Brad and Joyce

Buried inside the eBook Gwen’s Sorority Days, which is mostly an F/F spanking saga, are a few M/F interludes. Here is one of them:


Brad Majors checked his watch for the umpteenth time. Where in the hell was she? There were supposed to have met at five pm, have a drink and then join his clients for dinner. Now here it was going on six o’clock, Joyce was nowhere in sight and he’d have to leave soon. One thing he hated was a lack of punctuality. In his view it showed disrespect. It meant your time wasn’t valuable. If that was the way she really felt maybe this relationship was not meant to be, maybe he should just chuck it, maybe…oh…there she was. Finally.

Joyce entered the bar. She looked guilty as sin, thought Brad. He didn’t get it. One minute she was the efficient, cool and collected Joyce, the next, some nutty schoolgirl. In fact it had been the latter that had led to an erotic encounter at her place that still burned in Brad’s brain. Well, schoolgirl or not, he was really put out. She approached, all apologetic, stammering excuses. They’d better be good ones, was all he could say.

“Brad, oh, I am so sorry. You see I was with my friend Gwen and we got to talking and the time just got away and…”

“Joyce, what’s gotten into you? I can’t believe this. You just got carried away yakking?” Brad fixed his gaze on her face and narrowed his eyes. She looked like a deer in the headlights. “I think there was more to it than that and I intend to find out—but we have to go now. We’re late.” He stood up and took her by the arm. Joyce let Brad pull her along like a recalcitrant child. Brad didn’t say much as they got in his car and drove to the restaurant. Finally he spoke. “This is an important dinner for me, Joyce. It’s a prospective client. I don’t want to keep him waiting.” His eyes were focused straight ahead. Clearly he was put out.

When they got there, however, Brad was informed that “Mr. Kline and his wife had left. They had waited for a while but had given up.” Brad had been half an hour late. Joyce could see him fume as the maitre’d gave him the bad news. Brad ran his hands through his hair. What now? His prospect had bailed on him. Fat chance he’d get the account now.

Disgusted with how the evening had turned out Brad said, “I’m taking you home Joyce. Then I’m going out and getting drunk and while I’m doing that frankly, I’ll have to think about us.”

Joyce winced at this news. He was more angry than she’d thought. “Wait, Brad. I-I know you’re angry, but I want to explain.”

Brad shrugged. “What is there to explain? You whiled away the time with some girl friend and forgot our important dinner date.”

“No, no” said Joyce. “What it is….I can’t tell you—-I need to show you.” Her eyes pleaded with him.

“Show me?”

“Yes. Please. Take me home. Then come in. I will show you what happened to me this afternoon.”

Brad remained silent as he drove Joyce to her house. He was wondering what in the world she intended to do to “show him” what had caused her rather negligent, in his view, lateness. He decided it had better be good.

“Please wait right here,” said Joyce, ushering him into her den. She motioned toward the couch. “I won’t be long.” She fluttered nervously.


Good grief, I hope this works, he’s really steamed. And it’s my fault. Her idea, desperate as it seemed, was to offer herself to be punished, in a way that might allow Brad to work off some of that anger—on her naughty behind. The truth was she was already turned on. She felt randy as hell after her afternoon with Gwen.

She hurried into her room. The leather spanker was where she had left it, right on her dresser. Gwen had really squealed when Joyce had used it on her. Could she do this? She ran her hands over her shapely rear, unconsciously as if testing its resilience, and decided that she had to. Now where was that costume? What she was looking for was an old outfit from a Halloween party from ages ago. She’d gone as a harem girl, a retro “I Dream of Genie”. She recalled it had been quite a hit with the men, some of whom had eyed her all night. It had competed quite well with the sexy witches and Little Bo Peeps.

There it was, in the bottom of the lingerie drawer. Blue panties beneath gauzy transparent bloomers, a gold halter top that had a built in push up bra, and a little blue fez. The panties were too small for her lush buttocks and her breasts practically spilled out of the top. Perfect. She put the outfit on. Looked in the mirror. It was sexy, she had to admit that. Her figure was spilling out of it and she was all curves. Next she found a small satin pillow and put the spanker on it. Here goes nothing, she thought, and emerged from her bedroom bearing the pillow in both hands, holding it like an offering.

Brad raised his eyebrows at the vision of Joyce, clad in a sexy harem girl outfit, slowly walking toward him and carrying a pillow with a leather object on it. She didn’t say anything, she just knelt at his feet as he sat back on the couch, obviously wondering just what the hell was going on.

Joyce cleared her throat. “Master,” she said with her eyes downcast, “your naughty slave was late because she was discussing the use of the object you see before you on a friend and her sorority sisters, and she lost track of time. Perhaps if master will make use of the object, your naughty slave will learn to be on time.”


So, thought Brad. This was interesting. Joyce had never looked sexier. The harem girl outfit displayed every curve. Now she was offering him what looked like a little leather paddle or something, and the implication was clear. She was asking that he punish her for being late. He was supposed to paddle that sexy behind of hers. There was obviously something about this friend of hers that had ignited this particular fantasy which seemed centered about the spanking of girlish behinds. Well, he was all for that, and little Miss Joyce was going to find out how upset he was about her lateness.

Brad picked up the paddle. It was a double thickness piece of leather, stitched together that tapered to a handle. The business end was rounded, about ten inches long. He popped it in his hand. It made a loud whack! That startled Joyce.

“I think this will do nicely, slave girl,” he said, getting into the game. “Perhaps I can teach you the virtues of punctuality. Stand up.”

Joyce obeyed, happy that Brad had decided to play along, but nervous about his ready enthusiasm. Brad positioned her standing to his right. He patted his knees. “Get yourself across my lap, harem girl,” he said, pulling her by the wrist and putting her across his knees. Joyce shivered with expectation and a little trepidation too. Although Brad was buying into this little game, he was upset and that did not bode well for her bottom. Brad pulled her forward until her pelvis rested on his right knee. This positioned her bottom prominently upward, right under his hand, providing him with a lush target. He patted the quivering globes as if testing their resiliency.

Joyce shivered and gave a little squirm. Oooh, I hope he doesn’t punish me too hard, she thought.

Brad picked up the spanker and tapped Joyce’s bottom a few times, then smack! He brought it down with a loud pop. “Ow!” yelped Joyce. Smack! Smack! He popped the left then the right cheek. Joyce hissed through her teeth. Wow! That little thing stung. Brad gave her a volley of slow deliberate smacks that had Joyce gasping and wriggling on his lap. Now Joyce understood what had been behind Gwen’s gasping and squirming as she’d paddled the cute blonde girl. After a good twenty or so licks, Brad stopped. Joyce was grateful. Her ass was blazing.

“Do you think this will help you to be more punctual, Joyce?” he asked landing another smack.

“Ow! Yes, yes.” The fire was really building now.

Then he stopped. “Raise up,” he commanded. Joyce now understood. She was going to get it bare bottom and she shivered a little realizing that this was going to sting even more. Still, she obeyed, raising her hips slightly. Brad was thus able to peel down the brief harem pants totally exposing Joyce’s satiny behind. It was a bright pink, he noted. But what a gorgeous sight. The halter top and the pulled down harem pajamas framed a luscious pink tinged bottom, twin globes that were well set off from Joyce’s thighs, rounded and firm—-and quivering as he tapped them with the spanker.

“Here’s where you learn to be on time, Joyce.”

Joyce turned her head looking at Brad. “Oh, please not too hard. This was just—-just a little game to say I’m sorry.”

Brad pursed his lips. “It may be a game to you, darling, but I think it is also  lesson time. Don’t lollygag around with your friends when we have a date.”
Brad raised the leather paddle and brought it down with a sharp splat! on Joyce’s behind.

“Owee…ow!” Oh yes— it hurt more on the bare.

Joyce’s bottom cheeks wobbled as the spanker popped on one cheek then the other in response to a barrage of smacks delivered by Brad. He settled into a tempo that was steady and relentless. Joyce writhed helplessly, trying to deal with the awful sting imparted by the leather smacker. She squirmed and kicked her legs but nothing helped quell the blazing heat being applied by the paddle.

After several minutes of steady smacking Joyce was gasping and gurgling and part of her profoundly regretting having handed Brad that spanker. Still, at the same time she was aroused to a fever pitch. She felt like she could almost cum. “Ahhhh…..oww…..nggg,” was all she could babble as the paddle smacked her now quite red nude fanny over and over. At the precise moment Joyce thought she would break down bawling or climax, Brad stopped.

“Ok, maybe that’s enough,” he said gruffly. Funny, he wasn’t angry anymore. Brad also had to admit that this had been sexy as hell. He had an erection that threatened to tear through his slacks. He lifted her to her feet.

“Oh, Brad. I’m sorry. Really.” Joyce’s eyes were wet with tears from the sting, but the heat in her seat combined with the erotic frission from her activities with Gwen had brought her to a boiling point. She rubbed her bottom frantically to try and remove some of the sting. “You aren’t mad at me now are you?”

Brad smiled and wrapped her in his arms. “I forgive you, Joyce. Your rather unconventional apology is more than accepted. Good Lord, girl, you do know how to turn a man on.”

Joyce tore off the harem pajamas, and the little top, leaving her gloriously nude. Then she grabbed Brad by the belt and pulled his body against hers. Pulling his mouth to hers she kissed him passionately, intertwining her tongue with his. After a minute she broke the clinch. “I’m just getting started, and if you know what’s good for you you’ll lose those clothes before I rip them off.” Brad didn’t need a second invitation.
For the next hour their bodies were entwined, coupling furiously in every position imaginable. After being on a slow boil all day Joyce let go and came in one shuddering climax after another. Brad’s passion matched hers. He could not get the image of Joyce’s pink bottom wobbling in response to smacks from the little spanker out of his head, and it renewed him again and again.

When the couple’s passion had been satiated, Joyce told Brad about her friend Gwen and what had transpired between them.

“Well, that’s interesting. No wonder you were late. Knowing that, I’d almost have forgiven you—even without the spanking.” He laughed, then added, “Actually, no. You deserved the spanking.” Joyce hit him with a pillow. Brad batted it away, unfazed. “But from what you say, it may be that she likes women, um, exclusively.”

Joyce propped her head up with her arm. “I’m not sure,” she said pensively. “I’m supposed to deal with the issue of ten paddle swats she has coming. The thing is, I’m so turned on by all this—you and her….I just wonder how she feels about men?”

Brad raised his eyebrows. “Just what are you thinking?”

“You must think me depraved, but I’m wondering how it would work with the three of us, or if it would work at all.” Joyce shuddered as she said it. What was coming over her? “Both of us like being on the receiving end more, so I think we both need a….giver, you know, someone like you.”

“Yes,” Brad nodded judiciously, “you are depraved, but it’s a good depraved.” His face broke out into a wide grin.

Joyce resolved that she would have a little chat with Gwen about unfinished business. And very, very, soon.


3 responses to “Brad and Joyce

  1. I have a feeling an impressive percentage of male “I Dream of Jeanie” fans (and maybe female, too) watched every show hoping to see the little blonde tipped over her master's knee. Thanks for reminding us of the fun of the show with your usual entertaining and very squirm-inducing prose. You never disappoint, Rollin.


  2. Lovely hot story.


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