Some Artwork for F/M Sunday

There have been a fair number of artists over the years who have drawn F/M art, but not so many of them have explored femdom domestic discipline. There is Stanton, who I featured a week or two back, Jay Em, Paul Davies, Barbara O’Toole, Sassy  Bottoms, Sardax, Redrump, Banjo. I’m sure I’m leaving some out, but this is a relative handful compared to those drawing BDSM in general or even spanking in general.

I’ll get around to featuring some of these folks on future Sundays, but today I’m turning to Nu-West. Over the course of Nu-West’s illustrious pioneering efforts to make media available to spankos, it published comic books that could be obtained by mail order. Now of course those old comics have been scanned and posted in tumblr blogs all over the internet. The artist was someone named Stephanie Burke and what she drew were line drawings in black and white with an accompanying story line. These were, as usual, very evocative even though they were very simple. It is important to remember that at the time, in the late 70’s early 80’s, no one was serving the spanking enthusiast community, at least in the US. So while these drawings may seem somewhat elementary, I find them satisfying illustrations of classic themes.

Here is one called The Cloak Room, a school discipline story. This is the F/M part.


Uh, oh. A young lad is disruptive in class.

The dreaded “follow me, young man” command.

The strap whistles and falls with a series of sharp cracks heard by all outside the cloakroom.

A lesson learned?


Here is another one. This story is more textual, A Licking from Ma









I don’t have all of the next one, but these are some panels from A Visit to Aunt Rita’s


First comes the spanking.


Then the switch is brought into play.


Then the strap.


Was there a girl in the story too? Maybe not. It sounds like Aunt Rita invited friends over.


Finally a fave of mine.

24102010 61

The takeaway here is how a picture, and especially artwork can push so many buttons. These line drawings may seem rather elementary, but they sure do the job and Stephanie Burke, whoever she is, has captured the essence of the F/M spanking fantasy magnificently.


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