A Prince and his Bride

Spoiled princesses. You gotta love ’em. No medieval spanking romance is complete without a spoiled princess making life hell for her betrothed, her servants and probably the rest of the kingdom. She gets away with murder through most of the book, but then comes her day of reckoning, when her daddy the king finally realizes what his little angel really needs.

Here is a passage from PENDRAGON’S LASH. This ebook is a romance but still very much in the tradition of classic flagellant erotica, featuring a plethora of spanking scenes from ranging from romantic domestic discipline to formal judicial punishments and everything in between. I don’t mind claiming that it is a spanker’s delight in a medieval setting.

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Penelope heard that her father had arrived, so it was no surprise to her when the summons came to attend him in his quarters. She donned a festive gown, eager to show her father that she had fully recovered from the ordeal, and made her way to his suite of rooms. To her surprise, Edward was there as well.


“Papa,” she said, embracing her father. For a moment he held to her tightly. “My child,” he said. “It would have been the death of me had anything happened to you.” He took her by the shoulders and held her so he could look into her eyes. “Your husband-to-be saved you, but as I understand, you were very foolish. You disobeyed your future husband and left your quarters. Whatever were you thinking?” He fixed her with a sharp gaze that made Penelope want to squirm.

“I … I just wanted to see where they were going. That handmaid had taken my best gown, Father.”

“That handmaid, as you call her, slew your attacker,” said Theron de Granville.

“I know, Father, and I’m sorry.” But even as she said it, her expression was fixed in a petulant pout. She glanced at Edward, who had been standing there the entire time, just watching, arms folded. He had not had much to say to her, other than inquiring after her well being. He seemed content to withdraw and allow her to recover on her own.

“Well,” said Theron, “I’ve asked Edward here because I wish to give him a present for your wedding. It’s something I wish to give him in private, but I wanted you here as well.” Theron de Granville retrieved an article from a satchel and handed it to Edward. He accepted the gift with a wry grin on his face.

Penelope gaped. It was a paddle, a small wooden oval-shaped paddle, perhaps ten inches long, shiny from repeated applications of oil. Its purpose was immediately obvious and Penelope sputtered, “Father, how can you? I’m not some child.”

“Penelope, my darling daughter, I love you dearly, but your behavior put not only you at risk, but it put at risk an alliance that will serve your people well for generations to come. We are to be in New Norfolk soon and Edward now has responsibility for your well-being. I will leave you with him now, because I can imagine that Edward may have a few things to say to you about what is expected of an obedient wife.”

Penelope could only stare in shocked silence at her father’s retreating back as he strode from the room, leaving her alone with Edward. And she heard him say to the attendants at the door, “See that they are not disturbed for the next hour, and no matter what you hear, do not interfere.”

Penelope turned to behold a stern looking Edward, tapping the paddle against his palm.

“I think your father is right. We do need to talk about your behavior,” said Edward advancing slowly. Edward understood that Theron had not only given him the paddle as a wedding gift, he had given him the right to chastise his daughter.

Penelope gulped and started backing up. A cold chill had formed in the pit of her stomach.

“First, there was the scandalous performance at the palace in Port Sarum. For which others were punished, but not you. Second, there was the incident at the hot spring, for which others were punished, but again, not you. And finally, there was your disobedience three nights ago which nearly got you killed and almost deprived me of a wife whom I intend to love with all my heart, a wife who will unite our kingdoms and bear my sons.”

“What do you intend to do? Stop!” Penelope put up her hand and looked around, panicked, seeking some way out. There was none.

But Edward kept coming. “So it’s time we had a reckoning, and it’s time you paid the price for some serious misbehavior. So, come here, Penelope.” He held out a hand.

She meant to run. Where to, she had no idea. But Edward’s arm snaked out and grabbed her by her wrist. She struggled, but she was no match for his strength. He pulled her over to a low chest and sat down. Then he lifted her up as if she were a mere doll and deposited her face down across his knee. She squirmed and kicked, but he held her fast. With his left hand across her back pinning her, he lifted her dress with his right until he uncovered her backside. She shrieked for him to stop, but soon there was nothing covering her rear but her silky drawers. Edward regarded the plump bottom encased in the lacy drawers and sighed. She should be punished bare, he decided. It was how women on Pendragon were punished by their men. He hooked his fingers into the band at the top of the drawers and peeled them down. The sheer beauty of Penelope’s shapely bare bottom nearly took his breath away. The twin globes were full and perfectly rounded, proportioned to her curvy hips and slender waist. It was a bottom that jutted out, seemingly begging for attention, and the cheeks quivered lasciviously as she squirmed. Well, it wouldn’t be the last time he’d attend to these lovely cheeks, of that he was sure. Penelope was a woman who would take some taming.

Penelope froze when she felt Edward tapping the paddle on her seat. How ignoble! A spanking! I’m going to be spanked like a child! She had no more time to think about it. Her first spanking began with a loud crack as the paddle smacked her behind right where she sat.


“Ahh … yow!” The cry escaped her lips. It stung!

Crack! Again the paddle fell.

Crack! And again.

“Ow! Ow! Ow!” she yelped, unmindful of who might hear.

Edward spanked the wriggling bottom with firm snaps of his wrist, laying one spank after another on her bare cheeks, which flattened only to spring back to their original roundness a second later.

Penelope was shocked. It hurt like a fire, a hot blaze that exploded across her rear end and threatened to overwhelm her with its intensity. She tried to kick, to wriggle, but Edward held her fast, keeping the luscious target poised across his knees. He spanked her luscious bottom with gusto. As for Penelope, each smack hurt more than the previous one. It felt like her bottom was being positively roasted.

Edward developed a rhythm. Left cheek, right cheek, then dead center, right across her crease. Repeat. Smack! Whap! Crack! It seemed very efficient. He methodically decorated every inch of her shapely bottom with red bands left by the paddle. Her skin was fair, so it colored quickly. Soon her bottom cheeks were a glowing, brilliant red.

Through it all Penelope was not silent. “Yeowch! Edward, please! It’s burning me up. Ow!”

“It’s only what you deserve love,” said Edward as he applied one brisk spank after another. “Your handmaids were punished much worse than this.”

That it was true was not much consolation to Penelope, who thought she was being cooked in her nether regions. They can all hear, she thought. My shameful punishment, and they can all hear. Indeed the crack of the paddle on her flesh was loud, echoing off the bare walls of the inn. And her cries and yelps. They could hear those, too. I’ll never be able to face anyone.

Indeed from below, in the common areas of the inn, the faint cracks and wails could be heard. Heads turned and eyebrows were raised. Maids smiled knowingly. After all, who among them hadn’t been in that position? “It’s about time,” whispered a serving maid to another. “A proper tanning for a spoiled princess,” said the other. “And it’s likely just the beginning. I say well done, Prince Edward!”

Above in Theron de Granville’s suite, Edward lectured his bride-to-be as he applied a final ten hard and deliberate spanks with the paddle. Crack! “I love you.” Crack! “I want you safe.” Crack! “You will obey me in this.” Crack!

“Yes, yes, Edward. I’ll be good. Ahh … Oww!” She threw her head back and wailed and her feet flew up as the final barrage of spanks reduced her to a sobbing mess.

prince val 2

There! Thought Edward as he laid the last few smacks across her bright red derriere. He put down the paddle. Gingerly he lifted her to her feet. Great wracking sobs came from her throat, but she allowed Edward to embrace her.

“There. It’s over,” he said as she buried her face in his chest and cried. After a few moments she stopped, and he lifted her chin, looked her in her eyes and spoke. “Now, I want you to return to your quarters. Your handmaids will rub cream on your backside. Tonight there will be a banquet for your father, and we will celebrate. We will speak no more of this. Do you understand?”

“Yes, milord,” was all the chastened Penelope could say.



4 responses to “A Prince and his Bride

  1. Well told.


  2. Penelope gets a terrific spanking which, from the account of things, is well-deserved. I very much like the way it is described.


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