Destiny’s Chance by Cara Bristol

Cara Bristol has just re-released a novel called Destiny’s Chance, a paranormal romance with lots of sexy, spanky action sure to please readers of both romance and spanking erotica. This isn’t paranormal with vampires, werewolves and such, but it does have a supernatural underpinning which, in my book, makes it very interesting since I’m a ghost story junkie.

I’ll let Cara describe her inspiration for her book:

I started my writing career as a reporter, starting out in the “lifestyle” section of a newspaper. I was in my mid 20s and was hoping to meet my Mr. Right. I was doing a lifestyle piece on the secrets people confess to their hairdressers. While interviewing one hairdresser, she mentioned that she had psychic abilities. That she “knows” things.
Well, I didn’t believe in psychics, but I had to ask, “What do you know about me?” I didn’t ask or say anything about my love life.
She said I would meet a man, and it would have something to do with the number six. She didn’t know what, but a six was involved.
Okay, fine.
Fast forward a couple of years. I forgot about the “psychic” hairdresser. My 10th high school reunion was coming up, and I vowed I would have a date! At the time, I had gone out with one guy several times already, but I didn’t feel comfortable asking him to the reunion. For some reason, I didn’t want him there. I mulled over my shortlist of male friends and acquaintances I could ask to the reunion and decided to ask a fireman I knew. He said yes, we started dating, and I ended up marrying him.
The date of my high school reunion was August 6.
My latest release, Destiny’s Chance, is an erotic paranormal, not paranormal like shifters and vamps, but woo-woo paranormal. Through a tragic act of fate, Destiny gets the man of her dreams, but there is a high price to pay for that gift. Her psychic sister Laura, a secondary character, is there to help her through it.
Have you ever had a psychic experience or visited one who told you something interesting?

Ok, now I’m really intrigued. Here is more:

Destiny's Chance 600 x 900


Fate gave her a chance for love.  Is she brave enough to accept it?
Destiny Grable has loved Chance Everett for as long as she could remember, but he was never interested in her until a tragic act of fate grants her heart’s desire. Now Chance is all hers—body, mind, and soul. But once they’re together, she discovers he has a kinky side she never knew about. Is she ready for it? Can she handle it? And Chance isn’t the only one with a secret. If he discovers what she’s hiding, will he still want her?
Destiny’s Chance was previously published in 2013. This is a re-release.

Here is an excerpt:

A silk kimono slithered off a hanger to land on a chest on the floor of the closet. She hung up the robe and eyed the trunk. Made of aged, saddlelike leather, it had thick rawhide handles and brass hardware.
She dropped to her haunches. “Probably locked anyway.”
She pressed the button. The latch popped. She wavered, then surrendered to curiosity and lifted the lid.
“Oh my God!” She clapped a hand over her mouth and fell on her ass. “That’s his kink.” She stared at the treasure trove of spanking implements. Paying attention to how she removed them so she could replace them exactly as she’d found them, she examined the items. Several paddles of different shapes and sizes in both leather and wood. A pom-pom-like flogger with supple soft leather strands and a stiff wooden handle. Some common items: a hairbrush, a wooden spoon, a ruler. And a strop resembling a belt split into two parts. A tawse! She’d heard of them but never had seen one until now.
She smacked her palm with it. Biting. How would it feel against a bare bottom? She pictured herself laid out like an offering over Chance’s lap as he spanked her bottom until it was supersensitive and then stung her cheeks with the tawse.
Her pussy cheered with a twitch.
She fantasized often about being spanked but had no idea if she’d like it if she experienced it. However, she loved leather—appreciated its hard and soft textures, its masculine scent, the snap it made. Such a versatile material. Sensual. Sexy. She stroked the soft strands of the flogger, then whacked her palm with the tawse again.
She sat cross-legged on the floor like a little girl playing with grown-up toys. All she required for some really wicked games was a playmate named Chance.

Destiny spanking graphic

Sounds like she is ready. So what happens when Chance does arrive?

“I need you to touch me, to hold me, to spank me.” She’d never expressed her desires to a man so openly before. But she withheld the most important piece. I need you. She loved Chance and craved him in every possible way.
She wanted him when he came home from the shop greasy and dirty, when he woke up with morning breath and morning wood, when he padded around the bedroom wearing nothing but a towel, when his muscles flexed when he did ordinary things like unload the dishwasher or grab a cup off the shelf. When he laughed at the television. After he shaved and when his face grew scratchy again. In the daytime and in the evening. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays and Thursdays and every other day. “I want you…and sex and spanking.”
“Me. Sex. Spanking.” Chance paused as if her request required consideration. He nodded. “I can accommodate you. When would you like all that?”
Her tongue seemed to swell inside her mouth, impeding the formation of words. “Now.” Perhaps only one word would be necessary.
Chance shoved away from the table. “Okay. Let’s go.”
Stomach fluttering, Destiny rose to her feet. Like this? No lead-in, no preamble. Just bam! The suddenness aroused nervousness and excitement.
He motioned for her to precede him, and she shuffled for the bedroom, trying to decipher the meaning behind his about-face.
A hard swat landed on her ass. She squealed.
“There’s more where that came from if you don’t get a move on. And even more if you do.” He smiled wickedly. Problems could wait. This could not. She scurried down the hall with Chance at her heels.
In the bedroom, he dug the chest out of the closet. Anything he chose would have been fine with her, but he selected the tawse, and her excitement spiked into the red zone.


Author bio for Cara

USA Today bestselling author Cara Bristol writes contemporary and science fiction romance and has topped the Amazon sales charts in science fiction and fantasy romance and erotica. No matter what the romance subgenre, one thing remains constant: her emphasis on character-driven, seriously hot erotic stories with sizzling chemistry between the hero and heroine. Cara has lived many places in the United States, but currently lives in Missouri with her husband. She has two grown stepkids. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading and traveling.

Cara Bristol website | New Release Newsletter | Amazon Author page Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Here is where you can buy it (or read for free with Kindle Unlimited):






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