only because he was cute, but because he was nice and seemed to care about her as a person.


And because she had a secret. Her real erogenous zone was her ass. She had discovered that fact with a boyfriend when she had been only sixteen. They had made out in her house, down in the recreation room. Tommy had been fascinated by the satiny smoothness of her ass and had always found excuses to squeeze and fondle it. Being a rather voluptuous girl, it jutted out, filling the backs of her skirts and jeans and making for a provocative display when she walked. Tommy had obviously liked that part of her anatomy to the point of fascination. His attentions had driven her crazy. He had once even given her a play birthday spanking. It hadn’t hurt. Instead it had tingled deliciously, driving her wild and they’d had the hottest make out session ever. She had even let him get to third base, and it might have gone farther than that, but they’d had to quit when she heard her parents’ car pulling up the driveway.

That’s why she hadn’t minded so much bending over and displaying her bottom to James, even if it was for a paddling. And it had hurt. Whew! It had stung like blazes. But later, later when the sting had faded to a warm glow, it felt almost sensuous. She could imagine James running his hands over it, squeezing it, fondling it. And she knew he would. She had seen the woody poking through his pants, knowing that the paddling had—what was that new phrase?—turned him on. That would be heavenly. He would be so different from the boorish boys who leered at the stacked blonde girl. And right then and there she resolved to keep his secret no matter how shameful.

“You can tell me, James. I swear I won’t tell anyone, especially Fran.”

James told her. Haltingly at first, and then it all spilled out.

“My gosh, James!” Lisa put her hands to her face. “That’s awful! She made you do those things?” Lisa was dumbfounded. She’d only heard about such things, older women who preyed upon young boys. Now here was one in the flesh. “What are you going to do?”

James sighed. “I don’t know, Lisa. I really don’t know.”

“It will all be ok,” said Lisa. “We’ll think of something.” And she embraced James with a big hug. And that felt so good, she decided. She didn’t care if he’d been seduced by Ida Reed and had had sex with her. The feel of his body pressing against hers told her that she wanted this man.

James, too was surprised and pleasantly so. Here was a girl with whom he had shared an embarrassing intimate secret, and yet she hadn’t judged him. He had to wonder if Fran would have been so accepting. And better yet, he now had an ally.


Deliverance came in the form of a random bit of luck, but sometimes serendipity will work when plans do not. But it was not without some sacrifice that the formidable Ida Reed would be vanquished.

The basement was off limits. Mrs. Hansen had made that clear. “There is nothing down there but the furnace and some old tools. It’s dark and dangerous and none of you are to go down there,” she had announced one day in response to a question. Everyone accepted that at face value. Why would they want to go down there anyway?

But the place had aroused Lisa’s curiosity when she had chanced to be in the house around 10 o’clock one morning. Usually everyone was at class at that time, leaving only Mrs. Hansen and Mrs. Reed. But having forgotten a paper she’d been working on, Lisa had returned to retrieve it. As she had passed by the doorway to the basement, she’d heard a sound. It was a sound like a twig snapping, a sharp thwick! Then it was followed by another. Then another, this time accompanied by a low moan. She realized she could hear because these sounds came from the grates that led to the furnace below. Swick! There it was again. And someone was moaning, a low sound made a chill run up her spine. What was going on?

Carefully, almost on tiptoe, Lisa made her way down the dark stairs. The basement seemed large but Lisa couldn’t tell because it was so dark. The old oil-fired furnace gave off a soft glow, just enough so she could see without bumping into something. Toward the back she could see a sliver of bright light. It was spilling onto the basement floor from beneath a closed door. The snapping sound came from that direction. She heard another moan and this time, voices. A soft murmur came from behind that door. Lisa crept closer. The door was closed, but it was the type that had an old fashioned keyhole. Lisa crouched down, barely daring to breathe. Something was going on in that room that she had to see. Lisa put her eye to the keyhole.

Once her eye had adjusted, a startling tableau was revealed. It was Mrs. Hansen, but a Mrs. Hansen like she’d never seen before. This Mrs. Hansen wore a black corset and black stockings. Her pendulous breasts jutted over the top of the stiff material, the nipples hardened in apparent arousal. Before her was a woman, encased in black. It was a shiny material, like some kind of rubber, covering her from head to toe except for her face—and except for a large cutout portion that totally exposed her breasts, ass and crotch. It was Mrs. Reed.


Mrs. Hansen reclined on a large four poster bed. Mrs. Reed knelt on the bed, her face buried in the muff between Greta Hansen’s legs. The large blonde woman held a riding switch in her hand and snapped it down across the bared buttocks of her ‘friend’ as Ida Reed licked the sex of her employer. A multitude of red striations covered the bare bottom of Ida Reed attesting to the fact that they had been at it for some time.

“That’s right, my sweet, (swick! the switch bit) lick me. Go on, Ida, you sweet bitch (swick!). Ahhh….that’s it. That’s it. You know how to pleasure me.”

Ida moaned when the switch hit, but kept her tongue firmly in place, working frantically, her head bobbing up and down. Then Greta Hansen moaned and threw her head back. Her body shuddered in climax.

This was unbelievable! Mrs. Hansen and Mrs. Reed? Lovers? And in these wild get ups? She’d seen pictures like these in forbidden magazines, but had never thought for a minute that such things were real. Letting her gaze wander, she saw other things too. The room was painted black and red. Mirrors were everywhere. There was a block of some sort with straps for restraint. There was a large X-shaped frame with manacles at the ends. Various straps and paddles hung on hooks along the wall. No wonder they spanked and paddled the girls and boys in their house. It was all fuel for…for…this! They probably came down here on Sunday nights after the reckoning. Then a chilling thought hit her. Had any of their boarders been taken down here? Maybe for some special attention?

But it was what she heard next that was to have such long range consequences. Greta Hansen stood. Ida was still on her hands and knees. She started to rise.

“Did I say you could get up? I’m not finished with you.”

“Greta, please,” said Ida.

Greta went over to the wall and selected a thing that looked like a harness. She began to buckle it around her waist and Lisa could see it sported a black rubber protrusion shaped like a man’s penis. What did they call that? It came to her. A dildo. Yes, a dildo, that was it.

“Now, you were so good, a treat for you, love. Put your face down. Arch your bottom up to me and spread those legs. I’ll show you, Ida, who you belong to. You’ve been mooning after that boy, haven’t you?”

“No, Greta,” she protested.

Greta Hansen frowned. With an arm like a steel band she encircled Ida Reed’s waist, held her fast and gave her a dozen brisk spanks on her bare bottom while Ida squealed, drumming her toes on the bed.

“Don’t lie to me, woman. I know you. You always have an eye out for the fresh ones, the innocent ones, don’t you?”

“No Greta. It’s only you. I swear.”

“Well, I hope so, pet. Because if I catch you cheating on me…well, you know. You’ll be on that X-cross getting the whipping of your life. Then we’ll be done. You’ll be back on the street. Understand? I won’t put up with it.”

“Yes, Greta.” Ida Reed practically whimpered.

“Now get ready, girl.” Greta Hansen knelt behind Ida and thrust the long black dildo right into her pussy. Ida threw her head back and moaned, whether in pain or pleasure, Lisa couldn’t say. But she’d seen enough. She was now in possession of a very big secret. She rose and tiptoed away to the wet slapping sounds of Greta Hansen’s belly smacking lewdly against Ida Reed’s bottom.


James listened to Lisa in stunned silence. His jaw dropped as Lisa recounted her foray into the basement and its secret pleasure room.

“No wonder the basement is off limits,” said James. “I’ve heard of these things, but wow! Right here—and Mrs. Hansen being such a Christian and all. But now, with what Mrs. Reed did, with me I mean, I don’t doubt you for a minute. But, so what?” he said scratching his head.

“Don’t you see? She’s jealous. Mrs. Hansen suspects her lesbian lover of wanting you.” Lisa gestured with her hands, emphasizing her point. “If she catches Mrs. Reed with you, she’ll throw her out. Then that problem will be over for you.”

James nodded slowly.

“You do want that, don’t you?” But even as she said it, Lisa wondered. James seemed lost in thought. “Don’t you?”

James recovered. “Yes, yes. Of course.” He ran his hand through his hair. Truth be told, he wasn’t sure. Whenever he received a summons from Mrs. Reed, he broke into a cold sweat but his cock stood straight up. But here was this girl, a pretty girl who seemed to really like him. The lure of Mrs. Reed was strong. It was like a drug. But he knew it was a drug he had to quit. “So. Do you have any ideas? Mrs. Reed will be more careful now. She may not want to have me come to her after…what you saw.”

“She will if she is jealous. Look how she manipulated you into paddling Fran and me. It broke you and Fran apart. It worked. Fran is still mad.”

“Yeah, I know. So how do I make her jealous? Fran isn’t even speaking to me now.”

Lisa looked at James and said softly, “with me.”

“With you?”

“Yes. Let her catch us making out or something. She will be insanely jealous. Like you said.”

“Us? Making out?” James looked at Lisa in a new light. He’d been so distraught about Fran that he hadn’t noticed that Lisa had not only forgiven him, but she had listened to his shameful confession without condemning him. And she now proposed to help him out of his predicament. The idea was definitely appealing.

“Yes,” said Lisa. “She won’t tell Mrs. Hansen but she’ll send for you. You’ll tell me when it happens and I’ll find Mrs. Hansen. I’ll tell her there is a strange noise on the fourth floor. I’ll take her up there and she’ll catch Mrs. Reed in the act.”

“She’ll catch me in the act, too,” said James ruefully.

“You can say she made you do it. Say she was blackmailing you. Mrs. Hansen will be so mad at Mrs. Reed she’ll believe it. Problem solved.” Lisa smiled like she had planned a clever caper, just like in the movies.

It all sounded so simple…

Spanking Stewardesses — Part 6

I’m going a little out of order here, but it really makes no difference since these chapters are almost self contained. Now we are back to the M/F scenes.



“As far as I’m concerned, you’re both going to get it!” Howard spoke sharply to Connie and Gloria.

For the past several weeks, Connie had been spending considerably more time at Howard’s apartment than at her own. As a result, she had become good friends with Howard’s pretty teenage daughter, Gloria. Nearly eighteen, Gloria was a well developed brunette with a vivacious personality. At 5’7” she was already several inches taller than Connie, and often kidded her future stepmother about it.

“Please, Howard, I-I think we can explain…” Connie stammered as she and Gloria looked at one another in alarm. Gloria was aware that Howard disciplined Connie in the same manner that he had always employed with her, and had often teased Connie about it. However, Howard had never threatened to punish them both at the same time before.

“Yes, daddy, I….” Gloria tried to explain.

Howard shifted through the bills and shook his head. Some time ago, the two young women had gone on a shopping trip to obtain some hew clothes for Gloria. However, they had gone well beyond the monetary limitation specified by Howard. Moreover, in going through the bills Howard realized that some of the items purchased had been clearly unnecessary.

“Well, I’m waiting!” Howard remarked, looking from one to the other.

“Well… uh…” Connie felt her cheeks grow hot.

“Daddy, we…” Gloria began, but couldn’t find the words to continue. She had known for some time that she would have to pay the penalty for the shopping spree, but had been hoping that her father would let her off lightly.

“The fact is that neither one of you has an explanation,” he told them. “I’m going to punish you both right now!”

Connie gulped and blushed warmly, while Gloria bit her lip and looked anxiously at her father.

“Gloria, go and change!” Howard told his daughter.

Gloria’s knees buckled slightly. “No, daddy, not that!” she burst out.

“Hurry up!” he told her.

“But not in front of her!” Gloria continued to protest, her face quite red.

Howard put his hands on his hips and glared at her. “If you keep stalling, it’s only going to be worse!” he warned her.

“But, please, daddy,” Gloria pleaded. “It makes me feel so… so… juvenile!”

“That’s the idea!” Howard reminded her. “Now hurry up!”

Blushing furiously and looking quite distressed, Gloria departed from the study. Connie, who had been rather mystified by the conversation, looked anxiously at Howard.

“Please, Howard!” she appealed. “Don’t punish me in front of Gloria! It would be humiliating!”

Howard looked severely at her. The pretty blonde was wearing a fashionably short blue frock that made her appear all the more youthful, dark nylons and spike heels.

“No, you two got into this together, and you’re going to pay the penalty together!” he told her. “It’s too bad you don’t have a punishment uniform to wear the same as Gloria!”

Connie looked both uneasy and curious. “What do you mean?” she asked nervously.

“You’ll see when Gloria comes back!” he told her.

Connie watched apprehensively as he brought out the black leather razor strap and placed it on top of his desk. The strap had obviously been oiled quite recently, and Connie swallowed hard at the sight of the gleaming black leather. Next, Howard pulled a plain chair out to the middle of the room. Waiting for Gloria’s return, he seated himself behind his desk and went through some papers, deliberately ignoring Connie’s presence. Given no choice, Connie simply stood there anxiously shifting her weight from one foot to the other, biting her lip and hoping that Howard would pay some attention to her.

It was several minutes before Gloria returned, crimson with shame and head hanging. The leggy teenager was attired in her standard punishment uniform consisting of trim fitting, long sleeved white blouse worn without a brassiere beneath it, a little bright red flared skirt that barely covered her hips and failed to completely conceal her pink panties, a pink garter belt that held up regular length nylon stockings and white pumps with three-inch heels. In addition, she wore a large red hair ribbon in her dark brown hair.

Connie gasped with astonishment as Gloria made her blushing entrance, tugging self-consciously at the hem of her abbreviated skirt. Despite her embarrassment, there was nothing the pretty teenager could do to conceal her stocking tops, bare white thighs and garter belt suspenders. Moreover, with each step she took, a glimpse of her pink panties came on display both in front and back.

“Please don’t look at me!” Gloria glanced embarrassedly at Connie. “It’s too embarrassing!”

However, Connie was too dumbfounded at the sight to take her eyes off Gloria. She quickly noted the absence of a brassiere and watched as Gloria’s well developed young breasts jounced noticeably with each step. Howard arose from behind his desk and looked his blushing daughter over carefully.

“I see you haven’t forgotten anything!” he told her. “Now, stand right in the center of the room!”

Her eyes riveted on the carpet, the scantily attired teenager obeyed.

“Stand beside her, Connie!” Howard directed.

Connie rather apprehensively obeyed, blushing and keeping her eyes averted except for occasional darting glances at Howard. He looked the two miscreants over carefully.

“Connie, you see how Gloria is dressed. At future sessions, you will wear exactly the same type of uniform!” he spoke up.

Howard!” Connie gasped, her knees weak under her. “I couldn’t! I just couldn’t!”

“In fact,” he went on, ignoring her outburst. “As soon as we’re finished here, I want you to get into such an outfit right away! You can probably borrow a few things from Gloria.”

“Howard, please!” Connie stammered. “I-I couldn’t parade around like that!”

“For the time being,” Howard went on, continuing to ignore her pleas. “We’ll have to get by with a makeshift costume. Roll your dress up to your hips!”

“Howard!” Connie sounded desperate.

“Quit stalling!” he ordered her.

“Ooooh!” Connie moaned with despair and reaching down with both hands, began rolling her blue dress up slowly. Howard watched carefully as her dark stocking tops came into view. Blushing hotly, Connie slowly pulled the dress up over her bare white thighs.

“Roll it very tightly and hold it there!” Howard instructed the red-faced young woman.

Tears of shame filmed in Connie’s eyes as she stood there meekly holding her dress up in the required manner. Observing the two pairs of pretty stockinged legs appreciatively, Howard seated himself on the plain wooden chair. Spreading his thighs apart, he looked at the two anxious miscreants.

“Come here, Gloria!” he ordered.

“Please, daddy!” Gloria pleaded in a small voice as she slowly walked to him with obvious reluctance.

While Connie watched with some concern, Howard grasped the leggy teenager and pulled her face down over his lap. Her abbreviated skirt rode up in back, revealing her plump, pantie-clad bottom. The panties barely covered the two mounds of soft flesh, which quivered anxiously as Howard turned the short skirt up inside out. After a pause, Howard began peeling the panties down with deliberate slowness.

“Please, don’t bare me in front of Connie!” Gloria pleaded with obvious distress, looking back over her shoulder at her father.

Paying no attention to her pleas, Howard continued drawing the panties back. Gloria gasped and shuddered with embarrassment as her pretty girlish mounds came into view. Howard pulled the panties down inside out, lowering them below the tops of her stockings. Her pink garter belt and brown stockings were left in place. Her face scarlet with shame, Gloria held her long legs tightly together.

“Please, don’t look at me, Connie!” she pleaded. “It’s… it’s shameful!”

Despite Gloria’s earnest pleas, however, Connie couldn’t take her eyes off the sight of the mature young woman stretched out over her father’s knees with her panties at half-mast. In fact, Connie was so absorbed by the spectacle that she allowed her dress to slide down a little in front.

“Keep your dress up, Connie!” Howard corrected her. “Show your panties!”

Feeling her cheeks grow quite hot, the pretty blonde haplessly rolled her dress up again, holding it in place with both hands. Howard nodded approvingly as he looked at her dark stocking tops, plump bare thighs and the glimpse of white pantie that was barely visible.

“Now keep it there!” he admonished her.

Turning his attention to Gloria, he dropped his left forearm down over the small of her back to hold her in place. Raising his right hand, he brought it down lightly on his daughter’s pretty white right buttocks. Gloria gasped and swung a foot upward, wriggling with shame as he familiarly left his hand in place for a moment afterward. Remembering to hold her dress up, Connie watched with both fear and fascination.

Howard raised his hand and this time applied a light slap to Gloria’s left cheek, once again letting his hand rest in place for a moment afterward. Gloria squirmed prettily but obviously more from embarrassment than discomfort.

“Oooh!” the pretty teenager moaned softly, keeping her blushing face turned away from Connie.

As Connie watched closely, Howard set about administering a light hand spanking to Gloria’s pretty nates. Taking his time, he covered both bottom cheeks with light but noisy smacks. After about twenty spanks, Gloria’s rounded bottom was a pretty shade of pink all over. The cute teenager was crying with mortification and swinging her stocking legs back and forth. Howard paused and took a long look at his handiwork.

“Now, stand up!” he directed Gloria. “But keep your panties down and hold your skirt up!”

Gloria tearfully got to her feet, making no effort to pull up her panties. Looking quite shamefaced, she obediently held the skirt up in back, exposing her pink bottom. The skirt was so short in front that a patch of dark brown hair was clearly visible despite her efforts to preserve her modesty.

“Come here, Connie!” Howard commanded the petite stewardess. “And don’t let your dress down!”

Connie, who hadn’t been expecting her turn to come so quickly, buckled slightly at the knee and slowly began walking over to Howard. Holding her dress up to her panties, she felt horribly self-conscious and could barely hold back the tears.

“Please, Howard, couldn’t you punish me privately?” she pleaded, looking at him imploringly.

Scarlet with shame and keeping her eyes tightly closed, Connie allowed herself to be pulled face down over Howard’s capable lap. While Gloria watched with great interest, her father pulled back the blue dress to reveal Connie’s prettily rounded bottom encased in the skinfitting white nylon panties. Despite her own agitation, the pretty teenager could barely suppress a smile as Howard inserted his fingers into the waistband of Connie’s panties.

“Oh, don’t, please!” Connie wailed, nearly in tears. “Not in front of Gloria, please!”

As Connie continued to plead, Howard gently slipped down her panties, his fingers pressing lightly against her most intimate areas. As her full, rounded buttocks came into view, Connie stifled a sob and shriveled with embarrassment as she felt the others’ eyes glued on her upturned buttocks. As he had done with Gloria, Howard pulled the panties down inside out below the tops of her dark nylons.

“Ooooh!” Connie moaned and began to cry softly with shame at having her panties ignominiously pulled down inside out around her knees.

Smack! Howard smacked her right cheek lightly with his open palm, letting it rest familiarly in place for a few moments afterward. Connie threw back her blonde head and her feet jerked upward.

“Ow!” she gasped. “Please don’t spank me in front of her! Please, don’t!”

As Gloria watched with great interest, Howard proceeded to give Connie a light warm-up spanking. As her comely bottom turned a healthy pink on both cheeks, the attractive stewardess squirmed about girlishly on Howard’s lap and swung her pretty legs back and forth. From time to time, she unavoidably exposed the pink charms between her legs. By the time her bottom had endured twenty noisy slaps, Connie was crying and breathless.

“All right,” Howard finally announced. “Now I want both of you to bend over the front of the desk there! Be sure and keep your bottoms bare!”

Howard watched as the two victims anxiously assumed the position with Connie stationed on Gloria’s left. In a moment, the two apprehensive young women were bending over the top of the desk with their elbows and forearms resting on the desk top and their pink bottoms jutting out invitingly in back. Their panties had fallen to their ankles, leaving an unimpeded view of their shapely, stocking-clad legs. As Howard paused for a few moments to appreciate the scenery, the two miscreants shuddered at the sight of the black leather razor strap right in front of their eyes.

After making them wait anxiously for a couple of minutes, Howard got up and picked up the razor strap. “Since you both got in this together,” he told them. “I think that it’s appropriate that you get punished together. Now, keep your bottoms sticking out just like that!”

With the strap dangling right behind them, both young women couldn’t help puckering and squirming at the prospect of a good hot spanking. Both were crying softly and hoping it would soon be over with. Looking at the two squirming targets appreciatively, Howard stepped behind Connie and firmed up his grip on the strap. Splat!

“OWWWW!” Connie screeched, nearly straightening up as the well-oiled strap smacked across both cheeks of her upturned bottom with a fiery kiss.


“Eeeeek!” Gloria squealed just as loud as Howard applied the second stroke to her unprotected bottom.

“Stay in position, girls!” Howard reminded them, watching as the two tearful young women settled back into position on the desk.


“OWW! Oh, my! Please!” Connie screamed as the second stroke of the strap smacked against the tender bases of her buttocks.

“Oww! Daddy, please!” Gloria shrilled, twisting her cute posterior furiously as the strap smacked hotly against both bottom cheeks.

Walking up and down behind the two young women, Howard applied the strap alternately to their bottoms. Screaming and crying and pleading for mercy, Connie and Gloria twisted and shimmied their reddening bottoms frantically as the strap set them afire. Both stamped spike heels repeatedly against the carpet, and would have kicked their pretty legs much more had it not been for the lowered panties around their ankles.

“Owwww! Pleeeeeese! I can’t stand it!” Connie shrieked, her knees sagging weakly under her.

“Daddy, stop! Pleeeeese! Pleeeeeees!” Gloria pleaded between sobs.

Splat! Splat! Ignoring their fervent pleas, Howard continued applying the strap to their scarlet and blistering bottoms. Applying the strap with practiced skill, he made certain that no sensitive nerve was left untouched and concentrated on the extremely tender flesh at the base of their bottoms.

“Owwwwww! Pleeeeeese! Pleeeeeeeeese!” the two hapless victims pleaded in unison.

Splat! Splat! Howard continued applying the strap until both Connie and Gloria had broken down completely and were sagging weakly over the desk top, blubbering like babies with their red and blistered bottoms sticking up together.

“Now stay there for five minutes!” Howard ordered them. “And don’t rub your bottoms either!”

Sobbing heavily, Connie and Gloria meekly remained in position as Howard returned the strap to the closet. Sitting down a few feet away from them, Howard leaned back to observe their scarlet buttocks and prettily displayed legs.

“All right, Gloria, you can go now!” he finally announced. “However, Connie, you remain in position!”

Gloria slowly straightened up and reached down to pull up her panties. Gently rubbing her burning bottom, the tearful teenager quickly left the room and closed the door behind her. As soon as she had departed, Howard got to his feet and dropped to one knee behind Connie. Lifting her pretty feet one at a time, he extracted her panties from her ankles and stuffed them into his pocket.

“Please, Howard, you’re not going to spank me any more?” she tearfully pleaded in a desperate tone. “Please, I couldn’t stand it! Please, honey, I’m just blistered all over!”

“No, I’m not going to spank you,” Howard replied. “Now spread your feet apart!”

“Well, what are you going to do?” Connie asked, apprehensively spreading her feet apart as he requested. Realizing how much she was exposing herself, she blushed hotly. When Howard did not reply, the comely stewardess suddenly began to catch on as to what he had in mind.

“OH NO!” Connie screeched. “YOU WOULDN’T! No, don’t! Please! Oh, no, anything but that!”

Twisting her red bottom to one side, she looked up desperately over her shoulder. With an alarmed gasp, she noticed that Howard’s fully erect penis was already out of his trousers!

“NO, HOWIE, NO!” the pretty blonde shrieked. “I couldn’t stand it! I just couldn’t! Please, honey, anything else! Oh, for God’s sake, please!”

“Stay in position!” he demanded, ignoring her entreaties. “I’m going to use plenty of vaseline!”

Crying and shaking, Connie leaned forward with her elbows on the desk and her scarlet bottom jutting out vulnerably in back. Howard brought a jar of vaseline from the closet and dabbed it generously between the crevice of Connie’s cute behind. Connie squirmed with shame and fear as she felt him lubricating her anal opening with the slippery goo.

“Please! Please! Howard!” she wept. “It’ll hurt too much! I know it will! Please, honey! Let me take it in my mouth instead! Please, I’d like to do that!”

Howard stood directly behind her, and used his thumbs to spread her bottom cheeks apart as much as possible. Connie winced as his hands came in contact with her burning bottom.

“Now, hold still!” he instructed.

Limp with fright, Connie sagged against the top of the desk with her plump gluteal charms helplessly vulnerable. Howard stepped closer to her, allowing his throbbing penis to slip between the crevice of her buttocks and into the large dab of vaseline surrounding her pink anus. As she felt the sturdy masculine member probing closer to her small opening, Connie cringed with fear and sobbed heavily. Slowly, Howard allowed the tip of his penis to explore the entrance into the narrow channel.

“Oh, no!” Connie sobbed. “It’s too big! It’ll hurt something awful!”

Grasping the pretty blonde firmly at the waist with both hands, Howard began inserting his hard penis into the small aperture.

“OWWWWWWWWW!” Connie screamed as the crown-shaped head of his shaft began penetrating her anal canal, stretching the muscles wide apart. “FOR GOD’S SAKES, DON’T!”

As the head of his member disappeared inside the small opening, Howard paused for a minute and then began working it deep inside her. Connie wept as she felt herself impaled on the husky male weapon, and her sphincter muscles worked desperately in a futile effort to expel the foreign member.

“Please, you’re tearing me apart!” Connie cried, unavoidably squirming around before him.

After pausing for a moment, Howard slowly began moving his stiff member back along the warm, tight canal. As he did so, he slipped his hands down between her legs and began to fondle her charms. Connie reacted with a gush of girlish moisture, and wriggled her red posterior as he worked an exploratory finger between the outer lips of her vulva. As he continued thrusting his member back and forth deep inside the narrow channel, he worked his fingers deep into her hot and sticky pussy.

“Oooh! Ouch! Oh, my! Ow!” Connie reacted with a combination of pain and pleasure, pumping her rosy hips a little breathlessly.

As his manual caresses aroused her more and more, Connie began to move her hips back and forth with short, quick movements. His pulsating shaft slid easily back and forth within her anal canal, and he could feel her warm muscles clutching him tightly. Sliding a couple of fingers into her vagina, Howard pumped all the harder. Finally, he shoved his aching member as far into the small channel as it would go and spent himself with frantic spurts.

“Oh! Oh! Oooh!” Connie wriggled around breathlessly and suddenly climaxed warmly on his hand.

“You had better go get into that uniform now!” he told her when they had caught their breath.

“Please, do I have to?” Connie asked girlishly, rubbing her bottom gingerly.

“Definitely,” he told her. “Go see Gloria about borrowing some things from her.”

As it turned out, Gloria was waiting in her bedroom for Connie’s arrival. “I’ve got some things laid out there on the bed that will probably do!” the pretty teenager told her. “And let’s see, what else can I tell you? Oh, yes, don’t forget to remove your bra!

Blushing warmly, Connie began changing into the costume while Gloria watched with great interest, trying to conceal her amusement and succeeding only in part.

It was a half hour before Connie could bring herself to return to the study wearing a punishment costume almost identical with that worn by Gloria. As she blushingly made her entrance, Connie haplessly tugged at the abbreviated red skirt that failed to conceal her stocking tops and bare thighs, and was self-consciously aware of the outline of her full breasts pressing against the front of her thin blouse. To top it off, she wore a large red hairbow that made her feel completely juvenile. Connie’s pretty knees sagged slightly as Howard looked up from his desk with an admiring glance.

“Please, do I really have to parade around like this?” she pleaded with a scarlet face.

“I think you know the answer to that!” he told her quietly.

Mrs. Hansen’s Boarding House — Part 3

James is drawn deeper into the web of Mrs. Hansen and Ida Reed.

Part 3

For James, things were different now. Mrs. Reed acted as if nothing had happened, nothing had changed. She warned him to act no differently. It seemed a bit unnerving to James to take supper in the dining room every day and engage in polite conversation, all the while sneaking looks at Ida Reed and getting hard under the table.

At the same time there was the matter of  Fran and a budding relationship. The two began to spend time together, in the student center, at the malt shop in town and walking home after classes. James was developing feelings for Fran and it appeared mutual. And that is when the notes began to appear.

James found the first one under his pillow. It said, simply, “Meet me in the 4th floor room at midnight.” It was unsigned, but James knew who it was. He went cold and feverish all at the same time. It was a summons he dare not disobey.

“Right on time, James,” she said as he entered the fourth floor bedroom that night. She reclined on the bed in a sheer negligee that revealed the lines of her body and those proud upstanding breasts. “Come here,” she said, crooking her finger. “Take off your clothes. Then let’s see what if you remember what I taught you.”

James blushed but stripped off his clothes. Ida Reed noted the robust erection that sprang to life almost immediately as his briefs came down. At her command he climbed into bed. “That’s a good boy,” she cooed. “You don’t want to be bad boy for momma do you?” She patted his bottom. “If you’re bad, momma will spank.” James gulped, remembering that shameful experience. He had no doubt that she’d order him across her knee if provoked. It seemed to James that perhaps she got some perverse thrill from it. So he and did as she commanded.

He slipped away in the wee hours of the morning, exhausted. She had made him lie on his back while she had ridden him like a horse. He felt sore all over. Three days later another note came. Another summons. These came with some regularity now. She was the teacher, he the pupil.

At the same time, she noted James’ interest in Fran. When she observed them walking up to the house together holding hands, she realized that there was now a rival for James’ attentions. A rival that had to go, she decided.


“We have had a few problems this week,” announced Mrs. Hansen at Sunday supper. Everyone looked around at each other. “The dishes were not  cleaned and put away properly on Tuesday and the person assigned to dust the parlor did not do so. These things were reported to me by Mrs. Reed while I was out.” Fran’s face fell as the realization hit her. “Fran Blackman, these chores fell to you according to the schedule.”

“But I did these chores,” said Fran, protesting. “Everything was cleaned and put away on Tuesday. And I did dust the parlor. I did!”

“Not according to Mrs. Reed you didn’t, Miss Blackman.”

Fran looked at Ida Reed, bewildered.

“And so that, I’m afraid, is five demerits. We will adjourn after supper to the library.”

A disbelieving Fran continued to protest, but to no avail. Mrs. Hansen was unmovable. Fran would get five swats. If she didn’t like it she could move out. Rules were rules. In the library Fran hiked up her skirt and bent over, hands on the seat of a chair. James noted the pert bottom, very nicely shaped, that she presented for the application of the paddle. Fran had not anticipated being in the dock for swats, and had worn briefly cut panties that showed off a considerable amount of bare flesh. James was so enthralled he almost missed the smirk on Ida Reed’s face as she handed Mrs. Hansen the paddle.

The swats were delivered slowly with a deliberate pause in between. Mrs. Hansen would announce each one and take a stance, lining up to deliver the swat most efficiently for maximum effect. A few taps to zero in and whoosh…crack! The paddle impacted Fran’s bottom with a loud slapping noise that caused all watching to wince.

“Ouch! Ahhh!” Fran wailed after absorbing a smack. Each smack of that paddle burned hotter than the last. Her bottom felt aflame, a white heat that seared her nerve endings and permeated her entire being. Twice she had to be reminded to stay still and take her punishment. When it was over, she was in tears.

Later, outside when they slipped away, Fran allowed James to hug her. “It was so awful,” said Fran, as James patted her shoulder. “It still burns. I won’t be able to sit. It was so unfair! I did those chores.”

James had to wonder. Fran swore she’d done the chores. It had been Mrs. Reed who had reported her. And that smirk. Then he got it. She was jealous. That was it. She had observed Fran and James together and had decided to exact some revenge. James was about to explain but stopped cold. What on earth would she think? I can’t tell. No, I can’t tell. That’s when James realized he was in bigger trouble than he realized.

Up in the fourth floor bedroom it became clear. “You’re mine, James,” she said after a steamy bout of sex. “You’ll do what I say.” When James protested she cut him off. “If I catch you with her, young man, I’ll use my hairbrush on that lily white bare bottom of yours. But for right now, maybe just a little lesson will do. Get over my knee.” James gritted his teeth and came across her lap. For the next several minutes she peppered his bottom with crisp slaps. As she spanked she scolded him, admonishing him to do exactly as she said.

“You will (smack! crack! whap!) stay away from that girl, James (crack! slap!). You will do as you are told (crack! whap! Smack!).”

James felt the sting intensify as her hand smacked his bottom cheeks in a fast flurry of smacks that alternated between his cheeks, striking one side then the other. An admonishment  to behave, just like you’d do for ten year old who kicked a ball in the house. But really, it hadn’t hurt that much. In fact it had increased his arousal, because when she let him up his erection stuck straight out, much to her approval. She sat him on her knee afterward, just like a little boy, and jerked him off until he came. It was a clear reminder of her power over him.

But even that wasn’t enough for her. A week later there was a new twist. But it was made possible in part by infractions on the part of both Lisa and Fran. They had both missed curfew twice in one week. They had thought they’d get a reprieve because Greta Hansen was feeling poorly and did not come to supper. But it was not to be.

“You two are due for punishment,” Ida Reed said to Lisa and Fran at the weekly reckoning. “Neither Mrs. Hansen nor I treat curfew lightly and I’m sure your parents would want that rule rigidly enforced. I have discussed this with Mrs. Hansen. It’s for your own good, girls. You are each getting six swats tonight.”

“Six!” Both girls exclaimed at once.

“Yes, six. And, since my wrist feels sprained, I cannot punish you as I should. I have taken this up with Mrs. Hansen and she is of the opinion that one of you shall apply the punishment, just like the fraternities and sororities do.”

Everyone looked at each other as that bit of news sunk in.

“So, James, Betty and Molly shall draw lots. The one selected shall dish out the swats.” She produced a bowl with three slips of paper inside. “You will draw. The one that has a black mark on it will paddle you two,” she said to Lisa and Fran. “James, you first.”

The three looked at each other helplessly. Reluctantly, James drew. “Open it,” said Mrs. Reed. James flipped open the slip of paper to see a big black X on it. “Well,” she said. “No need for the rest of you to draw. It’s James.” James looked stunned. “Come along,” she said, “into the library. Let’s get this over with so I can report to Mrs. Hansen that it has been done.”

Fran looked at James wild eyed. James was speechless. He stared at the slip of paper in his hand. The realization dawned on him that he would have to do this or face expulsion from the house. He did not want to leave for two reasons now, one that he was ashamed of, and the other, well, it was Fran and being close to her.

They trooped into the library. The paddle was there, on the desk, waiting.

“Take the paddle, James.” Ida Reed pointed at it.

“Bring some chairs over,” she said to Molly and Betty. “Fran and Lisa, skirts up, girls, and bend over. Hands on the chair seats and stick those bottoms out.”

Wearing an agonized grimace, each girl rolled up her skirt to the small of her back. Both girls had attractive figures, James observed. Fran’s bottom was well proportioned. She was a cute girl. Lisa, a honey blonde with a more voluptuous figure, displayed rear cheeks that were full, shapely, and very round.

“Go on, James. Six swats each. Give one to Fran, then give one to Lisa until each get six.” James hesitated. Having to swat his would-be girlfriend with a paddle was bad enough, but the prospect was now making him aroused. What if somebody noticed?

“And James. If it’s not done properly, you will have to repeat that stroke and I’m sure the girls don’t want that.”

The voice came from the doorway. It was Mrs. Hansen in a house coat. She hadn’t been so sick that she couldn’t get out of bed and see that the reckoning was carried out. Everyone turned to look. James realized that now he really had no choice.

Lisa flinched as he took up a stance beside her and lightly tapped her seat. Carefully, he drew back then let his arm descend in a flat arc.

Splatt! The paddle smacked Lisa’s bottom with a sharp crack and Lisa’s bottom wobbled. She hissed through her teeth. Gosh! He hadn’t meant to hit that hard, but it was like the paddle’s own momentum took over and did the work. James moved over to Fran next. She looked at him over her shoulder in a look that implored him to take it easy. He nodded as if conveying the message that he’d try.

But even with a relatively easy swing, still the weight of the paddle created momentum and Fran’s first swat fell with another resounding crack.

“Yow!” squeaked Fran, half rising at the sudden onrush of hot sting and shuffling her feet.

James swore under his breath and moved back to Lisa.

“I want them firm, James,” said Mrs. Hansen. “The girls won’t break. They get worse in the sorority houses. Go on now.” She motioned with her hand. “If you don’t strike hard enough, you will have to repeat and I’m sure Fran and Lisa don’t want that.”

“Yes, ma’am.” James.

James got into a rhythm, lining up, applying a paddle swat, then waiting until she settled down before moving to the next girl. He marveled at how the flesh flattened as the paddle struck, only to spring back into that deliciously rounded shape with a little wobble. Six swats was a lot, James realized, and both Lisa and Fran were finding it hard to stay in position. They would react by half rising out of position, coming up, and had to be reminded by Mrs. Hansen to stay down. At one point James had to put his hand on Fran’s shoulder, gently pressing her back down. “You don’t want her to tell me I have to do one over,” he whispered.” Fran nodded and bent over.

It took what seemed to James to be an eternity, but in actuality it was probably no more than three minutes. But during that three minutes the other girls winced at the sharp cracks from the paddle and empathized with the muted yelps of anguish from Lisa and Fran. When all six strokes had been meted out, the girls were allowed to rise. They were both sniffling and eyes were red as they rubbed their inflamed bottoms vigorously.

“Now let that be a lesson to you girls,” said Greta Hansen. “You are dismissed.” Ida Reed held out her hand, and with a half smile took the paddle from James’ hand

Spanking Stewardesses — Part 5

This week we return to the Will Henry classic, “Spanking Stewardesses.” In this episode a few of the girls get into it.11745401_131638523838996_9206544666338563453_n


When Sharon and Connie returned from their next flight, the living room of the apartment was a shambles. The ashtrays were almost overflowing, there were numerous empty beer cans on the table and on the floor and two pieces of furniture were overturned. The culprits were obviously Eleanor and Debbie, as the other two girls were away on vacation and wouldn’t be back for a couple of weeks.

“Well, how do you like that?” Connie remarked in exasperation. “We got twenty whacks and didn’t leave nearly that much of a mess!”

“I know,” Sharon looked thoughtful. “Do you have some film for your Polaroid?”

“Sure, but what for?” Connie looked puzzled.

“I want to take a picture of this mess, in case we have to show it to Kathy and Jackie later on,” Sharon explained.

“Good idea!” Connie replied. The cute blonde promptly got out her camera and duly recorded the scene in the living room.

When Eleanor and Debbie returned to the apartment later that afternoon, both looked considerably surprised to find their two roommates waiting for them. Sharon and Connie had removed their uniforms, and were seated in the living room in their slips.

“We thought you were coming on a later flight,” Eleanor told them, looking rather uneasily at the mess in the room.

“Yes, I imagine you did!” Connie replied with a trace of sarcasm in her voice.

“Well,” Eleanor shrugged. “We had a little party last night. But we’re going to clean it up right away, aren’t we Debbie?”

“Listen you two,” Sharon spoke up. “Connie and I got twenty whacks for leaving a mess that wasn’t half this bad!”

“So what?” Eleanor replied. “There’s just the two of you, and you can’t very well force us to take it.”

“Maybe you’d prefer to wait until Kathy and Jackie come back,” Sharon told them. “But two weeks is a long time to wait for a paddling! And I’d say you ought to get at least twenty-five swats for something like this!”

“Don’t be silly,” Eleanor told her. “It will be just your word against ours.

“No, it won’t!” Connie spoke up. “I made some real good color photos of the whole mess!”

Eleanor and Debbie both looked rather startled, and the latter gulped apprehensively.

“Well, I’d rather take my chances in a couple of weeks,” Eleanor managed. “After all, what have we got to lose?”

“Well, you might agree to settle it right here on the spot!” Sharon told them.

“What do you mean?” Eleanor asked skeptically.

“Well,” Sharon explained. “Instead of taking a chance on a hard paddling in a couple of weeks, Connie and I might let you off with a hand spanking now!”

Debbie looked quite surprised and Eleanor started to protest. However, she changed her mind and turned to Debbie. “Well, what do you think?” she asked the pert teenager.

Debbie swallowed hard and looked a little embarrassed. “Well, I’d almost rather get it over with!” she admitted. “You know, we might get an awful whacking later on!”

Eleanor gulped and seemed to lose considerable resolve. “Well, all right, I guess so!” she told Sharon.

The two pretty stewardesses beamed at their roommates’ capitulation. “Just so there won’t be any misunderstanding,” Sharon told them. “This is what you have to do. Both of you will get hand spanked by each of us. Twenty smacks apiece! It has to be over our knees and on the bare bottom, of course! You get your first dose now. Then you take time out to clean the apartment, and then you get your second dose!”


“But…” Eleanor started to argue.

“Don’t argue!” Kathy spoke up. “It’s not nearly as bad as it could be!”

Eleanor started to say something but abruptly fell silent. Sharon and Connie exchanged knowing glances and nodded to each other.

“Come here, Eleanor!” Sharon ordered, uncrossing her legs and sitting on the couch with her brief white slip up over the tops of her dark brown stockings.

Swallowing heavily and becoming red in the face, the twenty-nine year old high school teacher slowly complied. As usual on school days, Eleanor was wearing a trim white blouse, a formfitting navy blue skirt hemmed to end just above her knees, beige stockings and black patent pumps. Standing in front of Sharon, Eleanor cast a shamefaced glance at the latter’s attractive lap.

“And you come here, Debbie!” Connie announced, obviously pleased at the opportunity of putting the saucy young teenager through her paces.

Blushing as much as her fellow miscreant, Debbie walked over to the chair where Connie was seated. The honey blonde teenager was attired in a pretty plaid miniskirt that ended at mid thigh, dark brown pantyhose and trim brown pumps. As she approached Connie, it was apparent that she was a little weak in the knees.

“Get ready!” Sharon bossily ordered Eleanor.

“And you, too!” Connie told Debbie.

Looking quite shamefaced, Eleanor reached down with both hands and hoisted her navy skirt and slip nearly to her waist. The tall, long-legged brunette was wearing a tightfitting white Lycra girdle that confined her ample buttocks quite severely. While Sharon watched with some bemusement, Eleanor unhooked her stockings and allowed to slide down her long white legs. With a resigned sigh, she then yanked her girdle and pulled it down. Her white nylon panties came down with it, revealing the heavy patch of brown hair for a brief moment before she pulled her skirt down in front.

At the same time, Kathy pulled up her brief mini-skirt to reveal a trim pair of pink panties worn over her panty-hose. Blushing cutely, she hooked her fingers into the waistband of her panties and pantyhose and pulled the two garments down together in one motion. Connie couldn’t suppress an amused smile as she caught a glimpse of the downy tuft of hair before Debbie’s miniskirt came down over it.

“Over my knee!” Sharon tapped a forefinger against her nyloned thigh and looked closely at Eleanor.

“You, too, Debbie!” Connie instructed the blushing teenager. Like Sharon, Connie was seated with her thin white slip up over the tops of her brown stockings. Patting her pretty thighs invitingly with both hands, Connie smiled knowingly at her anxious victim.

“P-please!” Eleanor suddenly spoke up. “Couldn’t we just bend over a chair?” Her humiliation at having to bend over the pretty younger stewardess’ knees was quite apparent.

“No, you have to get over my knee!” Sharon told her. “That’s part of it. You’re both going to get smack paddled like a couple of babies!”

“P-please! It’s—it’s humiliating!” Eleanor exclaimed.

“That’s part of it!” Sharon told her.

Seeing that she was making no progress, Eleanor capitulated. Blushing furiously and keeping her eyes tightly closed, the attractive brunette schoolteacher haplessly stretched out over Sharon’s tapering thighs with her long legs up on the couch. As she got into position over Sharon’s knees, her navy skirt slid down in back to her lowered girdle and panties.

As she observed Eleanor getting over Sharon’s knees, Debbie hesitated a moment and then somewhat awkwardly draped herself face down over Connie’s inviting lap. Her brief mini-skirt rode up in back, leaving her cute, well rounded bottom completely exposed. With her panties and pantyhose lowered to mid-thigh, the spanking area was completely vulnerable. Feeling thoroughly juvenile and embarrassed, Debbie held her pretty legs closely together and tried to hold as still as possible.

“Pull your skirt up out of the way!” Sharon instructed Eleanor. “Go ahead! It will show how you want to cooperate with me!”

Feeling completely mortified and keeping her eyes tightly closed, Eleanor miserably reached back with both hands and began pulling the hem of her skirt and slid up. While Sharon and Connie watched with broad grins on their faces, the longlegged schoolteacher haplessly pulled her skirts up to her waist—completely exposing her plump, wide hips and buxom upper thighs. Eleanor’s buttocks were girlishly big but not overweight. Feeling the cool room air on her quivering buttocks, Eleanor gasped with shame and anxiously bit her lip.

With the two pretty pairs of buttocks positioned over their laps, Sharon and Connie paused and smiled knowingly at one another.

“Ready, girls?” Sharon teased.

“Come on! Get it over with!” Eleanor demanded indignantly.

With a smile, Sharon raised her right hand and took careful aim at the spacious target. Smack!


“Oooh!” Eleanor gasped. Sharon’s hand stung considerably more than she had expected, but the humiliation of having a bare palm in contact with her exposed posterior was much worse than the discomfort. To make matters worse, Sharon deliberately left her hand in place for a long moment afterward.

At the same time, Connie raised her right hand and brought it down briskly on Debbie’s cute bottom. Her hand landed right across the crevice and smacked noisily against the bare flesh.

“Ow!” Debbie squealed, her pretty legs swinging upward as Connie’s hand bounced against her resilient flesh.

“That’s one!” Sharon announced, finally raising her hand from Eleanor’s bottom and raising it in the air. Haplessly awaiting the next spank, the pretty schoolteacher anxiously puckered her bottom and held her long legs stiffly together. Smack!

“Ow!” Eleanor exclaimed as Sharon’s hand once again descended on her plump bottom with a stinging smack. Sharon deliberately kept her hand in place for a moment afterward.

Smack! Connie applied her palm to another portion of Debbie’s pretty posterior with a crisp spank.

“Ooooooh!” Debbie squealed shrilly. Hobbled by her lowered panties and pantyhose, the pert teenager swung her legs back and forth and bucked up on Connie’s lap. Copying Sharon’s technique, Connie allowed her hand to rest in place for a moment afterward on the soft target, and could feel Debbie crawling with shame beneath her.

“That’s only two!” Connie informed her. “Hold still! You’ve got a long way to go!”

“Well, hurry up!” Debbie pleaded. “It’s awful to have to wait!”

Smack! Sharon applied another spank to Eleanor’s upturned buttocks. The pretty teacher kicked up her feet and squirmed about on Sharon’s lap, gasping and biting her lip to keep from crying out. Leaving her hand in place afterwards, Sharon was quite aware of Eleanor’s deep humiliation. The tall brunette’s face was as red as a beet and she was keeping her eyes tightly shut.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Taking plenty of time about it, Sharon and Connie continued warming up their embarrassed victims. The two stewardesses spread the spanks around, always resting their hands in place for a moment after each smack. By the time the two victims had each received ten spanks, their bottoms were pink on both cheeks and prickling somewhat uncomfortably. Eleanor was blinking back tears of shame and trying to avoid kicking her long legs. Debbie was on the verge of tears, and swinging her pretty legs back and forth each time Connie’s palm landed on her stinging bottom.

“Ow! Ouch! Not so hard!” Debbie cried out as Connie gave her another crisp spank.

“Eleven!” Connie announced. “You should see your bottom!”

“Please!” Debbie wailed. “Take it easy!”

“Twelve!” Connie announced as she brought her hand down with a resounding smack.

“Oooooh! Ah… Oh, boo hoo hoo!” Debbie dissolved in tears. Her bottom stung warmly, but her tears resulted more from shame than pain. Crying haplessly, she squirmed around on Connie’s lap and waved her legs in the air, occasionally exposing the pink crevice between her legs.

Smack! Sharon applied the twelfth spank to Eleanor’s reddening bottom.

“OW!” Eleanor yelped, bucking up on Sharon’s lap. As her bottom prickled smartly and the humiliation of being hand spanked on the bare became more intense with each passing moment, the pretty teacher could no longer hold back the tears. Crying softly and gasping for breath, Eleanor began swinging her long legs girlishly back and forth although it made her feel completely ridiculous and juvenile.

“Thirteen!” Sharon exclaimed, landing a loud spank right across the crevice and pressing her hand downward against the yielding flesh.

“OWWW! Please, stop! Oh!” Eleanor gasped and pleaded, unintentionally exposing her feminine charms as she haplessly twisted about on Sharon’s lap.

“A good smacking is obviously what you need!” Sharon tormented her. “Now, hold still, you still have seven spanks coming!”

Smack! Smack! While the two pretty victims cried and kicked their legs, Sharon and Connie proceeded with the bottom warming ceremonies. As the two palms bounced up and down on the ample targets, Eleanor and Debbie continually thrashed about it on the girls’ laps even though both were only too well aware of how much they were exposing themselves. It wasn’t long before their bottoms were as red as their faces.

“Pleeeeese! Stop, please!” Debbie begged tearfully. “My bottom’s on fire!”

“Pleeeeeeeese! Pleeeeeeeese!” Eleanor pleaded between sobs, completely losing her dignity.

“Nineteen!” Sharon called out.

“OW!” Eleanor yelped, jerking her legs hard.

“Twenty!” Sharon announced, deliberately making the last spank the hardest. Across the room, Connie applied the final spank to Debbie’s bottom and the pretty teenager lay crying and breathless over her pretty tormentress’ knees. Sharon and Connie looked at the two red and glowing bottoms, and smiled at one another.

“I think these two brats are learning their lesson!” Connie spoke up with a broad grin.

Sharon nodded in agreement. “All right, you two, you know what you have to do next!” she told the tearful young women. “Get up, put your clothes back on and straighten this place up. After that, we’ll give you the second dose!”

Trying to get her tears under control, Eleanor uneasily got to her feet and slowly pulled up her girdle and panties, wincing a little as the tight girdle compressed her smarting, bottom. While Sharon watched with some amusement, Eleanor bent down and hooked up her stockings. In her distress, she was a little careless about it and left them bagging slightly around her knees. Smoothing out her navy skirt as much as possible, she set about straightening up the apartment.

At the same time, Debbie slowly got to her feet in front of Connie. Despite the embarrassment involved, the pretty teenager paused a moment to rub her stinging bottom with both hands before pulling up her panties and pantyhose.

“Hurry up, girls!” Sharon told them. “No stalling!”

Sniffling and trying to ignore the wide grins from the two stewardesses, Eleanor and Debbie began emptying the ashtrays and carrying out the beer cans. Lighting up cigarettes and relaxing in their slips, Sharon and Connie watched them closely and couldn’t refrain from making some cutting comments from time to time. Redfaced and keeping their eyes averted, the two miscreants suffered in silence. In a few minutes, the apartment was back in order.

“That’s much better!” Sharon told them. “Now I think it’s time for your second installment!”

“Come here, Miss Scott!” Connie commanded Eleanor with a knowing smile, pulling her slip back over her stockings and patting her shapely thighs superiorly.

As Eleanor shamefacedly walked over to the pretty blonde, Debbie meekly hung her head and walked over to Sharon. The two culprits were both blushing hotly and kept their eyes on the floor.

“Come on, girls!” Sharon told them. “Let’s turn them up bare for us!”

“P-please!” Eleanor stalled, darting a shamed look in Connie’s direction. “This time, couldn’t we at least keep our panties on?”

Connie slowly shook her head, grinning broadly and thoroughly enjoying the attractive teacher’s discomfiture. “No, and quit stalling!” she told her. “If you don’t hurry up, I just may get you ready myself!”

Eleanor gulped heavily and reluctantly hoisted her skirt and slip about her waist. This time she didn’t bother to unhook her stockings and simply yanked her girdle and panties down around her knees. At the same time, Debbie blushingly lifted her mini-skirt and lowered her panties and pantyhose.

“Over my knees!” Connie demanded, smiling at Eleanor. Swallowing and looking quite shamefaced, Eleanor lowered herself over Connie’s buxom nyloned thighs. As she got into position, Debbie bent over Sharon’s knees and haplessly made no effort to keep her mini-skirt from riding up over her bare bottom.

“Pull your skirts up yourself!” Connie ordered, taking a cue from Sharon. After hesitating a moment, Eleanor reached back with her hands and pulled her skirts up over her wide bottom. The two victims’ bottoms were both still a healthy shade of pink from the previous hand spankings, and both young women squirmed about rather uneasily at the prospect of getting spanked some more. Smiling at each other, Sharon and Connie deliberately made them wait for the punishment.

“This time I want you to count them aloud!” Sharon instructed Debbie. “Make it loud enough for me to hear, or I won’t count it!”

“That goes for you too, Eleanor!” Connie smiled wickedly as she heard Eleanor’s mortified groan.

Smack! Sharon and Connie applied their hands simultaneously to their respective targets.


“Ow!” Eleanor and Debbie squealed in unison, jerking their hips and kicking their legs up. With their bottoms still warm and sensitive from the previous workout, the crisp spanks stung considerably.

“Well?” Sharon demanded, holding her palm pressed very firmly against Debbie’s rosy bottom.

“Uh… One!” the cute teenager finally remembered.

“O-one!” Eleanor finally managed to stammer, feeling deep humiliation as she felt Connie’s warm palm pressed intimately against her right buttock.

“That’s better!” Connie tormented the pretty teacher. “You had better not forget or you’re really going to get hot back there!”

Smack! She proceeded to apply a brisk second spank to Eleanor’s plump bottom, this time smacking the left cheek.

“Ow! Two!” Eleanor sang out, tears of shame blurring her vision as Connie’s hand bounced on her sensitive buttocks.

Smack! Smack! Sharon and Connie commenced applying their palms briskly to the two upturned bottoms, smiling as their humiliated victims counted the strokes aloud. Squirming and kicking their pretty legs, Eleanor and Debbie were both soon crying and gasping. Their bottoms quickly reddened and stung smartly on both sides, making each fresh spank all the more uncomfortable. Neither had imagined that a hand spanking could sting so much, and both were beginning to wonder if they hadn’t been too hasty in agreeing to settle the affair in this matter.

“Seven! Ow! Please, stop!” Eleanor shrieked, exposing the pink slit between her legs as she thrashed about miserably on Connie’s pretty lap.

“Eight! Ouch, oh my! Ow!” Debbie squealed, her feet waving in the air and her bottom twisting prettily.

“Hold still!” Sharon urged.

“Nine! Please, stop! I’m on fire!” Debbie tearfully pleaded. “Pleeese, you don’t realize how much it hurts!”

Smack! Connie applied a stinging smack across both cheeks of Eleanor’s red and burning bottom.

“Eight! Pleeeeeeeeeese!” Eleanor pleaded hoarsely, her long legs jerking spasmodically.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Sharon and Connie continued hand smacking the two young women, taking their time and allowing a good interval between spanks. As their bottoms began to feel aflame, Eleanor and Debbie wept with shame and pain as they lay there squirming miserably and haplessly counting their own spanks aloud. Although their own palms were stinging rather smartly, the two pretty stewardesses kept on spanking just as hard.

“Seventeen! Pleeeeeeeese! Stop, pleeeeeeeese!” Eleanor shrieked, sobbing heavily.

“Eighteen! Owwwww! Ah! Oooooooh!” Debbie wailed, tears streaming down at her pretty face.

As the spankings neared their conclusion, Sharon and Connie increased the interval between spanks and made each small all the harder.

“Nineteen! OWWW!” Eleanor screamed.

“Owwww! N-nineteen!” Debbie echoed her fellow sufferer.

Sharon and Connie deliberately held back the final spank, watching their two red bottomed victims squirming anxiously on their laps.

“Hurry up! For heaven’s sake!” Debbie pleaded desperately.

Smack! Smack!

“Twenty! Ow!” Eleanor and Debbie sang out almost in unison.

As their spankings came to a conclusion, the two miserable young women lay sobbing and breathless over their tormentresses’ laps with their fire red bottoms sticking up on display. As Eleanor and Debbie unsteadily got to their feet, their hands flew back to console their scarlet posteriors. The two pretty stewardesses smiled broadly at the amusing spectacle.

“I think our two young ladies are going to behave themselves now!” Sharon laughed as she and Connie smiled knowingly at the two tearful culprits.

Mrs. Hansen’s Boarding House — Part 2


AS promised, we continue this weekend with Part 2

Part 2

She was standing there with her arms folded and a smirk on her face.

“Eavesdropping, James?”

“Er..ah I …” James was tongue-tied. “I was just…I thought I heard a noise.”

She shook a finger at him.  “Don’t lie to me, young man. You were listening at the door. Maybe you were watching through the keyhole, hmm? Yes. Trying to get a get glimpse of some girls in their underwear, weren’t you?”

“N-no, ma’am,” said James. “Really, no.”

She huffed a disgusted sigh. “This is despicable, James. You should be ashamed of yourself.” Then she turned and, crooking her finger, said imperiously, “Well, I know the cure for that, young man. Come with me.”

James had no choice but to follow. He followed her upstairs past his floor to a portion of the house he’d never seen. The motion of her hips was mesmerizing as he followed her up the stairs. She wore a tight form-fitting skirt and James could not keep his eyes off of the side to side sway of her hips.

On the top floor a long corridor that meandered to a remote end of the house led to a door. Mrs. Reed unlocked it and ushered James inside. His eyes took in a bedroom, apparently in disuse, but clean. A large four poster bed, vanity table, a chest, a wardrobe—it had the look of a woman’s bedroom, the walls painted in soft pastels. Ida Reed ushered James inside and shut the door. She stood in front of James, hands on her hips.

“Well, James, what should we do with you? Should I tell Mrs. Hansen what you did? She will be very angry with you.”

“Uh, no, please Mrs. Reed. Don’t.” James held up his hands in supplication.

“Because you know what she will do, don’t you? Spying on the girls is forbidden and sinful.” She said it with almost a hiss. “She will bring out that paddle and paddle you bare—in front of the girls. I saw her do that once to a boy caught spying on the girls. Oh, yes, I did.” She nodded her head up and down. “She sat on a chair and took his pants right down in front of them all. They giggled and laughed as she put him over her knee. But he wasn’t laughing, oh no. He cried big salty tears, that’s what he did. Twenty licks as hard as she could make them. He was a sight, kicking and yelling, but she held him down, right across her knee. Oh, he was one very sorry boy, let me tell you. You should have heard him squealing. Just like a girl.” Then she added, “Why, he couldn’t sit at supper for days. He had to eat off the mantle in the parlor.”


“Mrs. Reed, I’m sorry. I won’t do that again,” pleaded James. The prospect of twenty swats to his bare behind with that paddle was terrifying, not to mention the embarrassment.

She turned and sat down on the chest at the foot of the bed, crossed her legs and regarded him for a moment. James fidgeted nervously under her scrutiny.

“I suppose we could keep this between ourselves,” she mused.

“Yes, oh, yes,” said James, at last seeing a ray of hope.

“But you deserve punishment.” She swung her foot back and forth. “Don’t you James? Haven’t you been…naughty?” The voice had turned almost seductive.

This was taking a different turn. “I—I suppose,” said James. “Yes, ma’am,” he added.

“Then if we don’t involve Mrs. Hansen, I’ll just have to punish you myself, won’t I?” she said, a thin smile emerging at the corners of her mouth.

“What?” said James, now alarmed.

“That’s right,” she said. “You didn’t think you’d get off scot free, did you? Such a naughty boy,” she chuckled with a throaty laugh. “Now come over here.” She gestured for him to come around.  “Stand to my right side.” When he stood as she’d ordered, she said. “Now put your hands on your head.”

“My head?” said James.

“Do I have to say everything twice?” she said sharply.

Hesitantly, James put his hands on his head. He looked down. Mrs. Reed was unfastening his belt.

“W-what are you doing?”

“I’m taking your pants down,” she said very matter-of-factly. “You’re getting a good spanking, young man—on your bare bottom, of course.” Sternness had returned to her voice.

“I—I…please, no,” said a panicked James. Bared and spanked by this woman? At the same time an inconvenient surge of a mixture of fear, adrenaline and sexual arousal hit him. His penis began to thicken. His belt was unbuckled by the deft fingers of Mrs. Reed, and his pants fell to his ankles. Then she slipped her fingers into the elastic of his briefs and tugged them down to his knees. His penis popped up, hard evidence of his arousal. It stuck straight out and bobbed slowly up and down.

“Well,” said Mrs. Reed in an icy tone, “how do you explain THIS?”

James blushed from head to toe.

“You can just put yourself right across my knee this instant,” she declared.

James looked down only to observe that Mrs. Reed was hiking back her skirt, exposing legs clad in nylon hose and held in place by garters. James’ eyes bulged and his erection grew.

“Right now,” she said, pointing to her lap.

James eased himself across her knees, and as he did so she parted her legs slightly. His erection slipped down between her legs and when he had settled across her lap she brought her legs together effectively clamping his erect member between her thighs. The feel of her nylons gripping his penis was electric and he willed himself not to have an accident. For a moment he lay there in that embarrassing posture, a cool breeze raising goose bumps on the flesh of his bare behind. He needn’t have worried about any accident.

Crack! A hot sting exploded across his bottom as the crisp smack of Mrs. Reed’s hand on his bare behind erased, at least for the moment, all thoughts of arousal.


Smack! Whack! Crack! Three more followed in quick succession.

It stung like blazes! She spanked him rapidly, and with hard meaty smacks that blazed like white heat making him squirm and buck over her lap. At first she alternated between left and right cheeks, right on the crowns of his buttocks. The pain intensified with each spank and he bowed his back as if trying in vain to diminish the target area. Then she worked her way down to the tops of his thighs. It was a steady relentless rhythm of hand meeting flesh, and James’ distress increased with every brisk smack.

“Ow…ow…ow!” He could not stifle his cries. It was a fiery sting, burning him like a flame applied to his rear end. He squirmed involuntarily. He had wanted to get through this with as much dignity as he could muster, but it was proving to be quite impossible.

“Be still,” said Mrs. Reed, applying a fast flurry of spanks to his rapidly reddening bottom cheeks. “I’ll bet you’ll not eavesdrop again, James, will you?” Her hand flashed up and down in rapid succession, planting a fusillade of sharp spanks on his quivering bottom.

“Ow..ow…no ma’am!” wailed James. Ahh, this stung—more than any spanking James could remember. He bucked over her lap, flopping around. But this movement had the unfortunate effect of stimulating his engorged penis which was sheathed between Mrs. Reed’s thighs. Mrs. Reed must have felt it because she began to spank slower, mixing the spanks with little pauses to rub and pat before unleashing another rapid flurry of crisp smacks. It kept him quite off balance. With that came a change in tone to her voice. It now had a flirtatious sing-song quality.

“Are you going to be a good boy now? (Smack! Crack!) Will you James? (Smack Spank!) Such a nice plump boy bottom you have! (Smack! Crack!) Perfect for spanking. See how it wobbles. (Spank! Crack!) And young frisky boys need their spankings. Oh yes, they do. (Smack! Crack!).”


James arched his back in pain, hissing through his teeth. He was about to lose it. But mercifully, she stopped.

“Now can you be good?” she said, resting her palm on James’ bottom and rubbing slowly in circles. “Such a good boy, James,” she said, stroking him.

“Ahh, yes ma’am. Please ma’am, no more.” His rear was burning up and his eyes were watering.

“I think you can be, James, but I could feel that naughty thing. You know what I mean, don’t you?” Something had changed. She’d gone from harsh disciplinarian to sly seductress. “Kneel down,” she said in a throaty whisper. “Between my legs.”

James did as she asked. He knelt between her legs. Slowly she slid her skirt even higher. “Have you ever seen a woman, James? Down there I mean?”

James shook his head. “I’m going to teach you about a woman, James. Her skirt cleared her waist and to James’ amazement she reached under and slid her panties down. “Now,” she said, “I’m going to teach you to pleasure me, and if you’re very good, I’ll take care of that naughty thing of yours. You’d like that wouldn’t you, James?”

By this time James was too far gone in a confused mix of arousal and fear to refuse. She pulled his face into her furry nest and told him to lick, showing him exactly where she wanted his tongue. He complied, even finding the little button with his tongue as she instructed. After several shuddering climaxes she took James on her knee like a little boy and ran her hand, the hand that had spanked him so unmercifully, up and down his engorged shaft until he exploded, his cum spurting in milky jets while he nearly shook apart with pleasure.

Once the edge was off she rose and took off her dress until she was clad only in the garter belt and hose. To James’ delight, she was stunning, with a narrow waist, long legs and of course, those oh so prominent breasts. That vision, and Mrs. Reed’s manipulation, served to renew James until he was ready again. This time she lay on her back and pulled James on top of her. She inserted his penis and it was a feeling like nothing James had ever experienced. They rocked slowly at first, then faster, always at the pace she dictated. Pleasure welled up from below like a volcano of sensation, threatening to erupt. Ida Reed sensed it. Once when he started to go too fast she slapped his buttocks sharply. “As I say, James. As I say.” He did what she said. He stroked her, in and out, with an agonizing slowness that was halfway between agony and ecstasy. Finally when she was ready, she slapped his ass hard and told him to go ahead, faster. He plunged into her with a fury and both of them came together, in a frenzied thrashing and gasping for breath.

Back in his bed, James tried to assimilate what had just happened. Mrs. Reed was a different person entirely from whom he had assumed her to be. And despite the throbbing in his bottom and the shame of it all, he realized that what he wanted most was to do it again.