The Spanking Games

This is a novella that is now up in the Amazon Kindle bookstore and is available for purchase for only $0.99. Such a deal! Those who are familiar with my work may recognize it as a re-edited version of an older work of mine, well known by some, and that is why I’m practically giving it away.

The link to Amazon is here. And here is what it’s about:
What would you do for ten thousand dollars? A struggling actress is given an opportunity for a large payday and all she has to do to earn it is to participate in a game. The game is a variation of hide-and-seek, a hunt in the woods, and she is among several young, athletic women who have been offered ten thousand dollars to be “prey” for the hunters. Sounds easy. The catch? There are forfeits to be paid by the losers of the game and the forfeits will be humiliating and painful. Public spankings will be administered to some. For others, lots will be drawn to determine their fates. Those forfeits will include formal public punishments administered by a professional disciplinarian with implements and apparatus reminiscent of the 17th century including stocks, whipping posts and the birch rod. Against this backdrop Cindy Morgan, a young actress, meets Mark Hudson, a handsome and curious thrill seeker drawn to the game for reasons he does not fully understand. A romantic attraction quickly develops between the two, but Cindy is conflicted. She is drawn to Mark, but fears the fate that would befall her as one of the captured “foxes.” Can she have it both ways? Let the games begin!                                         



3 responses to “The Spanking Games

  1. Oh yes! “Fox and Hounds”. I read it again on LSP recently, it is such an intriguing and well-devised story!


  2. That it is, Ordalie. I'm going to republish a lot of my old stories as ebooks at bargain prices so people can have them on their Kindles and iPads.


  3. And that's a very good idea since you can't copy/paste stories from LSP any more!


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