An Eventful Weekend II

This is the M/F portion of the story that ran Sunday before last. The cousins Rob and Ellie didn’t know it, but their friend Vicki turned out to be very curious indeed about the spankings they received from Aunt Mary.


Eventful Weekend II

I had been spanked – ignominiously and shamefully spanked. By my aunt. My cousin had gotten hers too — in the next room and I heard it all. I could replay in my head what it must have looked like. The scene – Ellie over Aunt Mary’s knees, shorts and panties bunched at her knees, her cute bare bottom wobbling as smack after smack landed on those pristine little cheeks turning them red. Ellie kicking and wriggling as her mom’s hand, then that hard hairbrush, dished out a lesson in stinging pain.


Vicki heard it too. Yes, Vicki, the object of my lust that vacation, heard the whole thing. Asking innocently if she could use the pool just before Aunt Mary had started in, she crept near the cottage and listened. So she heard me get it, but good. I was afraid she’d lose all interest in me after that. I’d howled like a banshee, hardly the stoic studly male I wanted her to think I was. I was supposed to be the leader. All during the trip the two girls had tagged along behind me while I fished, took out the boat, and swam. Sometimes they’d been bratty nuisances, like the incident that got us in trouble. But all the while, bratty kid or not, I’d kept my eye on Vicki and her hot cheerleader body. She seemed interested too, and I could feel the sexual tension developing. We had kidded around swapping insults, two against one, but I usually came out on top. So when I had that big putdown at my aunt’s hands, I figured she’d lose all respect for me.

But no. Big surprise. She was fascinated.


She came up to me as I walked out by the pool trying to calm down. My ass was still burning and my eyes were wet.

“I heard what happened, Rob,” she said. Her eyes were wide with astonishment and her hand half covered her mouth “It must have hurt something awful. Did it?”

“Yes,” I said. “It did. Did you see it?”

She blushed. “Well, a little. But,” she hastened to add, “it was wrong of me to peek, I know.” She must have seen me blush because she put an arm on my shoulder. “Not much, really. I could only see part of it, and I didn’t see any of Ellie’s.”


We took a walk down by the lake. “I guess it was pretty bad, hunh? Being held down over your aunt’s knee with your butt exposed like that? Did you try to get away?”

“No.” I shook my head. “She said she’d just start over again. I had to take it.”

“Oh, my! That’s awful. I don’t know what I’d do if I were put over someone’s knee and had my pants pulled down like that. You must have been embarrassed terribly.”

“Well, yes, if you must know.”

“To be naked like that and have someone smack your nude fanny over and over.” She visibly shivered as she said this with what sounded to me like breathless excitement, like it had stirred up passions she’d suppressed until now.


We walked a bit further, and I realized we were headed for one of the other cottages, a little bit back in the woods, set off from the others. This one was empty, not in use at the time.

“You know, this cabin isn’t locked. We could go in here and, well, talk.” She took my arm in hers and pulled me along. I said ‘ok’ puzzling over why we needed privacy to ‘talk,’ but I let her lead the way, and we entered the deserted cottage. Vicki closed the door behind her.


Once inside, Vicki leaned back against the door and brushed the hair out of her big round eyes. It had a way of flopping over and I loved the way she constantly pushed it out of the way to reveal that lovely face. She was pretty and sexy with a creamy complexion, big blue eyes and that corn silk hair. A teenage wet dream. Today she wore cut off shorts and an off the shoulder top over the tiny bikini she had worn at the pool. It was the eye candy outfit I’d feasted on all week long.


“You know, I’ll let you in on a secret, Rob.”

“What’s that?”

“I’ve never been spanked. Ever. Not by mom or dad or anyone.”


“Really. Even when I was little. Nobody ever laid a hand on me.”

“Well, you’re lucky then,” I said.

“I’ve heard other kids tell stories about it. The last pajama party I went to we all sat around and told stories about our worst spankings. I didn’t have anything to say.”

“You didn’t miss anything. It’s no fun.”

A sly smile tugged at the corners of her mouth. “Oh, I don’t know. It might depend on who is doing the spanking.”

“What do you mean?”

She sidled casually up to me and snaked her arms around my waist. “You could show me, you know.”

I said, “What?”

“Show me what a spanking is like. Just like the one you and Ellie got. Maybe not so hard? Just enough so I’d know.”

“You want me to spank you?”


She nodded, biting her lip. “Uh huh.”

I was astonished. “Why?”

“It looked and sounded, I don’t know, sexy, kinda. It made me excited, hiding outside and listening in on what was going on.”

“You were eavesdropping, Vicki.”

“So?” She grinned, a sassy and flirtatious tease. “Maybe I should be spanked for that.”


I decided to play along. Clearly she was interested. This sexy tension had been simmering between us since day one, but she’d had Ellie as a foil to divert anything serious. Now Ellie was nowhere around. Vicki had engineered it so we were alone in a deserted cabin.


“Maybe you do deserve a spanking. After all the whole incident was caused by you and Ellie together, not just Ellie.” I dragged a chair from a dining nook over to the center of the room. I sat down and said, “I’ll show you what a spanking is like, but you are going to feel it. I’m not playing patty-cake.”

She gulped and twitched a bit. “Ok,” she said in a small voice.

“All right, then, come over here.”


She shuffled over with mincing steps like now maybe she wasn’t so sure. I had her stand in front of me, between my knees.

“Now what you do is take down your shorts.”

“Can’t you just spank me over my shorts?”

“You wanted to know what it’s like. I had to take my pants down. So did Ellie.” I wasn’t going to let her out of that one.


She hooked her thumbs in her shorts and tugged them down with a sexy shimmy. Underneath she had on skimpy green bikini bottoms, tied together by little strings on either side.

“Come over here,” I said, pulling her around to my right side. She complied. “All right, Vicki. Over my knee,” I said.


Vicki put her hands on my thighs and eased herself across my lap. The feel of warm girl flesh in such intimate contact with my groin area was an instant turn –on, and I could feel myself get hard. I’m sure Vicki felt it too, but she laid herself over, letting her weight settle with a wriggle or two to get comfortable. I put an arm on her upper back and allowed my hand to rest on her bottom. Vicki’s behind was barely covered by the tiny amount of cloth that formed her bikini panty. Her bottom was exquisitely shaped – round and full. It was in fact, one of her best features. I had been eyeing that saucy wiggle all week, whether in a swim suit, shorts or tight pants. Now here it was, right beneath my hand. And she wanted me to spank it. I had never spanked a girl before, so I had no prior experience, but having felt it from the other side, I had no doubt I could give her what she was asking for.

My hand went to the side strings and I pulled one. She gasped. “Oh, please no. Don’t bare my bottom.”

Her protest sounded hollow. “That’s how I got it, Vicki. I thought you wanted the full experience.”

“I—I guess so,” she said.

I peeled away the suit to reveal two pristine white cheeks bordered by faint tan lines on her back and upper thighs. She was a true cotton tail. The feel of her springy flesh under my palm was electric. I rubbed her bottom in little circles and patted which I remembered Aunt Mary doing while she lectured me.

“Ok, I’m going to start now, “I said. “Are you ready?”

“Yes, I think so,” she said in a small voice.

“Ok, here we go.”


I raised my arm and brought it down smacking her left cheek. She stiffened. I smacked the other side, same amount of force. Handprints sprang up.

“Oh!” she uttered, surprised.

I settled into a pace, spanking her left, right and center, right across the crease. She wriggled but did not resist.

“This is what it feels like, Vicki,” I said spanking the lovely cheeks of her jouncy fanny. She writhed and bounced.

“Oh! It—it stings, Rob.”

“Yes, I guess it does.” It stung my hand, so it must be stinging her behind I figured.

I was getting into it now, spanking at a brisk pace, spreading the blows around so that every inch of that pert rear end got its share of smacks. Her behind bobbed deliciously, rippling in response to impacts from my hand.

“Oooh, ow! Ow!” she said, squirming around and fluttering her feet.

“This is a spanking, Vicki. It feels hot doesn’t it? Like this stinging heat that won’t let up.”

“Yes, yes, ooh, ow!”

I kept up a brisk tattoo of spanks. She wiggled delightfully, the wobbly cheeks doing a sexy lap dance for my benefit. I wasn’t hitting especially hard. I did not want to really hurt her, but she had been curious and I figured this treatment was doing the job. I had to raise her level of discomfort to where she wanted it to stop to be an effective lesson.

She bucked over my lap, and I noticed she had begun to grind her pelvis into my knee. It sort of pumped her bottom up and down. Then she said something that totally floored me.


“What?” I said. I was floored. She wanted it harder?

“Harder. I want it harder. Spank me hard.”

“As the lady wishes.”

So I did. I put a lot more force behind the spanking. The next volley of spanks flattened her cheeks, making them ripple continuously with little shock waves, and she bucked up and down, vigorously rubbing her pelvis on my knee like a grinding dry hump. She wriggled making her bottom jiggle lasciviously. It was sexy beyond belief.

“Unhh…uh….unhh,” she groaned. I smacked her behind hard but at a measured pace. She lifted her rear, seeming to time it so her fanny rose to meet my hand on its descent. The smack-smack-smack of my hand on her bare flesh echoed off the cabin walls in the confined space.

At the same time a musky scent assailed my nostrils and my hand drifted to the slit between her legs. She was sopping wet. I’d had enough experience with girls (usually in the back seat of dad’s car) to know this meant she was really aroused. It sure seemed that way. I interspersed spanking her fanny with rubbing her slit, letting my finger slip into the folds. So I alternated volleys of spanks with fingering her pussy. From the way she bucked and bobbed she was obviously in the throes of a powerful sexual stimulation. Her movements became more and more frantic and jerky until finally she moaned and shuddered before slumping over my lap like a limp rag.

She was out of breath and I was out of breath.

“Oh my God, Rob,” she said.


She lay there for a minute then slid off my lap to kneel between my legs. I saw her fumble with my zipper and next felt her hand inside my pants. The boner I had by that time was almost painful. She drew it out and bent her head to kiss the tip. I almost came then but managed to hold back. Vicki was a girl who obviously knew what she was about. The slow tease that had been building all week had now come to this. A climax was building like magma pushing to the surface of a volcano. Waves of pleasure engulfed me. She let her lips play along my shaft until my humping and jerking must have signaled to her I was about to explode. And explode I did. She pulled her lips off my prick with a loud plop just as I came, shooting hot streams of jism all over the cabin floor as she pumped away with her hand.


The shadows were getting long and we figured we had to get back. We had lost track of time. Vicki got some paper towels from the kitchen and was cleaning the floor when we heard footsteps on the porch. The door was flung open and who should march in but Aunt Mary and Vicki’s mom. We froze like deer in the headlights.


“Just what on earth have you two been doing?”


The weekend wasn’t over yet by a long shot.















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