F/M Spanking Story Sunday — End of Term

This Sunday’s story is by an author named Bushmutt. It’s another USENET find from long ago. The plot is hardly original except for the fact our antagonist is a bit more predatory than your average run-of-the-mill college professor. I’ve made some revisions to tighten it up.


Artwork by Jay Em, Nomad, Stephanie Burke, Danny M, others unknown.

Cover photo

End of Term-Part 1 By Bushmutt


James just couldn’t believe it! Mrs. Woods had just given back his last assignment, and he realized that he would have to get a 90 on the final just to pass her course.  “What am I to do?” he pondered.  He decided to go and talk to Mrs. Woods, and she told him to meet her at her office at 5 pm so they could discuss his problem. He arrived at her office a few minutes late for their appointment, ten to be exact. Mrs. Woods sat at her desk with a stern look on her face as he walked through the door.

“James,” she began, “How do you expect me to be serious about your problems if you can’t even show up on time, not to mention that you come late to class often, that is, when you come at all. Do you know what happened to students who were late for appointments back in my day?”

“No…” James responded, sheepishly.

“I’ll tell you,” she said, very seriously. “The professor quietly closed the door behind the student, and then used a certain method known back then as corporal punishment to teach them some respect for their professors. Do you know what corporal punishment is, James?”

James stood in shock. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing.  “Yes, but, you can’t mean…I mean, you aren’t suggesting…” He was quite short for words. He pictured some lurid possibilities. Weren’t schoolboys birched or something?



“Yes, James, I do mean. You know as well as I that you are in a serious bind. You have almost no hope of passing my course without me interfering on your behalf. Your attendance is pitiful, and your grades reflect that. And this habit of yours of arriving late annoys me to no end, because you create a disturbance every time. To me this shows a lack of respect for the teacher, and a general bad attitude. If you want me to even consider giving you a passing grade, you’ll have to consider that I’m going to correct your behavior first, starting with your late arrival to this appointment…”

She got up from her desk and crossed her arms.  “Well James, what will it be?”

James was totally shocked. He couldn’t believe what Mrs. Woods was insinuating. She did come from England, but this was modern day North America, this was university, and he was 25! They weren’t in Victorian England! He stood there, head bowed, and thought. He really had no other choice. He absolutely had to pass that course. His parent’s wouldn’t accept otherwise…  He looked up at her.  “Yes Ma’am…whatever you want…I need the grade.”  He felt so ashamed, and shocked. He couldn’t believe it.

“Good. So first things first, we’ll deal with your tardiness, as regarding this appointment. You have two choices for correction. I can punish you with a good spanking…” She let that sink in a minute—“you over my knee, pants and underwear down, on your bare bottom until its rosy red. Or…” She paused to reach into the drawer of her desk and produced a two foot long wooden ruler, “I can use this to strike your hands and swat your bottom. 10 strokes on each of your hands, and 10 on your bottom, pants down, but you can leave your underpants on. Your choice. Decide.”

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James was still shocked, and even more now, seeing as Mrs. Woods had just implied that she would spank him in the nude, and therefore would see his penis. He absolutely didn’t want that! An old lady checking out his privates, just dangling there with his testicles as he waited to be spanked, and while she spanked him too. How embarrassing…  “But Ma’am,” he implored. “You’ve really only given me one choice, as you can’t possibly expect me to let you see my privates?”

“Your privates!” she laughed. “You mean your penis and your testicles. You won’t be the first young man whose manhood I’ve seen dangling between his legs while he waits for me to redden his behind.”  She shifted her attention from his incredulous expression (he could not believe the things that she was saying) to the long and heavy wooden ruler she held, and ran her hand over it.  She looked back at him. “Have you ever had your palms struck James?”


“It hurts an awful lot.” She said smirking, looking down at the implement. “You’ll probably cry within the first 5 or 10 strokes, and your hands will sting for the rest of the day. So James?”  She cracked the thick wooden ruler against her own palm and winked at him with an evil grin.

He didn’t know what to do, he didn’t want to show her his privates, but he needed his hands in good shape to type up a rather large assignment when he got home.  Resigned to his fate, he replied, “I’ll take the spanking…”

“Oh.” She was surprised at his choice. “Well then…”  She put the ruler down and summoned him over to her.  “Come round the desk James. Good…Now just stand there with your hands up behind your back.”  James did as he was told, and Mrs. Woods began to go about removing his pants. Slowly but surely she unbuckled his belt, then unbuttoned his pants, and then down came his zipper. Placing her hands inside his hips, she began to pull down his pants, but not before looking up at him, as he stared across the room, frozen in shame.  “For such an undisciplined boy, you are quite obedient.” she informed him as her fingers slipped inside the elastic of his underwear and she pulled his pants and undies down to his knees, exposing his privates at the level of her face. He grimaced as she momentarily perused his dangling parts.  She then stood up and ordered him to remove his pants. He clumsily obeyed, bending over and nervously trying to pull his pants over his shoes while she towered over him, watching him intently, grinning. His privates were out of view, but she walked around behind him where he was exposed, and viewed his clumsy attempts from there.  His was having quite a difficult time, of course, and she was becoming impatient.

“Take off your shoes silly boy!” she shouted at him, and gave him a stinging swat on his exposed lower left cheek.  He jumped and quickly got on the floor where he could take off his shoes. Even more now she towered over him as he removed his shoes and pants, arms folding, glaring down at him.  When he was naked from the waist down she grabbed his arm and hauled him up and over to the wall where she ordered him to bend over and grab his knees.

“But I thought this was just a spanking…” he whined, while obediently bending forward.

“It will be James.” She snapped at him. “But first I have to punish you for wasting all that time taking off your pants. You try my patience severely James so I’m adding a few strokes! Feet apart! Now!”  She dealt him another swat, this time to the back of his left thigh. He moaned and spread his feet.  “Wider!” she shouted, smacking his other thigh.

He gasped and spread his feet again. “What a taskmaster.” he thought to himself.  Looking through his thighs, past his embarrassingly exposed privates, he watched as she went to her desk and removed the ruler from the drawer.

“Look ahead!” she shouted at him while walking back towards him.


He crooked his neck forward and stared at the beige stucco wall. He could feel her walk up behind him.  “Put your bottom up,” she told him in a more reasonable tone.  Slowly he arched his spine, knowing full well that this made him all the more exposed, that she could now see the brown star that was hidden in the cleft between his cheeks. She put her hand on the small of his back, putting pressure on the arch. He could feel her pressing the ruler firmly across his cheeks. He began to sweat. What was she going to do?

“When was the last time you were spanked, James?” she asked in a nonchalant manner.

“…Ummm…twelve maybe…I don’t really know…”

“Who spanked you?”  “Uhhh…my aunt, probably…”  “What for?”  “.

..Not doing my chores probably…I lived with her for a while…She was very strict…”  “How did she spank you?”

He could feel the ruler tapping his testicles slightly harder, and more often. He felt warmer, and his face was wet. A strange feeling began to emanate from his privates.  “Over her knee. With her hand and a hairbrush.” he responded quickly, and gasped.

“Anticipating something?” she said wryly, changing the angle of the ruler to put pressure on his pubic bone and flatten his testicles up against his penis.  He moaned and shook slightly.  “Don’t worry James. I’m not going to swat you there. “Bend right over and present your bottom.  I want a nice tight target to swat.”  He looked back at her, eyes wide with disbelief.  “Don’t give me that look!” she shouted at him sternly, staring him down and putting more pressure on his privates. “If you want me to even consider solving your predicament, you’ll do as I say!”  He gulped, then straightened his legs and bent over. She removed the ruler and let his parts dangle.   “Feet wider and stick it out.”  He complied. He was now totally exposed.

He was ready for the sting of her ruler.  “Now James, don’t move. If you move, you get extra. I’m going to give you six swats. Count after each swat, and then say, “Thank you Mrs. Woods, may I have another?.” We begin now.”

SMACK!!  The end of the ruler landed squarely on James taught anus.

“Owww!!!…One!… Thank you Mrs. Woods, may I have another?”

“Yes you may…”  SMACK!!!  ”

Ahhhhh!!!!…Two!… Thank you Mrs. Woods, may I have another?”

SMACK!!!!  “Owww!!!!!!!”  James fanny was really beginning to sting, and he jumped a little, letting his hands go and straightening up.

SMACK!!!!!  “Owwww!!!!…Four!…”  “That one didn’t count and neither did the one before,” she informed him sternly, grabbing his left wrist.

“When I say bend over, I mean it! Open your palm.”  He opened his palm and received two swats with the ruler, causing a most unpleasant sting, which she then repeated with his other palm.  “Hands apart!” she ordered him, so as not to let him rub the sting out.

“Looking good young man…”

SMACK!!!!  “Owww!!!…Three!… Thank you Mrs. Woods, may I have another?”


She looked down between his legs, and saw that tears had begun to well up in his eyes.  “Hurts, James?” she inquired as if concerned.


“Yes Ma’am” he replied, looking very much as if he was about to cry.

“Well that’s just too bad James, because you have three more to come.”

SMACK!!!!!  “Owww!!!!!!…Four!… Thank you Mrs. Woods (sob), may I have another? (sob)”

He had jumped but not let go. She could see that he was in terrible pain. Tears were rolling down his cheeks, although he was only letting out small sobs.

SMACK!!!!!!  SMACK!!!!!!  “Owwwww!!!!!!!!!…Five…(sob)…Six…(sob)”

He was now crying openly, she could hear him sniveling, and when she stepped back, she could see that his eyes were filled with tears.  She reached down and grabbed his ear.  “Owww!!!”

“Get up!” she ordered him. “Into the corner!”  She dragged him over to the corner, placing his nose against the wall, and then began shouting in his ear.  “Legs wide! Knees bent! Back arched! Bottom up!”  As she yelled each order, he obediently assumed her required position.  “Good, James. Five minutes corner time. Now.”  James complied.

She sat down and admired her work, seemingly quite pleased with herself, as James stood exposing himself and sniveling.  Time passed slowly. He could feel her gaze centered on his puffy swollen bottom, just as he had felt when his innards had trembled under her vicious swats.

Finally she called him out of the corner.  “It’s time for your spanking.” she told him, smiling with enthusiasm.  She walked him to the chair, sat down and put him down over her knee. Without so much as an “Are you ready”, she began to smack his cheeks and thighs with such force and gusto as to make him kick and squeal within a minute of her commencing.  Within four minutes James’ bottom cheeks and thighs were bright red, with little bruises here and there. James was sobbing and begging her to stop.


She didn’t. For the next several minutes harsh meaty smacks rained down upon his wriggling fanny. He twisted and bounced over her knee. He fluttered his legs. Nothing helped. The escalating pain was excruciating, a fire that burned hotter and hotter. The cumulative sting inflicted by the barrage of spanks made tears well up and snot pour out of his nose. After an eternity it stopped, and he lay slumped over her knee, gasping for breath.


After admiring her work, she let him up to get dressed.  “I hope you learned your lesson about being late, James.” she lectured him while he put his pants back on.

“Yes Ma’am…” he replied, weak of voice, his throat hoarse from crying.

“So now that I’ve dealt with that, are you still interested in coming back to discuss your problem?”

“Yes…” he swallowed, hard.What choice did he have?

“Then I guess you wouldn’t mind doing just one more little thing for me, no?”  He nodded his head in accordance, his tear stained face resigned to her will.  She went over to him, and began to unbutton and unzip his pants once again. His eyes began to well up again, and he gasped. She ignored him, looking past his shoulder, and then did a most unexpected thing; he felt her long fingers drift down into his undies and wrap around his penis. His eyes displayed total shock, and he felt a shiver throughout his body, although not of the unpleasant variety.  Her body pressed against his, and she looked over his left shoulder, making no eye contact as her hand gently stroked his member. His flaccid penis grew, and she stroked it with ever more force.  Just as he was about to lose himself in the pleasure of the moment, he felt her other hand connect firmly with his bruised left buttock. She kept stroking, and then again she spanked him, his cheeks trembling under the force. He became more and more excited. His member throbbed between her long fingers. She began to stoke faster, and harder, and the swift smacks came more and more frequent, until he became so excited that he came, shooting four great bursts of his load into his underwear.   While he came she could feel his juice shooting through his shaft, and she spanked him with great force, sending waves of pain through his bottom. Then she removed her hand from his pants, zipped them up, buttoned them, and did up his belt.


“I will see you tomorrow, same time. Do not be late.”  She led him to the door and sent him on his way, bottom bruised, sticky pants, and totally incredulous as to what had just transpired.

I’ll bet this is not the first time Mrs. Woods has pulled this little number, nor is it likely to be the last.


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  1. Rollin, that was such a hot story! Great find. I hope you have more of Bushmutt’s stories to share.



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