A Capable Woman

I have little data on this story, but the style and setting suggest it was written by one of our English cousins. It is unusual in that it has no dialog. Most first person accounts have at least a little but this one dispenses with dialog entirely for exposition. Although it reads like a “true” account, this is obviously a submissive male fantasy on steroids. That said, it’s a good one. If it ever happened in real life, this young man would have thought he’d died and gone to heaven.

Late Note: As the comments indicate, Phillip from the UK has identified himself as the original author. This story is contained in an anthology of spanking stories available here: Amazon UK.


My  parents ran a small country hotel and employed a lady to help in the busy summer months. I had recently finished school after taking my exams and had the holidays ahead of me so I was expected to help out with the family business.

Mrs Hughes was quite a buxom lady and would have been in her late forties I guess. She helped with the meals and cleaning etc. She was a very capable lady and always got things done, unlike myself who was an unapologetic goof off. Mrs. Hughes occasionally rebuked me when I did not put things away in the kitchen or perhaps left the bathroom untidy but I never really took too much notice. I was more interested in messing about with my old motorbike than anything else. That is until one day when the hotel was busier than usual, she had told me off for not helping more and I made a cheeky remark back to her. She turned on me and gave me a thorough dressing down and then with a very firm look told me that a good spanking would teach me some manners and for me not to think I was too old to be put across her knee.


I tried to laugh it off but I could see by the look on her face that she wasn’t joking. A resident then came into the lounge and she held my eye for a few seconds before raising her eyebrows at me briefly and then returned to her work leaving me to ponder her words. Her warning played on my mind for the rest of the day, and I found the thought of her spanking me strangely exciting. Maybe it was because she was a stranger, not a family member and thus unfamiliar. Also, she was attractive for an older lady, having plenty of curves in the right places.

Nothing more was said and the next day it went out of my mind.

That was not the case with Mrs Hughes, however, as the following week demonstrated. Both my parents had gone out shopping together and the last resident had just left for the day,when she called me upstairs. I could tell by the sound of her voice that she wasn’t very happy and as I climbed the stairs she was standing on the landing outside the bathroom. She told me to come into the bathroom and I realized then that I must not have cleared up after showering a little earlier. As I walked past her into the bathroom she gave my bottom a hard slap. I was too taken aback to argue as she pointed out to me the mess I had left, and after she had already cleaned the bathroom for the day. In a tone of voice that brooked no argument she continued to scold me, reiterating all the things she had told me off about previously.

My subdued manner didn’t help me and must have made her control over me more certain. My anxiety grew as I stood before her quietly, looking down at the wet towels strewn about on the floor by the side of the shower. She asked me what I had been warned would happen to me if I didn’t mend my ways, but I just looked down at the floor and didn’t know what to say. I just felt then that she was going to carry out her earlier threat to spank me, and for some odd reason I went along out of curiosity or maybe I just seemed to accept it as inevitable. This was crazy. I was 17 and here was this woman seemingly about to carry out this ridiculous threat.

Saying nothing more, she took hold of my wrist and led me unresisting down the landing to my bedroom. Closing the door behind her she told me that I had had my warning and obviously hadn’t taken her very seriously. She then told me to take off my shoes, when I asked what for, she told me to do as I was told, and not to make matters worse for myself.  As I sat down on my bed and took my shoes off under her watchful eye she told me that as I didn’t heed her earlier warning to me I was now going to suffer the consequences. Looking me firmly in the face she told me that she was going to deal with me in a way that I would not forget in a hurry. Placing my desk chair in the middle of the room she made me stand in front of her wearing only my Tee shirt, trousers and socks. Telling me to put my hands on my head, she told me that if I behaved like a naughty little boy then she would treat me as such. She was very much in control and spoke to me firmly as though I was much younger. I had a vision of me being reprimanded by a form teacher in Junior school for pulling a girls hair. I could feel my heart beating loudly as I stood there nervously and was already regretting being cheeky to her and for not tidying up after I had showered.

Telling me that this is something she should have done weeks ago she reached out and undid my belt,  slapping my hand away as I feebly tried to hold on to my trousers. Telling me firmly to put my  hands back on my head she unfastened my trousers and pulled them down to my ankles and then reached out under my Tee-shirt and peeled my underpants down to my knees.

It all happened so quickly that I felt myself going red in the face as I stood nervous and embarrassed before her, my Tee-shirt not even protecting my modesty. I remember wishing the floor would open and swallow me up. I didn’t know exactly what she was going to do to me but I never really thought that she would take my trousers down, let alone my underpants. I instinctively went to cover myself up but Mrs Hughes smacked the side of my bottom twice and then told me that she would bend me over my desk and cane me if I moved my hands from my head again. I quickly put my hands back on top of my head and felt very embarrassed as I stood before her whilst she looked me up and down. My embarrassment was made worse by the fact that I couldn’t control my penis that was starting to erect slightly.

Mrs Hughes then told me to get across her knee, and half pulling me over her lap, she pushed my Tee-shirt up my back. Telling me to lift up my bottom she positioned me more suitably over her lap. I can remember feeling very flushed as I lay across her lap with my hands on the floor, I could feel the cool air on my bare bottom and was aware of my penis now pressing down into her lap. I wanted her to get it over with quickly before anyone came back, as I was sure by now it would have made little difference to Mrs Hughes whether or not anyone did come back, the mood she was in. But Mrs Hughes was in no rush and scolded me as though I was a naughty little boy whilst rubbing her hand lightly over my bottom, obviously anticipating the spanking she was about give me.


She then started to smack my bottom, her hand landing methodically on alternate cheeks. It didn’t seem too bad at first and I felt somewhat relieved that I would be able to take my punishment fairly comfortably as it was many years before that I had last received a spanking. But once my bottom had warmed up she gradually increased the pace and it soon began to sting, causing me to gasp out. My bottom seemed to bounce up and down in rhythm with her hand and I was relieved that there was no-one in the hotel to hear me being punished as the sound of her spanking me resounded loudly around my bedroom. I was very grateful for the respite when she paused to feel and knead my cheeks and comment on the redness of my bottom. As she continued to spank me she told me how ashamed I should be, seventeen years old and having my trousers taken down and my bottom smacked for being naughty.

She also varied the pace of my spanking, slowing down and smacking me harder on both cheeks and then full across my bottom, pausing between each smack to let the pain sink in, and then speeding up, spanking me with a flurry of lighter slaps which left no part of my bottom untouched. Very soon I was wriggling around on her lap in a vain attempt to avoid her hand but she just gripped me tighter around my waist and sternly told me to keep still or she would find something other than her hand to spank me with. By now my bottom felt very sore and I couldn’t help kicking my legs out and asking her to stop. Her response was to tighten her grip on me, pulling me in closer to her and then spank me harder with a flurry of smacks, warning me that she wouldn’t tell me again to lie still.


After that I just lay submissively across her lap whilst she slapped every part of my bottom thoroughly, which by now was so sore that I was sure it must have started to go a bit numb as only the harder slaps were getting through to me. She must have spanked me for a good 10-15 mins although it felt much longer before she told me that I could get up off her knee.

I can remember gritting my teeth and clutching my very sore bottom, devoid off all modesty as my partially erect penis was so prominently exposed. Mrs Hughes just stood there, arms folded across her chest, with a very satisfied look on her face.

My ordeal wasn’t quite over because she told me to stand facing the wall with my hands on my head and not to move until she had finished the bedrooms. Then giving my bottom a further slap she left the room leaving the door open wide so that she could keep her eye on me. It would serve me right if any guests came back and saw me stood there like that she said, I would have some explaining to do !!.

When I heard her working in a bedroom further down the landing I quietly walked over to my wardrobe and looked at my reflection in my mirror. My bottom, and the top of my legs, was a vivid bright red against the whiteness of my Tee-shirt and looked as sore as it felt. I quickly returned to my position when I heard her footsteps approaching. She went by my room several times before coming in and giving me a wry smile as I clenched my buttocks in anticipation of her smacking me. But she just felt my bottom and asked if I was going to be a good boy from now on, then when I relaxed she smacked both cheeks hard causing me to jerk towards the wall.

She told me that I was very fortunate that no-one else had been around to witness me being punished and if I didn’t want it to be known that I had had my bottom smacked by her then I had better be on my best behavior from now on because she would be watching me very carefully and would not be so lenient with me next time. She told me she had an old leather paddle at home that was just made for dealing with naughty boys like me, and I would be a very sorry boy indeed if I was ever cheeky to her again. With that she told me to get dressed and then went downstairs.

I looked at myself in the mirror again and saw that my bottom was still very red and hot. The heat had spread to my loins and my penis was still fairly stiff. I couldn’t resist slowly masturbating in front of the mirror as I rubbed my bottom with my other hand and thought about what had actually happened to me in this room only ten minutes earlier.  I only wished it was Mrs Hughes masturbating me to help take my mind off my sore bottom, but dared not to think of the consequences if I had suggested it to her and she had not been receptive to the idea, or for that matter, if she could see me now, masturbating in front of the mirror.

I had visions of myself bent across the desk with my trousers down and Mrs Hughes spanking my bare bottom with her leather paddle whilst one or two of her lady friends looked on in fascination, eagerly wanting to spank me as well. I fantasised about her spanking me whilst she was dressed in a very revealing costume showing off her cleavage and bottom, of which she had loosened the top to allow me to bury my face in her breasts after punishing me. Then massaging my hot bottom as I lay on her bed and teasing me by lifting up her skirt and rubbing her own cool white bottom against me. The thought made me grip my penis tighter and masturbate faster until I ejaculated quite forcefully.

20110429 40

After cleaning myself up and getting dressed I was far too embarrassed to go downstairs and face Mrs Hughes but I did eventually muster the courage to saunter down about half an hour later when I heard my parents return from shopping. I was worried that Mrs Hughes may not have kept the incident to herself but apart from giving me a knowing look she carried on as though nothing had happened. Though just before she left to go home she took me to one side in the dining room and made it very clear to me that if I was ever cheeky to her again or I didn’t mend my ways and stop making extra work for her then she would paddle my bottom so hard that I wouldn’t sit down for a week. Making sure I understood her completely she left me to ponder her words.


For several days after I had the feeling that Mrs Hughes watched my every move and I was careful to be very respectful to her and to make sure I didn’t make any work for her, even to the point that my mother noticed my consideration towards  Mrs Hughes.

Unfortunately my good behavior only lasted about two weeks as far as Mrs Hughes was concerned and on reflection she must have been looking for any opportunity to spank me again and I was probably guilty of lapsing into my old routine to provoke her. She told me to call by her home that afternoon after she’d finished work for the day. I tried to get out of it by telling her I had to go to town later on to meet some friends, but she just ignored that and told me that she would expect me at 4pm and not to be late! I dared not risk not going as I wasn’t certain she wouldn’t tell anybody else about my earlier punishment. She knew very well that I would never have wanted anyone else to know that she had spanked me and I felt she always had that hold over me. So it was with some trepidation that I went over to her house a few miles away later that day.

It was mainly that second spanking that gave me my present interest in female domination because although it was even more painful and was certainly more humiliating, it was also rather different from my first spanking. That was probably because I was in her domain and it was a lot more private, with very little chance of someone calling unexpectedly.

As soon as she let me in she adopted the same authoritative manner with me as before. She told me that she was disappointed to see that I was slipping back to my old ways and that my previous spanking had obviously not been effective enough. Then telling me that sterner measures were called for, she took hold of my wrist and led me through to her sitting room which overlooked the back garden. Telling me to remove my shoes she made me stand before her with my hands on my head. I was already feeling quite anxious as I felt that she was going to punish me more severely than before.

She told me that she had dusted off the leather paddle she had found in the attic and also thought her wooden hairbrush may come in useful. She didn’t think I would be so quick to misbehave again by the time she had finished with me today. With that she told me to make sure I obeyed her every word and kept my hands on my head until she told me otherwise. She then undid my belt, and bending down at her knees she unzipped and lowered my trousers. Her face was level with my underpants as I looked down at her. She casually reached underneath my shirt and inserting her fingers into the waistband of my underpants peeled them down to my knees, releasing my penis which nearly brushed against her cheek. Standing up she told me to step out of my trousers and to fold them up neatly over the settee and return to my position. She then unbuttoned my shirt and taking it off placed it next to my trousers on the settee. I was left only wearing my socks and a vest that because my hands were on the top of my head had ridden up over my waist and did not even cover me up. Glancing at the window I was very glad that she had net curtains up as I stood by her side so exposed.


I was aware that she looked at me more openly as I stood nervously before. She questioned me about the erection I had had when she had spanked me previously and was now starting to appear again. I didn’t know what to say, so I just stood there embarrassed. She then got hold of my penis that was protruding from the bottom of my vest causing it to become more erect and asked me how often I got erections and masturbated. Still saying nothing she slapped my bottom and told me to answer her. I muttered something like not very often, whereupon she eased back my foreskin and ran her fingers down my penis and over my testicles before easing my foreskin back, and then squeezing my penis lightly in her hand she told me not to lie to her. You are already going to get a good spanking, so don’t make matters any worse for yourself by lying to me, she said.


Looking at me thoughtfully she stood up and pointing to the table told me to bend right over it and grip the table sides.  Mrs Hughes told me to open my legs further apart and push out my bottom. I was relieved that I had showered earlier that day when she gripped my buttocks and spread my bottom cheeks apart. Telling me to stay still she left the room briefly and returned with a small bottle of baby lotion and some cotton wool. I felt very humiliated as she spread my bottom cheeks apart again and then felt her wiping my bottom and testicles thoroughly with a wad of cotton wool soaked in baby lotion. She then stood back and told me that my bottom looked as clean and white as a babies bottom and that it seemed such a pity to have to punish it. Then slapping my bottom lightly told me that it wouldn’t look quite so pale for very much longer.

Mrs Hughes then went and sat down on the chair again and then patted her lap and told me to bend over her knee. Pushing my vest further up my back she positioned me more suitably over her lap. I felt her hand rub my bottom as she told me to open my legs apart more, then she put her hand between my legs and ran her fingers over my testicles. I involuntary lifted my bottom up more as her hand slid further down to grasp my penis which stiffened considerably as she fondled it.

I couldn’t help but respond to her touch by rotating my hips on her lap.  Mrs Hughes then withdrew her hand and gave my bottom a firm slap telling me to keep still. She then started to smack my bottom and as she gave me a thorough hand spanking she paused occasionally to ask me more questions. Some were about any previous spankings I had received, at home or at school but she also asked me some very personal questions about girlfriends etc. and what we had got up to, often smacking my bottom harder if she wasn’t happy with my answers. She even got me to admit to masturbating just after she had spanked me before, a fact that she seemed to find very interesting.


I must have been across her knee for about 10-15 minutes before she allowed me to get up and then told me to go and bend over the table again. Telling me not to move she left me whilst she made herself a cup of tea and came back into the room with her tea and the leather paddle she had told me about.

Mrs Hughes then lay the paddle on the table in front of my face and sat down on the settee behind me whilst she drank her tea and questioned me. I found that to be very humiliating as my body was so exposed, not to mention nerve-wracking as I looked at the paddle which was so close that I could clearly smell the leather. I knew that it would  shortly be in her hand and making my bottom sting
Mrs Hughes continued to question me as she finished her tea, invariably answering the questions herself almost as if she was working up to my punishment. She took her cup back into the kitchen slapping my bottom lightly as she went past. Then returned and picking up the paddle from the table walked behind me. I tensed and clenched my buttocks but she just ridiculed me for being such a baby. She patted my bottom and blatantly ran her hand around the side of my bottom and fondled me causing my penis to stiffen immediately.

Telling me that I was a very naughty boy to get an erection like that in front of her she smacked the paddle down across my bottom whilst she held my penis firmly in her other hand causing me to jerk forward slightly. Mrs Hughes seemed to find this quite amusing and she continued to spank me with the paddle for a minute or so whilst holding onto my penis. This had the effect of her masturbating me with every spank. She then tired of this and stood up behind me and continued to spank me with the paddle, lightly at first as though teasing me and then with increasing intensity until I found it difficult to lie still despite her warnings to me. I kept twisting my bottom from side to side in a vain attempt to avoid the paddle but she just pressed her hand down on the small of my back and sternly told me to keep still whilst she continued to spank me with the paddle. She did occasionally stop to feel my bottom and assess the soreness, and told me that she was glad to see that she was getting through to me. She had the knack of hitting me just hard enough to sting without causing me to cry out unduly, often stopping for several long pauses which made me relax a little and think my punishment was over.


It was a lot more painful than previously and my bottom was starting to go numb when she eventually stopped. Feeling my bottom and commenting on how hot it was she told me to open my legs wide apart and push out my bottom and remain like that. She then placed the paddle down on the table in front of my face again and then sitting down on the settee again she told me that she was going to finish off a letter she was writing to her friend. I was very glad of the respite as she sat down and started writing. After a few minutes she asked me if she should tell her friend about my spankings.  Perhaps she should also tell her that I am, whilst she’s writing this very letter, bent across her dining table, virtually naked in front of her, and displaying a very sore red bottom for being such a very naughty boy indeed.

Before I could answer her the front door bell suddenly rang, Mrs Hughes told me to go and stand facing the wall behind the door, with my hands on my head, while she answered the front door. I anxiously stood by the door and listened as Mrs Hughes answered the front door. I could hear her talking to someone and recognized the voice of her friend Miss Green. She worked at the local library and would have been about ten years younger than Mrs Hughes. I had met her once when she had come to the Hotel to pick up Mrs Hughes after work but had not spoken to her much. My heart missed a beat when I heard Mrs Hughes invite her friend inside.

I listened anxiously to their conversation as they walked through to the kitchen and then heard Mrs Hughes tell her friend what she had interrupted. Miss Green asked Mrs Hughes if she was joking or really being serious whereupon Mrs Hughes asked her friend if she would like to come through and see for herself.

I was stood there rigid with embarrassment when they both walk into the sitting room. Miss Green looked at me wide eyed and quickly composing herself asked me who has been a naughty boy as she looked me up and down. I was stood facing the wall with my hands on my head causing my vest to ride up my back fully exposing my thoroughly spanked bright red bottom to her gaze. Mrs Hughes explained to her friend why she is punishing me, to which Miss Green replied that she wished she had the opportunity to deal with some of the boys that occasionally misbehaved in her Library in a similar fashion. Mrs Hughes told her that my punishment was not over yet and then suggested to Miss Green that she may like to take this opportunity to realize her wishes and to take over from her. This was an offer which Miss Green seemed very keen to accept.

Having sat down on the chair Miss Green told me to go over to her, and took the opportunity to have a good look at me as I walked sheepishly over to her. Folding her skirt back up her thighs she patted her stockinged legs and told me to bend over her knee, saying she didn’t want to risk her skirt being stained.

I did as I was told, under the watchful eye of Mrs Hughes as Miss Green positioned me more comfortably over her knee. I was acutely aware of my penis squashed down into her stocking clad thighs. My mind was soon focused back onto my sore bottom as Miss Green pushed my vest right up my back then ran her hand over my bottom before starting to spank me. She told me that this is what naughty boys could expect from her for misbehaving and being cheeky to their betters. Although her hand didn’t feel as big or as heavy as Mrs Hughes’s she soon had me wriggling about on her lap as she briskly spanked my already sore bottom. Mrs Hughes looked on giving her friend more encouragement to spank me harder. Slapping my  bottom hard all over as she continued to scold me, only stopping when Mrs Hughes told me to lift up my bottom and open my legs further apart. I felt Mrs Hughes run her hand over my bottom and then between my legs, her hand finally settling on my erect penis.

Commenting on my erection she told Miss Green to see for herself the effect she was having on me. Miss Green needed no more encouragement and slid her hand between my legs as she cupped my testicles and penis firmly. Then withdrawing her hand, continued to spank me as she scolded me for being such a naughty boy. When she finally let me get up she gave my bottom one hard final slap as she told me off me off for staining her stockings where my penis had started to salivate. I noticed though that her face was rather flushed and that she was breathing quite heavily which caused her breasts to swell in size. Mrs Hughes then told me to stand and face the wall again and they both went out of the room.


I could hear them talking quietly in the kitchen  and after about 10 minutes they both returned, I was surprised to see them only wearing their bras, panties, stockings and suspenders. Mrs Hughes had a fuller figure than Miss Green who looked very appealing in her underwear. Seeing me staring Mrs Hughes came over and slapped my bottom as she told me sternly to face the wall before removing my vest. Running her fingers down my stomach and teasingly around my private parts, she asked me if this was how I like to see ladies dressed, just like the magazines she had seen in my room. She then told me to go and bend over the table and to stretch right over it. Miss Green walked up behind me smacked my bottom as she told me to push out my bottom more and open my legs apart. With that she walked around the table to face me and slowly unclipped her bra, cupping her breasts in her loose bra she teasingly kept my attention on her. I tensed my bottom as Mrs Hughes came behind me and rubbed the paddle lightly up and down my buttocks and asked me if this is what got me so excited reading those ‘girlie’ magazines.

Before I could answer she brought the paddle down across my bottom causing me to cry out and catch my breath. Miss Green then let the bra slip through her fingers and squeezed her breasts together. Her nipples were very erect as she fondled herself and I could feel my erection getting stronger when Mrs Hughes suddenly brought the paddle down hard again across both cheeks which caused me to grip the table sides tighter. Then Miss Green walked round to me and rubbed my bottom and whispered in my ear that this would teach me to be a good boy. I could feel her breasts on my back as she teased me by caressing my bottom and lightly stroking my testicles and penis but warning me not to move or they may decide to cane me, and I wouldn’t want that would I.

As she walked back around the desk she smiled at me and hooked her fingers into the waistband of her panties and slowly lowered them exposing her sex covered with a mass of dense pubic hair. My erection hardened as she stepped out of her panties and my attention was kept on her as she turned round and slowly bent right over displaying a very nice bottom with a deep moist cleft between her legs which caused my penis to twitch and salivate. My attention on her was suddenly halted as Mrs Hughes brought the paddle down once more across my bottom. Mrs Hughes then suggested to Miss Green that may be she should smack her bottom as well for being such a brazen hussy.

Then sat down on the chair and told Miss Green to get across her knee saying that she was sure I would enjoy watching her being spanked. Miss Green smiled back at her and said “not too hard !!“. I stood up and watched intently as Miss Green bent over Mrs Hughes’s knee and submitted to a spanking. She was soon displaying a nice red bottom as Mrs Hughes smacked her bottom quite firmly, despite the vain protests and squeals from Miss Green which appeared to fall on deaf ears. Though it was only a mild spanking compared to my own she rubbed her bottom vigorously when Mrs Hughes let her get up.


Mrs Hughes then suggested that I should rub some baby lotion on Miss Green’s bottom to ease the pain and then told Miss Green to bend over the table. I eagerly did as I was told and Miss Green’s bottom felt surprisingly firm as I massaged the lotion all over her hot bottom. As my hands worked their way between her legs Miss Green responded by pushing her bottom out further and opening her legs slightly. I poured more lotion onto her bottom and my oily fingers soon found their way into her moist vagina. As I started to slowly masturbate her Miss Green closed her eyes and started to moan quietly. I gently spread her cheeks apart and eased my swollen penis into her very moist sex.

Mrs Hughes took the baby lotion off the table and started to rub some onto my bottom and deep in between my cheeks. I could feel her finger penetrate my bottom as I started to fuck Miss Green harder. I slid my hands underneath her body and caressed each breast, her nipples were very hard and erect as I massaged them firmly. She arched her bottom further out and gasped out loudly as I continued to fuck her hard, my balls slapping up against her bottom as I thrust myself into her.
Mrs Hughes sensed I was losing control and withdrew her finger and started to slap my bottom hard as I plunged up and down into Miss Green. I felt myself about to explode and quickly withdrew myself as I came in spasms, ejaculating all over her hot bottom.
Over tea Mrs Hughes admitted that she told her friend about my previous spanking and Miss Green had been so intrigued that she had arranged for her friend to call around about 4:30pm. It was agreed that we had all enjoyed the experience and it would just be between the three of us.

I left for college a few weeks after that second spanking from Mrs Hughes and although we didn’t talk about it much afterwards she knew she had the measure of me with her knowing smiles. Hopefully it remained our secret.

Mrs Hughes left us to work elsewhere after the summer but I did bump into her the following year when out shopping with my girlfriend when she asked me with a wry smile if I was behaving myself.


4 responses to “A Capable Woman

  1. I am actually the author of this story, and you are correct in that i am English. It was a story that I wrote many years ago and was based on a true experience, albeit much embellished for more interesting reading. I posted it originally, some 20-25 yrs ago in Pamela Youngs monthly spanking and contact journal where it was well received and I have over the years seen it repeated on two or three other spanking websites since then, so it was quite a surprise for me to find it on here. It was my first spanking story and took me many months to perfect. It forms one of the stories that is part of my first Ebook that is currently for sale on Amazon titled “An anthology of spanking stories for the more discerning reader” written under the name Tamarind, a pseudonym I used for the author.


  2. Thank you, Phillip. Our readers will most certainly be interested in the true origin of this story. and that it indeed was based on a true experience! I’d be happy to publish the buy links to your anthology if you send them. Thank you for informing us all.


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