New eBook Released!

The paired novelettes, Willow Wood Estate and Madeline Smythe are now available at the Amazon Kindle bookstore HERE.

Here is a description:

A young and impressionable coed. An older, but beautiful and sophisticated dominant woman. An isolated country estate harboring old secrets. A circle of women devoted to the study of the sensuous arts of spanking and erotic flagellation.These are the ingredients that come together in this tale of F/F erotic discipline and sex.

Amy Munson has been given a summer job of cataloging a library at Willow Wood by the new mistress of the estate, Athena Winslow. Mainly curious at first, Amy is nonetheless drawn deeper and deeper into Athena Winslow’s circle and its tender web of sensual delights; and little does she know what ultimately lies in store for her.

When attorney Ray Slater travelled to Florida to bail his niece out of jail, he never expected to meet her friend Shelly Coleman. Even more, he never expected that Shelly would actually seek him out to ask for discipline at his hands.

Nor did he expect that Shelly’s faculty advisor, Madeline Smythe, would make a similar request. So he wasn’t that surprised when the two of them enlisted his aid in a role playing weekend at a country manor presided over by Shelly’s eccentric great aunt. Great Aunt Bertha has insisted that Shelly be punished for poor performance at school and Ray must convince her that he is up to the job.

Release dates for Barnes and Noble and the Apple store are yet to be determined. Watch this space for announcements.


2 responses to “New eBook Released!

  1. Rollin,

    Congratulations on the new book.

    I've downloaded The Friday Night Bridge Club. I like to read short stories.



  2. Wonderful, Ronnie. I know you'll like those stories. And I have lots more. Try a volume of “Naughty Wives” or “The Romance of Spanking”.


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