New Covers

If you look to the panels on the right you’ll see that I have changed a lot of my covers. I’m slowly retiring the covers with Paula Russell’s excellent drawings and making new ones with stock photos or internet finds. Why? Because Amazon has a thing called an “adult tag” that hides your book from the search engine in the general category on Amazon’s site. The main culprit appears to be overt nudity, so to remove this boat anchor, I’m having to tone things down. So tell me what you think. Do you like the new covers? Or would you rather have Paula Russell. Personally, I’d rather have Paula’s.


7 responses to “New Covers

  1. Paula's of course, but do what you must to sell.


  2. Ah well, if it's the price you have to pay not to be branded with the adult tag…
    Give me Paula Russell any time though.


  3. I seem to agree with the others. I think Paula's are fine and give a good indication of content but if you have to change to sell the books it is the right thing to do.
    Could you put Paula's pictures inside the book or isn't that allowed either?


  4. Bogey, Orage and Alan,
    To sell books you must be visible. To be visible you must come up in search results and since the adult tag suppresses your books, it is essential to remove it if possible. I discovered that the main culprit was overt nudity on the cover, hence the change over to more vanilla covers. I love Paula too and at first her drawings seemed perfect. Plus she was happy to let me use them. I found out about the adult tag and what it did much later. Essentially it places your books “under the counter.” If you know what to ask for they will appear, but you won't see them unless your search is very focused. A price I have to pay I guess.


  5. Rollin,
    I also prefer Paula's work, but in today world you do what you must. 😉
    Just to let you know that I really enjoyed LaForge.
    I wonder, did you enjoy Denis Wheatley in your youth, I certainly did.
    LaForge reminded me a little of him, of course no CP in his books, but they were thrilling!


  6. Yes, Paul, I did read some Dennis Wheatly. I especially recall “The Devil Rides Out.”
    So glad to hear you liked “LaForge”. The influences there were Anne Rice's “The Witching Hour,” M. R. James, “The Wicker Man” and a few others to inspire that jumble of a spanko-thriller-romance. Most fun I ever had putting a book together.


  7. Ann Rice of course! There was something in your story I couldn't put my finger on but now that you say so…


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