Guest Post: Honeymoon Spanking

Here is a bit of classic spanking fantasy storytelling from the early days of the internet. This came from the old soc.sexuality.spanking newsgroup via Deja News. The author is “rdbut” who some may remember as “Chuck” or sometimes “Chuck Wilson.”



Greg Warner smiled lovingly as the nude bottom halves of his
bride, 24-year-old Monica Warner (formerly Carver), bowed
in a graceful arc and settled softly over his lap in a manner much
like an old-time gladiator surrendering his sword.
It was the wedding night for the pair, an event when most
couples would be entwined in the connubial bed to consummate
their marriage. And that, of course, was on the agenda, but first
would come the matter that they agreed upon when the marriage
proposal was made and accepted three months earlier.
Ever since that night, Monica had looked on this moment with
a combination of dread and excitement. Born into a conservative
family, she had held firm against any type of sexual play during dates
except kissing and a little fondling of her breasts. But, on this night,
she was not at all shy about stripping down to her birthday suit in
front of her equally nude 30-year-old husband.
Nevertheless, when the moment of truth arrived, Both Monica
and Greg were surprised by the ease with which she submissively
presented her naked buttocks over the lap of correction. And it was
clear in both of their minds that this would be more than a sex play
type of spanking for they agreed that it was something that was long

As Greg began applying a skin conditioner to the threatened areas,
Monica had time to reconstruct in her mind the events that led up to
this night that would combine pain with pleasure.
She had a job as sales clerk in Carver Electronics, which was
owned by her widowed father, who had earned considerable wealth
from it. Trouble was, he spent so much time in the early years seeing
that it ran smoothly that he was unable to properly discipline his daughter
when he felt it was necessary while she was a teenager. In fact, he found
it was easier to give her what she wanted rather than argue with her. She
thought nothing of taking a day off now and then and leaving the other
sales clerks overburdened.
As a result, she had everything a young woman could want in life —
everything, that is, except peace of mind, which was often hampered
by a guilty conscience.
Monica’s irresponsible attitude did not escape the notice of Greg,
who had been employed by her father for six years and had quickly
risen to the title of manager.  But, he found it uncomfortable to verbally
chastise the owner’s daughter for failure to pull her weight with the
Although she was also aware of that fact, she felt helpless to correct
her errant ways.
Then one day she overheard a conversation in which her father asked
Greg how Monica was doing? When told candidly of her taking a lot of
time off, thereby causing extra work for the remainder of the staff, Mr.
Carver sighed. “I know I haven’t been strict enough with her, but this
company has taken so much of my time.”
“I understand, sir,” Greg replied. “But, if you don’t mind my saying so,
children need discipline in their lives.”
“What would you suggest, Greg?” she heard her father ask.
“Well, since Monica is a rather capricious young lady, she might
benefit from an old-fashioned spanking.” He laughed when he said it, but
there was a certain seriousness in his voice.0jizpgtvup37
She had always respected Greg, so, instead of being angry, his
overheard statement gave her pause to think back over her young life.
She realized that she was not happy despite her comfortable means and
that, perhaps, Greg was right. Still, she shook her head. At 24, she was
certainly too old for a spanking and, besides, she couldn’t very well go
home and ask her daddy to suddenly start spanking her.
A few weeks later Greg asked her out for dinner and soon thereafter
they began to date steadily. It was on the fourth date, that Monica finally
worked up the nerve to tell him that she had overheard the conversation
with her father and apologized for her lack of professional behavior.
The subject came up a couple more times before he proposed to her
and that same evening they discussed a wedding night spanking, which
would be both her introduction to corporal punishment and to marital life.
For Greg told her that he also had old-fashioned beliefs that included the
husband being the head of the family. He added that he saw a major
difference between spouse-beating and a good, sound spanking that
would redden the wifely seat. And, to his surprise, she readily agreed.
During the ceremony, no one in the audience would have imagined in
their wildest dreams that such a pact had been made for, as the vows
were being exchanged, so were loving gazes between the principals.
Had one been able to see under the bridal gown, however, a twitching
pair of buttocks would have been in evidence.
– – – – – – – –
Now those buttocks were as bare as the moment they were
introduced into the world, stretched over the husbandly lap as he sat
on the edge of the bed. Monica’s legs lay outstretched, toes digging
into the bedspread, while her head rested on a pillow and her pretty
face looking into a dressing table mirror a few feet away.
She felt strangely content under the circumstances and watched
with an expression of resignation while Greg’s palm massaged and
patted the skin conditioning lotion into soft, white, silky soft globes.
Behind him on the bed was a 12-inch ruler and a long-handled,
rectangular wooden hairbrush that was given to him by Mr. Carver.
“I failed in part of my duty as a father, Greg,” he said, “so it will be
up to you to see that Monica gets the bottom discipline she needs.”
“I won’t fail either you or her, sir,” he had replied.
Greg’s first look at the gorgeous gluteal muscles of his wife would
not be the last, but it was an experience that would never be equaled.
It was a bottom to be admired and caressed, but it was also one that
had gone too long without feeling the effects of an angry hand. It
would not be with anger, but with love, that he would be administering
the first ever spanking to the well-padded and deeply cleft behind.
Monica felt the pats growing lighter until suddenly the first spank
came down on the highest summit, bridging the gap between the moons.
A divided pink imprint of Greg’s hand showed the point of impact.
“Oww!” she moaned and the cheeks began to tighter.
“Relax your buttocks, honey,” Greg declared and, slowly but
obediently, she complied.
He brought his hand down with methodical smacks, stinging each
cheek in turn and soon causing Monica to turn her head back and forth
on the pillow and her legs to begin kicking in response. She then looked
back over her shoulder to see her husband’s palm changing her bottom’s
color to an ever brighter shade of red.6i2bkrel5h12
“Ohhh, that hurts …  Owww … Honey, that really hurts …”
“A spanking is supposed to hurt,” he replied without missing a beat.
“You know you need this, don’t you?”
“Yes … Ouch … Ouch … Yes, but please … Owwooo … Not so
hard …”
“You might as well get used to this now, baby,” he declared,
“because you agreed that you would be getting spanked whenever you
misbehaved after we were married. Well, we’re married, so this pretty
bottom of yours will be getting many more of these, I’m sure.”
SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! The young beauty’s bare
behind became increasingly red and warm as the husbandly palm
delivered a stern wedding night message. Her buttocks had again
clenched in self protection but that did not cause Greg to ease up on the
force of the smacks until the skin glowed brightly.
When that goal had been attained, he reached back for the ruler
and immediately resumed the punishment, even spreading Monica’s
buttocks with his left hand while smacking along the inner edges of the
crack with the other. He stopped after about a dozen hard smacks
and picked up the hairbrush.
“Now we’ll see what your daddy’s present can do to adjust a
naughty girl’s attitude,” Greg said, wrapping his left arm around her
waist and tapping the glowing, red moons.
“Please, honey … Oh, please … I’ll be good … Don’t spank me with
the hairbrush … PleaOOOWWWW!” The shout of surprise and pain
came from the girl’s mouth as the brush made its presence known for
the first time on the bare, girlish flesh.
With that, her legs began kicking wildly, once again opening the groove
in the behind enough to allow the brush to visit the especially tender area.
Greg delivered some 30 blows to buttocks and thighs before deciding to
end the punishment.
Monica lay sobbing over his knees for about a minute before she felt a
cooling lotion being applied all over the spanked surfaces. Then she was
helped to her feet, turned around and sat on her husband’s lap.
“Oh, please, sweetheart,” she moaned. “Let me up. My bottom’s so sore.”
“It will feel better soon,” he said with a smile of understanding, “but,
remember, this is the least of what you can expect for misbehavior. Then
he raised her head with a finger under her chin and gave her a passionate
kiss while, at the same time, gently rubbing her thoroughly warmed behind.
Finally, Greg laid Monica down on the bed, and, with his rampant penis
looking for a cozy nest, dropped down beside her.

To be continued….


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