Publishing Update

A brief update on some developments of interest today since I’m down with some kind of virus and not hitting on all cylinders. First, The Princess and the Rogue– UK link– is now on sale at a reduced price of $2.99. US link–The Princess and the Rogue 


Here is a medieval adventure novel based very loosely (and with apologies to Mark Twain) on that classic, “The Prince and the Pauper,” (only with a princess and a pauperette — is that a word?) Anyway spankings and steamy interludes abound in this lusty romance. Here is a sample excerpt:

The girls were young, about her age. They had been made to look exquisitely beautiful. Their hair had been painstakingly coiffed and their arms and wrists were adorned with golden bracelets and other jewelry. One girl had long yellow hair and a light complexion. Her figure was willowy, her legs long, her neck slender. The other had dark hair that fell in ringlets. She was more voluptuous in her breasts and hips than her companion, but also fair skinned.

The thing that startled Juliet most was their attire. They wore short kirtles made of some sheer white fabric that revealed everything beneath. It was almost as if they were naked. The top of the flimsy garment draped over one shoulder leaving the other bare. A dainty golden chain encircled their waists, emphasizing the curves of their hips.

When the party who had startled Juliet entered the room, she had to stifle a gasp. It was Morgaine, a female attendant, and two men whose dress left no doubt that they were wealthy Ieryn.

Juliet saw the two men pace in a circle around the two girls, inspecting them from every angle.

Morgaine sat on a divan as the men continued the inspection. “Well Prince Feyd, Prince Arak, are they not lovely as promised?” said Morgaine. “These lovely creatures are Celeste and Thora.”

One of the men stroked his chin and nodded. “You did not mislead us, countess, they are both very comely.”

“Indeed,” said the other, “but have they been trained? Are they obedient? I do not wish to part with so much silk only to find that I have a surly she-cat on my hands.”

“We have a long journey back,” said the one called Feyd, “and I want a willing bed warmer, not a timid village girl, fearful of losing her maidenhood.”

“I assure you that both have been trained according to my methods. They will do whatever you say…and enthusiastically,” said Morgaine.

“How well do they accept correction?” asked Arak.

Juliet saw Morgaine smile broadly. “Merilda, hand Prince Arak your quirt.”

The stout mistress who accompanied Morgaine produced a short leather object from a belt worn at her waist and gave it to the prince. It had a handle and a short braided portion that ended in a large knot from which dangled three strands. “Pretend she has done something to displease you, Prince.”

“You,” said Prince Arak, indicating the dark haired beauty, “bend over and lock your hands behind your knees.”

The girl seemed to hesitate for a brief moment. Juliet saw tears fill her eyes and for a moment she hesitated, but silently she turned, bent forward and locked her wrists behind her knee hollows. The posture made her buttocks stick out and the fabric rose up over her hips, revealing everything. She trembled as the Ieryn prince casually flipped the hem of her brief skirt up onto her back. She was now bare from her ankles to her back. The prince casually flicked the whip around, testing it. Satisfied, he stood beside her and drew his arm back. There was an audible whine as the quirt sped to its target. The strands splayed out as they impacted the girl’s bottom with a sharp whack! Juliet winced as she heard the dark haired girl make a mewling sound. Again the lash fell. Her bottom globes quivered. The girl flinched with each lash, but did not move. He gave her six more lashes, the strands painting thin red lines on her bare flesh. She gasped at the apparent sting but held her position for the six.

“You may rise,” he said.

The girl stood, sniffling and teary eyed as she gently rubbed her whipped backside.

“Are they versed in the arts of pleasure?” said the other prince.

“Of course,” said Morgaine. She clapped her hands and said “Display.” The girls dropped to the floor and sat back on their haunches, knees folded beneath them. They parted their legs so that their secrets were clearly visible, their hands rested on their knees palms upward. The princes nodded approvingly.

“Would you care to sample their talents?”

“Very much,” said Feyd. “I would like the golden haired one.”

“As you wish,” said the countess. “Sit. They will come to you.”

The princes sat on a pair of low divans and waited.

“Thora and Celeste, go to them on your hands and knees and pleasure them orally.”

The pair moved to obey, crawling like lithe cats across the room. They knelt between the knees of the men and with their hands deftly extracted members already stiff. With delicate motions they stroked the erect penises and then lowered their lips to take them into their mouths. The men leaned back and let them continue, obviously enjoying their ministrations.

“Very talented indeed,” said Feyd, practically groaning with pleasure.

Juliet watched, fascinated and horrified. She’d heard of such practices, but these girls had been trained to do this. And now what? Were they to be sold to these men?

“Ahh,” said Feyd. “Be careful, my little pet.” He looked at the countess and explained, “This one has teeth.”

“If she displeases you in any way, you should punish her. She expects it. Go ahead. A brisk spanking should teach her to be more careful.”

Feyd nodded and pulled the girl’s head back. His penis fell out of her mouth with a loud plop.

“Across my lap, girl. I’ll have to teach you to be more careful.” He pulled her up and over his lap, flipping back the little flap of skirt. For the next several minutes his palm rang out as it struck the girl’s bottom in a barrage of brisk spanks, making her writhe and gasp. He spanked her hard, not holding back. She fluttered her long legs but did not try to wriggle away, knowing that any such action would likely earn her a worse punishment. When Feyd had reddened her bottom to his satisfaction, he put her back on her knees and let her continue pleasing him with her mouth.

When they had finished, Arak said, “Very nice, countess, for ones so young. You have trained them well.” Then he paused, “But am I to understand they are virgins?”

“Their maidenheads are secure,” said Morgaine. “But, there is another entrance that is available to you while you decide what disposition you wish to make.” That information elicited broad smiles from both men. “You may wish to make use of a special article made just for this purpose.”

She turned to her attendant. “Merilda, fetch a pair of the training benches.”

From a closet Merilda dragged a pair of benches of a curious design. They had upper and lower sections. The lower section was for kneeling. The upper section had a flat padded top that angled toward the floor. Morgaine commanded the girls to kneel across the devices. With their torsos flat on the upper sections, their buttocks were raised to a position of prominence. Juliet could see immediately that the posture was perfect for administering a whipping or for anything else to be visited on their backsides. Juliet shook her head in disbelief when she saw what happened next.

A broad strap was fastened across their backs by Merilda and wrists were locked in cuffs, low on the bench in front. The men moved behind the young women and loosed erections that had arisen once again in contemplation of new pleasures to be had. Both men guided their stiff cocks to the rear entrances of the girls’ bottoms. The girls shifted uncomfortably as they felt the presence of the men’s cocks nestling in the crevices of their bottom cheeks . Juliet saw Feyd spit and rub the spittle over the head of his prick before placing it at Thora’s rear orifice.

“We use the benches as training devices,” said Morgaine casually. “Once they get used to it, there is no need.”

Juliet watched transfixed as the men pushed, thrusting roughly with their stiff penises, forcing entry into the narrow anal orifices of the young women. The girls squirmed, moaning in apparent discomfort, and thrashing against the restraints of the benches, but were chided by Morgaine to relax as they had been taught. When the men were in to the hilt, they started a slow stroking, skewering their captive maids, alternately thrusting and withdrawing, while the objects of their desires cried out in distress at the rude impalement to which they were being subjected.

Limbs quivered and necks arched back, muscles were tensed and tendons were clearly stretched as the two maidens tried to cope with the awful invasion of their most secret places. Meanwhile the two princes continued ramming their erect members into the tiny orifices, their bellies slapping the reddened bottoms of the girls, oblivious to the pain and discomfort they were causing. The crying was reaching a crescendo and soon the men’s seed would be released, slaking their lust at last.

It was an awful sight for Juliet to behold. So this was what the dreaded training regimen was all about – learning to pleasure a man in every way imaginable and accepting punishment if it was not perfect. Juliet had seen all she wanted to see. She had to get out of there before they were done, and it seemed like a good time to leave while they were all so preoccupied. She slipped quietly out of the observation room and made her way back down the way she came.

In other news, my retro sci-fi novelette, The Menace from Mongo (US), has a new cover, improved formatting and has been re-edited. This eBook re-imagines the old black and white adventure serials of the 30’s written the way a spanking enthusiast might have done it, had such a thing been possible. Well, it is now. UK link

Mongo 1.0

Here is a brief excerpt:

Flash reached for the slave girl and caught her wrist. She tugged back, but her strength was no match for his. He pulled her to him and whispered to her. “I don’t want to do this, but I have no choice. Cooperate and I’ll go as easy as I can.” Her response was to hiss and struggle. Ok, thought Flash, if that’s the way you want it. He grabbed her and the flimsy tunic fell right off. She seemed shocked to be stark naked and stood as if dazed. Flash pulled her over to a low bench and sat on it. So she’s been a naughty girl, has she? Ok, here goes. He flung the girl face down across his knees. She tried to wriggle away, but Flash caught her hand and pinned it in the small of her back. The girl’s pale bottom cheeks quivered as she kicked and struggled. She was perfectly shaped with a firm, rounded bottom nicely set off from the tops of her thighs. The full fleshy cheeks jutted upwards as the girl was held face down, jackknifed across his knees. Flash raised his hand and delivered a crisp smack to the wriggling backside. The girl flung her head back and shrieked. He smacked her again, this time on the opposite globe and she wailed. Flash looked up at the Princess and paused.

“Well, Earth man, proceed. We will tell you when to stop.”

There was no help for it. Flash applied a stinging barrage of spanks to the succulent behind of the slave girl. She writhed and kicked but he held her down easily. His hand rose and fell, rose and fell. For the next few minutes the cell resounded with the sharp smacking sound of Flash’s palm on the unfortunate slave girl’s bottom. Her hind cheeks took on a distinctly bright red hue. Her cries rose to shrill yelps as he continued to spank her vigorously. She wriggled, humping up and down, pressing her pelvis into his knee. Then her cries became dull moans. For a time Flash was sure that she was actually trying to pleasure herself, lifting her bottom in time to the descending spanks then grinding herself on his knee…it was most curious.

“Stop!” The princess commanded. “It is enough.” She smiled and turned to leave. “I understand your need for privacy, but be assured that we are watching. Now do as I commanded.” She and her entourage left, slamming the cell door.

The slave girl slid to her knees. Her eyes were heavy with lust. Without being told to do anything of the kind, and to Flash’s utter surprise, she pulled out his manhood, stiff and engorged. Obviously she was aroused as a result the lusty spanking he’d administered to her jouncy behind, a behind which had wriggled so sexily. She pleasured him with her mouth until he was hard, and then turned, placing herself on all fours and thrusting her well spanked behind toward him. She looked over her shoulder expectantly. Flash did not have to be told what to do. He mounted her and slid his shaft into her warm channel. She moaned and thrust herself backward, impaling herself on his erect shaft. Flash thrust in and out vigorously and rode her to climax. Once her passion had been unleashed, she turned out to be insatiable and demanded that he take her, over and over, until both were exhausted.

They came and got her shortly thereafter, and left Flash alone in the cell.

Then there was silence again until the sound of heavy boots signaled that someone approached. They flung the door open and four guards with evil looking blasters pointed right at him surged into the room.

“You are summoned before Emperor Ming. You are to be judged, Earth man. Prepare yourself for a slow and painful death.”

Coming soon will be my third set of F/M spanking stories, Ladies in Charge, Vol. 3 and I’ll publish an excerpt this coming Sunday.

Finally my new spanking romance novel is finished and is winding its way through the review process with Stormy Night Publications. More on that later.


Hopefully in the next couple of days I’ll shake this crud and get back to the stories.


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