The Marshal’s Woman — Now Live on Amazon!

The Marshal’s Woman is now live on Amazon and is available for download HERE.

Other retailers will follow including Barnes and Noble, Kobo and others.


 Deputy US Marshal Virgil Cotton has dealt with his share of sassy women, but when he is given the task of protecting Tansy Fletcher, the governor’s beautiful, headstrong niece, it quickly becomes clear that she is in desperate need of a firm hand applied to her bare backside.

After she witnesses a murder by a ruthless crime boss in San Francisco while pursuing her aspirations as a newspaper reporter, Tansy becomes the target of the killer’s hired guns, and Virgil is tasked with escorting her to a remote Oregon ranch where she will hopefully be safe. He makes it clear he will expect her complete obedience during the journey, but the impetuous girl promptly tests him and earns herself a painful, embarrassing bare-bottom spanking.

Though Tansy is shocked to be punished in such a childish, humiliating fashion, Virgil’s dominance sets her desire burning as hot as her well-spanked behind. She longs to be taken in his arms, and when he claims her at last his skilled lovemaking leaves her utterly satisfied.

Upon reaching their destination, however, they discover that a shadowy gang of night riders is intimidating neighboring ranches into selling their land for mysterious reasons. Can Virgil thwart this band of outlaws and keep his woman out of harm’s way?

Publisher’s Note: The Marshal’s Woman includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

That’s the official product description. What it leaves out is that there is another story layered into the story of Virgil and Tansy. The “remote Oregon ranch” has its own story and harbors a secret that desperate men will do anything to possess. As Virgil and Tansy undertake their perilous journey across the Cascades, the history of the B-bar-B ranch and its owners is told through the eyes of Hannah Cantrell and her daughter Lori.

In the Spring of 1867 Hannah and Lori Cantrell depart St. Joseph Missouri to travel the Oregon Trail by covered wagon. Desperate to find a company who will take them, they sign on with a train organized by a religious sect that practices domestic discipline for wives. As both women encounter the company’s strict rules, and romantic relationships with some special men begin to form , Hannah and Lori realize that they will be forced to choose whether to go or stay.

These plot lines converge in the second half of the book for a confrontation with a shadowy criminal organization that represents an existential threat to the ranch and its inhabitants and to the budding romantic relationship between Virgil and Tansy.

Here is an excerpt:

Darkness fell. They sat together by the fire on a fallen log, the flickering flames casting shadows on the trees surrounding them. It was a warm night, still the fire felt nice. They were out in the middle of nowhere. Danger could lurk anywhere. The time was now. Her body overruled her sense of propriety. She needed this man, wanted to feel his hands on her. She stood up.

Before she could entertain any further notion of what to do next, Virgil rose as well.

“We need to have a discussion,” he said.

“A discussion?”

“Yeah. About you obeying me when I tell you to do something. It’s for your own good and it might save your life.”

“You mean, how I took off on my horse yesterday after you said not to?”

Virgil eyed her coolly. “Yes. I’ve been thinking about that.” He tipped his hat back and came closer. “At first I was going to wait a bit to have this little discussion, but we are exposed out here and there are things we need to get straight between us.”

“Like what?” She saw his frown of disapproval. “All right. You… you have every right to be upset.”

He pursed his lips and nodded. “That I do, Miss Fletcher. You made it easy for them to grab you, getting out of my sight like that.”

“You could have been shot. I know that now, and I feel awful about it.”

“Well, now. What do you think should happen, Miss Fletcher?”

“I… I don’t know.”

“What would happen at your uncle’s farm in Pennsylvania when somebody broke the rules?”

Tansy shrugged. “My Uncle Frank took his boys to the woodshed once or twice when I was there. I saw what he did.”

“Just what did he do?”

Tansy licked her lips. She wasn’t sure about this part.

“He took a strap and gave them licks.”

“Oh? Did you watch?”

He chuckled, knowing she’d probably hidden in the bushes and spied on the whole thing. “How many did they get? I’m sure you counted.”

Tansy took a deep breath. “About a dozen.”

“That sounds about right. You figure a dozen licks with the strap would teach you to behave?” Virgil rolled up his right sleeve.

Tansy froze. He aimed to punish her again. She wanted to scream, to run, but she felt too awful about her foolish recklessness and realized she needed to atone in some small way, even if it meant an indignity to her person. Then there was the fact that the idea of submitting to this steely-eyed marshal, flaunting her body like some barroom floozy, while horribly embarrassing, was also distinctly arousing. The abject shaming, that she would have to present her bottom for punishment, was delicious in a perverse way she did not understand. Why did she want to feel a strap across her fanny wielded by this man? And then what? Where might it lead? That’s what she really wanted to know.

“Yes, I suppose so.”

Virgil looked around. His gaze alighted on a nearby maple tree with a low-hanging branch. He unbuckled his knife belt. Tansy’s heart caught in her throat as she watched him slip the knife sheath off the leather. He wrapped the buckle end around his fist until he had a length of supple leather a couple of feet long.

“You know, Miss Fletcher? I think that would be appropriate. Go over there and grab that branch,” he said, pointing. “Pull your pants down. Stick that rump out and don’t let go.”

Tansy slid down her riding pants as ordered. Underneath she wore only thin cotton drawers.


* * *


Virgil knew he was completely enthralled by this girl, but he also reckoned she had to be tamed. He was taken completely by surprise by her compliance. It showed him, however, that the girl had some integrity. She’d done something foolish and dangerous and now she seemed ready to accept the consequences. Virgil had to admit there was a lot more to Tansy Fletcher than met the eye. He may have misjudged her. She had some real sand, something he had not expected of a spoiled society princess. He could warm up to a woman like that. But, he also had another problem. The girl was beautiful, and the sight of her bending over in nothing but thin drawers was causing a thickening in his groin he could not ignore. He figured he’d best get to it before he abandoned the idea of a licking and took her in his arms for something else.


* * *


Tansy obeyed. Her heart pumping wildly, she calmly reached out and grasped the branch. Bending her torso forward made her posterior stick out. She imagined it was a lewd spectacle she presented. Her drawers were tight across the globes of her bottom in the bent-over posture.

She felt his arm pushing down on her back, holding her steady. He patted her thinly covered seat, and the feel of it sent thrills shooting up her spine as he rubbed and patted the globes of her derriere in preparation for her chastisement.

She stiffened as his fingers pulled the string of her drawers and the frilly undergarment fluttered to her ankles, but she nearly swooned when he put his hand back on her bottom.

“Sorry I got to do this, Miss Fletcher, but you have to learn,” he said.

“Go ahead, Marshal. Do your worst,” she said with a quivery bravado she didn’t really feel.

He stood back and lined up the belt. It struck, causing an explosion of sensation, a shockwave traveling from the wobbly flesh of her bottom though the rest of her body. Then again—a loud crack and a blaze of hot sting across her fanny. Additional licks created an intense tingling sensation. He spanked slowly and steadily, making each lick an event. After each stroke he paused to let the effect sink in. The belt spanks made her flesh burn. It began to sting worse now, not a buzzing tingle, but some serious heat. She shifted her feet in response, a dance of futility. The sound of the leather cracking down on her bare flesh resounded through the quiet clearing. He placed the belt lashes evenly, all over her fleshy behind from the tops of her legs to the crown of her buttocks.


“Oh! Oh!” she gasped.

“You going to slip off on me again? I want to make sure you understand this time.”

“No. No. I promise.”


“Oh, my!” Tansy waggled her posterior. Her bottom throbbed now, seared by the fire made by repeated strokes of the belt on her tender flesh.

Crack! A band of fire seared her flesh.

“Yeow! I’m sorry. Please, no more.”

With a final hard swat, Virgil relented. He unfurled the belt and put it back on.

Tansy turned and hugged him around the middle, burying her face in his chest. She gasped for breath and her eyes watered, but she had not broken down to cry. Maybe she should have.

Virgil encircled her with his arms. “Shush. It’s over now.” He hugged her tightly for a moment then pulled back. “Tansy, look at me.”

She lifted her eyes to meet his.

“Damn, but you do something to me, woman. I want you. I want you now.”




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