Book Review — Realizing Her Dream


This is a cute novel co-written by Maggie Ryan and Laurel Jane about Casey, a middle-aged widow who decides to jump start her life again after her husband’s death and pursue her personal bucket list. First up — skydiving. Unfortunately, she irritates her tandem instructor partner, Paul, with some very unladylike language and it earns her the threat of a spanking. Well, it’s decision time, but she decides to have dinner with him anyway and in doing so enters a dream relationship with this hunky dominant male who is a dedicated believer in the efficacy of domestic discipline.  From there it’s a whirlwind romance including trips on luxury yachts, a visit to an Australian ranch and an adventure in a jungle paradise where a magic wishing stone comes into her possession. Throughout it all she is subject to Paul’s care, protection and discipline. And she loves it. It turns out she had been in a DD relationship with her first husband. Not only that, but all of Paul’s friends who invite them to these exotic places are into DD as well. At times it seemed like I was in Dedeaux’s “In the Territory.”

The action is hot and plentiful, the spanking and sex scenes well written and evocative. In fact, the action and the incidents were so over-the-top that I was left scratching my head as I looked at the plausibility meter. I mean, 300 foot luxury yachts, a magic wish ring? Really?

Not to worry. It all makes perfect sense in the end with a huge delightful plot twist that I did not see coming and I am huge twister myself.

If you like romance, exotic locations, steamy sex and spanking, all in equal measure, you’ll love this book. Available at Amazon and other fine retailers.


2 responses to “Book Review — Realizing Her Dream

  1. That’s great Rollin, I would love if you could put it on Amazon. Your latest book it doing great. My review is on Zon and goodreads.


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