Addy Raine’s “Her Leading Man”

Today I’m hosting Adaline Raine who has written a new romantic spanking novel entitled “Her Leading Man.” The premise is the heroine is a spanking romance writer whose book has been chosen to be adapted for TV. She is invited to consult on the set and in the course of that discovers the leading actress won’t do the spanking scenes. What to do? Someone notices the author has a great derriere and since she apparently knows all about this, well … why not hire her as an extra?

I’ll let Addy take it from here.

Adaline: In the scene below Gretchen has just been punished with the belt. She has been acting up all day, and been generally out of sorts. Tristan wishes he handled things before they left for the set. They are already in a D/s relationship at this stage of the story.

AR HLM Small Letters


“I don’t like your belt very much.”

“My belt likes you.” Tristan took each of her hands in his and turned her until she was in his arms. A grin broke over her face and she lifted her chin to reach his mouth. He kissed her back, passionately, but quietly.

She broke their kiss, but her eyes sparkled as he held her there. “I will do a better job at balancing meals. You said you had a book with easy options?”

“I did, so partly my fault. I’ll bring it to you tomorrow. You can use a search engine online in the meantime.” Tristan helped her straighten. “Looking back, I should have taken you over my knee this morning. Even with your protests.”

“You were right. I did need this. All of this. I’m sorry I didn’t realize it. I did the exact thing you said I would. I acted up to get your attention.”

“You don’t have to act up anymore. I’m paying attention. If your head doesn’t figure it out soon, your behind will.” Tristan reached around to playfully squeeze the lower half of her ass.

“Would you take a bet as to which one gets it first?”

“Naughty. Girl.” Tristan pinched each side in turn, not as playfully this time. He released her, then tapped his finger on her forehead. “I’m hoping to get through your thick skull before you have to stand on set twenty-four seven just to avoid sitting down.”



Gretchen Williams had finally been offered her dream job. After years of writing—screenplays, various freelance jobs, and erotic spanking romance—one of her book series had been adapted for television. She had been over the moon at the invitation to join the crew on set and overlook day to day operations.

Of course she never expected to wind up as the whipping girl. The main actress balked at the idea of a hand coming anywhere near her perfect round behind, and after some deliberations Gretchen offers up her derriere for showbiz . She never dreamed her bottom would be on display for everyone to see, but the bigger problem is the sudden attention from the male lead actor.

Tristan Callahan knew exactly what he was signing up for when he accepted the contract for a one year term, tentative for a second season at best. The subject matter appealed to him for a variety of reasons, ones he kept to himself. Until Gretchen throws a temper tantrum like a true diva. He takes her in hand, right in her own trailer, proving that he’s been doing very little acting so far.

They embark into a secret D/s relationship.

When photos of them together at a local BDSM dungeon surface and leak to the media, they find themselves with tough choices to make. Will their relationship overcome the scandal or is Gretchen doomed to say goodbye to Tristan in true Hollywood fashion?


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