Free eBook for Thanksgiving Weekend

My novelette, Uncle Henry and His Girls will be FREE this Thanksgiving weekend. Just my way of saying thanks to all my loyal fans who continue to buy my books.

Henry 1.2

Here is where you can download it, starting tomorrow, Thanksgiving Day.

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Amazon DE

Amazon FR

Amazon CA

Amazon AU

When Libby Hutton is invited to stay with her friend Amanda Pierpont at the Pierpont summer estate, little does she know she is in for the sensual experience of a lifetime. Amanda is trouble for an infraction of the rules at the exclusive girls’ school she and Libby attend, and Uncle Henry has been called upon to help her see the error of her ways. Actually her second cousin, Henry is the Pierpont family disciplinarian, and in this blue-blooded family, proper deportment is taken seriously. But as Uncle Henry dispenses bare bottom discipline, Amanda continues to act out, brazenly inviting more voluptuous chastisement at Uncle Henry’s hands. Libby’s own recent experience with bare bottom spankings, courtesy of her school mates, may serve to explain Amanda’s curious behavior, especially in view of the fact that Uncle Henry is a devilishly handsome, authoritarian gentleman who makes her weak in the knees. It all comes to a head when both girls land in hot water and Uncle Henry must bail them out – and ensure that they do not repeat the misbehavior.


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