Contest Results

The contest is over and the prizes have been sent to the winners. Thanks to all who commented on LOL Day. Here is the trick—I lied. There were not 3 prizes. Basically if you requested a book (some did not) and I had an email addy for you, you got a book. If you want a mulligan on this, email me or comment here, but you have to be one of the 11 commenters yesterday. So, mindy, Ordalie et al, here’s your chance. One thing I ask—let me know if you liked the book!


5 responses to “Contest Results

  1. Thanks, Rollin. I've sent you an email. 🙂


  2. Thank you very much, Rollin! I'll send you an email right away.


  3. How can I get your email and a copy of the book


  4. My email is on my blogger profile (below, right). Email me and tell me which commenter you were on LOL Day and tell me which book you'd like.


  5. I loved the story, I sure wish that we could allow CP in all schools, colleges and academy. I also think we ought to have spanking therapy in all states, some people need it.


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