F/M Spanking Sunday — “Serena” by Randy (sarah3333)

I’ve posted material by Randy before. He was a fairly prolific writer of F/M fantasy pieces featuring large matronly women in foundation garments disciplining boys (age somewhat indeterminate) in mostly quasi-religious settings like bible colleges, Christian Camps, and conservative households. It’s all very much the feel of the 1950’s when spanking was common.

This tale is a bit different. It’s a chronicle of how a couple found each other and their enthusiasm for TTWD. That makes it more of a switch story than pure F/M, but a female led relationship seems to be where this is heading.

Is it real? It’s a bit hard to tell. This may be a real life recounting of how two people found each other or it may be a fantasy based upon some wishful thinking. Either way, it’s a very compelling and fun read. This came from a Yahoo Group in 1999 and because of its length, I’ve had to edit some material.


by Randy

Of the six or seven woman I dated in college and grad school, Serena was the
only one who appreciated and encouraged the mix of the grown man and the inner child in me and how deeply these could fuse in a romantic relationship. She understood because she had an inner child hidden away deep inside her which she couldn’t share with most people. We were kindred spirits in a deeply spiritual way and our relationship glowed warmly in our innermost memory long after we broke up. She got a high paying job two thousand miles away and I had to stay put, in Boston, working on six more years of an eight year Ph.D. Though we never saw each other after that, we both stayed in touch with a mutual friend and sent occasional greetings to each other indirectly. For years after we separated, I rehearsed in my mind’s eye all of the wonderful things we did, polishing and clarifying our shared history until every event stood out like a small gem, each facet carefully delineated.

I met Serena in the summer through a common friend after my first year of
graduate school when I was twenty-three. Serena was then thirty and halfway
through law school. Serena was a high-powered, modern woman, strong, intelligent, and ambitious, with many of the traditional feminine qualities preserved including gentleness, nurturing, and a flirtatious, teasing manner.
I was drawn to her immediately because of her fullness. Serena was very full and
round all over, especially in her hips and bottom. Since my teens, when I
learned how to kiss and caress from a very bosomy, twenty-six year old
Italian-American woman, I have always had an eye for shapely, big women.

Since Serena was insecure about her figure, she was happy to find a younger man who was clearly struck by her beauty. .

[He asks her out on a date]

Serena arrived at my tiny apartment in a beige broomstick skirt which showed off her very full hips and bottom and a fuzzy, white sweater which I had seen before at Judy’s. It was tight enough to mold her bosom and allow her brassiere to show faintly where the sweater material stretched. I had told Judy how much I
liked that sweater and I gather she told Serena. (They were always on the phone
as I learned later.)

[They go to club and things start to heat up]

Since Serena and I were already tipsy by the time we arrived at the club, we
wasted no time hitting the dance floor. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her as she
twirled and swayed and jiggled alongside me, her smiles and teasing a constant
encouragement. After two or three songs, the DJ played a slow song and we came together and I felt her softness for the first time. I remember putting my head into the side of her hair, smelling her perfume and shampoo and all the other wonderful smells she had.

During the first slow song, we were close enough to touch each other now and
then as the music brought us together. We were already quite tipsy then and
ended up dancing fairly closely for a first date. When a second slow song
followed and she said something like “oh goody” and moved closer to me, I held
her there, my hands on her waist just above her big hips. At some point in that
song, she put her arms around my back and drew me in a little and told me what a good dancer I was and I whispered back something about how great she smelled and how soft her hips were.


Serena again whispered how sweet I was as one of her hands ran lightly up and
down my back. With an invitation like that, I slid my hands down onto the full
curves of her big hips and squeezed her firmly there, holding her there, pulling
her lower body tightly against me for the first time. Her arms immediately
encircled my waist and pressed me even more deeply into her softness, my loins
buried in her thighs. I immediately started getting an erection which soon
pressed insistently like a hard bar directly into the juncture of Serena’s
thighs though neither of us said anything. When a third slow dance started,
Serena managed to slowly move us into the darkest corner of the room and there
she allowed her hand to slip down momentarily and cup my fanny and push me into her even more. The second time she did that, she put her mouth into my ear and asked in a little whisper which made my heart pound, “Aren’t you going to kiss me, Bobby?”

I kissed the side of her neck three or four times before getting my courage up
and turning a little further toward her and suddenly I was kissing her on the
mouth right in the club. Although other couples were kissing periodically, it
seemed the most extravagant thing I had ever done and my heart pounded as our
kiss quickly became passionate. Suddenly, I realized I was in the arms of a
powerfully sexual older woman who was trying to seduce me and doing a very good job of it.

[They head for Bobby’s apartment]

And there we began kissing as passionately as anyone can kiss, my hands now
roaming all over her wonderful curves for the first time. I caressed her
repeatedly under her sweater and under her skirt all around her great big,
beautiful fanny. The glorious warmth of her fat bottom under that thin summer
skirt and the feel of her little silky panties against her big fanny are things
I will never forget. A warm, full fanny under a skirt is one of the world’s
great pleasures.

partners there there
When we finally got to my apartment, I could barely get the key in the lock. As
soon as we were inside, I pushed Serena against the wall without turning on the
light and thrust against her, pinning her to the wall, my erection planted into
the V of her thighs which opened wide to welcome me. As I kissed her violently
all over, I pushed her sweater up and reached behind to undo her brassiere, the
soft globes tumbling into my face, the nipples stiff and eager for my mouth. I
devoured her bosom with wet kisses as she held my head there with both hands,
stroking my hair and face as I sucked and kissed, calling me “baby” and “my
sweet baby” over and over as she moaned and whimpered and held me closer.
Somehow we ended up on my sofa kissing passionately while I sucked her breasts.
She allowed my hand to move under her skirt in front, up along one of her thighs
and slowly between them into that mysterious, secret, silky skin deep between
her thighs, excited at the way she closed them to stop my hand, then relaxed
them slightly to allow me to move forward another inch, then closed them again,
then opened them, opening and closing, teasing, squeezing me between her thigh
flesh until finally the tips of my fingers reached her wet panties and pushed
the fabric aside and her thighs opened as my fingers reached her cunny and ran
gently up and down the full extent of her wetness, finding her little button,
making her moan and squeeze my head tightly against her breast and cry out “oh
you sweet baby”.
After a while, when my hand was soaked, she whispered for me to get up. I
remember doing so, trembling. She stood up next to me, bare above the waist, and told me to stand still while she unbuttoned and removed my shirt. She then knelt and took off my shoes and socks before undoing my pants and lowering them, leaving me in just my distended underpants. My head swirled as I felt like a helpless child being undressed by an experienced, older woman and I stood there quietly as she drew my underpants down, gasping as her warm hand took hold of me for a few moments. She then reached under her skirt, slipping her panties off, and lay back on my sofa, her skirt pushed up, pulling me slowly onto her, between her thighs, holding me with one hand and pulling me forward, guiding me, drawing me inside her.

It all happened so quickly I couldn’t stop myself. After a year of no contact
with woman, I was excited beyond measure and suddenly erupted in a series of
cries and spasms. Instead of being disappointed, Serena cradled my head on her
bosom and called me her “sweet baby” and told me not to worry, that I was a
little too excited, that we had all the time in the world, that she was going to
give me some very special love that night, and so on. The more she talked and
stroked my face and fondled me, the better I felt and soon I was aroused all
over again.

When I was ready, Serena took hold of me, gently, guiding me inside her as
before. My whole being seemed to disappear between her enveloping thighs. They gripped me around my waist, squeezing me gently and rhythmically, holding me in place, taking my whole body into her softness. Lost between her thighs, deep inside her secret, innermost spongy softness, I surrendered and let her experienced hands move me back and forth, one hand on my hip, the other behind me on my fanny. Serena held me that way, guiding me in and out, steering me, adjusting the rhythm, showing me how to please her and putting me exactly where she wanted, slowing me down, speeding me up, moving me faster, somehow knowing when I hovered at the brink and pausing so I wouldn’t explode so soon.

I can’t deny that I was happy to let this experienced, older woman take me in
hand and show me how to please her with the gentle guidance of her hands.
Throughout all of this, my mouth was locked on one of her breasts, little sounds
of delight escaping my busy lips, as I let out some of my “little boy” side.
That combination is very exciting for me and something Serena seemed to prefer
because she always called me things like “sweet baby” when we were in bed.
Eventually, all that baby talk and the feeling of being steered in and out of
her fragrant softness and especially her loud moans proved too much and I cried
out again and thrust wildly as I spent deep inside her, flowing and dissolving
into her wet, slippery softness, losing all of myself between those big thighs.
This time, Serena let me lie in her arms for fifteen or twenty minutes, suckling
me happily and telling me how sweet I was and how big I felt inside her and how
lucky she was. Her words fell on me like soft caresses, like her breast against
my face or her soft cunny which still held me safe and sound inside her,
protected in her special place.
Serena 2

When we finally got out of bed, Serena put on one of my sweatshirts and stayed
that way for two hours while we had breakfast, her white fanny peeking out and
wagging saucily back and forth and begging for a smack. I felt like one of those
men in an old Hollywood movie who smacks his lady love on the behind and gets a squeal or a flirtatious smile in return. From that morning on, I began giving
Serena smacks on her big fanny as regular reminders of how sexy I thought she
was and if it was in private, I always got a gasp of pleasure or a squeal and
sometimes a kiss. Within a few weeks, I started smacking her that way in public
when no one was looking or when we were in a neighborhood where no one
knew us.
She often blushed and said “stop that” but she always said it with smile and
clearly loved it. I should have realized what that meant but at the time I was
too naive.
About a month after we became lovers, Serena surprised me in yet another way. We were in the shower one evening which always meant more kissing and fondling than washing, our soapy fingers going everywhere. In my usual way, I reached back and smacked her full bottom. I may have smacked it a little harder than usual. I don’t remember. I do remember the way she sagged against me, as if her strength had disappeared and moaned quietly in my ear and whispered, “Do that again, Bobby.”
Happy to comply, I smacked her bottom again and again, three or four more times, my mouth glued on hers, my other hand locked on a breast, the warm water drenching our faces. Each time I smacked her, I got another moan.
Finally, she broke off the kiss and whispered in my ear, “Spank me, baby, spank

I remember hesitating for an instant, looking to check her shining eyes to see
if she really meant it. The rest is permanently etched in my memory.
Neither of us said anything more. I reached over and shut off the water and
pulled aside the shower curtain. And then I led Serena out of the bathroom, both
of us dripping water all over the place, and took her over to the couch in my
living room. Wet and fully erect, I sat down and drew her, unresisting, over my
lap. And for the next ten minutes, I spanked her big, white, bouncing fanny
painting it a lovely shade of strawberries and cream while my left hand played
with her breasts or reached beneath her, fingering her wet cunny. After about
twenty spanks, Serena moaned and writhed and disappeared into a trace-like
ecstasy of extreme pleasure. She later confessed she climaxed twice during that
At some point, she slid off my legs, onto the rug, rolling onto her back, her
big thighs opening, her hands rubbing her pink bottom and then I was on her,
spearing her onto the rug, my hands gripping her face tightly as we kissed and I
screwed her as passionately as I had spanked her. The experience unleashed
extreme emotions in both of us and we both gave into them with a maddened
lovemaking. At some point, she started calling out “Fuck me baby, fuck me harder baby” and I gave her everything I had and then exploded, her words triggering an arousal beyond all control.

When it all subsided into a glowing warmth, we lay there, still damp from the
shower, amazed at the intensity, looking at each other with shining eyes as if
sharing a deep secret. It was all too new and scary for us to say anything and
we didn’t. We just moved into the bedroom and talked about other things and
eventually made love again more tenderly before falling asleep.
In the morning, I woke first as usual, and pulled the covers down. Taking
advantage of Serena’s position sleeping on her stomach, I began gently spanking
her until she stirred and woke up, whereupon I spanked her a little harder and
fingered her from behind at the same time as her legs opened up for my hand.

Then I was in her wet, sweet cunny again as screwed and spanked her to a loud
climax, her crying face burying itself in the pillows. I remember reaching my
climax a little later and wildly thrusting into her, my loins smacking loudly
against her big, pink fanny as I impaled her over and over until as I cried out
and jetted hot cream deep inside her before collapsing on her bottom, my mouth
on her neck, my manhood still buried inside her, feeling as if I was lying over
the softest bolster pillow in the world.Business_16
Afterwards while we were kissing goodbye just inside the apartment door, she
asked me if I was free the next weekend. I said yes and let her go out into the
hallway. Speaking in a low voice lest any of the neighboring apartments hear, I
said something like, “You know what will happen next Saturday, don’t you,
Serena smiled back wickedly and whispered, “Promise?” and disappeared into the stairwell with a laugh.
I could barely contain myself all week. I think she felt the same way because
she called me more than usual, ostensibly to make small talk but the
conversation had an extra charge.
When she arrived the next Friday, she was wearing a short, white cotton skirt
which was very tight around the hips and thin enough to show her white panties.
She took off a little jacket to reveal another peasant blouse which seemed more
sheer and under which her breasts swayed back and forth. I remember helping her
off with her coat and then pulled her close for a long kiss against the wall, my
hands going under her skirt and concentrating on her glorious, fat fanny.
After both of us were all worked up, I put my mouth right against her ear and
whispered that I was going to spank her. Serena looked at me mischievously and
told me I wouldn’t dare and that she wouldn’t let me in any case.
That led to a wrestling match in my living room. Though I was 6 feet tall, I was
only 160 lbs. and very slender. In the end, I was unable to get control of her,
much less get her over my knee. She was almost my height and considerably
heavier and stronger, a big farm girl from Idaho.

Just when I had given up all hope, I managed to land three or four smacks on the
seat of her skirt. It was as if I had found a secret switch. Immediately she
went limp and I was able to move her over to the couch where I sat down and
pulled her over my knee. As I began spanking her over her skirt, she went off
into the same dream state I had seen before, moaning and losing herself in her
pleasure. I eventually pulled her skirt up and spanked her on her little,
adorable white cotton panties. Much to my delight, she preferred little white
or pink cotton panties. She later confessed she loved secretly feeling like a
“little girl” under her “big girl” clothes.tumblr_n658n4Qw4l1suzvb1o1_500
After spanking her on her panties and scolding her (which I had not done the
first time), I tugged them down and took them completely off, telling Serena she
wouldn’t be needing them for the rest of the weekend. I then slipped my left
hand under her and began spanking and fingering her at the same time wriggled
and twisted and moaned. After about ten minutes, she begged me, “Baby, take me to bed and make love to me now, baby, make love to me now!”
I was more eager than she and I helped her up and led her into my bedroom,
smacking her bottom as we went. Just to tease her, I sat down and pulled her
across my knee again and spanked her some more until her big, fat, bouncing
cheeks were rosy all over. I then rolled her over and fucked her as hard as I
could. I don’t normally use that word to describe how I make love but that
night, Serena got fucked very hard and it was exactly what she needed.
Later we went to dinner and a movie, leaving her panties behind in my apartment.
It was exciting standing in line with her in a short skirt knowing she had
nothing on underneath. It was even more exciting at the movie when my hand crept up her skirt and found her sopping wet and she ended up getting kissed and fingered through the film.

Serena 3

From then on, if I wanted to give her what she called a “love spanking,” I
usually had to wrestle her first for a few minutes until I could land a few
smacks on her bottom through her clothes. Her resistance instantly melted and
she became soft and glassy-eyed in my arms. One minute she was a big, strong
woman quite capable of preventing me from doing anything. The next minute she was a little girl, yielding, soft, pliant, open mouthed in my arms and ready to
be spanked and fingered and taken to bed.
The third time this happened, I moved her toward the bed and stopped to whisper in her ear that she obviously needed a spanking and that she
was going to get one on her big, beautiful fanny. I always had a hand on her
bottom when I said that, to remind her how beautiful she was and how much I
loved holding her there.image12
Sometimes, if I wanted to tease her more, I would pull her over my lap fully
clothed and tell her in a soft voice what a naughty tease she was and how I had
just the right thing for naughty teases like her and telling her what a bad girl
she was coming to my apartment to seduce me in such sexy clothes as
I slowly spanked her clothes off, one layer at a time before taking her to bed.
Sometimes we never even made it to the couch. I would open my apartment door, let her in, and close the door, kissing her right up against the wall next to
the door and fondling her all over for ten or fifteen minutes until most of our
clothes were off and her bottom was already well smacked in a standing position.
And then I would lead her directly back to the bedroom, smacking her bottom as
we went to encourage her. Spanking her in my bedroom was particularly exciting
because we were already in the place where I was going to make love to her after
her spanking and the inevitability of that lovemaking hanging over every smack
made it more like another form of lovemaking.

Eventually she used to refer to all this as “love spankings”. Up until then,
Serena and I had only dated on the weekends. But after the first two spankings,
Serena began dropping by once a week for a drink on the way home. It was always the same. She would call spontaneously from work and ask if I would be around at
5:30 for a drink. Nothing sexual was ever mentioned. We chatted about each
other’s day and make other small talk before hanging up. The exciting part was
what wasn’t said. Both of us knew if she stopped by at 5:30, she would almost
certainly end up with her panties down over my knees in my bedroom, her big
bottom bouncing back and forth until neither of us could stand it and I turned
her over and gave her a good riding lesson.
I always had a terrible time concentrating on my work after she called to stop
by. I soon realized that Serena was most passionate after a spanking so she
usually ended up getting spanked, sooner or later. My favorite thing, and
Serena’s too, was when I applied a lot of baby oil to her fanny to make it even
more silky so the spanking was more of a love fest. And I eventually discovered
she loved being fingered in her bottom. That soon became a staple of our
When Serena’s birth day came in mid-October, I went to a sporting goods store
and bought her some white tennis panties with ruffles all over the seat.
They had to order them specially because they didn’t have them in her size. When
I asked about pink panties with ruffles, the saleslady told me to try a western
clothing store and ask for square dancing panties. I’ve seen these lately on the
TV show, “Club Dance” but back then I didn’t know anything about such things. I
managed to find a pair of pink panties completely covered in front and back with
ruffles and made Serena open her present at the restaurant in our private booth.
She was delighted when she lifted her new panties out of the box and kept asking
me where I had gotten them.
That night, Serena confessed while we are making love that she had told Jean
about how I spanked her and how excited Jean had gotten, asking all sorts of
questions and saying it was the most romantic thing she had ever heard of.
Since then, Jean always asked after every date if I had spanked Serena. The
night of Serena birthday, after we made love, I opened up and told her about my
experiences kissing and petting an older woman named Carol when I was sixteen
and how she used to scold me at work for playing pranks and threaten to spank.tumblr_mm378qSHuk1r7jcmio1_500
The more I told Serena about Carol, the more excited I got until I was once
again hard and Serena was holding me by the hips, steering and guiding me in and out of her as she often did. After a while, she began smacking my fanny gently as I slid in and out, buried between her soft thighs, safe and sound and a
thousand miles from all worldly cares as she smacked me again and again until
suddenly I climaxed abruptly as she baby-talked me and held me close and spanked me some more all at the same time.
While we were lying together afterwards, Serena whispered in my ear that I
seemed to have enjoyed my spanking. I blushed and whispered back a “thank you” and told her I had. She told me that was fine because she liked being spanked too and it was nothing to be ashamed of and again told me what a cute bottom I had and how much she had enjoyed making me so happy and promised it wouldn’t be my last spanking and so on.tumblr_lxjuqfwIJ51rn1kvyo1_500

And then she asked me if Carol had spanked me.
At that moment, I felt such a deep intimacy and trust I would have told Serena
anything. Before I knew it, I was blurting out the whole truth about Carol and
about me, about how I looked like I was twelve or thirteen the summers I worked
for her and how she loved to threaten me with a spanking whenever I acted up,
even in front of other women, and how I acted up just to get scolded by her, and
how she sometimes closed the door to the lab where we worked and took me by the arm and scolded me and smacked me through my clothes and told me in detail all about the spanking I needed, and also how she never followed through on her threats.

Serena reassured me again that this was nothing to be ashamed of, especially
since she had similar feelings which she also had to hide from everyone, and
that I should feel free to let out my inner child with her if she could do the
same with me. Only then did I confess how much I still thought about Carol and
how I often relived “Carol fantasies” that she spanked me regularly as my
babysitter or that I was a college student renting a room from her and she have
me a sponge bath every night while wearing one of her frilly, baby doll nighties
and then took me by the hand into her bedroom and scolded me like a little boy
and then spanked me soundly before taking me into warm arms and making love.
When I finished telling all this to Serena, I said something about how shameful
it was for a grown man to have such feelings and how I had to keep them hidden
from everyone and thanked her again for not judging me.
Through all of this, Serena comforted and encouraged me and told me not to
ashamed and that she would give me all the special love that I needed.
By the time I finished, I was so excited that I mounted Serena again – I had
been lying nestled safely between her thighs while telling her about Carol – and
rode her passionately while she smacked my fanny again and triggered another
climax. I apologized for not lasting longer but Serena shushed me and held me
close and told me not to worry and commented about how excited I was and how I had obviously gone much too long without a spanking.

As we cuddled, I asked Serena if she had ever been spanked before and if she had
someone in her earlier years like Carol had been to me. She confessed to having
spanking fantasies as a girl and told me she had seen her cousin get spanked by
her favorite uncle every time she visited them in the summers and how she
secretly wished she had been the one over his knee. She also admitted she had
teased and tormented her first boyfriend when she was a freshman until he
finally threatened playfully to spank her. She then teased him further by saying
“you wouldn’t dare”, over and over, until he finally spanked her in his frat
house room. He was four years older and a big football player yet he was also
gentle and sweet and she loved that combination.
He never spanked her in her dorm because he was afraid other students would
hear. And his frat house was usually too crowded. It was only deserted on the
weekday afternoons when everyone was off at sports. Once or twice a month, he
made some excuse to get out of sports. She said the most exciting thing was the
anticipation that day, knowing that she was going over to his frat house in the
mid-afternoon and that no one would be around and that this big, strong senior
was going to put her over his knee and take her panties off and spank her and
that she would please him afterwards in every way she could. He was the one who had taught her how to use her mouth and she loved to surprise him that way at night when she stayed over or in his car when he was driving and it was dark and no one could see.
Serena told me he had been her only boyfriend happy to let her play the naughty
teasing girl and to understand why she needed to be punished for “being naughty” before she could do all sorts of naughty things. Serena said something about how “good girls” didn’t have sex when they were fresh out of high school back in 1966 but as a “naughty, well-spanked girl”, it was much easier. She said she loved the combination of feeling like a safe, secure, well-loved little girl and
a grown woman able to please a man.

We had quite a few more of these heart to heart talks, always after making love
in that special, intimate space which opens up then when one is the most
vulnerable and the most trusting. Even then, we usually whispered these
questions and answers as if divulging secrets which could be shared with no one.
And we were. I eventually confessed how I loved it when Serena put me to her
breast and baby talked me when we made love and especially during my climax and how spankings also made me feel like a well loved little boy and a grown man all at once.
On our next date after Serena first spanked me while making love, I was, as
usual, trying to wrestle her over my lap when she whispered “in the bedroom”.
Just when I thought I had her, she sat on the bed before I could, pulled her
skirts up to her hips and yanked me over her warm thighs. It was scary and
wonderful all at once. As I lay there, I felt like the safest little boy in the
world who was about to get a different kind of love from an older woman who knew deep in her own soul just what I needed.10984128_1383200315329512_388916405401115138_n
She began by spanking me over my pants for about five minutes, scolding and
teasing, and getting me very aroused. Then she made me stand while she lowered my pants and underpants and put me back over her thighs. I was rigid by then and the sensation of pressing into her warm thighs while she smacked and scolded and called me her “special little boy” and a thousand other things was just too much. In a few minutes, I jetted over her thighs as she scolded me further for “making a mess” while reaching with her other hand to fondle me at the same time.
Reminding me that I still had a spanking coming, she smacked and caressed me for another ten minutes, magically producing a little bottle of baby oil from her
purse which she had conveniently left on the bedside table earlier. I later
realized how well planned this was.976914
At some point, she leaned down and whispered something like, “Are you ready to
make love to me now, young man?” and I nodded and she whispered that she wanted me on top and then she let me up while she slipped off her clothes and lay back and I crawled forward and she took me between those endless thighs and held me softly between them as I thrust deeply into her, my hands on the sides of her head, kissing her and making all sorts of little cries as she reached down and spanked my fanny each time I pulled out if her. I ended up climaxing abruptly in another wild burst of childish cries.11

The next time we stayed over at Serena’s, we got home around eleven after a
movie. Jean was in her room with the door shut but the light on. I took Serena
into her room and spent the next ten minutes kissing up a storm, discovering
along the way that she was wearing the ruffled pink panties I had given her. I
remember whispering something like, “It looks like we have a naughty girl here
who needs a spanking”. When she just grinned and stuck out her tongue and
whispered that I wouldn’t dare, I took that as the big green light I wanted.
I stood her on her feet, sat on the bed, and tugged her, squealing, over my lap,
and spanked her on her panties for a few minutes, telling her what a naughty
little missy she was in her cute little girl panties and how she could expect a
spanking every time she wore them, and so on, until she was sopping wet and
moaning. I then took her panties down and spanked her big, bouncing fanny for a very long time before making very loud, passionate love. I took Serena again in
the morning, making her cry out all over again as her moans delineated my long,
deep thrusts into her wonderful cunny.

To have a little fun at breakfast, I smacked Serena’s bottom through her
bathrobe when she got up to get more coffee right in front of Jean. Both women
giggled and I watched Jean closely until because she blushed and smiled again
and looked down at her newspaper.
Three days later, Serena called and told me Jean had barraged her with questions about the spanking after I left and had even confessed to masturbating while listening. All that made me eager to return to Serena’s place for another stay over. Later that week, Jean called me herself and invited me to come for dinner on Saturday.

I arrived late, as usual. Serena and Jean were already most of the way
through a bottle of wine and getting giggly. After an hour of drinking and
eating crackers, I was getting rather silly myself. When I got up to get more
wine from the kitchen and returned, both of them were whispering about something and looked at each other smiling as I sat down.tanwest13
At dinner, Serena scolded me again for being late and said something to Jean
about how she sometimes didn’t know what to do with me. Jean smiled and said
something like, “I know what I’d do with my boyfriend if he were late all the
time.” Despite their attempts to be serious, both of them burst out giggling and
suddenly I was the one blushing as they stared at me.

For desert, Jean brought out some home baked blueberry pie and ice cream. I made the mistake of sampling a tiny bit with my fork before Jean had even served herself. Serena quickly scolded me for my bad manners and kept it up until Jean asked if I always behaved like a twelve year old at the table. Again I blushed as Serena said that sometimes I seemed to be twenty-three going on ten. When Jean said something about how I needed a reminder of how to behave and Serena agreed, I finally realized what all the whispering was about.

After dinner, we drank even more wine and listened to music and got even
sillier, with Jean or Serena looking for opportunities to scold me further and
me playing along the drunker I got. I remember getting up to use the bathroom
and returning to catch them whispering again.
A few minutes later, Serena announced it is time for bed. I wasn’t really ready
to turn in yet and I remember looking at the clock and saying it was only 10:30
but Serena shushed me and put on a stern voice and asked if I was going to give
her any trouble. I quickly backed down and Serena had me say goodnight to Jean
almost as if she were speaking to a child. Serena then led me by the hand,
blushing, into the bedroom and closed the door. Serena took me over to her bed
and sat down, telling me to stand still while she undressed me for bed, using a
voice I knew Jean could hear. I was giggling and swaying but I managed to stand
still while she took off my shoes and socks and my pants and underpants.tumblr_n0onr0PoRR1t0oyhwo1_500

Serena 4

I knew what was coming but I did nothing to prevent it. Serena scolded me for a
few minutes and then lifted her skirts out of the way and pulled me over her lap
and spanked me for a few minutes until I promised to do everything she asked.
She then stood me up and put me in the corner with my pants down at my ankles
and told me how cute I looked and how I should stay there while she changed into her nightly and used the bathroom. I stayed there, fully erect and throbbing,
and waited until Serena returned in a cute pink baby doll I had never seen with
the ruffled pink panties I had given her peeking out below. She took me out of
the corner and put me over her knee and spanked me for quite some time until she took me into her arms and into her bed.
As we cuddled later, Serena confessed the corner time had been Jean’s idea and
that the whole thing had been planned from the start. She also said it was only
fair that I got spanked when I stayed over at her house since she got the same
treatment when she stayed with me.

From then on, Serena always found some excuse
to spank me when I stayed over just as I did when she came to visit.tumblr_nczpq2G98n1tg9nf2o1_500
I cannot describe the incredible sense of tension and anticipation which hung
heavy in the air when the three of us had dinner and chatted about all sorts of
things, knowing I would be spanked later that night with Jean in the next room.
To make it worse, Jean started scolding me at the table too, enjoying her new
power over me. Serena even threatened to go away for the weekend and hire Jean as my babysitter but fortunately that threat never came true. What made it
possible for me to accept this treatment at Serena’s was the fact that I spanked
her in my apartment and that sooner or later after she spanked me, I would
always regain the upper hand and give Serena a different kind of “lesson” in bed
long into the night.

One night Serena added a little twist by taking me into the bedroom right in the
middle of dinner and scolding me with Jean hearing everything in the next room.
She then spanked me and “put me to bed” in just a tee shirt and told me to stay
there or she would give me another spanking. Afterwards, she rejoined Jean for
the rest of dinner and two hours of TV before returning around 9:00. She left
the lights off and took something out of the dresser and went into the bathroom
and came back holding a scented candle from the tub and wearing one of her baby doll nighties with pink cotton panties peeking out and her hair now in pigtails. I wanted to spank her more than ever right then but she would only let me make love to her.

The wildest thing that ever happened in my sixteenth months dating Serena was
the Halloween party my second year. Serena and Jean invited me to their small
Halloween party if I would agree to wear the costume they picked. It turned out
to be a sailor suit which they had somehow found in my size at a used clothing
store. As part of my costume, they parted my hair in the middle and pinned a
lollipop on my shirt. Serena dressed as a fairy godmother in a low-cut ball gown
with lots of petticoats. Just before the party started, she lifted up her skirts
and showed me she was wearing the pink ruffled panties beneath all that soft,
rustling fabric.
The party had about 10 guests, mostly Jean’s friends who were already nurses. I
think there were nine women and three men. Everyone got quite drunk and Serena eventually started scolding and baby talking me in front of everyone else. Jean picked up on it immediately along with her two best nurse friends and pretty soon most of the women were teasing me and encouraging me to act out my part. I was drunk enough to be having as much fun as everyone and took full advantage of my role to act up, giving Serena a few smacks through her soft dress when I thought no one was looking. Things got more and more wild with the lights low and everyone dancing and by midnight, with six or seven guests still there, I was very drunk running around trying to throw California olives down Serena’s bodice and Jean’s too with Serena chasing me and landing a smack when she caught me.

By 1 AM, the only guests left were the two nurse friends of Jean’s. The three of
them were laughing hysterically as Serena chased me around the table threatening to spank me if she could catch me. Twice she caught up and managed to pull me over her knee and spank me a few times through the seat of my shorts in front of the other amused women.tumblr_n1v1vaQ4PE1sckhqwo1_250

My mistake was getting too wild and slapping Jean on her fanny. Serena grabbed
me and announced that she knew how to handle a naughty boy and dragged me into the bedroom and closed the door and took down my shorts and spanked me for five few minutes and then pulled by shorts back up and took me back into the living room and made me apologize to the Jean while everyone had a good laugh and my face got red. Serena joked about how that had obviously helped and how she should put me over her knee more often and so on and one of the nurses said she wished she had a little scamp as a boyfriend and so on. When they left, Serena took me back into the bedroom and lit a scented candle and turned out all the lights and lifted her petticoats and took my shoes and socks and shorts and underpants off and caressed me until I was ready to explode and then put me over her thighs and spanked me slowly and scolded me and then took me into bed and let me make love to her in her fairy godmother dress, the bodice pushed well down and the frothy petticoats piled up around her waist and making her all the more delightfully soft and feminine and beautiful.


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