More Suburban Spanking — an F/M excerpt

Here is a bit of classic spanko porn from one of the old masters, Will Henry. This is how they wrote it in grandpa’s day.





“That’s right, Helen. Bill is now under my discipline the same as the girls. I must say that it is quite interesting to discipline a fellow!”

Helen Masterson had just returned from her trip, and Grace was bringing her up to date on the phone. It had been a month since they had seen one another. In the meantime, Grace had given Bill two spankings similar to the first, and it had worked out so well that she was considering disciplining him on a weekly basis the same as Maureen and Carol.

“Yes, it can be quite interesting!” Helen laughed. “Welcome to the club!” It was the first direct admission Grace had secured from Helen concerning the latter’s disciplinary practices with her young husband.

“I’ve been rather meaning to ask you some things,” Grace explored the subject somewhat tentatively. “I would like to get your opinion…”

“Now would be an ideal time,” Helen broke in. “Actually, Kirk was rather naughty on our trip and is going to have to spend considerable time repenting! I’ve even dressed him for the part! Perhaps if you came over this afternoon…”

Helen was attired in a severe black dress when she opened the door for Grace. Tall and sophisticated, with jet black hair and a full figure, Helen was extremely attractive but in a severe, cool manner. As usual, she was impeccably made up with high arching eyebrows and frosted white lipstick. She was wearing black stockings and patent leather pumps with spike heels and pointed toes. The slim high heels made her appear taller and even more commanding. At twenty−eight, she combined mature sophistication with youthful appeal, and was quite well aware of her effect on the opposite sex. “You may be a little shocked at first,” Helen remarked with a knowing smile as the two of them seated themselves in the living room. “However, I’m sure you’ll fully approve when you see what excellent results I get!”


She picked up a small serving bell and rang it. Grace gasped a moment later as Kirk made his blushing entrance. He was wearing a French maid’s outfit! Grace stared at the sight of the tall, well built young man attired in the short black dress with flared skirt, white apron and cap, black nylon stockings and black sandals with three−inch pencil−thin heels. He wore a black wig and was heavily made up. For a moment, Grace could hardly recognize Helen’s young husband in the girlish outfit! Blushing deeply beneath his heavy make up and keeping his eyes averted, he slowly walked over to where Helen was seated. Grace was quick to notice that he walked quite expertly in the high heels, taking small, feminine steps. Looking delightfully shamefaced and self−conscious, he meekly curtsied to his mistress. Her tongue−in−cheek smile revealing her amusement as her young husband’s humiliation, Helen crossed her shapely legs and leaned back comfortably in her easy chair. She made no effort to pull down her skirt, which rode up to reveal her stocking tops and a glimpse of bare thigh.

“How do you like my pretty maid?” she asked Grace with an amused smile.

“My goodness!” Grace exclaimed, staring at the blushing male maid. “What an interesting idea! Does he have to dress like this all the time?”

“Well, most of the time!” Helen laughed. “And he’s been trained to be completely submissive!”

Kirk blushed even more deeply and stared at the floor. “I mean submissive in every way a woman might enjoy!” Helen explained quite pointedly. “After I have given you a demonstration of my control over him, perhaps you will want to avail yourself of his services!”

Grace felt herself flushing slightly at the unexpected offer. Kirk swallowed and cast a quick, shamefaced glance in her direction. When their eyes met for an instant, he quickly lowered his head, scarlet with embarrassment. “Now bring us some coffee!” Helen ordered him. “And remember to take very small steps and swing your hips when you walk!” Kirk returned in a moment, carrying a tray with two cups of coffee on it. Blushing with mortification, he humbly served the two women and placed the tray on a nearby stand. Sipping on her coffee, Helen snapped her finger and pointed toward her feet. Kirk hesitated for a moment and directed an imploring glance at her, remaining silent but pleading with his eyes. “Hurry up!” Helen ordered, giving him a freezing look. While Grace watched in astonishment, he slowly knelt before Helen and planted a kiss on the toe of her patent leather pump. “Kiss the entire shoe, including the sole!” Helen demanded, watching him closely. Humbly, Kirk complied with the humiliating order while Grace stared at him. Slowly sipping her coffee and smiling imperiously, Helen was obviously enjoying her young husband’s debasement. Grace wondered how far she would make him go in over!”

Helen told him after a few moments. “Now remove my shoe and kiss my foot all front of her. Kirk quickly removed her shoe, revealing a slender and well groomed foot attired in black nylon. Grace could see that her toe nails were painted a bright red. Blushing deeply and occasionally casting a shamefaced look in Grace’s direction as if to see if she were really watching his humiliation, Kirk began kissing Helen’s pretty stocking foot all over. “Don’t miss a square inch!” Helen reminded him. “Toes, sole, heel and so on! Don’t remove your lips for one instant!” She smiled at Grace as her submissive young husband embarrassedly carried out her instructions, his face scarlet with shame as he kept his lips pressed against her slender stocking foot.

“Tell me, Grace, have you ever seen a naughty male maid soundly spanked?” Helen asked with an amused smile. “No, I can’t say that I have!” Grace laughed. “Well, you will!” Helen assured her. “This one has a real good one coming!” Kirk shuddered but did not remove his lips from Helen’s stocking foot. Both women watched closely as he bussed the heavier nylon covering her brightly painted toenails. “There, I think that’s about enough for now,” Helen finally told him, pulling her foot back. “However, you must remember that you haven’t kissed the other foot, and I’ll want you to do that for me later on! Remind me if I forget!”


“Now bring me the paddle!” she finally told him after his lips had been in contact with nearly every square inch of Grace’s pretty stocking feet. He hastily got to his feet and departed from the room. As he returned in a moment, carrying a red maple sorority−type paddle, Grace was quick to discern that the front of his skirt was bulging in a distinctly unfeminine manner. Head hanging and blushing through his makeup, he meekly handed the paddle to Helen. Although he said nothing, his lip was trembling slightly and he looked quite apprehensive. “Kneel!” Helen demanded. Swallowing hard and looking as if he wanted to protest, Kirk slowly sank to his knees in front of her. Helen regarded him severely and he meekly averted her gaze. “Now, slave, I want you to get me in the mood to paddle you!” she told him with a haughty smile.

“No, please!” Kirk whimpered. “Not in front of her! Please!”

Helen gave him an amused smile. One of her favorite sports was to humiliate him in front of visitors. While Grace watched with a mixture of astonishment and fascination, Helen reached down and began pulling up the hem of her black dress. Shapely legs, black stocking tops and bare thighs slowly came into view. Grace gave a start when she realized that Helen was wearing no panties! Helen pulled her skirt up nearly to her waist, revealing a heavy growth of jet black hair at the fork of her legs. Her black dress, black stockings and black pussy hair made a vivid contrast with her white flesh. Keeping her skirts up, she stepped closer to Kirk. His blushing face was now directly opposite the intriguing black delta.

“Go ahead, slave!” she told him with quiet confidence.

“Please, not in front of her!” he begged, casting a shamefaced look in Grace’s direction. For her part, Grace was thoroughly astonished that Helen would make him go so far right in front of her, but could hardly conceal her interest as she watched the intriguing sight. Helen did not reply but stared down icily at her cringing slave. Finally, Kirk surrendered and meekly pressed his blushing face into the inviting nest of jet black hair. Grace felt her pulse quicken as she watched Kirk’s head moving up and down, his mouth and tongue caressing the pink crevice. Helen smiled imperiously at his capitulation and spread her long legs slightly apart to give him more room to work in.

“Keep doing it, slave!” she told him. “Lick me all over! Every hair!” As Kirk continued to caress Helen’s most intimate parts with his tongue, from time to time he would cast a quick, shamefaced glance in Grace’s direction. Grace could hear the slurping sounds as Helen’s moisture seeped against his mouth and tongue, and could see the glistening wetness of her hostess’ black pussy hairs. It wasn’t long before Helen was sopping wet between the legs and was moving her pelvis in response to her young slave’s oral attentions. As she watched Kirk submissively paying tribute to his mistress’ feminine charms, Grace could no longer suppress her own excitement and could hardly wait to be invited to join the festivities.

“That’s enough for now!” Helen abruptly told him. “You’ve got me all hot and sticky, and I’m in the mood to give you a good workout! Now smear your face around in it!” Turning his face from side to side, Kirk abjectly complied with the humiliating order. When he finally pulled his face back, Grace could see that his makeup had been thoroughly smeared by her feminine fluids. He made no effort to wipe his face and, as Grace later learned, was strictly forbidden to do so. He directed a deeply shamed look at Grace and hung his head.

Without pulling her skirt down, Helen sat down on the couch with her long legs apart. Smacking the paddle lightly against her open palm, she regarded her hapless male slave severely. “Get yourself ready!” she told him. “Take off everything except your garter belt and stockings!” Slowly getting to his feet, Kirk embarrassedly removed the dress to reveal skimpy black panties and a waist−cincher garter belt. His erection was readily apparent beneath the panties. Grace watched with great interest as he awkwardly stepped out of the panties, fully exposing himself. His garter belt and black nylons made a strikingly unmasculine contrast with his fully erect penis as he shamefacedly walked over to his commanding wife.


“Please, mistress,” he stammered. “I’ll do anything…” Thoroughly enjoying her young husband’s intense humiliation, Helen patted her shapely knee as a signal for him to get into position. Haplessly, Kirk lowered himself face down over her capable, nyloned thighs. Grace noticed that Helen caught his erect member between her thighs, holding it firmly between them. Clasping him firmly about the waist with her left hand, Helen raised the paddle.


“Ow!” Kirk gasped as the paddle landed smartly on his exposed rear. His stockinged legs jerked out, and Grace could see the expression of pain on his face as the paddle descended against both cheeks. Helen got a good grip on the paddle, and began smacking his bare bottom with noisy smacks.

Splat! Splat!

“Oh! Ooh!” Kirk quickly proved to be no hero as he reacted to the stinging blows. Grace watched with fascination at the intriguing sight of the well built young man in girl’s clothing carrying on under the paddling. Squirming about on Helen’s lap, he swung his nylon−clad legs girlishly back and forth. It was apparent to Grace that he would have twisted about considerably more had Helen not been holding his stiff penis firmly between her thighs.


Splat! splat!

The paddle continued to descend against his reddening bottom. Helen looked thoroughly pleased with the results she was getting with the paddle, and kept applying it to his hips with wrist−snapping strokes.

“Ow! Please! Please!” Kirk wailed, tears dripping from his eyes as his bottom turned beet red under the paddle.

“Don’t be such a baby!” Helen scolded him.

Splat! Splat!

Helen kept putting the paddle to him, concentrating on first one side and then the other. Grace couldn’t conceal her interest as she watched the spanking go on and on. Kirk finally broke down in loud sobs, gasping and choking and pleading to be spared as his buttocks turned a fiery red under the paddle.

“Pleeeeeeeeese!” he begged repeatedly, turning his tear stained face back over his shoulder to plead with his severe mistress. Grace watched his stockinged legs swinging merrily back and forth in response to the loud whacks of the paddle, and was thoroughly impressed with Helen’s complete control over her well built young male maid. His buttocks were a deep shade of scarlet and it was obvious that he was simply burning up.

“Oh! Pleeeeeeese! Owwww! Pleeeeeeeeese!” he pleaded between sobs.


Helen finally released him and he tearfully dropped to his knees between her long, nyloned legs. While Grace watched closely, he immediately began licking Helen’s pink cleft as she spread her legs apart. Acting as if he were grateful that she had spared him from further paddling, he caressed her with a submissive enthusiasm that left Grace staring in disbelief. As Helen started moving her pelvis back and forth, Kirk worked his tongue inside her orifice and began caressing her most intimate parts. As she watched Kirk’s head moving back and forth and listened to the loud slurping noises, Grace’s imitative urges took command and she could feel the moisture forming between her own legs. “Oooh!” Helen emitted a delighted gasp, a pleased smile on her face as she clasped her hands down over Kirk’s bewigged head and held him even closer to her. She began moving back and forth with quick jerks, her face flushed with pleasure. She finally uttered a loud sigh and, clamping his head firmly between her thighs, climaxed with convulsive shudders.

Kirk made no effort to pull his face away and kept it firmly plastered against her soaking wet delta until the last spasm had subsided. As she began to catch her breath, Helen relaxed her grip on him and he slowly drew back. “Rub your face in it!” Helen told him. “All over!” After a moment’s hesitation, he complied. Grace stared in fascination as the male slave rubbed his face in the glistening wetness of Helen’s cunny until he was damp from forehead to chin.

“Remember, don’t wipe your face!” Helen reminded him with an imperious smile. Kirk glanced quickly at Grace and shamefacedly averted her gaze.

“Grace, perhaps you would like to avail yourself of my slave’s services!” Helen remarked, pushing Kirk away and pulling down her dress.

“Well, I’ll admit…” Grace began.

“If you prefer that this lowly one does not sully you with his eyes, I can always blindfold him!” Helen interjected.

“Oh, that won’t be necessary!” Grace replied quickly. Kirk gave her a grateful look and meekly lowered his eyes.

“Since I’m sure you’d prefer some privacy,” Helen explained. “The spare guest room is over there. If you wish, I will tie him up to assure his complete cooperation!”

“Oh, I don’t think so,” Grace replied. Although the idea of rendering him completely helpless was quite intriguing, Grace was in too much of a hurry to take the time. Still wearing nothing but his garter belt and nylon hose, Kirk began accompanying her to the spare room.

“One other thing,” Helen remarked as they departed. “You can see that our slave has got himself all hot and sexy. You can let him come off if you wish. However, be sure and make him do it exactly the way you want it! If it amuses you, you might even make him do it to himself!” Kirk looked deeply embarrassed as Grace gave him a knowing smile. “If you don’t do exactly what I say, that’s what I’ll make you do!” she warned him quietly, closing the door behind them.


In the spare bedroom, the shades were already drawn and the lights were on. Grace would have enjoyed having the young male slave undress her, but was in no mood to prolong the affair. While Kirk watched with great interest, she rolled her dress up out of the way, revealing charcoal stocking tops, bare white thighs and black nylon panties. Quickly shedding the panties, she stretched out on the bed with her knees drawn back and apart. Kirk stared avidly at the dark brown tuft of hair and the inviting pink crevice that was nearly concealed by the foliage. Grace didn’t take the time to remove her garter belt and stockings, and the dark garments made an exciting contrast with her milk white flesh.

“Go on, eat me!” she commanded. “Do it exactly like you did Helen!” Without further ado, Kirk knelt on the bed at her feet and lowered his blushing face toward the pretty nest. As he did so, he could see the moisture that had already formed on the pink lips of her vulva. He pressed his lips gently against the soft, warm orifice and kept them there as he slipped his hands beneath her hips, elevating them slightly and giving himself more room to work in. As her charms were spread out before him, he began licking her softly and abjectly with his tongue.

“Oooh!” Grace could not conceal her delight at having a submissive masculine tongue caressing her most sensitive parts. She began thrusting her hips in response, feeling her moisture flowing against his face. Balancing her soft hips lightly in the palm of his hands, Kirk rolled his tongue up and down her split with expert strokes. Grace gasped with surprise and delight when he suddenly ran his tongue clear back to the pink lips of her anus, caressing the sensitive opening while she pumped her hips vigorously in response. It was quite apparent that Helen had thoroughly trained him in the art of pleasing a woman in the most servile fashion. After teasing her rectal area with his tongue for several delightful moments, Kirk returned to the dripping lips of her warm, sticky pussy. This time he worked his tongue between the lips, nibbling on the sensitive flesh and working his tongue deep inside her. The slurping sounds were quite audible as he drank up her fluids, and Grace wriggled her hips furiously as he caressed her most intimate charms. As his tongue concentrated on her ultra−sensitive clitoris, Grace gasped and shuddered violently. Clamping his head between her thighs, she breathlessly twisted back and forth.

Oooohh!” she practically shrieked as she climaxed with violent spasms. As her fluids gushed forth and she squirmed frantically, Kirk kept his tongue submissively against her clitoris as best he could. As her shudders began to subside, he continued to keep his face pressed abjectly against her wet charms. He did not draw back until she patted him lightly on the head.

“That was quite nice, slave,” she told him. “I think you do deserve some reward for that!” Kirk looked surprised and quite pleased as she sat up on the bed, and cupped a soft hand over his erect member. She could feel his aching tension as she began stroking gently. Looking exquisitely embarrassed but quite excited, he began moving his pelvis back and forth. It wasn’t long before he erupted with a gush of white semen. Smiling imperiously at him, Grace continued stroking his throbbing member throughout his surging climax. When she finally released him, the young male slave gave her a shamefaced but grateful look.

When they emerged from the spare room afterward, Grace’s dress was quite wrinkled around the waist and she looked pleasantly flushed. Still attired only in his garter belt and stockings, Kirk blushed and kept his eyes averted as Helen glanced at his dangling penis. “Put on your clothes!” she told him severely. While Kirk donned the maid’s uniform once more, Grace and Helen seated themselves in the living room.


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