F/M Sunday — Hot Lunch Date

Here is a story I found on USENET way back in the day. It’s by a very talented writer named Case Wintermute. I don’t know if Mr. Wintermute is still around, but he wrote quite a few stories with an F/M orientation that are quite good, and this is one of them. It’s a husband –wife domestic discipline scene with some age play thrown in. The POV here is the little-used 1st person female voice. That is uncommon in F/M stories but here it works very well.



Perhaps it was because it was one of those increasingly rare nights
when I slept really well. Or perhaps it was because it was the week
before my period came and I was feeling really frisky. What ever the
reason, on that Wednesday morning when I looked at my husband John
shaving, I felt a wave of lust that seemed to go all the way down to
my toes.

John was standing with his back to me wearing a pair of sheer bikini
briefs (I buy all his underwear and this is the only kind I buy him,
except for cotton briefs to wear to the gym). I loved the way his
bottom looked through the sheer black fabric, under the muscled curve
of his back. We’ve been married twelve years and I still lust after
him like I did when were were first together.

John was drying his face when I went up behind him, kissing him on the
neck and cupping his right buttock in my hand.

“Do you have any meetings after lunch, my love?”, I asked.

“No, not today. Why?”

“Good”. I slapped his buttock. “I want you to come home and have lunch
with me so I can give you a spanking”, I said softly, my mouth close
to his ear, “A hard spanking”

I could see his cock start to get hard beneath the sheer material of
his briefs.

“Have I done something naughty, Lisa?”

John found the idea of a nice sexy lunchtime spanking exciting, but I
could tell from his voice that he was also a little worried that he
might have a punishment spanking in store instead.

“We’ll discuss that at lunch, young man”, I told him. “I’ll see you at
home at noon.” Cruel woman that I am, I knew John would spend the
morning wondering if he had done something to earn a punishment
spanking and if so, how hard the spanking would be.

John was not the only one thinking about his upcoming spanking. I kept
day dreaming about how I was going to spank John and what I would have
him do to me. It was not the most productive morning I’ve ever had.


At 11:00 I called the Vietnamese sandwich place near work and ordered
two of their chicken sandwiches. I picked up the sandwiches on the way
home and arrived at about ten minutes to twelve. John arrived a few
minutes before twelve. He knew that if you’re getting a spanking it is
not wise to make it worse by being late (I’m strict, but fair with my
boy). He had a bouquet of my favorite flowers, scented red roses and

“What beautiful flowers” I said as John handed me the bouquet. I moved
my face over the flowers and inhaled their scent. I kissed John,
holding the flowers to the side as he took me in his arms, his right
hand cupping my bottom.

“The flowers are wonderful, my love, but they’re not going to get you
out of the spanking you have coming.” I told John

“I was thinking more of leniency”

“We’ll see. Do you want to take your spanking before or after lunch”,
I asked.

“Before lunch please, Ma’am. I’m always too nervous to eat much when I
know I have a spanking coming.”

“All right then mister, march off to the bedroom and undress to your
panties. I want to find you standing in the corner when I come
in. I’ll put the flowers in water and be there in a little while”

“Yes, Ma’am” John said before turning an going to our bedroom.

I unwrapped the bouquet and put the flowers in the sink. I stood at
the sink cutting an inch or so from the bottom of each flower stalk
thinking about John, waiting for me in our bedroom. I put the flowers
in a clear cut glass vase. When I dried my hands I reached under my
skirt. The crotch of my panties was damp.

The door to the bedroom was open. As I entered the room, I saw John
standing in the corner, looking like a 6’1″ version of a naughty
little boy waiting to be spanked by Mommy. He was naked except for the
sheer bikini briefs he had been wearing that morning.

I hung my blouse and skirt in the closet. I had on a pair of black
lace string bikini panties and a matching black lace bra that John
liked. I knew that he wanted to watch me undress, but John knew from
past experience that he would get extra punishment for moving his face
from the corner without my permission.

Looking at John standing in the corner, his tight ass beneath the
sheer material of his bikini briefs, I felt desire burn in me. I was
tempted to lead him out of the corner to the bed and fuck him, riding
his cock hard. But that would mean foregoing the pleasure of spanking
him. I wanted to spank him hard, I wanted him to hurt for me and I
wanted to listen to him cry before I fucked him.


I crossed the room to the night stand, got the ruler paddle from the
drawer and sat down on the side of the bed.

“Come over here, young man, and pull your panties down”, I ordered.

John crossed the room and went to my right side. His cock was hard and
stood out when he pulled his briefs down to the middle of his
thighs. I felt his cock against my leg when he lay over my lap to take
his spanking.


“Have you been a naughty little boy”, I asked John, caressing his
bottom. “Is there something you need tell Mommy?”

“I can’t think of anything, Ma’am.”

“Have you been masturbating without my permission, thinking about
naked girls getting their bottoms spanked?”

“No, Ma’am. Or at least I have not been masturbating without your

“Well, there are a few things on the list”, I reminded him.

We kept a list of little transgressions pinned with a magnet to the
refrigerator door. By the end of the week there were usually at least
one or two items on the list.

“Ah, yes Ma’am. There are a few things on the list”, he admitted.

“Then you have been a naughty boy, haven’t you”, I said running my
index finger down between his buttocks.

“Yes, Ma’am. I guess I should be spanked for the stuff on the list.”

“You guess?”

“I should be spanked, Ma’am”

“Yes, you should. And you will be spanked soundly on Sunday”, I told
John. He spread his legs as I caressed his bottom, moving my fingers
down, rubbing the base of his cock.

“But today is not for punishment. You just looked so sexy this
morning, your tight little ass in those sheer panties, I wanted to
give you a spanking.” His breath was coming a little faster now as I
rubbed the base of his cock with one hand and caressed him between his
buttocks with the other. I could feel his cock, rock hard, against my

“I want to give you a long, hard spanking my love.” I caressed the
base of his cock. “Who do you belong to, young man?”

“I belong to you, Ma’am”

“Yes, you do. You’re my boy. But since I’m not punishing you, I’ll
give you a choice. You can take a light paddling with the ruler paddle
or the spanking I want to give you.”

“Please Ma’am, I’ll take your spanking” John said

“You’re my good boy. Mommy is going to give you a very hard spanking.”

I patted his bottom lightly with the ruler paddle, rubbing him with
the smooth wood, letting him think a bit about what was coming, about
how the paddle would feel. I loved the meaty smack of the paddle as I
used it hard across John’s ass. At first my brave little boy tried to
take his spanking in silence. As I gave the strokes harder, each
stroke was echoed by a soft cry of pain. After I counted out twenty
strokes, I stopped and caressed John’s bottom again. His bottom was
starting to turn a light pink, but his cheeks were not warm yet.


“You know Mommy loves you, don’t you darling” I said as I caressed

“I love you too Mommy.”

“Mommy has to give her boy a spanking to help him be a good boy”, I
crooned to him as I caressed him.

“Yes, Mommy”

“Good boy”, I told him as I started spanking him again with the ruler

I gave John another ten strokes with the ruler paddle. I shifted my
legs slightly under him so my arm had a longer swing and, holding him
tightly, I gave him another ten strokes, very hard. When I was done
his buttocks had taken on a nice pink shade.

“OK, honey, you can get up now and take your panties off. And please
get me the rattan cane”.

When John returned with the cane, I piled two pillows in the middle of
the bed. He handed me the cane and I told him to lie over the pillows.

John’s buttocks flinched in anticipation as I tapped him lightly
across the bottom with the cane. “Get that bottom up for Mommy,
honey”, I told him. I loved the way John looked with his bottom pushed
up, offered for punishment. There is something deeply primal and
blazingly sexy about the submission of the buttocks for spanking.

I gave John the first cane stroke across the underside of his bottom,
the part that is sometimes called the “sit spot”. The cane left a pink
line across his cheeks. I gave several more across his lower bottom,
before giving some strokes across the top curve of his ass.


When you give a caning you don’t want to give the strokes too
fast. The pain follows after the impact of the cane, like hot metal,
seeming to spread out from the line of impact. When I cane John, I
give him a stroke every ten seconds or so. This gives him a chance to
feel each stroke before getting the next one. From the start John
cried out as he took each stroke. I could tell that he was having a
hard time a hard time keeping his bottom up and I had to warn him that
if he does not keep his bottom presented for the cane, he would get
extra strokes.

After taking twenty strokes, John’s bottom was starting to turn
crimson and was lined with cane welts. I stopped spanking him and sat
down next to him on the bed. His skin was warm and I could feel the
cane welts when I ran my hand over his cheeks. After the pain of the
cane, I’m sure that my caresses felt good. Unfortunately for my
naughty boy, the caresses were over soon and it was time for more

I moved to the other side of the bed to give John the rest of his
caning. This would make sure that his buttocks would be evenly
spanked, since the tip of the cane travels faster and always punishes
one side more than the other. I gave the second set of cane strokes
harder, the cane whistling through the air. John took the first ten
strokes like a good boy, his bottom raised, presented for
punishment. After I gave him a stroke across the lower part of his
buttocks, near the top of his thighs, he cried out, clenched his
buttocks and squirmed like he was trying to burrow his hips into the
bed. I reminded him that he has just earned two punishment strokes. He
raised his bottom again, but I could see that he was struggling to
keep still as I spanked him. After a few more strokes, he lost the
struggle again, clenching and squirming in pain.


“That’s another two punishment strokes, honey” I told him.

“I’m sorry, Mommy. It hurts. I tried to be a good boy and stay in

“I know, darling. Spankings are supposed to hurt. Naughty boys learn
to be good boys while they take the cane across their naughty little
bottoms. Now bottom up, and stay still honey”


John managed to take the final six strokes with his bottom raised and still.

“How many punishment strokes do you have coming, honey?”, I asked.

“Four, Ma’am”, John said in a soft voice.

“Put you legs together so I can give you your punishment strokes on
your thighs, honey”, I ordered.

“Please, Mommy, can I take the extras on my bottom? It hurts so much
across the thighs”

“That’s another two strokes for back talk. Now, legs together!”

When John put his legs together, I started caning him across the tops
of his thighs. The strokes I gave him where not as hard as the strokes
I gave him across his ass. Cane strokes on the thighs hurt much more,
which is why I reserved cane strokes on the thighs as punishment
earned for not staying in position. John stayed in position as I caned
his thighs, but I could see that the strokes hurt. His body jerked
after each stroke as if he had been given an electric charge and he
cried out. The cane left red welts across the soft skin on the backs
of this thighs.

When I finished giving John his punishment strokes I took off by bra
and lay down next to him. He moved off the pillows and nuzzled against
my breasts. I petted his hair, comforting my naughty boy. John took my
nipple in his mouth when I offered him my right breast. He sucked and
gently took the nipple between his teeth. My nipple felt like it was
somehow directly connected to my clit and it took a bit of will power
to not roll John over and fuck him right then.

“I’m going to give you a whipping, my love” I told John a little
breathlessly as he sucked on my nipple. “I’m going to bend you over
the end of the bed and whip you. It’s going to hurt, but you’ll take
it for me, won’t you darling?”

“Yes Mommy”, John said, his voice muffled against my chest.

I gently moved away from him, taking my breast from his mouth and
petted his hair. “It’s time for your whipping now, honey”, I told
him. “You can have a choice between being whipped with the punishment
strap or the riding whip. I’ll spank you with the one that you don’t
choose when I punish you on Sunday.”

I sat up and reached behind John, slapping his left flank. “Now
scoot”, I told him. “Get me the strap or the whip”

John got up and went to the closet where the spanking implements hung
on the back wall. I loved making him choose the implement I would whip
him with. I imagined him looking at the strap and the riding whip,
thinking about how each would feel. And since I had told him that he
would be spanked with the implement he did not choose when I punished
him on Sunday, he would wonder if it was better to take a whipping now
with the more painful implement or put it off until Sunday.

I placed a pillow at the end of the bed. John returned with the
punishment strap. He held the strap up in both hands, offering it to

“Good boy. I’ll give you the riding whip on Sunday. Now bend over the
end of the bed please”, I told him.

He lay over the end of the bed, his bottom pushed up by the pillow
under his hips. His arms lay out over his head on the bed.

I went to Johns left side and caressed his bottom. “Ready for your
whipping, darling?”

“Yes, Mommy”

I know that John’s bottom would be tender from the caning he had just
taken and a whipping with the strap over the cane welts would be
especially painful. This was an idea I found very exciting. I wanted
John to hurt for him. I wanted listen to his cries of pain as I
whipped him.

I raised the strap to about shoulder level and brought it down hard
across John’s ass. I whipped him slowly, giving the strokes hard. Like
the cane, the end of the strap punished the far buttock more than the
closer one. After giving John fifteen strokes I gave him a little
break as I caressed him and told him he was a good boy. Some wide
welts from the strap had joined the thin welts left by the cane.


“Fifteen more”, I told him as I ran my fingers between his
buttocks. “Are you ready to take the rest of your whipping?”

He answered “yes”, but he knew that it was a rhetorical question. He
was going to get whipped regardless of what he said.

I moved to John’s right side. “Mommy has to whip you hard to help you
be good”, I told John as I brought the strap down on his bottom. At
first his body bucked a little as he took the strap across his
ass. But after about eight strokes he started to lie still as I
whipped him, as he cried out under the strap.

When I finished whipping him, I had John sit on the edge of the bed. I
straddled his legs and let my well spanked naughty boy bury his face
between my breasts.

I guided his hand between my legs, so he could feel the sheer fabric
of at the crotch of my panties, soaked with my excitement. I petted
his hair as he rubbed me, feeling little waves of pleasure as he
rubbed my pussy.

“Would you like to lick my pussy, my love?”

“Oh yes, Ma’am”

I let him suck my right nipple. “You’ll have to go over my knee and
take a paddling afterward for the privilege, darling”, I told
him. “You’ve had a hard spanking. I can just fuck you now”

He moved away from my breast. “I love to lick your pussy, Mommy”

“I’ll let you lick my pussy until I come, but then I’m going to put
you over my knee and paddle you until you’re sobbing like a naughty
little boy. Are you sure that licking my pussy is worth another hard

“Yes, Ma’am”

I lay on the end of the bed on my back, with the pillow I had spanked
John over under my bottom, my thighs spread. John knelt between my
thighs and began kissing and nuzzling my pussy through the sheer

“May I take your panties off?”

“Yes you may”

I arched up a little so John could slip my panties off my bottom and
then off my legs. I lay back and relaxed as Johns tongue moved between
my lips. After a while he concentrated on my clit, licking it and then
sucking it gently. I started to push against his tongue, moving up and
down as he sucked and licked. I thought about how his ass had looked
as I spanked him, how he cried out as I whipped him, my excitement
built and I came pushing hard against his tongue.

After I caught my breath, I gently pushed his head away and sat up.

“Please get the paddle from the night stand, darling. It’s time to go
over my knee and pay the piper”

The paddle that John brought me was a paddle I often used for
punishment spankings. It was shaped like a ping-pong paddle, but was
much thicker and made from a dark, dense hard wood.

John handed me the paddle and lay across my lap. I caressed his
buttocks, sliding my hand down to the base of his cock.

“Did you enjoy licking my pussy, darling?”

“Yes, Ma’am”

“That’s good, my love” I could feel his cock grow hard under my caresses.

“You’re Mommy’s little boy, aren’t you”

“Yes, Ma’am”

“And licking Mommy’s pussy until she came was very naughty, wasn’t it

“Yes, Mommy”

“Then you should be spanked like the naughty little boy you are. You
should be spanked until you’re sobbing over Mommy’s knee, shouldn’t

“Yes, Mommy”, John answered with some reluctance in his voice.

“I’m not going to count the strokes this time, honey. I’m just going
to spank you until you’re crying hard. I want you to let go for me,
don’t try to resist it. Now I want you to ask for your spanking”

“Please spank me, Mommy”

“I will, darling. I’m going to spank you very hard”, I told him as I
brought the paddle down on this right buttock. I paddled John hard and
fast, alternating buttocks. I scolded him as I spanked him, telling
him what a bad little boy he was as the paddle slapped his buttocks.


At first his legs made little kicks and his buttocks clenched from the
pain of the paddling as I held him firmly over my lap. But after a
while he went limp and I could feel him start to cry as I paddled
him. I spanked harder, giving him the paddle as hard as I could, his
cries turning into sobs. Between his sobs, John repeated in half
formed sentences that he was sorry he had been a bad boy. He promised
to never be a bad boy ever again, he had learned his lesson and he
begged me to stop spanking him. After letting him cry through another
ten or twelve strokes on each cheek, I stopped paddling him.

I helped John up from my lap and lay back with him on the bed, holding
him against my breasts, comforting him as he cried. I petted him and
told him his spanking was over, that he had been brave to take his
punishment like a good boy. When he had stopped crying I gave him
first one breast and then the other as he sucked my nipples. His cock
started to get hard as he nuzzled and sucked. I moved him so he was
lying on his stomach. I caressed his bottom, spreading his cheeks and
caressing between them. His bottom was crimson, lined with welts and
bruised in places. He arched up as I caressed the base of his cock,
moaning slightly with pleasure.

“Move up toward the head of the bed and roll over on your back” I told
John. I straddled his chest, my knees near his armpits.

“You can kiss my pussy now without having to take a spanking”, I told
him as I leaned my arms against the wall, straddling his face and
moving my pussy down to his mouth. He greedily sucked my clit, cupping
my bottom in his hands. When I felt like I was close to orgasm, I
moved away and over his cock, which was hard now, standing up, waiting
for me. I impaled myself and started riding him, moving hard against
his pelvis.

“Ask permission before you come or I’ll whip you again”, I told him.

I could feel his excitement build as I fucked him.

“Please, Ma’am”

“No, not quite yet”, I told him as I fucked him. “Not yet or I’m going
to whip so hard that you will not be able to sit down for a week.”

That comment turned up both on.

“Please… Please, Ma’am”

“OK, darling. Come for me, come hard” I told him as my own orgasm
washed over me and I felt him come inside me.

We lay together afterward and then took a quick shower together. The
bruises on Johns bottom were starting to come out more I saw as he was
drying himself. He would be sitting uncomfortably at work, I was sure.

We dressed and ate the spice Vietnamese chicken sandwiches that I had
brought home. I felt languid and satiated.

When we were done and getting ready to go back to work, I slapped
John’s bottom. “Be a good boy” I told him. “You know what happens to
naughty boys.”


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