The Naughty Wives Collection redux

Ok, now it’s up on Amazon. Don’t know what the problem was earlier but it’s been fixed.

So here it is. The Amazon link is here. This is a trio of stories, all about headstrong, bratty, or otherwise misbehaving wives and their long-suffering husbands who feel compelled to restore a little discipline to the relationship. It’s only $0.99 so what do you have to lose? Feedback would be greatly appreciated.


5 responses to “The Naughty Wives Collection redux

  1. And also on!


  2. I've got a suggestion (I know, I'm a pain in the ass, and I may get one if I do insist but still…)
    Now that you've edged your way into Amazon (congratulations!), why don't you send them your serials (I've just read “Falls Creek women prison”) and other stories?
    Since volume 1 deals with naughty wives, you might round up your other stories according to themes like judicial, school, workplace etc…
    And I'd be happy to have them since it's now impossible to copy/paste any story as it used to be.


  3. I plan to do that, Ordalie. I want to make all my works available via ebook so people can carry them around on Kindle or iPad.


  4. I've just finished reading it.
    All the plots were very interesting. The story called “The Island” as gripping as a detective story, its ending as funny and unexpected as “The three amigos” (BTW, being girls it should have been amigas, unless it was on purpose for some reason).
    I told you in my last comment that I thought stories might be gathered according to themes. Now I think it's not a good idea: what is most appealing in this blog is the way you vary the stories, and precisely I feel that an ebook in which only one theme is used tends to be repetitive and the interest tends to slack up, which is a pity.
    And another remark in passing: at the end of “The Three Amigos” I read: “Someone once said +Know the truth and the truth shall make you free+”
    SOMEONE??? And I thought you in the US were well versed in the Bible 🙂
    It's out of John 8:32
    I don't much care for that statement either!


  5. Thank you for that comment, Ordalie. I'm planning one more collection of “naughty wives” then it's on to something else, probably more of a random collection which could include an F/M tale or two. Also in the works is the first of the novellas. I'm still learning about all this.


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