F/M Spanking Sunday — Suburban Spanking, an excerpt.

Well, it’s mother’s day, and so for all you no nonsense moms and the unruly men in your lives, here’s Mr. Will Henry again to show you how to take control of a young man who won’t obey the rules.

Maureen had been going steady with Bill Whitaker for some time. The 20-year-old pre-law student was handsome and intelligent, and showed every promise of an exciting future. Maureen, with the full approval of her father and Aunt Grace, was hopefully making plans for marriage in the near future. However, Grace was quite concerned about the hours the young couple were keeping. She considered it Bill’s responsibility to get Maureen in at a reasonable time, and had spoken sharply to him several times about it. For his part, Bill admired Grace’s attitude although the scoldings right in front of Maureen were quite embarrassing. After each lecture, he promised to do better in the future. However, he continued to keep Maureen out well past her curfew.In time, Grace became thoroughly annoyed and decided that Bill could profit from the same type of discipline that she imposed on Maureen and Carol.

lrx04007 She had no previous experience spanking a male, and realized that she couldn’t force him to submit. However, she was reasonably confident that he would consider a spanking a small price to pay for Maureen’s future company. She would have enjoyed consulting with Helen Masterson on the entire subject of discipline for the young male, but Helen and her young husband had left on an extended vacation. Doing some research in the area, Grace acquired a small handbook entitled “Spanking Tips” written by a dominant wife and mother. She carefully read over the passage giving specific instructions on disciplining the young male:

“I came from a home where it was traditional for the males to be spanked. My two older brothers were spanked frequently with mother’s hairbrush, even when they were in their late teens. My father also did not escape this type of punishment, although unlike my brothers he was always punished privately. With a girlhood of seeing and hearing male bottoms receiving hot spankings for their owner’s misdeeds, I naturally grew up thinking that this was the only way for properly disciplining the male. My future husband learned what it was like to blush in four places even before we were engaged. One of his wedding presents to me (at my request) was a beautiful black wooden hairbrush. Although that was nearly twenty years ago, that hairbrush still sees frequent service along with other instruments I have subsequently acquired. Not only on my hubby when he’s naughty, but also on our two fine boys of 17 and 14 as well as on a 19-year-old nephew who boards with us while attending college.

“With this background, I trust you will agree that I am in a position to offer some tips on the art of spanking the male. If she adopts the right attitude, a woman will soon find that the males in her life will not resent her spankings but will in fact be deeply appreciative for her concern and understanding discipline. The intimacy of the spankings will draw them closer, and she will find herself with loyal subjects who will not feel right until their bottoms have been appropriately warmed for their misdeeds. To accomplish this, of course, she must use the utmost discretion and feminine tact.


“When a miscreant requires discipline, he should be quietly but firmly instructed to retire to the master bedroom or some equally private place. He should be given a minimum of fifteen minutes to meditate about the offence or preferably even longer. When you enter the spanking room, remember to be firm but extremely feminine. The culprit must at all times be very much aware that he is being disciplined by a woman. For my part, I always wear a feminine but practical outfit consisting of sleeveless white blouse, navy skirt hemmed to end four inches above the knees, nylon hose and high heels.


“The spanker should sit on the bed beside the culprit, explain his offence to him and describe how he is to be punished—exactly what is going to be done to him and what he is going to have to do. Exact details will avoid misunderstandings later. Since spanking routines should vary from session to session depending on the offence and the circumstances, a description of what is going to take place may at times bring forth sudden bursts of opposition. However, one should remain firm and carry out the program exactly as outlined.

“To get the best results, I vary the spankee’s costume in four different ways. The first and simplest is for me to simply lower the victim’s trousers and shorts while he stands in front of me. The second requires the spankee to strip completely. The third requires him to strip and start the spanking wearing a pair of girl’s panties. The fourth requires him to start out in panties, garter belt and nylon stockings. I reserve the privilege of putting on the feminine garments personally, taking my time and adding comments designed to make the victim blush all the more delightfully.

“At this point, I carefully pull my skirt up out of the way and seat myself at my vanity with my legs slightly apart. At this point the spankee, kneeling before me, is put through a series of humiliations designed to make a deep impression on him. He may be required to kiss my feet or the hand that is going to spank him, or the lap that he is going to have to lie across. At times he may be required to remove one or both of my pumps, and kiss my stocking feet all over very abjectly. My spankees have been trained, upon command, to unfasten my stockings and carefully and neatly roll them down below my knees. This not only conserves hosiery, but makes the spanking a more intimate affair.

“Next, the spankee must position himself across the lap he has helped to prepare. If he is wearing panties, I immediately begin to work them down out of the way, and this of course often requires some personal handling that can be exquisitely embarrassing for the culprit. After all is in readiness, I customarily begin with some hand spanks, letting my hand remain in place for a moment after each smack. When my hand begins to sting a little, I reach for the hairbrush and begin with light smacks, making sure that the entire area is covered. I might add that at this point, there is no need to be in a hurry to finish the job.


“When the victim’s buttocks have turned a healthy shade of pink, I set the hairbrush aside and begin scraping the entire spanking area lightly with my extra-long fingernails. While this workout is being administered, the spankee is scolded and chided and, at times, reminded at length of the humiliations in store for him at the end of the spanking. At times, he should be required to verbalize, telling you how much he appreciates your discipline, how strongly he approves of being disciplined by a woman, and so on.

“After the fingernail treatment has left him prickly hot and itching all over, I reach for the hairbrush again. This time the spanks are much more sound and descend on the bare spanking surfaces with noisy smacks. I can assure you that even grown men cry like little boys when their bare bottoms are being properly hairbrush spanked! I spank all over the bottom and down the backs of their legs, leaving the whole area burning brightly. I never pay any attention to pleas and promises, and simply spank as long as I want. This invariably means a thoroughly reddened and blistered pair of masculine buttocks and a very repentant spankee.


“By all means, the spanking should continue until the spankee has promised to perform all the humiliations you have previously outlined to him. He should be reminded that there will be more spanking if he doesn’t comply with your wishes. The humiliations should vary with every session, but should always include lots of foot kissing. Sometimes he should be made to remove one of your shoes and stockings and kiss your bare foot all over. Or sometimes both feet should receive such attention. At all times, he should be reminded not to let your bare feet touch the floor under any circumstances.

“Other humiliations should depend on the relationship. A naughty husband should, of course, be expected to perform cunnilingus if you are in the mood for it. I have also found this practice effective with my nephew. My usual procedure is to undress and stretch out on the bed with my legs apart and knees drawn up. The culprit must kneel between my legs, place his hands under my hips to hold them up slightly, and then use his mouth and tongue on me exactly as I direct. Both my husband and nephew are quite expert in bringing me to a delightful climax in this manner.

“A word about erections might be in order at this point. Since a spanking is such an intimate experience, they’re bound to happen, of course, at some stage of the proceedings. I usually make a point of letting the spankee know that I’m quite pleased to see that he approves of his spanking, and then take the precaution of outfitting him with a rubber in case there is an accident—as there often is. If the spankee is perfectly cooperative throughout the session, I usually think it is in order to use my hand to stroke him to a climax during the making up ceremonies afterward. There are occasions when I permit my husband or nephew to have intercourse with me after a spanking. However, on such occasions I always take the top position.”
Grace found herself blushing slightly as she read and reread various portions of the handbook, and had to admit to herself that the idea of spanking a young man was quite intriguing. She couldn’t help wondering how Bill would react to such disciplining, and began to make plans to try to bring him under control. The ideal opportunity presented itself one weekend when Carol and her father had gone on a short trip. Bill and Maureen went out on their customary Saturday evening date, and did not come in until well after Maureen’s 1:00 a.m. curfew.


Grace was waiting in the living room when they came in. She was attired in a severe black dress and, as usual, was wearing her tortoise-shelled glass and had her dark brown hair done in a severe bun. She had on black nylons and patent leather pumps with spike heels.

“Maureen, go to your room immediately,” she told her. “Bill, I wish to see you in the study for a few minutes.”

Both looked considerably surprised but Bill, who had been expecting the usual scolding, accompanied her to the study without comment, Maureen pretended to go upstairs, but quickly returned to the living room as soon as she heard the study door close. She couldn’t imagine why her aunt would want to see Bill alone in the study unless…
In the study, the lights were bright and Bill stood looking rather embarrassed in front of Grace.

“Young man, I’ve told you repeatedly that you must get Maureen in by a reasonable time,” she told him severely. “However, you never seem to pay any attention. Now I’m afraid that I’m going to have to take much more severe measures.”
She walked over to the closet and brought out the hairbrush. Bill looked quite puzzled as she patted it lightly against the palm of her hand.

“Bill, I believe you know how I punish the girls,” she began.
He nodded. Maureen had once blushingly explained to him in full detail why she was not available to go out on Friday evenings. He had been quite surprised but considerably intrigued at the idea of girls as old and well developed as Maureen and Carol being spanked on their bare bottoms, and had often tried to imagine what it would be like to see them being punished in this manner. While he sympathized with Maureen’s discomfort and embarrassment, he rather admired Grace for her old fashioned attitude.


“All right,” Grace continued. “This is what I propose. Every time you bring Maureen in late, I am going to give her a sound spanking. However, since you’re the one who’s really at fault, you can elect to take her spanking for her!”

Bill gulped with surprise and stared at her in disbelief.

“However,” Grace went on. “You must take exactly the same type of spanking she would take with nothing between you and this hairbrush!”

“But…” Bill started to protest.

“Of course, it’s up to you,” Grace told him. “However, if you walk out of here, then Maureen is going to have to take it instead. Naturally, I will have to tell her that you were given the opportunity to take her medicine for her and backed out.”

Bill felt himself grow hot under the collar as he realized he was trapped. Maureen would never let him forget it if she were the one who got spanked, and might even break up with him.

“But…” he stammered. “You can’t… I mean…”

“Suit yourself,” Grace told him. “But just remember that Maureen will be spanked quite severely the minute you leave!”

While they had been talking, Maureen had removed her shoes and walked quietly over to the study door in her stocking feet. She couldn’t make out all of the conversation through the closed door, but had heard just enough to be thoroughly astonished by her aunt’s proposal. She could hardly believe that Grace was really serious about actually spanking Bill on the completely bare bottom.tumblr_mehrilaDkw1rlm5kio1_1280

“All right!” Bill capitulated, his face turning red as he looked at the imposing hairbrush in Grace’s hand. “But, please, let me keep at least my shorts on! After all!”

“No, you’ll have to take it completely bare!” Grace remained adamant. “I’m running out of patience. Now either leave or drop your pants and shorts and take your medicine.

Blushing deeply and hanging his head, Bill slowly unbuckled his belt and unzipped his trousers, haplessly allowing them to drop to his ankles. After a long pause, he pulled his white cotton shorts down and allowed them to drop to his ankles. Looking thoroughly embarrassed, he stood there tugging at his shirttails and trying to cover himself up.tumblr_n0n3tlmbtQ1suzvb1o1_500

“That’s better,” Grace told him. “Now leave them there until I give you permission to pull them up again!”
She pulled a chair out toward the center of the room, a few feet in front of him. Sitting down in the chair, she pulled her black dress back out of the way, revealing the tops of her dark stockings as well as several inches of milk white thigh and the black supporters of her garter belt. Bill gasped with surprise at the sudden display of feminine pulchritude and stared at her tapering thighs. Grace could barely suppress a smile as she saw his maleness quickly starting to form.
“Get over my knee,” she told him, patting her left thigh with her open hand and spreading her thighs apart to accommodate him.

Hobbled by the trousers and shorts at his ankles, he had to walk slowly. As he made his way over to her inviting lap, Grace watched candidly and with great interest as he developed a full erection. She wished she had brought along a ruler to measure it. She could tell that he was exquisitely embarrassed about his reaction, and decided that it might be an inappropriate time to chide him about it.

Crimson with embarrassment, Bill awkwardly lowered himself over her left thigh. Grace found that she could support his weight quite easily, and hooked her right leg around the backs of his legs to hold him in place. He was quite self-consciously aware that she could feel his hardness pressing against her nylons. Feeling her stocking-clad legs brushing against his exposed flesh in so many places, he was as excited as he was embarrassed.


“Now stay in position and don’t reach back!” Grace instructed, getting a good grip on her hairbrush and inspecting his virile nates quite carefully.

Smack! The hairbrush rose and fell on Bill’s right cheek. He jerked with surprise and pain, gritting his teeth to keep from crying out. He was determined to show her that he could take it.

Smack! Smack! Grace began smacking his exposed buttocks, first on one side and then the other. Outside the door, Maureen listened with a mixture of delight and total disbelief as she distinctly heard the unmistakable sounds of the hairbrush landing on exposed flesh. There was no keyhole and she could barely resist the temptation to open the door.11119307_1597205500517892_5373015367809124903_o

Without any previous experience, Bill was amazed that a hairbrush swung by a woman could sting and burn so much. In no time, his bare bottom was feeling uncomfortably hot and tender, and each fresh spank stung all the more. Breathless and blinking back tears, he found himself fighting to keep from crying out and knew that he would have to give in sooner or later if the spanking continued. He had naively assumed that the spanking would be only a brief affair, and became more and more alarmed as Grace showed no signs of stopping.

“Your bottom is reddening nicely!” she remarked quite pointedly, continuing to apply the hairbrush with loud smacks.

“Ow!” Bill finally cried out, his bottom twisting haplessly across her lap. “Ok! Ok! I’m sorry!”

Seeing that he was on the verge of losing his self-control, Grace spanked all the harder. Outside the door, Maureen held her breath and listened anxiously as she heard the loud slaps landing against Bill’s bare bottom.

“Ow! Ooh!” Bill finally burst into tears, sobbing heavily as the hairbrush continued to descend on his burning and prickling buttocks. “This really hurts!”

With each new application, he howled with pain. When he realized that Maureen could undoubtedly hear him carrying on like a juvenile, he made a determined effort to control himself but it was hopeless.
“Please stop!” he begged. “Ow! Please!”

Grace smiled at his pleas. His bottom was a fiery red, and she concentrated on the sensitive lower areas. Despite all of his discomfort and humiliation, she could still feel his erection pressing firmly against her thigh.
“Try not to make so much noise, dear,” she told him. “I’m afraid that Maureen will be able to hear you.”

“Please stop!” he pleaded urgently. “It hurts, please!”tumblr_m00srhBoXd1r7jcmio1_500

“Maureen and Carol get spanked this hard all the time!” she chided him. She would liked to have continued spanking him, but decided that it might be wise not to overdo it the first time. Relaxing her grip on him, she set the hairbrush aside.

Sobbing and gasping, Bill struggled to his feet.
Grace couldn’t suppress a smile as his hands quickly reached back to rub his burning and throbbing posterior even before he replaced his trousers and shorts. She found the sight of a burning red masculine bottom and erect penis quite intriguing.

“You can replace your pants and shorts now, dear!” she told him with a knowing smile.

Bill hastily adjusted his clothing and made a quick retreat from the room. Just as he reached the door, he turned for a quick look at his tormentress. She hadn’t bothered to pull her skirts down and he took one final look at her stocking tops and bare thighs. Even in his complete humiliation, he realized that he was fascinated by that inviting lap of hers.
As soon as the spanking had ended, Maureen had returned to the stair landing where she was out of sight. She got just a glimpse of Bill leaving the house, sniffling and with an obvious bulge in his pants.
It was three days before Bill could bring himself to face Maureen again.
“I realize what happened, Bill,” she told him. “I really don’t know what to say. But I guess you know what it’s like now.”

“I sure do!” he admitted ruefully.tumblr_ltc3edvJrf1qii8jto1_500
They were alone in the large family room of the Hawkins’ home. Bill sat down on the long couch and drew Maureen down beside him. He gave her a long kiss and she responded warmly.

“Just think—what if you got spanked like that every week like Carol and I do?” she laughed.
He kissed her again, a lump quickly forming in his pants at the thought of Maureen’s pretty bottom being spanked. She quickly detected his excitement. In the past she had always resisted his advances at some stage, but she was no longer in the mood to do so. Holding him close with her breasts pressing against his chest, she returned his kiss and in a moment their tongues were inside each other’s mouths.
Bill reached for her nylon-clad knee, allowing his hand to rest there for a moment. Gradually, he began working his hand up her thigh, pulling her skirt up in the process. As the heavier parts of her stockings came into view, he was surprised that Maureen made no effort to stop him. He allowed his fingers to caress the silken smooth flesh just above her stockings. His tongue deep inside her mouth, he ran his hand clear up to her panties. Maureen trembled violently but made no attempt to stop him as he hooked a finger under the legband of her panties and into the warm moistness of her vulva. Eagerly he began to explore her most intimate parts.

Maureen responded excitedly, her moisture suddenly soaking his hand and her panties. She suddenly reached for the front of his pants, cupping her hand over the hard muscle. Pumping her hips in response to Bill’s exploring fingers, she quickly unzipped his pants and reached for his sleek throbbing maleness. Clasping it firmly in her soft hand, she could feel its pulsating tenseness.
“Please, Bill, I’m ready!” she finally gasped.

They paused only long enough for Bill to remove her panties. With her skirts pulled back to her waist and still wearing her garter belt and nylons, Maureen lay back on the couch with her pretty legs drawn back and parted. Staring at the inviting patch of dark brown hair between her legs, Bill quickly lowered himself over her. Maureen quickly grabbed his hard penis to guide it inside her.
The large head brushed against the moist lips of her vulva, and began to slide into the wet and hot aperture. Maureen gasped with delight as she felt the hard muscle spreading the walls of her vagina. As he began pumping back and forth, Maureen clasped her arms around his back and began rocking her hips in response. He began quite slowly and gradually began moving faster, his throbbing cock sliding back and forth in the slippery opening.

“Oooh! Ooooh!” Maureen exclaimed delightedly, breathlessly holding him closely to her and working her hips furiously back and forth under him.
By this time their emotions were out of control, and everything was proceeding automatically. He rocked back and forth with an ever quickening cadence, feeling her warm wet vaginal walls clinging eagerly to him. Pumping his hips with frantic motions, he brought her to a climax just as he sent his warm murky fluids shooting deep inside her. Maureen gasped and nearly shrieked with delight, digging her fingernails into his back as she tried to hold him even closer to her. Neither one wanted to separate afterwards…


2 responses to “F/M Spanking Sunday — Suburban Spanking, an excerpt.

  1. I really like the context of this, and once we get past the manual bit, the action is great. I assume there’ll be plenty more spankings to come from his prospective mother-in-law. The only thing I’m not clear about here is the actual relationship between the other characters.


  2. It is so sad that a young man does not know how lucky he was until he goes
    off to college. My mother used to call it SSS. Stripped, strapped, spanked.
    Usually in front of my sisters. My mother and I joke about it now and then.
    I wish I had the balls-so to speak- to ask her to discipline me again.


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