Gwen’s Sorority Days–an F/M excerpt

GSD 2.1
An except from the sorority spanking extravaganza, Gwen’s Sorority Days
The action in this chapter shifts to Joyce’s nephew Jeff and his dominant girlfriend Margaret……
Jeff cursed. He’d been tossed out of the house by Aunt Joyce and was halfway to Margaret’s house when he realized he’d forgotten his wallet. Margaret would kill him if he got pulled over with no wallet. Then he’d get pulled over again…over her knee that is. She was a very exacting no nonsense Amazon of a girlfriend. He called and told her he had to go back.  “I’ll just meet you at your house,” she sighed. “I really hate it when you are late, Jeffrey.”
Jeff cringed. That statement had an ominous undertone to it. “All right Meg. I’ll wait for you out front. Aunt Joyce has some ladies over and she doesn’t want any men around. I don’t know what that’s all about.”
“Well this is all fun,” said Mary Ann, “but I think we have a little business do we not?”
“That’s right,” said Donna. “Joyce here has been proposed for honorary membership in our august sorority.” All the ladies applauded.
“Now Joyce,” said Mary Ann, “it’s very simple. All you have to do is to take an oath to uphold the noble traditions of Kappa, and to swear that you will not tell any non-member any of our sisterhood’s secrets or traditions…”
“Oh yes, I agree,” said Joyce excitedly.
“And, as I was about to say, you must undergo a brief initiation ceremony to prove yourself worthy.”
“Initiation?” asked Joyce. Here it comes. She had thought about this. There were actually advantages to being an honorary member of Kappa. There was the fellowship and there was business networking too—all over the country. She could parlay her connection with Kappa into all types of potential business contacts. She knew that what was coming would probably be a bit silly and embarrassing, but she’d figured it was worth it.
Mary Ann waved her hand as if to dismiss her concern. “A small thing, just a bit of fun. Nothing really.” All the ladies smiled broadly.
Joyce digested this news with a bit of a nervous look. “Um, well, I suppose so. When we would have this initiation?”
Mary Ann grinned. “Why right now, of course.” Joyce looked around at all the other grinning faces. They’d been having a great time. The wine had been flowing freely and everyone was feeling good. Joyce felt that inhibitions were slipping away very quickly.
“Ok, so what do I do?”
Mary Ann asked Joyce, “Do you have a little short nightgown?”
“Yes, I do,” she answered. She recalled she had a flimsy Victoria’s secret thing.
“Then Gwen, take Joyce into your bedroom and have her put on the nightgown. Donna, come with me, and you girls move the furniture out toward the wall. Let’s make some room.”
The nightgown was a pink baby doll style, very short, and very skimpy with panties so brief it was like being bare. It made her feel almost naked. “What will they do?” whispered Joyce. It seemed silly. Everyone had been giggling, so that put her at ease, but she was still a bit apprehensive.
“You’ll see,” said Gwen. “Now hold still.” Joyce let Gwen fit her with a blindfold and lead her by the hand into the big family room. She heard someone say in rather formal manner, “Is the candidate ready?” Gwen said, “She is prepared.”
“Then she shall prove herself by the test of courage.”
Joyce sighed. This was all so juvenile.
“She shall plunge her hand into the cauldron of writhing snakes!” This overdramatic announcement was met with a few muffled snickers.
Then someone said, “No. Are you serious?” Another, it might have been Brina said, “Oh God, just look at them writhing like that. Where did you get them? Ewwww!”
Someone took her hand and stuck it in something. She felt slimy tubes that seemed to wriggle and she yelped involuntarily at the contact. “Ahhh!” They were snakes! There was muffled laughter, then they took it away. Then was the test of dexterity. She had to go down on all fours and push a peanut across the floor with her nose. Her ass was sticking up and it was no surprise that she felt the tap of a paddle on her rear urging her along. There were a couple of other dumb stunts and then they stood her up and took off the blindfold.
The “snakes” were, of course, gummi bears in water. She laughed too, being a good sport about it. Next was the secret handshake and the secret signs which were a complicated series of hand and arm movements. Then they told her the secret motto and passwords.
“Now we will test you,” said Mary Ann. They went through the whole thing and she muffed it. Badly. “How many mistakes did she make?” asked Mary Ann. “Five,” said Donna. There was the shaking of heads and muttered “ooh’s” and “uh-oh”. Somebody handed Mary Ann the paddle. Of course they had brought the paddle. Joyce eyed the paddle with alarm. She could guess what was coming now. In view of all of Gwen’s tales it did not surprise her that the old sorority paddle was finally making an appearance.
“Well, pledge Joyce, five mistakes is not good. We think you need a little help remembering, don’t we girls?” Everyone nodded or voiced assent. “Assume the position, please. Bend over, hands grabbing your knees.”
Joyce knew that to be a good sport she had to do this. She just hoped it wasn’t going to be too hard. She bent forward. Someone flipped her nighty up to present her bottom for the paddle. She felt the blade press into her flesh as Mary Ann lined it up. There was a whoosh and then splat! she felt a hot band of fire searing her rump.
“Yeow!” She’d never been hit with a wood paddle before, and it burned like nothing she’d ever felt— a sharp sting, followed by a glowing heat that spread from her ass all the way into her core. Brad’s spankings seemed mild by comparison. Her thoughts were interrupted by a second searing swat that had her almost jumping up. Oh my God, how did they stand this?
Smack! a third swat made her raise halfway up.
“No breaking position pledge!” Mary Ann sounded like she was all business now. Joyce bent back over. “That’s good girl, stick that bottom out,” said Mary Ann. She felt a few taps and then….
Crack! Her bottom absorbed number four and she yelped, “Whooo….ahh!” The burning sensation was overpowering.
Crack! Mary Ann delivered swat number five. Yeow! She thought. That’s like a branding iron, searing my behind. Thank God that’s over with.
“You may rise,” intoned Mary Ann.
Joyce straightened up and frantically rubbed her tender seat. It felt like she had backed into a bonfire.
So as not to disturb the meeting or whatever it was, Jeff parked down the street and slipped in a back door as quietly as he could. He tiptoed up the back stairs. From the family room he could hear giggling. Then he heard a sharp smack! He knew that sound—it was a wooden board meeting bare flesh. The soft yelp confirmed it. Someone was being paddled. He crept from his room and lay down on the landing. From this angle he could see into the room. He had to gasp. It was Aunt Joyce and she was bent over. Her nearly naked luscious behind was offered up to the lady standing behind her with a paddle. She was lining it up for the next swat.
Aunt Joyce was hot. For an older lady she had a great figure. She’d been hot even when she’d smacked him with that strap. Now she was getting it. She was bent over with that curvaceous ass sticking out. The panties were so skimpy most of her bottom was bare. She was being paddled by this very attractive woman in a business suit. Every time the paddle smacked Aunt Joyce her ass wobbled. This was too good to miss. Jeff settled in to watch. He became aware of an erection that was becoming a bit uncomfortable in this position. He moved to adjust his clothing.
The second time she only got three things wrong. But that meant another three stinging swats with the paddle. “Oops, Joyce. Nice try, dear, but I’m afraid you haven’t got it yet,” said Mary Ann. While the rest of them giggled, she bent back over. Smack! Yow! She thought as the wood smacked her seat for the sixth time. Smack! Ooooh! That one smarted, she thought. What these girls went through. At the same time, she felt that familiar frission between her legs. The last smack made her raise halfway up. “Yeow…!” she yelped.
Finally the third time was the charm. She managed to get it all right. “Whew! Good,” said Joyce, energetically rubbing her bottom. Thank goodness that was over with.
Meg stood tapping her foot impatiently. Jeff hadn’t turned up yet. Where was he? Meg had told him she’d be out front. Was he inside? She hated to go in, but maybe if she just knocked to see if he was there. She walked up and rang the bell. Joyce looked through the peephole, saw it was Meg, and opened it.
“Hi Joyce, is Jeffery here?” Why was Joyce in a nightgown? Joyce looked at her puzzled, and told Meg she’d sent him away for the afternoon. Then from inside the foyer Meg saw motion out of the corner of her eye and looked up. It was Jeff on the landing at the top of the stairs. “Jeff, what are you doing up there?” she asked sharply.
Joyce turned, shocked to see that it was indeed Jeff at the top of the landing. Jeff tried to get up but he tripped because his pants were down around his knees. It became apparent to Joyce immediately what he had been doing. Her mouth formed a tight line.
“Jeff, get down here immediately,” Meg commanded. Sheepishly, Jeff obeyed while Joyce went to get a robe.
“I can’t believe you’d do this Jeff.” Joyce was steamed. They were all now seated in the parlor and Jeff was standing in the middle of the room. Somebody had brought Joyce a housecoat. “Do you know what they call it? Well I’ll tell you. Voyeurism, that’s what. A peeping tom, that’s what you are.”
“What are you going to do with him, Joyce?” asked Donna.
“I’m so mad I don’t know,” said Joyce.
Jeff stood there, embarrassed and blushing at being caught. “I know what I’m going to do with him,” said Meg. “And you know too, don’t you Jeffrey? I can’t believe you’d spy on your aunt.”
Now the other ladies were intrigued. “Just what will you do with him, Meg?” asked Mary Ann. They’d all been introduced by now and Meg had come to understand that this small gathering had to do with a sorority or something.
“Meg, please….” Jeff begged.
Meg tossed her head and ignored him. “He’s going to get his little fanny warmed. Just as soon as I get him alone.”
The ladies all giggled. “Really?” said Brina. “You’re going to spank him?”
Joyce raised her eyebrows. How interesting. So that’s what has kept Jeff on the straight and narrow.
Then Donna said, “well don’t mind us, go right ahead. We even have a paddle if you want it.” She handed the paddle to Meg who hefted it, smacking her palm a few times. tumblr_n6qyzqS2qO1rnze26o1_500
Meg glared at him with eyes narrowed. Jeff paled. He knew that look. “Now, Meg, please no, ok?” He put his hands up. Meg’s response was to reach out and grab his ear lobe. “Owww!” Jeff squealed.
“I think that it’s only fair Jeff. You spied on your aunt trying to see her bare fanny, now she can see yours.” Meg said this as she tugged him along toward a stool in the kitchen.
“Ow! Ow!’ yelped Jeff, stumbling along as she pulled him by the earlobe. The ladies, now grinning from ear to ear and tittering excitedly, all followed. Meg wasted no time. She seated herself and pulled Jeff in front of her and made him stand still. She unhooked his belt and slid his pants to his knees. With Jeff protesting wildly she pulled him up over her lap. It was a high stool so Jeff’s feet were off the floor and he could keep from falling only by grabbing a stool rung.
Jeff was embarrassed beyond belief. He was blushing so hard he thought his whole body must be red. And then he froze. Meg’s fingers were in the waistband of his briefs. He felt cool breezes on his backside as she yanked his briefs down to his knees. “No, no…Meg, please,” he wailed. But Meg was having none of it. She took the paddle from the counter.
Jeff felt the press of wood on his bare buttocks and he knew Meg was lining up the paddle. There was a whoosh and then a smack! Pain exploded across his bottom. Jeff screeched, “Ahhh….”. It was awful, a hot searing sting. Another swat made him jerk up and throw his head back, but Meg had him in a tight grip.
Meg began to deliver a slow methodical paddling to her errant boyfriend. The swats fell with a whoosh…smack!  Right across the fat part of his sit spot at a rate of about one every five seconds. With each swat Jeff wailed and arched his back, pressing his groin into Meg’s lap. His legs waved up and down. He begged to be let up. The sting was atrocious. Crack! Crack! The paddle fell relentlessly. It went on for several minutes. The ladies watched as Jeff’s bottom became as red as a beet. When Meg let Jeff up he hopped around grabbing his inflamed buttocks and rubbing like a madman. Tears had welled up in his eyes.
“Now get your pants up and apologize to your aunt,” Meg commanded.
Sheepishly, Jeff faced his Aunt. “I—I’m sorry Aunt Joyce.”
Joyce smiled sympathetically. “You’re forgiven Jeff, but no peeking again, ever.”
Jeff rubbed his bottom through his slacks and mumbled, “Yes, Ma’am.”
The girls watched Meg take him by the hand and exit the front door. “Somehow,” said Donna, “I don’t think she is through with that young man yet.”
“Yes,” said Mary Ann, “I expect there will be a reminder session in Jeff’s immediate future. She looked pretty upset.” She clapped her hands together. “Well, now that that’s over, we still have an item or two of business.”

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