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This weekend I’m participating in the End of Summer Spanks blog hop brought to you by Spanking Romance Reviews and Saturday Spankings. This is a blog hop that features prizes given out by many of the blogs involved and grand prizes by several sponsors. All you have to do is comment. From among the comments received I will pick one and send that person a copy of BOTH of my newest spanking romance novels, Pendragon’s Lash and The Princess and the Outlaw. The rules, the goodies and the fine print can be found at the link above.

For my entry today, here is a snippet of a story describing an event that many of us may have experienced in one way or another, the end of a summer romance. Sometimes they end well, sometimes not so well, and sometimes…just sometimes, they surprise us.

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It was the end of Summer. His life guard gig was over.Tomorrow Brad would have to leave the island and return to the real world – school, classes, the dorm. But for now he had one more chance with Lynne. He took her to the beach and they were walking hand in hand. It was close to midnight and the beach was deserted. He was in bathing trunks, she in a revealing bikini. All summer long he’d tried to be patient. He’d been a gentleman, treating her like the blue-blooded princess she was. After all, she was a Worthington – yeah, THOSE Worthington’s. The ones that owned half of frickin’ Long Island.

Lynne decided to go swimming and then took to teasing Brad by taking her top off and waving it at him while she hid her breasts beneath the waves.

“It’s dangerous swimming in the dark out there, Lynne.” He was concerned for her safety. “Please. Come in. There are rip currents.”

“Come and get me,” she called, giggling.

That tore it. Enough, he decided. He was done with pampering the brat, and if she got caught in a rip it could be bad.

Taking up the challenge, Brad swam out to get her. She hurried to get her top back on, but cut it too close though, and Brad  caught her before she could. He scolded her for teasing him and dragged her out of the surf, she sputtering in protest, tits jiggling, bikini top in hand, protesting the rude treatment. But pushed to his limits, Brad had had enough.

 The log had been conveniently lying there and Brad proceeded to sit on it and drag the hapless Lynne over his lap. He tugged down the tiny bikini bottoms revealing a gloriously rounded bare fanny, the wobbling mounds seemingly begging for attention. She squealed in alarm but no one was there to hear her pleas or the ringing smacks that Brad delivered to the wriggling bottom cheeks as penance for her shameless teasing. His palm seemed almost to bounce off the succulent mounds as he delivered spank after spank in a deliberate tempo, a relentless smacking that had her yelping lustily. Brad was undeterred. He’d finally had it up to here with the little brat’s behavior. Brad could even see from the light of the moon and the lights on a nearby pier that her bottom was approaching a glowing red as he applied his palm to the wriggling bottom suspended over his knee.

Eventually she surrendered and promised to be good if only he would stop. After delivering sixty or seventy good hard spanks to her deliciously shaped fanny, he did.

To his utter amazement she turned around in his lap and grasped his head. She pulled his lips to hers and kissed him passionately as they tumbled into the sand. What she did after that was truly amazing.

On the ferry the next day, her final words echoed in his head.


“Please, Brad, don’t go. I need more. Summer can’t end now!”

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23 responses to “End of Summer Blog Hop

  1. You did it Rollin, a discipline spanking that was fun.


  2. Those summer romances always end in heart ache and those bratty rich girls can alway use a trip over the knee and a spanked botton. Cute story. What a perfect butt she has too:)~


  3. That was such an adorable story! I really liked it! You are a new author for me so I would love to read your stories! I hope I win! My email is kristinelyon@live.com! Thank you for participating!


  4. Those summer romances! As always, Rollin, you're spankings are hot, hot, hot!



  5. Steamy, Steamy! LOVE IT! Thank you for the chance!



  6. Great story, a summer she won't forget.


  7. Now that's some summer lovin'! I bet they were both wishing for more!



  8. Sixty or seventy, her poor bum. She obviously liked it.



  9. A very fun story. Thanks.


  10. Awww summer romances… so sweet and hot. Thanks. rameyer.nmb@gmail.com


  11. Great story. There is just something about a summer romance. Almost magical, one might say. Everyone should have at least one summer romance in their lives. Jule


  12. A fun read. I love summer romance stories and yours seem great. Also very nice prize.


  13. Sometimes a spanking is all a girl needs to figure out what she wants! Cute story Rollin!


  14. Ooh, spanking a wet bottom. Such a bittersweet end to summer. Thank you for sharing.


  15. Delicious summer story Rollin, Thanks for sharing!



  16. oh my. Summer should not end when it's only just beginning. I bet Brad wishes he had acted sooner. Hot story.


  17. Great Story! Thanks for sharing
    bluemascara22 at gmail dot com


  18. Loved this snippet. What a way to end the summer..LOL…However something tells me it's not the end.



  19. oooh, wonderful, Rollin!
    I love the thought of ending summer like that!
    katherinedeane40 at gmail dot com


  20. Nice scene. I wish I had had a boyfriend like that in college!


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