More “Modern Spanking”– on F/M Sunday

Today we go old school. When Will Henry wrote “Modern Spanking,” a compendium of “authentic case histories,” modern meant 1960, as opposed to the old fogeyism of the 1950’s. Well, you could fool me, because the attitudes expressed in these “true accounts” could go back to the turn of the century. But who cares? These pseudo-stories are lurid and fun, and with erotic spanking lit, that’s all that really matters, right?

Henry was a switch writer and since it is Sunday, these excerpts feature the F/M side of things.

[Photos by; Art by Stanton, Barb].


“I live with my aunt who is very strict on the matter of discipline. She is a widow and has one son, who is two years younger than I am. She has always used spanking to discipline him and when I moved in with them three years ago, she started using the same punishment on me right away. At first, I thought it was terrible, but I’ll have to admit that it really gets results. You really do your best to behave when you know you will get spanked if you don’t. At least, I know that my cousin and I do our best to keep the number of spankings to a minimum.
“The other evening my cousin and I were out an hour later than our curfew. My aunt had gone to a party the same evening and we hoped to get in before she came home, but we misjudged. As soon as we walked in the door, we knew we were in for it but good. My aunt, who had apparently just gotten home a few minutes earlier, was waiting up for us. It had been a deliberate offense and she was furious with us. She ordered us into the study in no uncertain terms.
“As soon as we were all in the study, my aunt took out two sets of handcuffs which she always uses. In a moment, our wrists were handcuffed behind our backs in a crossed position. Although we’re both pretty good sized, with those handcuffs on we’re just as helpless as a couple of kids. We just hate to be handcuffed, but my aunt says that this is essential for fellows our size to assure that we will cooperate throughout the spanking.
“We were both quite shamefaced as we stood there while she prepared us for the spankings. First, our belts were undone and our trousers unzipped and lowered to around our ankles. Next, our shorts were skinned down until they also fell to our ankles. As she prepared us, she asked each of us in turn if we weren’t really ashamed of ourselves at having our bottoms bared for a sound spanking at our grown up ages. We both blushed hotly as we admitted that we were.tumblr_nv33mrscbu1ufv57eo1_500
“After she had us prepared, she brought out her hairbrush. But first we got scolded, and I mean scolded! Standing there holding her hairbrush, her hands on her hips and her feet apart, she delivered a scolding designed to make us feel as ashamed as could be. Our heads hanging and keeping our eyes riveted on the floor, we stood there beet red with embarrassment as she referred to us as two nearly grown young men who still had to have their bare bottoms spanked like little kids. She really knows how to deliver a lecture, and both of us felt like sinking through the floor.
“At the conclusion of the lecture, she pulled out a chair and ordered my cousin to step forward. Hobbled by the pants and shorts around his ankles, he did so. As he was making his way over to the chair, my aunt gathered her dark skirt and slip up out of the way, exposing stocking tops and bare thighs, and seated herself on the chair with her legs well apart. As soon as my cousin got to her, she firmly took him and turned him
over her left thigh and clamped her other leg around the backs of his legs. She has sturdy legs and once he was in that position, he was totally helpless.
“She lost no time going to work with the hairbrush. She was really angry and the spanks were good and sound. As his bottom quickly reddened, my cousin had to cry out. Handcuffed and held there helplessly with his exposed bottom sticking up higher than the rest of his body, there was absolutely nothing he could do except take it. In short order she had him reduced to tears, and he was soon begging her to stop and promising to be good. She didn’t pay any attention to him and proceeded to apply a long hard spanking. Standing there watching him get it and knowing that I was going to get the same type of spanking left me lightheaded and feeling weak in the knees.
“As soon as she was finished with my cousin, she ordered me to come to her. Feeling scared and ashamed with my pants and shorts down, I made my way over to her. As soon as I got to her, she took complete charge. In a moment, my face was nearly against the floor, and I could feel her thighs tightly clamped about me. With my bare hips sticking up completely vulnerable like that and knowing that I was helpless to prevent the sound spanking that was coming up, I was thoroughly regretting my misbehavior.tumblr_nyp2w6dbz71ul5b4zo1_400
“My aunt proceeded to put that brush to me good and hard. I will admit that I was no hero about it. The hairbrush stung and burned so much that right from the beginning I had to howl. In a very short time, she had worked up so much heat that I couldn’t hold back the tears. Feeling deep humiliation I cried and, as the spanking went on, begged her to stop and promised to do anything she said. I felt blistering hot before she called a halt.

Marilyn D. is a modern wife who has her young husband under her complete control. She is 27 and he is 25. A comely brunette, she knows how to use her feminine wiles to help keep him in line. In the following report, Marilyn describes her system:   

“Gradually, my young husband is learning to accept the idea that modern spankings are much better than nagging and scolding. I’ve always explained to him that a relatively quick spanking is much more sophisticated, effective and beneficial than arguments and the ensuing resentments. A delinquent hubby can profit a great deal from a warm spanking with its tingling reminder of misbehavior. Besides, a spanking clears the air promptly and then it’s time to make up.

“We have been married for over a year now. In this time he has learned that for each offense, I will insist upon correction. At first, of course, there was considerable opposition, but he has learned that a spanking is preferable to the nagging and scolding that will follow if he doesn’t submit. For the past few months, he has submitted meekly whenever I felt that discipline was necessary. Naturally, I have often told him how I appreciate his cooperative attitude, and have pointed out to him how much easier it really is if he simply accepts the idea that I am the boss.

“Our spanking sessions take place in the study, lights fully on. I invariably wear a severe black dress, black hose and patent pumps. By way of contrast, hubby is completely nude throughout and must bring along the hairbrush. Our relative positions are sharply defined–he is nude, humble, embarrassed and apprehensive while I am fully dressed, quietly confident and very much in charge. I have worked out a spanking ritual which he knows will be best for him to follow without protest despite the embarrassment it causes him.   barb-modernhousewife

“A chair is placed in the middle of the room and I sit down. Quietly but firmly, I give the commands. He must kneel at my feet, confess his fault and request correction in humble terms. Naturally, he is thoroughly shamefaced as I scold him and call him naughty. As I extend my right hand, the one I am going to spank him with, he must kiss it and then hand me the hairbrush. At my command, he must kiss the tips of my patent leather pumps and my stocking feet. By this time, he is feeling deep humiliation and meekly goes over my lap for his spanking.

“I spank with a firm hairbrush stroke designed to sting and smart. Soon he is warm and rosy, and I can tell that he is really beginning to learn the lesson I am teaching. As I put the brush to him, I tell him that it’s all for his own good and that he should try to get some benefit out of it. As I continue with the brush, there are squirms and kicks and eventually tears and pleas for forgiveness. But I do not stop until I am satisfied that I have really gotten my point across, and that means a very red bottom and repentant hubby. I would guess that he averages from seventy to eighty spanks per session.

“When I am finished, he is given a few minutes in the corner to meditate about the matter and try to regain his self−control. He is then expected to prove to me that he has learned his lesson and is very penitent. He must kneel and thank me for the spanking. I then have him remove my shoes and kiss my stocking feet. I then tell him that he’ll have to undress me before we can make up. This is one order that he has never questioned!
Soon I am as naked as he is, and the making up session is on. I am pretty hard on him when it comes to discipline, but I think that I make up for it afterward.”

As can readily be seen, Marilyn has used some very feminine wiles to bring her young husband under her control. However, the modern wife is often not dependent on such tricks to handle her husband. Today, many women have jobs as good as their husband’s, with the result that they can afford to be independent. Here are the views of Grace M, age 27:   tumblr_m1g3c20gtg1qmoxn8o1_1280

“I am a career girl working longer hours and making a higher salary than my young husband. Before I married him, I told him that as long as I made more money than he did, I would be in complete charge of our marital relationship. He agreed that this was fair. Before we were married, we had a very specific understanding of what my being the boss would mean for him. With some reluctance, he went along with my ideas.

“He must do all the housework, including the cooking. I can’t even remember when I last washed a dish or rinsed out a pair of nylons. When I’m relaxing at home evenings or weekends, I expect him to wait on me more or less like a maid. I make all the financial decisions. His paycheck is delivered to me and I give him an allowance sufficient to cover his carfare and lunches.

“If things do not go exactly as I think they should, I don’t hesitate to punish him as I see fit. In this connection, I have found spanking to be very effective. To get the best results, I believe that a spanking should be thoroughly humiliating as well as painful. When hubby is due for a lesson, I start him out in panties, garter belt and stockings. After three years of marriage, he is still scarlet with embarrassment when he reports to me in these feminine garments. Needless to say, I don’t hesitate to chide him at great length.  tumblr_n7ykpnio0u1qii8jto1_1280

“He must get over my knee and I lose no time going to work with the hairbrush on the thin panties. He is no hero about it; in fact, he carries on as any kid might. He yelps, squirms, begs, pleads, promises, cries, wiggles his hips, kicks his hairy legs and tried to reach back to protect himself. But I don’t let any of this stand in the way of an effective spanking, and go right on applying the brush where it will do the most good.   tumblr_mw6equq4sk1sl9dpyo1_400

“The spanking is always given in two parts. After I have him well warmed up and reduced to tears, I pause to rest my arm for a moment. Then, it’s panties down for the second part! When I go to work on his well reddened bare bottom, he really howls and carries on. Despite frantic pleas and promises, I never stop until I am satisfied that he won’t forget the session for quite a while. Afterwards, I make him leave the feminine garments on under his clothes for the remainder of the day as a further reminder to him.”

As for the male attitude on the subject, here is a report from a well spanked husband:

“I am married to a gorgeous redhead who stands six feet, four inches in her stocking feet and who is a former showgirl. Although Lois is five years younger than I am, she is definitely the boss in our home in every way. I am kept in line on a strict demerit system, enforced by old fashioned spankings.  tumblr_m0p99xukqc1qii8jto1_250

“When Lois decides that I am in need of discipline, she dresses in one of two basic outfits which she has had made over for just such occasions. The first is a black sheath dress, which is absolutely skin-fitting and which has been hemmed to end a full eight inches above the knees. With this she wears sheer black stockings and black spike pumps that emphasize her height even more. The other outfit is a red party dress, which she has also had shortened to end eight inches above her knees. With this she wears black or textured hose with her spike pumps.

“With her long, shapely legs she is a dream in either outfit, but I know what’s in store for me when I arrive home to find her so attired. She greets me affectionately and we have a cocktail before dinner. When she is seated, her short skirts fail to cover her stocking tops and as she sits there with her long legs crossed provocatively I can hardly take my eyes off her. The cocktail hour in the study is perfectly delightful although filled with somber implications for me.

“After dinner we again retire to the study. Lois reads the paper for awhile. I try to watch television but the sight of her long, nyloned legs and white thighs is very distracting. Although I try to keep it out of my mind as much as possible, the thought of the discipline that is soon to come gradually causes more anxiety. Before long I am both scared and anxious to get it over with as soon as possible.

“Finally, she sets the paper aside and, taking me by the hand, leads me to the spare bedroom that serves as the spanking room. She sits down at the vanity table while I stand at her right side. Calmly and efficiently, she lowers my pants and shorts to my ankles. While preparing me for the spanking, she scolds and chides me like
an angry stepmother. After pulling her dress up well out of the way, she turns me over her shapely, nylon−clad thighs.

“The spanking commences with about two dozen good, firm hand spanks accompanied by more scolding and chiding. With her strong right arm, she can land a spank that really stings and prickles. I try my best to take it as quietly as possible but it isn’t long before I’m squirming and gasping. Two dozen applications of her palm leave me feeling very warm on both sides.  tumblr_nzt4gkl7yr1ubl9p1o1_250

“I grit my teeth as she pauses to reach her wooden hairbrush. Next comes two dozen carefully applied spanks with the back of the brush. With her long arm moving in a high arc each time the brush descends, she sets me on fire. As much as I try to control myself, I involuntarily wind up squirming, breathless and moist eyed. During this phase, I am chided about my boyish reaction to the hairbrush.

“After this preliminary warming up, my wife spends several minutes carefully going over my stinging buttocks with the tips of her long fingernails. This creates a prickling, burning sensation that is utterly maddening and forces me to squirm around on her long, beautiful thighs. This workout is accompanied by many cutting comments and subtle threats of additional punishment to come, while my pleas for her to stop are answered only by amused laughs.    tumblr_ml7181bbfl1s2gszlo1_400

“Then she resumes with the hairbrush, laying it on with hard burning strokes on first one cheek and then the other. During this phase, I simply have to howl and cry, and soon find myself kicking my legs and wriggling just like a child. Despite my pleas and promises to do anything she says, she usually doesn’t stop until her arm is too tired to continue. Long before then, I am sobbing like a little boy. When she finally stops, my bottom is flaming hot and I know that it will burn and smart for hours.   tumblr_nyt3bljkof1sa8sudo1_540

“She watches with an imperious smile as I tearfully replace my clothes afterward. We then tearfully replace my clothes afterward. We then adjourn to the study once more, and she brings study, I fix her a drink and light her cigarette. When she is comfortable, she haughtily points a long, tapering finger toward her pretty feet. Abjectly I kneel before her, remove her spike pumps, and hold her stockinged feet in both hands. For the next few minutes, I am required to kiss her stocking feet all over. Slowly sipping her drink and keeping her hairbrush handy, she watches me sternly and occasionally makes a humbling comment as I press my lips against her wispy nylons.

“Following this demonstration of subservience, I am expected to wait on her hand and foot for the rest of the evening. Knowing that she won’t hesitate to use that hairbrush again and, at the same time, still feeling the bonfire under my pants from my earlier workout, I don’t hesitate to obey every order she gives no matter how humbling it happens to be. Of course, there are compensations such as looking at her beautiful legs as she sits there in her shortened skirt.


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  1. I particularly like the first example here finding it most realistic, but the others stray into a different kind of kinky territory which is not to my liking.


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