Pendragon’s Lash now published on Amazon

This book is now live at the Amazon Kindle store. The link is HERE.

This book is published by the folks at Stormy Night Publications, so for me this is a first and I’m very happy with the end result.

The book is a medieval romance with a sci-fi overlay. A more comprehensive description of the book can be found in the previous post on this blog. At 50,000 words it’s my longest work to date, and it follows my general philosophy of how I approach writing in the spanking romance genre. An article in the side bar to the right explains this, but in a nutshell what I do is to tell a story that involves more than one couple who have a romantic relationship. In this book there are four. Another thing I do is to try and create an exciting external plot line. The plot revolves around a conspiracy to disrupt a royal wedding and the efforts of the protagonists to thwart that plan. So there are spies, assassins, and derring do, along with romance, spanking and sex. It’s a heady mix that gets inserted in the culture of a planet in which corporal punishment, both domestic and judicial, is generally accepted and routinely practiced.

This fact comes as a shock to the modern day Federation agents, three women and one man, who are the main protagonists, and whose mission is to blend in with the planet’s population. They must do so under the supervision of native protectors and advisers. Naturally, these advisers require obedience, especially from the women, and sparks begin to fly.

So if your tastes run to romance with spanking, public judicial corporal punishment, and heated sexual encounters, give it a look. 


4 responses to “Pendragon’s Lash now published on Amazon

  1. Thanks for the link but I had to change it to amazon UK as that is where my account is, still that is easy and I have bought it (maybe the first to do so). Anyway I look forward to reading it as it sounds good


  2. Thanks, Alan. Hope you enjoy the book.


  3. Congrats on your new release, Rollin! Have a great holiday!


  4. Thank you Sue. It's a first for me, working with a publisher and jumping squarely into the romance genre. I've got my fingers crossed.


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