My Favorite Spankees

Back in the dark ages or at the time of the dinosaurs, the late ’60’s and early ’70’s, (whatever) there was no internet. In fact, in the US, there was little in the way of media that serviced the spankophile community. Hell, there wasn’t even a community. All of us who were “into” spanking figured we were alone and few of us had any means of reaching out to others. Oh, there were dominatrix’s and all that, but it was all leather and whips and commands to ‘bark like a dog’ — hard core femdom stuff. Just plain spanking was apparently too tame or too lame. So called “adult” bookstores did sell paperback books and there was a small niche devoted to spanking, 90% of which was penned by Paul Little and Will Henry under their many pen names. There was no other media to speak of.

The first US company that tried to service this market was Nu-West. They first came across my radar screen in about 1975. Over the years this company has introduced models in their photo shoots, 8mm film, VHS and finally DVD’s that have been my favorites. I’ll be doing a feature on each one of these ladies, but for now I thought I’d just identify my favorite spanking models from Nu-West.

I’ve already done a article on Debby, perhaps their most famous and iconic model, so she won’t be the focus of future features. I’ve also covered the one hit wonder, Cindy in an earlier post. We’ll proceed further from there.

Nu-West introduced several models who later became well-known to collectors of spanking media.My top three were Kiri Kelly, Tanya Fox, and Jaque. In future posts I’ll cover each of these in some depth but for now I’ll just identify who they are.

Kiri Kelly

She first appeared in Spanked Females No. 6 a compilation of no-plot spanking scenes featuring different women. From there she made numerous other videos, did magazine shoots and was generally a player in that SoCal BDSM scene for something like 7 or 8 years. She left the scene some time in the late ’90s as memory serves.


With Anne Bowman


The famous caning video, supposedly a recreation of a real event, the judicial caning of an airline attendant in 1959 in South Africa.


Tanya Fox

Tanya Fox was a porn actress in SoCal who migrated from hard core porn in the 80’s over to BDSM and spanking. She did videos for Nu-West and a host of others as well as appearing in bondage magazines.


Now THAT’S a bubble butt. With Ed Lee.

Screenshot 2015-09-09 15.36.42

Over the infamous “box”. That’s a young Chelsea Pfeiffer in the background.


With Joanne Jamison



The spelling of her name varied, but good grief what a babe. She appeared at Nu-West one day and made several videos, well into the 2000’s.

Her debut with Ed Lee.


Jaque had a body like a real life Barbie doll, just an incredible figure.


A face like Vanna White.


Like I said, a fabulous figure.


After Ed Lee passed away her whereabouts are unknown. As far as I know she modeled only for Nu-West.

In future posts I’ll cover these ladies in more depth with more still shots and screen grabs. They were all terrific models in their day, and not just because of their looks. They expressed their own unique personalities on screen and made it seem real.


4 responses to “My Favorite Spankees

  1. I’m guessing that we are about the same age. OLD FARTS. I remember the exact same things. The Time Square book shops and the Will Henry books that I once owned every one of them. Mr. Magazine could be counted on to have a few letters to the editor about spanking. McClintock was the best movie out with two spanking scenes. If you got lucky there was a movie that played for about a month in a sleazy Time Square movie house called “Spank Me, Spank Me” I watched it about 5 times. It was short and grainy but it was a spanking movie in a movie theater.

    We didn’t have Internet and we didn’t have much communication but what we did have was that Sorority Pledges got paddled openly. Also husbands spanked their wives without going to jail. .

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  2. As a ‘service spanker’ I have had my share of lovely bottoms over my knee; ladies who shared ‘the urge’ and were willing to meet a strange man in a motel or in their own homes. Alas, that seems to have declined, with the advent of public BDSM parties. Oh well, I had my fun!


  3. jaque is by far the most desirable spankee of all i wish i could meet her just once if only for a coffee just to talk to her i am smitten and have been for years


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