Cindy’s Wager

The video I’m using to illustrate this little story is a Shadow Lane ( production called “Double Feature, No. 1.” It’s two short films, unrelated, rolled into a single product. They did three of them. My interest is in the first part of film no. 1. You can read their story line (different from mine) by referencing the product at this link:  Double Feature No. 1. In fact, you can buy it there, and it’s an excellent video. Part 2 features a young Chelsea Pfeiffer. The stills are the result of my once having bought a copy of the video, which I can no longer find.Color DVDÕs 1-49

I really like this video. Typical of Shadow Lane, it is a quality production on several levels. One thing I like about it, is the model, Georgia Gold. She is a pixie-sized blonde with a cute peach shaped bottom. Body like a gymnast. I don’t recall ever seeing her in any other video, but I’m sure she was in a few.


To say he was upset is putting it mildly. It was attitude — typical Cindy, and it was getting tiresome. It seemed like they could not go out in mixed company or have friends over and have fun. No, Cindy had to be the center of attention, so nothing else was allowed to compete.

Here they were, at Vic’s place with friends, having a good time and someone turns on the  TV just in time to catch the big playoff game. It’s right at the start of the fourth quarter and Portland is up by fifteen. All his friends are now interested in the game and so is he. They crowd onto the couch. Everybody starts in, yelling at the TV whenever someone sinks a shot (or misses badly). Cindy, however, pouts. Her attitude is a wet blanket. Vic sighs. It’s not the first time.

“What’s the matter with you?” says Vic, noticing Cindy slumping back and scowling. “It’s an exciting game,” he says, pointing at the TV. “See? The lead has been cut to twelve.”

“It’s stupid. Who cares who wins the stupid game?”

Vic laughed. “The Vegas oddsmakers do, I’ll bet. Maybe you would be excited too if something was on the line. People bet a lot of money on these games.”

“Well, they’re stupid.” She huffs, folding her arms.

That gives Vic an idea.

Vic looks Cindy in the eye, flashing his best wicked smile. “Let’s have a bet.”

“Bet what? I don’t have any money.”

“Oh, we don’t need money. I was thinking of something else.”

Now a few friends take notice and listen in as action is suspended for a time out.

Vic looks at the scoreboard. The Blazers are still up by ten. Four minutes to go.

“Who do you think will win?”

Cindy notes the score and the time left. “Obviously the guys in white.”

Steph Curry checks back in.

“Obviously?” says Vic.

“Yeah. C’mon, the other team is behind by ten points.”

“Ok, you’re on. If you have the nerve.”

“For what?”

“You win, it’s dinner and dancing at the place of your choice. Cost no object. I win, you submit to a spanking.”

Now everyone’s ears perk up. Knowing looks and sly smiles are exchanged. They all know Vic is into this “spanking thing.” Cindy is a new girlfriend, though. Maybe he hasn’t initiated her yet.

“A what? A spanking?” Cindy’s eyes bug out.

“Yep,” says Vic. “Just like momma used to do … or daddy, maybe.”

Cindy blushes as some hidden memory bubbles up. She considers this. What she really wants is Vic’s undivided attention.

“This date. Just the two of us?”

“That’s it. Just you and me.”

“Okay. You’re on.”

The Warriors bounce back. Curry is on fire. He’s popping in threes from all over. With six seconds to go, the Blazers are up by two. Time out, Warriors.

“Care to double down?” says Vic.

Cindy gulps. What once seemed a remote possibility is creeping closer. She hasn’t been spanked since that time in high school. That had been a humiliating, but strangely arousing experience. And it hadn’t been a parent. It had been Jeff Tarrant at a beach party. She’d been clad in a brief bikini when Jeff hauled her over his knee and swatted her fanny about a dozen times for some bitchy thing she’d done. All in fun, of course, but somehow it had made her hot and she and Jeff had made out pretty heavily later that night.

“Yeah. Okay. Two dinner dates, then.”

“Or two spankings.”

Cindy licks her lips nervously.

Everyone is glued to the action on TV. “Inbound to Curry. He dribbles, looking for an opening. Five. Four. Three. He jumps. Fires. It’s good! Curry nails a three and Golden State defeats Portland 117-116.”

Cindy looks aghast. How did this happen? She’s treated to chuckles and knowing looks. The party winds down. Guests start to leave.

“Ya’ll have fun tonight,” says Samantha, a sultry brunette from Georgia as she prepares to leave. She grins broadly and leans over to whisper in Cindy’s ear, “Just wiggle that cute fanny of yours in his face, honey. He’ll forget about the spankin’ and start in with the lovin’.”

Cindy isn’t so sure about that. Vic had been really put out with her when he proposed that bet. After Samantha and her boyfriend leave, Vic goes into his bedroom for a moment, then comes out and sits on the couch.


“Well, here we are,” says Vic.

“Yeah, here we are.” Cindy twists her fingers nervously.

“I think we have something to take care of. A little matter of a bet?”

Cindy looks around, searching, hoping maybe the cavalry will show up. They don’t. She shrinks back. Waves a hand. “Noooo!”


“Yes. Time to pay up, Cindy. A wager is a wager. You’ve got a spanking coming.” He grabs her and pulls her over his lap. Up comes the stylish red dress revealing red panties.


Vic admires the view for a moment. Cindy squirms, not believing this is really happening. His palm splats down.

Smack! Smack! Her bottom jiggles. Red handprints appear.

“Ow! Ow! That stings, Vic!”

“Well, that is the point, Cindy,” says Vic as he lands smack after smack on Cindy’s wriggling derriere.

Down come the wispy panties.

“Vic, no! Eeek!” He has bared her. Her nude bottom is on full display.

She flutters her legs and humps up and down. It doesn’t help. She feels a hot stinging sensation as Vic peppers her wobbly cheeks with brisk smacks. Curiously it is not all that painful, at least not yet. It’s the fact that she’s held in this ignominious position, over his knee, that is so mortifying. Her behind feels hotter, a blaze that grows with each sharp spank that lands.

“Ow! Ow! Yow!” It’s more intense now. Her seat is ablaze. Her feet go thump-thump-thump into the couch as she kicks.


“I was put out with you, little girl. What was with that attitude tonight?”

“Wah! You weren’t paying attention to me,” she wailed.

“You have my undivided attention now, Cindy,” says Vic, delivering another flurry of brisk smacks.


“Oh, ow! Oh, ow!” yelps Cindy, now wiggling her fanny in his face as Samantha had suggested, but this time an unplanned response to Vic’s meaty smacks impacting her bottom.


“I guess that’s enough for now, Cindy. Hop up.” Vic stops and sets her on her feet.

Cindy rises with a grimace. She rubs her cheeks which are a hot pink and itchy hot to the touch.

“Go into the bedroom and put on what you see lying on the bed. Time for spanking number two.”

In a daze she obeys him.

What in the world? It’s a schoolgirl uniform. Part of her thinks this is crazy and outrageous, but another part of her is turned on. Vic had been aroused. She had felt the hardness underneath her belly as he spanked her. Her sex is wet. He is really into this and Cindy decides she doesn’t mind all that much. Her bottom is glowing but it is a good glow – warm and pulsing. She puts on the outfit and returns to the living room and a waiting Vic.


This time the spanking is slow and sensuous. Vic puts her over his knee and starts on the panties. They don’t absorb much but then he’s not spanking her too hard, and he rubs her in between sets of smacks.


Then the panties come down and Vic resumes – slow measured cracks of his palm in a steady tempo. She rubs her pelvic bone against his knee and it shoots sensations of pleasure up her spine.



His hand drifts between her legs and she opens them, squirming now and pumping, trying to impale herself on his fingers.vlcsnap-2014-07-24-14h05m14s30


Somehow she loses the rest of her clothes except for her socks. Does she look sexy with nothing on but socks? The hardness beneath her says ‘yes.’  The blows from Vic’s hand echo off the walls.


Suddenly she feels something new, something sharper. Ouch! She looks back. He has a hairbrush.


“This is to remind you, little girl, that I want a gracious hostess when friends come over, not one with attitude. If you want attention from me, you’ll get it. Just be sure you want the right kind.”

Smack! Crack! Splat!

“Ouch! Yes, Vic!”


That hurt, but secretly she is pleased. He stops caresses her body like a precious instrument. He has played her like one and she is boiling over with desire now, eager for him.

As they prepare to make love, she reflects that this bet wasn’t so bad. She’d lost the bet but won the only game that mattered.





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