F/M Spanking Sunday — Jeff and Margaret

This is the third part of the Jeff and Margaret saga, an F/M tale found in Strict Ladies and Naughty Boys, Volume 3 ( Amazon link.)  To recap the story to this point, Jeff is in trouble at school for creating a pornographic and insulting image with Photoshop of Margaret, a girl in his class. For this offense he is paddled at school, endures a strapping at home, and must now go and apologize to Margaret personally at her house.  She’s a big boned country gal and she has invited some friends over to hear Jeff’s apology. So far so good, but the girls have a few surprises planned for Jeff.

dom hottie

Jeff had the weekend to recover from the painful strapping given him by his aunt Joyce. Although Joyce went out of her way to be kind, Jeff could not help but recall the severe way in which his pretty aunt had dealt with him and he flushed with embarrassment nearly every time she spoke to him. How he must have looked! Upended over the sofa arm with his pants around his ankles and howling with each lick of that wicked strap. He winced every time he sat down for the next two days.
In school on Monday he was stopped by Ms Strickland who reminded him that he still had to personally deliver a letter of apology to Margaret.
“She wants you to come to her house at 10 am sharp on Saturday morning with the letter,” she admonished. “And do not fail to show up or be late. We could still have another little session in the basement, if you know what I mean,” she added sternly.
Jeff gulped and one hand involuntarily found the seat of his pants, remembering the painful paddling in the school basement.
“Yes, ma’am”, was all he could say.
So it was that Jeff nervously approached the farmhouse where Margaret lived on that fateful Saturday morning. He rang the doorbell, letter in hand, and it was Margaret who answered.
“Hello, Jeff, I see you are here on time.” said Margaret with a smile. “Please, come in.”
Jeff stopped. Margaret was dressed differently. Gone were the frumpy frocks that usually draped her powerfully large frame, hiding the details of her body. She was clad in tight denim shorts with a blouse tied in a halter. This outfit revealed the fact that she had long shapely athletic legs, voluptuous breasts and a narrow waist flaring into wide hips. As she turned to lead him inside, Jeff fixated on the jouncy cheeks of her bottom flexing in the tight confines of the shorts.
“But, where are your folks…..” began Jeff.
“Oh, my parents aren’t here. They will be gone all day.”
Jeff was relieved. He hadn’t wanted to face Margaret’s parents, too, who were reputed to be the stern and rigidly moral upright type. God, if they found out about his little prank, he could never keep it contained.
“Down here Jeff”, said Margaret, beckoning. Jeff followed her down the steps to the basement. “We’ll have more privacy here.”
Jeff was wondering why they needed more privacy with her parents gone and all, when three of Margaret’s soccer teammates jumped from a dark corner and grabbed Jeff, forcing him to the ground. Jeff barely had time to register the event before he felt hands tearing at his clothes and pulling his shoes off. He was being stripped! Jeff was so surprised that he hardly fought back and in no time he was down to his jockey shorts and socks.
“Just what the hell is going on!? Lemme go! What are you doing?” he yelled as he felt his hands being bound behind him with something that felt like a nylon stocking. He had somehow been flipped onto his stomach with one girl sitting on his back, another straddling his legs and a third tying his legs together at the knees. With a chill he realized that this was some sort of crazy revenge thing. He wondered what they had in mind.
When they had finished securing Jeff, the girls got off of him. Jeff recognized the three girls who were now regarding him with a mixture of smirks and wicked grins. They were varsity soccer players. Julie was a tall, fit athletic type with coal black hair and a slender, well-toned body, Linda was a perky blonde, hair in a cute ponytail, with a stocky but voluptuous build and Becky was a coppery haired girl of average height with runner’s legs and a taut figure. They were dressed for a day at the gym in spandex workout gear that displayed their pert teenage figures, leaving little to the imagination. Margaret, sitting on the sofa, watching, had the wickedest grin of all.
“Well, Jeffy, I’ve been reading your little letter. Very nice. But it hardly makes up for what you did, now does it? You really embarrassed me with that picture, and my girlfriends and I think a little embarrassment for you is justified.”
“OK, you made your point, Margaret. Look, I’m sorry. Uh…it was just a joke. Anyway I’m sorry. You had your fun, now untie me.”
“Not just yet ….Jeffy”. She practically spat his name out. “There is the matter of your punishment,…… right girls?”
“You bet, Meg,” said Linda, “I really think Jeff needs to be punished severely for humiliating you in class.”
“Well, we have him all trussed up, so what shall we do with him?” said Margaret, with a smile and a raised eyebrow.
“Lets tie him to a tree in the city park and pants him,” suggested Linda.
“Yeah with raw eggs in his hair and covered with flour!” added Julie.
“You know….” said Becky, “If I ever got caught with a picture like that…like Jeff made, I wouldn’t sit for a week.”
Horrified, Jeff could see the girls’ eyes light up as they began to grasp the import of Becky’s remark. He was kneeling on the floor now and his hands, bound behind him, fluttered to his buttocks as if to prevent what was being proposed.
“Mmmm..” said Julie, ” now there’s an idea. An old fashioned spanking for Jeff. Just right for a naughty little boy with a dirty mind.”
They all giggled. Jeff’s heart froze and an icy lump formed in the pit of his stomach. He had already been paddled and strapped because of this! But he couldn’t tell these girls about that, besides what would they care? They were bent on revenge!
“Well, Jeff any last words before we pass sentence?” said Meg (as her friends called her).
“No! No…you cant do this…let me go!” pleaded Jeff, now clearly panicked.
“Oh yes we can, Jeff. Good idea, Becky…. Lets see…,” she said pensively, ” I think a good old fashioned “over mommy’s knee” spanking is called for. And each of you should help. I know….you will each give Jeff one smack for each year of his age, 18.”
“And then”, said Julie, with relish, “Meg will take over. And Meg, I think you should spank this little boy until his hiney is good and red and all that naughtiness is smacked right out of him! That will take a lot more than 18 smacks.”
“Oooh ..yessss….a spanking for Jeff’s little buns. How perfect!” squealed Linda with delight.
“Ok Jeff” said Meg in mock seriousness, “ahem, we the Girl’s Court of Common Decency hereby sentence you to a good sound spanking on your cute little tush until it is red and you are howling like a six-year-old. And may God have mercy on your buns ’cause we sure won’t”. And they all broke down laughing.
“Girls, lets prepare the prisoner for punishment. You first, Becky. It was your idea.”
“Ok,” said Becky, “We need a sturdy chair with no arms…there…that one,” she indicated, pointing at an old armless chair in the corner.
“You seem to have had some experience with this,” said Linda, grinning.
“I wish I hadn’t,” said Becky blushing. For if truth be known the charming Becky had made many a trip across the maternal knee for well deserved bare bottom correction. Not a month before her mother had overheard her using a certain 4 letter word in an argument with her sister. Mom’s response had been to grasp her wayward daughter by the earlobe and march her right up to the parental bedroom. Once there the naughty teen had been yanked across her mother’s knee with skirts flipped up and panties on display. For the next five minutes or so the bedroom had resounded with the authoritative crack of the maternal palm against tender fanny and Becky’s cries of distress and repentance.
Linda was no one to talk. She too was subject to corporal correction when merited. In her case it was dad who dished out the lickings. She remembered the last one vividly, bent over her own bed with her jeans pulled down, and thin panties on display while her dad’s belt had delivered crack after whistling crack to her wobbling rear end until the lesson had been learned. Now she was about to give a spanking instead of getting one. And to a boy no less! The prospect was thrilling.
Meg too was thrilled, but for different reasons. She had deliberately dressed provocatively for Jeff. She was angry with his prank and was determined to teach him a lesson, but at the same time she found the power a heady turn on. She had plans for Jeff. She had never had a boyfriend, and circumstances had made Jeff a prime candidate. He could be dominated, controlled. And he was cute in a little-boyish way. What delicious plans she had. But she was taking a terrible risk. What if her parents returned? Her thoughts turned to the dark woodshed out back…and her dad’s razor strop fitted to that wooden handle. She was a big girl of nearly six feet, but she was no match for her formidable father who stood 6′ 6″ and weighed 250 lbs.
When he told her it was time for a trip to the woodshed, she always meekly complied. For both her parents believed in biblical correction for their child and it was not uncommon for Meg to be ordered to the woodshed for some infraction such as “sassing”. There her father would order her to bend over the old padded sawhorse while he rolled up his sleeves in preparation for the tanning. She had to prepare herself, dropping her pants or gathering her skirts before assuming the humiliating position face down over the horse. The strop was hung on a nail. She was expected to skin her own panties down, baring herself while father fetched the strop. She never got the same number of licks. It varied with the offense, but it was never less than a good dozen. God! how that strop burned as it cracked and smacked against her full rounded bottom, every time reducing her to tears and pleas for it to end. But it would not end until Meg’s father believed he had given his wayward charge a preview of the fires of hell concentrated in red bands across her quivering seat.
They dragged the chair to the center of the room. Becky sat down. Julie and Linda lifted the protesting Jeff to his feet and walked him over to Becky’s right side in the short mincing steps permitted by the hobbling of his knees. As they started to lower Jeff across Becky’s lap, she stopped them.
“Whoa, girls, I think you forgot something,” laughed Becky. Slipping her fingers into the waistband of Jeff’s underpants she said, “Every good spankin’ I ever heard about was applied to the bare bottom!” And with that she yanked Jeff’s pants down amid his shrieks and protests. Now….over he goes.”
Jeff was laid over Becky’s knees bare bottoms up. She shifted him forward until his buns were perched over her lap presenting a perfectly aligned target.
All Jeff could do was wiggle helplessly. Becky grabbed his tied wrists forcing them higher up his back and pushing his nose toward the floor. Raising her right arm slowly, she brought it down with the full strength of her arm.
CRACK! It sounded like a gunshot in the reverberant basement.
“Owww…” It stung!
“That’s one Jeff”
CRACK! “That’s two”
“Ouch…c’mon Becky…stop.”
CRACK! “Three…how does that feel?”
“Ow…it hurts…. cut it out!”
Becky started to apply brisk spanks in rapid succession, alternating between left and right cheeks. Jeff’s bottom quivered and jerked with each hard shot.
This was nothing like the paddle or his aunt’s strap but the spanks began to sting. His bottom started to burn. Worse, he felt a tightening in his groin. He sensed arousal as his penis rubbed against Becky’s thighs. The spanking went on. Becky slowed to give him the last few with hard deliberate force. He cried out at 17 and 18.
The girls applauded. “Good job Becky,” said Meg.
“Way to go girl!” said Linda
“He’s nice and red already,” cooed Julie, “And I want to go next.”
“He’s all yours, girl,” replied Becky, lifting Jeff with the others’ aid.
“Ohhh…my,” said Julie observing Jeff’s state of arousal, “What is THIS?”
Jeff’s penis was sticking straight out. The girls giggled at the sight. Linda batted at the hard member and it slapped against Jeff’s belly before bobbing to its former position. Jeff flushed with embarrassment and could only moan.
“Do you think he likes this?” said Linda.
“I think you better spank harder,” said Becky, rising to allow Julie to take the seat.
“Ok, Jeff, back over you go.” said Becky.
“Look, girls, I’ve got a handle now,” said Julie grasping Jeff’s hardened penis and pulling him over her knee. “Here we go, Jeff, round two!”
And once again Jeff was upended over a female lap, bright red bottom cheeks arched toward the ceiling in anticipation of another firm smacking, hard penis nestled between strong thighs.
Julie spanked hard, with slow deliberate smacks. Each one left Jeff gasping. She waited a few seconds for the impact of one smack to sink in before raising her arm to deliver the next. With each one she let her palm linger on Jeff’s behind, rubbing it in. Although the spanks were hard, the rubbing only raised Jeff’s arousal level. The girls hooted and cheered with each SMACK! of Julie’s hard palm. The last two were delivered back to back–CRACK! CRACK! and Julie was done. Jeff howled— those last two really stung!
As Jeff was pulled to a standing position he frantically tried to rub his burning behind with his fettered hands. This merely caused his rigid member to waggle obscenely, much to the amusement of the girls. Now it was Linda’s turn. The attractive blonde teenager took the seat on the “throne of chastisement” vacated by Julie.
Julie herslf was becoming well lubricated between the legs, for what she had shared with no one were the naughty games of crime and retribution that she played with her cousin Ron when she had been 15 and he had been 16. Ron was dishy and an adolescent crush had impaired her better judgment. He had come to visit…the street-wise bad boy from the city plopped down into her wholesome midwest family. She recalled that rainy day in the rec room, parents gone shopping, she and Ron all alone…and bored. He suggested strip poker– with a gleam in his eye…. And she, wishing to appear sophisticated, agreed. Not knowing much about the game, she was soon down to bra and panties, while Ron was only bare-chested. Knowing that the loss of another hand meant losing her bra, she agreed to Ron’s casual suggestion that instead of forfeiting her underwear she could take ten barehanded spanks over his knee. Like a deer in the headlights, she gulped and agreed. She lost the next hand. She remembered Ron, grinning wickedly as she stretched out over his knee on the couch, bottom jutting up, exposed, the feel of his rough jeans against her thighs,…. the electric feel of Ron’s hand rubbing and squeezing her pert bottom and the ten spanks that followed. It was electric. She had never been so thrilled. Each spank was an erotic jolt. After each crisp smack, Ron’s hand had lingered, caressing her panty-clad rump. He didn’t spank her hard, just crisply, using enough force to sting her good without causing real pain. So it wasn’t surprising when Ron announced that her next loss would mean that her panties would be lowered and she would get the next ten bare bottomed. Ron lost the next hand, and lost his jeans. Julie had stared open-mouthed at the obvious state of his arousal. And he lost the next hand. With a sheepish grin and a dramatic arm gesture he directed her to sit on the couch and he bent over her knee. Julie had been truly flustered but had gamely swatted Ron’s bottom the required ten times, all the time aware of Ron’s hardness pressing against her legs. She lost the next hand and Ron had looked into her eyes, questioning, as if to say, “are you ready?”.
She had nodded and Ron had pulled her gently over his knees. Patting her bottom, he had whispered for her to lift up. As she did he had tugged the dainty panties down to her knees. The ten smacks that followed sparked an incredible surge of lust. She had never felt anything like it. Smack!…. Left cheek….pause….Smack!…right cheek….pause…Smack!…dead center….Ron rubbing and squeezing her hot rear. It had gone way beyond ten smacks and when they could no longer stand the erotic tension, they had tumbled to the floor in a heap and Julie had lost her virginity.
All of these memories came flooding back to Julie in a rush as Linda laid Jeff across her lap.
“Spanky time, Jeff!” cooed Linda, patting his hot pink rear lightly.
Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!
Linda delivered 4 rapid fire spanks to Jeff’s bare bottom.
“Owww….Linda…that hurts!”
Smack! Smack! Spank! Crack! Another 4 hard fast smacks had Jeff arching his back.
“Yeee….ow” vlcsnap-2015-09-26-17h38m29s600
Linda administered Jeff’s spanking in these rapid groups of 4, pausing in between to rub and pat Jeff’s rear. The last two were given with the full strength of her arm, one on each red cheek. Jeff let out a howl. He hissed with pain as the girls stood him on his feet.
“Well, we’ve warmed him up for you , Meg ” said a smiling Linda, obviously pleased with her handiwork. Jeff’s buns sported two bright red spank spots. His face was flushed. He sputtered , “Please no more. I’m really sorry. I wrote the letter like they said…..”
“No Jeff “said Margaret calmly as she took her seat on the chair with Jeff standing, trembling, to her right. She looked him in the eye and said, “I accept your apology, but there has to be punishment. Then, all will be forgiven. But right now I need to demonstrate just how hurt I was by that awful picture you concocted. So…get over my knee little boy, and we will discuss this .”
Jeff was thoroughly cowed by Margaret’s stern attitude. At the same time his penis grew harder as he stared into the sensuous valley of Margaret’s ample cleavage, revealed by the unbuttoned top of the thin cotton blouse. As he tipped forward to assume the position, Margaret’s strong arms took over and guided him over her athletic thighs. She opened her legs slightly to accommodate the engorged member then clamped them shut. Jeff was helpless. He stared at the carpet, his legs dangling in space on the other side, his buns tingly hot from the ministrations of Meg’s teammates. He knew the worst was yet to come.
Meg adjusted him to position his behind just right so that it was arched up seemingly begging for her punishing palm. She raised her arm and began to spank.
Smack! Smack! Crack! Whap! Smack! Crack!
“Ow…ow…ow…” wailed Jeff, shocked by the power of the smacks which burned his hiney like a hot iron.
Margaret whipped her hand down briskly smacking Jeff’s buns which bounced and wriggled at each hard impact. She spanked him hard and fast. Jeff started to plead. The fire in his bare fanny was starting to really burn now.
But the steady smack! Smack! Smack! Of Meg’s relentless spanking hand just continued.
About every ten smacks Margaret would ask,
“Are you sorry now?”
“Owww, yes, Margaret.”
“Will you ever do that again?”
“No…no…I promise…I won’t…just stop….owwww”.
“You’d better not.”
Smack! ….Crack!….Whack!….Whap!….Smack!
Jeff could feel himself getting close to that breaking point. He was going to cry if this went on much longer. He was already blubbering and pleading for mercy. How could she spank so hard? Her palm bounced off of his wriggling cheeks as he endured spank after burning spank. The girls watching were in awe of the power in Meg’s blistering spanks. Each one flattened one of Jeff’s bottom cheeks causing a ripple before rebounding to its rounded shape. His buttocks were a bright shiny red, tending toward purple. The girls watching, eyes bright with excitement, were thrilled at seeing a naughty boy get a good bare fanny licking, that was for sure, and the musky smell of arousal was evident in the room. The tears welled up in Jeff’s eyes as the tone of his pleading turned frantic, and Margaret paused.
“I’m going to give you ten more, now Jeff, and then we are done. And don’t ever play a trick on me like that ever again, ok?”
“Oh..yes Margaret, I promise, please not ten more…pleassse!”
But Jeff’s plea was drowned by the sound of Meg’s ten last hard slow smacks to Jeff’s rear cheeks. Jeff could only flutter his feet and cry piteously at each sonorous Smack! of Meg’s open palm.
Tears were running down Jeff’s face when she let him up. He was still erect, however, which prompted hoots of glee.
“That was a hard spanking, Meg, but it looks like he still likes you,” smirked Linda.
Becky and Julie laughed, “Poor little Jeffy, did mean old aunty Meg spank his little fanny too hard?” said Becky.
“Still not hard enough by the looks of it,” chuckled Julie.
“Well, girls I think he’s learned his lesson,” said Meg. “You should probably go, ’cause I’m not sure when my folks are coming back. I’ll untie Jeff and get him out of here.”
The girls hurriedly agreed, not wanting to be caught with a nude red-bottomed Jeff on their hands. As they clomped out of the house and started their cars, Meg said to Jeff,
“Stand still while I untie you. Don’t move or I’ll get my dad’s strop from the woodshed.”
Jeff obeyed. He wanted none of that strop. Did Meg get it that way, he wondered?
When she had finished untying him , she commanded,
“Now I have a surprise for you, Jeff, but you must stand in the corner and face the wall. Don’t look !! Or I will get that strop, do you understand?”
“Ok, Margaret, but haven’t I had enough? C’mon…just lemme go.”
“You either get in that corner Jeff with no arguing or I will march you out to the woodshed just as you are and give you a taste of the strop on that red fanny of yours… and don’t think I won’t! I’m bigger and stronger than you and you know I can do it!”
Jeff knew she was right. She could handle him like a 6 year old if she wanted to. He hobbled over to the corner wincing all the way and trying to rub some of the sting out of his tortured rear cheeks. He dared not turn his head but he could hear the faint sounds of clothing rustling. What the hell was going on?
Finally Margaret said : “Ok Jeff, you can turn around now”.
When he turned, Jeff could not believe his eyes. Margaret was down on all fours on the rug and she was completely naked! The pose presented her large curvy ass and her dangling tits in a wildly erotic tableau.
“Well? Isn’t this how you imagined me for the picture you made? Now you see the real thing. Are you going to complete the picture?”
Jeff couldn’t believe his eyes or ears. She was inviting him to fuck her! As for Margaret, this was the culmination of her plot, a hot fucking from a willing but controllable boy-toy who could not refuse but to obey her every whim. Why later she could even make him lick that place where she pleasured herself.
At the sight of Margaret’s luscious body and her glistening quim exposed to his gaze, Jeff’s hard penis gave a leap. Wasting no time now he walked to Margaret and knelt behind her. He guided his rod into her warm moist pussy. She was so lubricated that he slid in easily. Meg moaned. “That’s it Jeff, push it in. Oh God!” she said as Jeff began to thrust in and out in slow strokes, bringing the head of his engorged member all the way to the lips of her pussy before thrusting all the way in again. She was tight! She was a big girl, but she was tight. As if pulled along by the tide of sensation, Jeff increased the tempo of his thrusts, his groin now slapping against Meg’s ample bottom causing ripples in the wobbly cheeks with each impact. Meg, feverish with lust, was pumping her rear, impaling herself on Jeff’s hard pole with wild abandon. They came, nearly together in a shattering climax, Jeff feeling himself spurting into her tight hole for what seemed like an eternity, Meg spasming in a paroxysm of pleasure. Afterwards Meg gathered Jeff into her arms and cuddled him.
“That was my first time. Was it yours too?” said Meg.
“Yes…oh God Margaret that was so good.”
“I had to spank you first, you know that, don’t you?” inquired Margaret. “Come here, sit on my lap”, she said, moving to the couch and taking Jeff on her lap.
“I guess so…you were hurt, angry…I know I deserved it from you, too”
“From me too? What do you mean?”
And Jeff told her all about Ms Strickland and Aunt Joyce.
“Poor baby…but you know you should be punished when you are nasty or thoughtless or deceitful. And I want you to stay with me. We’ll do a lot more of this”, she said running her hand back and forth across his hard shaft, which started to grow once again.
“But if you are naughty we’ll do more of this!” and she flipped him effortlessly over her lap bottoms up amid Jeff’s meek protests and swatted him lightly.
“Ow…yes Meg…but please no more now!”
“Ok baby,” said Meg pulling him upright and fondling the hardening member some more,” no more now if you are good. And to be good I want this thing in me again!”
“Yes ma’am!” said Jeff grinning. “I’m your obedient love slave.”
Yes you are, thought Meg, yes you are…..more than you know. 

2 responses to “F/M Spanking Sunday — Jeff and Margaret

  1. Love your F/M stories. Gives me more fantasy thought fuel.


  2. Loved the finale. Always a sucker for multiple spankers. And, of course, can’t forget that good old corner time.


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