Innocence Enslaved

Here’s a brand new spanking romance novel by Maddie Taylor and Melody Parks entitled “Innocence Enslaved.” I’ll now turn it over to Melody and Maddie.

Hi Jordan. Thank you so much for having Maddie and I on your blog today with a special excerpt of Innocence Enslaved.


Excerpt- At Auction

“You’re good, Bart,” one of the other bidders hollered. “She’s a fine piece, though something tells me the best is yet to come.”

“Madame?” the auctioneer asked.

“I don’t need whores that need taming. I’ve got enough trouble.”

The crowd broke out in applause as the man ended it by shouting, “Sold! Congratulations, Bart. I envy you this one.” There was a round of ribald jests and a scuffling noise, including whimpers and muffled pleas of no. “Now comes what you’ve been waiting for, friends. Bring out the last of the lot.”

Her time had run out. It wouldn’t be long before some strange man, or debauched woman, took possession of her, probably with the intent to deflower her as quickly as possible. Emilia’s heart sank into the pit of her stomach and she began shaking fiercely as the rustle of footsteps signaled that her captor was near. It took only a moment to release her ankle cuff and shackle, then hard fingers took hold of her arm. She was led on bare feet through the prickly hay. When it gave way to thick grass, she knew she was outside. The crowd noise grew steadily louder and icy fear gnawed at her insides. She dug in her heels, frantically pulling at the grip that tightened painfully in reaction.

“You’ll make it worse for yourself if you resist, girl,” he threatened. It sounded muffled due to the erratic thud of her heart pounding in her ears and she couldn’t seem to get enough air. Her throat was dry and constricted, making it difficult to swallow, almost like the gag had slipped and lodged in her throat. Despite all this, she still mounted a struggle, futilely trying to break free.

She was dragged a few more steps before the man stopped. Her world turned on end the next moment and she screamed into the gag as he lifted her. Beyond terrified, she kicked and squirmed in his arms, still, he moved forward. He took her up some steps, his boots thudding loudly on the threads before depositing her on her feet. Other hard hands grabbed her, holding her in place as she listened to the dull thump of his steps retreating.

“And here is what I promised,” the auctioneer boomed suddenly in her ear making her jump. “Yet another spirited one that will be a pleasure to tame.”

His hands fell to her shoulders, though he stayed near, so close, his body brushed against her. She was assailed by the stench of sweat and the hot odor of ale on his breath. She grimaced, trying to pull away, when the sharp crack of two searing blows echoed in the heavy air as something, a lash perhaps, connected with her backside.

The crowd erupted in cheers as she squealed in surprise.

“Be still or there’ll be more of that, beauty,” the auctioneer droned low.

She froze, the stinging heat on her bottom, having captured her attention fully. Not daring to risk the whipping they spoke earlier, she did as she was told and stood still.

“Good girl,” he said quietly. “Now, I’m going to remove the blindfold and let the bidders see your lovely face. A word of warning, it will be bright after being in the dark so long.”

The black cloth fell away. Hues of pink and gold prickled behind her eyelids as the man offered her up to the hungry clamoring crowd. Even with her eyes clamped shut, she knew they stared at her, feeling their desirous eyes on her bare skin. She could picture their leering expressions. In her mind, they were a lustful, depraved, salivating horde and nothing she ever wanted to see. Perhaps if she kept her eyes closed, she wouldn’t ever have to know which smirking face belonged to the man they called Bart, the Madame, or any of the other corrupt men who preyed on helpless innocents such as herself and the many unfortunates who had gone before her.

She prayed fervently that no-one would bid on her, or by some divine intervention, her father would arrive and whisk her away to the safety of her childhood home. Like the others, she had recited these petitions repeatedly, offering up pleas for mercy, both silently and aloud, yet they remained unanswered.





The Blurb:

When she is abducted from her village, eighteen-year-old Emilia Selkirk’s world is turned upside down almost instantly. Stripped naked, bound, and placed on the auction block, her fate seems hopeless indeed, until a tall, handsome man speaks up to bid on her. His firm, commanding voice sets her blood on fire even as the kindness of his tone warms her heart, and she dares to hope that the future may not be as grim as she feared.


Corbet Mills, a wealthy merchant, has sworn off love forever. He has seen more than enough cruelty for one lifetime and slave auctions hold no interest for him, but when he sets eyes on Emilia he is captivated. Perhaps it is the quiet defiance evident in her pose or perhaps it is simply the alluring curves of the young redhead’s beautiful, naked form, but something about her calls to him, and he finds he can’t leave her to the cruel intentions of the leering crowd.


Intent on playing the part of the hero and keeping Emilia safe and pure until he can return her to her family, Corbet does his best to resist her allure. He provides for her, cares for her, and guides her, even when that means taking her over his knee and administering a long, hard bare-bottom spanking to correct her behavior. Yet, as he struggles to contain his growing desire to claim Emelia as his own, an old enemy takes a deeply unwholesome interest in her. In the midst of intrigue, danger, revenge, and murder, can Corbet protect the woman he has come to love?


Publisher’s Note: Innocence Enslaved is an erotic romance novel written in collaboration by Maddie Taylor and Melody Parks. It includes spankings, sexual scenes, exhibitionism, anal play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.


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Thanks again for having us here today, we hope you and your readers enjoyed a peek between our cover.


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  1. Thank you so much for having us here Rollin ☺
    By the way, I love your new book ☺


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