The Colonel’s Woman by Jordan St. John

From now on, when I write in the spanking romance genre, it’s going to be as Jordan St. John. This distinguishes these books slightly from my erotic spanking fiction, but actually not by that much. That’s because even my romances are packed with spanking and BDSM, as well as a prominent romantic angle. The point is, with Jordan St. John there is plenty of action of all kinds.

About this book:

Blaine County, Idaho 1896. Emma Weston is a young widow trying to make ends meet in the rough and ready western town of Ketchum. When she opens her house up to take in boarders, her intention is that they all be young ladies, but that intention is brushed aside the moment she meets Colonel Nathan Bradford. A recently retired career army officer looking for a job as a deputy sheriff, Colonel Bradford not only cuts a dashing figure, but Emma decides that her young tenants could benefit from having an authoritative male on the premises to keep them all safe and to enforce her boarding house rules.

The colonel’s disciplinary methods run to the old fashioned variety, which leads to some red hot bottoms for the girls when trips to the woodshed for lessons in proper behavior become necessary. When Emma realizes that she, too, could benefit from the colonel’s brand of bare bottom spanking justice, the unexpected happens – she begins to fall in love with the man. The feeling, it turns out, is mutual as Nathan Bradford becomes more and more enamored of the charms of the pretty widow.

However, even as love blooms, the livelihood of the town and its citizens is threatened by a notorious outlaw clan that has moved into the territory with the aim of total domination. Trafficking in gambling, opium and human flesh, the clan is not above using the strap and the switch to impose its will on its female victims. When Emma’s girls fall prey to the outlaws, it is up to the colonel to take them on, and when Emma herself becomes a target, this gang of outlaws learns what a veteran soldier can do with a deadly accurate rifle and a steady hand.

Against the backdrop of an historical suffragette rally, the gang now plans an outrageous crime.

It will soon be high noon in Ketchum. So clear the streets, hide the children and take cover. Colonel Nathan Bradford is coming for his woman — and hell is coming with him.

Col's Woman cover

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Here is the “official” product description:

Earning an honest living is a challenge for a woman on her own in the rough and tumble western town of Ketchum, Idaho in 1896, and given her circumstances, renting rooms to a few boarders seemed like a good option for a young widow like Emma Weston. But Emma never counted on a man like Colonel Nathan Bradford taking up residence with her.

Colonel Bradford’s commanding presence quickly proves useful for keeping order in Emma’s home—as does his willingness to take misbehaving young ladies out to the woodshed—but soon enough it is Emma herself who finds her bottom bared for a sound strapping from the firm-handed officer. Her sore bottom only further kindles her growing desire for the handsome colonel, and his dominant lovemaking awakens her passion as nothing ever has before.

But just as love starts to bloom between Emma and the colonel, the harsh realities of the west intrude upon their romance. When the town is attacked and Emma is captured by a notorious band of outlaws, Colonel Bradford will need every bit of his skill, his courage, and his fighting instincts to bring them to justice and take back his woman.

Publisher’s Note: The Colonel’s Woman is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, anal play, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Here is a brief excerpt:

When they reached the shed, Emma could see that the Colonel had prepared for this moment. A sturdy stool, the one used for the workbench, stood in the center of the room. It wasn’t entirely dark outside yet, but night was falling fast, so Bradford lit a pair of kerosene lamps. Their soft glow bathed the inside of the shed, illuminating the walls with a warm yellow light that cast shadows into the far corners. Emma peered around the shed. Sure enough, the homemade punishment strap hung on a peg on the wall, ready to perform its punitive task.

Bradford pulled it off the wall and sat on the stool. “All right, Cora. Come here.”

Cora’s knees knocked as she stepped gingerly to Bradford’s right side.

“Apologize to these folks here, Cora. They need to hear you’re sorry for what you did.”

Cora faced the Houghs and stammered out an apology. “I’m really sorry, Mr. and Mrs. Hough. I never meant to steal that lace, I just… it just happened. I’m so sorry. I’ll never take anything again.”

Nora Hough did not seem impressed. “Well, in my book you’re a little thief and we’ll see.” Then she directed a question to the Colonel. “How many do you plan to give her?”

“I think an even dozen should suffice, Mrs. Hough. The girl is sorry.”

Nora Hough folded her arms and shook her head. “Now, that’s not near enough. Nossir. It should be a biblical punishment. Forty stripes less one. That’s what it says in the Bible.”

Emma watched as Nathan considered this. She knew what he must be thinking. Thirty-nine licks with that strap would be very severe. Cora was nearly shaking at the prospect of thirty-nine strap licks. The Colonel had told her earlier what her punishment would be and she had reconciled herself to it. But to hear that three times that would be her lot was obviously unnerving.

“All right, Mrs. Hough, but for the first twenty-seven, it will be with the flat of my hand. It will smart, don’t you worry about that. She’ll be duly punished.”

Calvin Hough jumped in. “It’s your show, Colonel, but if it ain’t a proper lickin’ we’re back to pressing charges.”

Bradford nodded. “Cora,” he said, “raise your skirt and get across my knee.”

Gingerly Cora lifted her skirt up above her waist to reveal her legs and hips clad in thin drawers. Blushing shamefully, she lowered herself across the Colonel’s lap until her torso was forward and her feet were off the floor. Her body curved over the Colonel’s knee so that her plump derriere was thrust upward, presenting Bradford with a prominent target.

Emma’s heart stuck in her throat as she watched Nathan peel down Cora’s undergarment. The fabric came to rest at the girl’s knee hollows, revealing a pair of plump rounded globes, quivering in the cool air of the shed. Cora was short but buxom, and her bottom was full and well-developed. She sucked her breath in as Bradford rested his large palm on the girl’s bottom, apparently testing the resilience of the flesh he was about to chastise. Cora squirmed uncomfortably, but Bradford patted her rear cheeks and told her to be still.

There was dead silence as Bradford raised his arm, then brought it down with a loud splat! He struck right at the center of Cora’s seat. The soft moons rippled with the impact. Cora threw her head back and gasped. A big red handprint appeared when the Colonel lifted his arm for the second blow. He nodded to Emma. “Mrs. Weston, please count.”

“Uh…yes. One,” she said.

Smack! His palm landed again. Another gasp from Cora.

“Two,” said Emma.

Bradford proceeded to deliver a stinging spanking to Cora’s bouncing fanny, spreading the spanks around to cover the entire surface of her bottom. The tempo was deliberate. It wasn’t hurried. To Emma it seemed as if the Colonel intended to make each hearty swat an event. He waited for Emma to count before raising his arm for the next blow.

Emma had never seen anything like it, and it was having a strange effect on her. The sight of the determined Colonel meting out discipline to the half nude girl aroused something within her, something she could not explain. She imagined being in Cora’s place, her buttocks bared, the cheeks of her own bottom absorbing blow after blow, hearty smacks delivered by a dominant male. He’d make me mind and after that I’d be his to command. The widow gave herself a mental shake. Where did these thoughts come from? She forced herself to stay on task.

The Colonel’s Woman will also be available soon from Barnes and Noble, Apple and other ebook retailers.


9 responses to “The Colonel’s Woman by Jordan St. John

  1. Sounds like a winner to me. I love the cover and your new pen name. Congrats on everything.


  2. Hi —

    Is it alright if I tell Dev about the new name you’ll be writing under and if he uses some part of what you’ve written below in some way?

    Sure hope you are recovering from your back problems and your cold and making some progress with Facebook. People are missing you.

    Thanks for letting me know about my book. I know this one will do well and I’ll do whatever I can to help. Please give Denise my best.

    Blessings, Glenda

    Sent from Windows Mail


  3. Congrats on the new release, Rollin! I’ll go share on FB since you’re not back yet. Hope to see you there soon! Have you tried the cell phone idea?


    • Thanks so much, Sue. I really appreciate that. I didn’t do the cell phone but I did send them other stuff including mail to Rollin Hand and an employee business card. So we’ll see.


  4. Hot stuff. Love the description of the witnessed scene in the shed.


  5. I saw it and grabbed it. Hope things work out with FB. They have so much power and can F–k you up. Hang in there.


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