Another FREE eBook!

In conjunction with the release of ATONEMENT, a spanking novel, I am making its prequel, ISLAND JUSTICE, free to Amazon Kindle readers for a period of three days starting Thursday December 6. The novella, ISLAND JUSTICE introduces several of the characters who appear in ATONEMENT and is set in the same time frame, the mid twenty-first century. It is a time when governments all over the world have re-instituted the practice of corporal punishment for select crimes. In the US, states, counties and municipalities have adopted various versions of an old fashioned trip to the woodshed in order to deal with non-violent crimes such as drunk driving, vandalism and petty theft. In ISLAND JUSTICE, three girls discover that a balmy Caribbean island is just as tough on casual drug use as the most repressive authoritarian state. So join me (Rollin) along with my kinky secretary Jane and my equally kinky would-be law partner, Harriet, as we take on the judicial machinery of a former British protectorate with a tradition of stern justice to try and save college coeds Allison, Erin and Susan from a painful reckoning.


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