Maddie Taylor’s “Wild Wisteria”

No, it’s not a book about the challenges of gardening or taming your back yard with a weed whacker.


That doesn’t sound very much like gardening to me. Rather, it sounds like a hot and steamy spanking romance, and that is exactly what it is.

So, come along as Maddie Taylor takes us back to the wild west for the third installment of her fabulous Jackson brothers spanking romance trilogy.

Thanks for having me on today, Rollin, and for allowing me to pimp my latest book. I’ve brought along a little somethin’-somethin’ from Wild Wisteria, my newest erotic western.


Travel back with me to Laramie, Wyoming in 1880 for the third in my Jackson Brothers saga. These three tall, handsome as sin, western men find the woman of their dreams unexpectedly, when they practically fall into their laps. But it ain’t easy.


Danger abounds at nearly every turn, as well as drama, suspense, romance, passion and steamy action in (and out) of the bedroom, everything you’d want in an erotic western.




An excerpt from Wild Wisteria:


“I’ve admitted my mistake, what do you need to forgive me?”

“Honesty, for one. From this day forward, Wisteria, I’ll accept nothing less.”

“I can do that.”

“And I think a little retribution may go a long way to appease my anger.” He stopped brushing and caught her wrist. The next thing she knew she was on her feet, he had taken her seat, and was angling her face down over his lap.

“You can’t be serious?”

“I am completely serious. In fact, I’m feeling better already. Promises and vows to do better and be honest only go so far. An open palm or a paddle, on the other hand, seem to have a greater impact, no pun intended.”

“I don’t find this at all amusing.” What she did find was the cool air of the room brushing over her skin as he raked up the tail of her gown.

“A spanking isn’t usually intended to amuse. It’s a tool to teach a much-needed lesson when words and reason aren’t enough.”

She felt the string at the back of her drawers pulled free and the material tugged downward. He didn’t stop until the cotton was a bunched-up wad of fabric around her lower thighs, and no barrier at all to either his gaze or the brush of his large hand. Her hand flew back to cover herself.


“You can’t. I’m too old, a woman grown. I’m a mother, not a child to be chastised in such a way.”

He captured her wrist and moved it out of his way, holding it alongside her hip. “I’m a believer that a woman is never too old for a good old-fashioned spanking, and you, Mrs. Jackson, more so than anyone, have a meeting with both my hand and a hairbrush that has been a long time in comin’. Now be still and take your well-deserved punishment like the grown woman you claim to be, lest I add a few strokes with the razor strop I keep in the bathroom.”

“You wouldn’t.”

“Obviously, your recollection of that long-ago night in the barn is a bit muddled. I dare what I please, wife. You don’t know me well enough to understand that, but you will. And tonight is the first step in that direction.”

He was done speaking after that as his open hand came down in a sizzling slap across her bottom. It was followed quickly by another. Soon a series of smacks rained fire down on the twin globes of her exposed and vulnerable behind. Muffled oomphs and squeaks slipped between her closed lips as she tried to keep from waking Micah. The onslaught, however, was too intense and she found it difficult to keep still and quiet.

“Luke, it stings.”

“As intended, darlin’. It’s a spanking, after all.”

Biting her lip, she resigned herself to endure, but he redoubled his efforts on a particularly sensitive spot, down low where the curve of her cheek met her thigh, delivering a flurry of heat in alternating explosions until she cried out.

“Please. I’m sorry, truly.”

“I believe that you are, but I’m not done quite yet.” He lifted one knee, which sent her head toward the floor and angled her behind toward the ceiling. The swats that fell next were the hardest of all. A half dozen at least connecting with each lower crease where her cheeks met her upper thigh. Her attempts to muffle her cries long forgotten, she let out a howl of pain and regret. Only then did he stop.


His hand rubbed gently over her burning skin for a moment as he murmured softly, “Once this punishment is complete, you’ll be forgiven and we’ll move on with a fresh start.”

She sighed heavily with relief. “I appreciate the chance to start over.” Her hands on his thigh, she pushed, blessedly thankful it was over so soon.

“Uh-uh,” Luke corrected as he put her back into position with a steady hand on her upper back. “I said once it’s complete. You’ve still to experience the brush.”

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The blurb:



Luke Jackson is drawn to beautiful, impetuous Wisteria Turner from the first moment he sees her. She is alone in a strange town and in trouble with the law, and she is reluctant to trust anyone, but Luke is not a man who backs down from a challenge. He is bound and determined to give Wisteria the help she needs, even if that means giving her a good, hard spanking to get her attention first.

Despite her hesitation, Wisteria is swept off her feet by Luke’s chivalry and bold dominance, and she finds pleasure in his arms like nothing she ever imagined. But after a night of incredible passion, a horrible misunderstanding shatters their newfound romance and her fragile trust. She flees Luke’s loving arms, only to encounter hardships, danger, and much more trouble than she bargained for.

When circumstances force Wisteria to return to Luke’s hometown, she does her best to keep the secret she has hidden since that night. Once the truth comes out, however, Luke puts his foot down. He makes it clear that he’ll be watching out for Wisteria from now on, whether she likes it or not. But can she ever truly set the pain of her past aside and embrace the promise of this good man and his loving family? Or will her wild nature continue to put up fences that will forever keep them apart?

Publisher’s Note: Wild Wisteria is a mostly stand-alone sequel to Marshal’s Law and Jackson’s Justice. It is a full-length erotic romance novel that contains sexual scenes and spankings, including domestic discipline in a historical setting. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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One response to “Maddie Taylor’s “Wild Wisteria”

  1. Oh, I don’t know, Rollin. There might be a little bit of taming and cultivating involved with Wild Wisteria. And there is definitely a healthy amount of rosy blooms and dewy petals, but on cheeks and ahem, well, yes… It is a hot and steamy spanking romance as you say. 🙂 Thanks so much for having me on today!


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