F/M Spanking Sunday — The Naughty Voyeurs

Here is an excerpt from an upcoming story collection. This is taken from the story “Doreen and Kyle.” The pair are sitting in a restaurant having a discussion that turns to the subject of spanking and their own past experiences.

“No, I didn’t get spanked as a kid, so I guess you’re right.” Kyle paused a minute, pulling up an old memory. “But I sure saw one, and I never forgot it.”

“Really?” said Doreen, all ears now. “Tell me about that.”

“You really want to hear this?” said Kyle. He had to wonder what Doreen found so fascinating.

She grinned broadly. “Uh—hunh.”

“Ok. I’ll tell you. It really made an impression on me,” he said shaking his head. Doreen leaned forward on her elbows and listened intently while Kyle told his story.

“It happened at this day camp I went to as a kid. It was run by this woman named Dottie Gregory, who I’ll never forget as long as I live. It was a coed day camp and Dottie Gregory was the owner and head swim instructor. This place was a Christian day camp run on biblical principles, which wasn’t my parents’ thing, but a lot of my friends went, so I went too. While it was mostly fun and games coupled with bible study, the camp had rules and there was discipline, discipline that could be enforced the old fashioned way. The other parents were all on board with it. To go to the camp they had to sign a special form giving Dottie the power to use corporal punishment if misbehavior got out of control, and my folks signed it too, I guess. I don’t really know because, as I’m about to tell you, it never came to that, at least not for me. So, anyway, other kids were aware of the possibility, so it wasn’t surprising that they were just a little afraid of Dottie. While all the counselors were college girls in their late teens and twenties, Dottie was in her mid- thirties, the adult in charge.

The camp had a swimming pool and there were separate changing rooms for boys and girls in a bath house next to the pool. The way the bath house had been built, there was a wall that was common to both changing rooms. It was old cinderblock construction and in places the cement had begun to crumble. One day some kid noticed that a chunk had fallen out of a seam between blocks and he climbed up on a bench to investigate. To everyone’s glee, the loose chunk had opened up a narrow hole providing a peek into the girls’ changing room.

Well, this was just too good. We were all changing out of swim trunks and a bunch of us boys all crowded around the hole, many of us still undressed. So you had all these naked boys taking turns peeking and gawking at the naked girls. Then one of the girls in the adjoining dressing room noticed an eye peeking through the hole and all hell broke loose. She shrieked. After that, it was game over. We had been busted.

“So you peeked, too?”

“Yeah, I climbed up there and peeked, so I saw it all. It was the first time I’d seen naked girls. But I got shoved out of the way, so I was down and on the other side of the room when it all blew up. But three of my friends were caught red-handed.”

“But not you,” said Doreen with a smirk. “You little rat. You should have been caught.”

“Yeah, probably. Not me, though. I was about to dress, but I wasn’t anywhere near the hole by then. The jig was up for the others.”

Doreen shook her head. “Boys will be boys.”

“After that, things happened fast. Dottie came bursting into our side of the dressing room only to see three of my friends, not a stitch on, pushing and shoving over who got to look through the crack. Everybody screamed and scrambled to cover up. You have to remember, at that age there was nothing more embarrassing for a boy than for a woman, any woman, to see him without his clothes on. Unfortunately my three buddies had no way of grabbing their clothes. Dottie ordered them to stop right there and not move. When she saw the erections on those three, her face turned red and her expression turned dark. She put her hands on her hips and stared at the boys who stood there, frozen to the spot.

My heart pounded and a cold chill ran up my spine as I watched what happened next. I’ll never forget that scene. Dottie sat down on a bench. She told all the boys in the dressing room to line up along a far wall while she called the three peeping toms over to her side. After a blistering scolding, complete with finger wagging and quotes from the bible on the perils of sin, she announced the sentence.

‘You boys know it wasn’t right to spy on the girls,’ she said. ‘And just look at the state of your penis’s. Why, you’ve all got erections. Here at this camp we don’t put up with such un-gentlemanly behavior. Well, I know what each of you need—‘  There was this breathless pause where you could hear a pin drop‘–and that’s a good sound spanking on your bare fannies. A nice long hard spanking over my knee will teach you all a good lesson you won’t forget, and then you are going to apologize to the girls for your nasty behavior.’ The boys all started to cry and plead, but she was determined. Dottie called the first boy out, crooking her finger. ‘Jimmy Knox, come here and get across my knee.’


Jimmy shuffled forward and she grabbed his wrist and hauled him over her knee, face down and bare bottom up. When she had his little fanny propped up just so, she launched into a noisy spanking – full meaty smacks that sounded like rifle shots in that closed cinder block room. Her hand flashed up and down like a jackhammer. Boy, she spanked that kid’s bottom until it glowed. She really gave him a tanning –with this steady smack! Crack! Whack! Of her palm—one side then the other, back and forth, and right across the crease. She had Jimmy squirming and howling and kicking his legs. I’d never seen any spectacle like it. Jimmy flopped around over Dottie’s lap but she held him in a vise grip while her palm turned his behind a bright red. It went on for several minutes at least, and by the time Dottie had finished with him, poor Jimmy was crying real tears and promising all kinds of good behavior. The other two boys got their tannings in turn. Dottie didn’t slow down or ease up. The punishment ended with my three friends facing the wall and sobbing their eyes out, bright red butts on display.

“Whoa!” said Doreen. “How did that make you feel?”

“I was still undressed and the worst part was, I had a woody too. I was afraid she’d see.”

“Why the erection? Did you want to change places?”

Kyle laughed. “Are you kidding? Hell no.”

Doreen tilted her head, smiling and obviously skeptical of his denial. “Methinks the lad protesteth too much. Clearly, it fascinated you and there was excitement in there somewhere.”

Kyle saw the knowing smile and blushed. “Ok. I was curious, that’s all – I mean about what it felt like. There was something sexy about it. You know — this woman in a tight swimsuit dishing out punishment on some bare fannies while they laid across her bare legs. You know, your, ah, man parts would be flesh to flesh with her legs.  I don’t know. I guess it was arousing to imagine that.”


“Arousing, you say. Hmmm.” She twirled a stick in her drink. “Ever want to know what it would have felt like that day? I mean, it could have been you.”

“Yeah, I guess I dodged a bullet.”

“Did you?” Doreen flashed him a wicked smile. “Maybe you’d like to know.”

Kyle was still blushing. He shrugged and said, “Too late now.”

Doreen had to think. Was this what floated his boat? Had she stumbled onto something? She studied his body language. A few beads of sweat had broken out on his forehead and his hand looked shaky. His face was flushed. There was clearly some excitement there as he had described the spanking. She wished she could see under the table to assess the state of his penis because she bet it was hard. If this was a path to seduction, she’d take it another step further – throw out some bait and see if he hit on it.




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