Letters from “Chastisement”

This chapter of “spanking letters” comes from an old paperback book I found somewhere in the used book section of an “alternative book store” some years back. Supposedly the letters represent true accounts. I’ll let you decide on that. I’ll only say that this type of thing was a very popular way of presenting flagellant erotica back in the days when such accounts were of dubious legality.


In browsing through a magazine or newspaper, have you ever noticed a letter in which a girl or a wife tells about being spanked? Almost invariably, she goes into great detail as to how the punishment was carried out, usually then, asks the question, “Are any other girls, or wives, subjected to corporal punishment?”

If you have observed this approach in a publication, then one of two things is afoot. Either the editor wants to increase the circulation by catering to the spanking lovers, or he is a bit on the naive side, and it is high time someone told him about the birds and bees.

It becomes amusing to pick up a brand-new, never-before-published magazine, and behold! – there is a mail-box section, and, you guessed it, letters on spanking. Although it is the first issue, outraged damsels are telling of tannings received at the hands of irate husbands, roommates and parents. The first issue of Thrilling Confessions, for example, carried a mailbox section with spanking letters as the feature.

The spanking-letter mania has reached such proportions that a number of publications have refused to publish letters on the subject of corporal punishment. The Saturday Review and Writer’s Digest for some time featured ads sponsored by people who were interested in corresponding and meeting with those who yearned to be spanked or to know the delight of spanking someone.

It is noticeable that, at the moment, neither of these two publications will carry advertising which pertains to flagellations. The New York Daily News, for several years, carried spanking letters in its Letters to the Editor column, and the New York Enquirer did likewise. They too, now refuse to carry letters on this subject.

The magazine PIC is a good example of how the letter-writing bug gets the average sadomasochist. It began with a girl who protested that her mother put her over her knees, lifted her dress and slip, then proceeded to apply the hairbrush to the seat of her panties. From that issue on, came the deluge! The next edition was loaded with spanking letters, as were subsequent issues. The editor pointed out that the mail volume hit an all-time high in publishing history.


This magazine also shut the doors on the letter writers, as some of the letters were of such an extremely erotic nature that they were unprintable. The thousands of letters were turned over to the Junior Chamber of Commerce for study as to their possible effects on juvenile delinquency. The author of this book has tried in vain to find out what conclusion, if any, was drawn by this civic-minded group, or if there was an increase in the number of wives put over the knees of J.C.C. husbands.

The magazine Your Romance is a best seller for those who crave to write or read spanking letters. Each and every issue published carries a .large number of spanking letters and, from time to time, a feature story, plus a photo, tells the typical story of a spoiled girlfriend or wife who appears headed for ruin until the magic panacea of an old-fashioned spanking is brought forth, and, after the ordeal is over, the girl usually confesses this is what she needed all the time.

It is interesting to note that this particular magazine has been in print for at least three years, during which both its circulation and advertising volume have grown. This is, indeed, positive proof that the spanking group is large in number. Already mentioned in this chapter is Thrilling Confessions. This publication is published by the same owners as Your Romance.

A large percentage of the letters in these two magazines seem to be phony, almost as though they were written by males, writing and using a female nom de plume. Some psychologists are of the opinion that there is nothing wrong with a person who writes letters pertaining to spanking, as it acts as a safety-valve for the individual involved.

A large number of teenage magazines are now being produced, and quite a few of these publications carry writeups on the spanking of teenagers. Once again, the spanking crowd flooded the editors with advice on the proper way to spank a naughty teenage girl. One teenage magazine featured a number of letters, but where they courted serious trouble was in showing the picture and giving the address of a teenage girl who thought that an occasional spanking was in order if all other means had failed.

Perhaps by now, this girl has been mortified by the avalanche of mail from people who wanted the inside dope on her history and outlook on corporal punishment. Of late, that magazine as well as the others for young people, has refrained from the publishing of letters which might arouse the sado-masochistic instinct in certain people.

At this point, let us observe a sampling of letters featured in the various publications.


Dear Editor:

A recent news report says that an Iowa judge has ruled that a husband has the right to spank his wife. This reversed a lower court’s decision.

Well, we don’t live in Iowa, but this is a right that has never been questioned at our house. We are rather of the opinion that anyone who is married is apt to get spanked now and again. It’s one of the risks that we take when we enter that matrimonial state. However, it’s worth it, as we see it. Even single persons may get spanked by various people, as the letters to your column prove. Yes, it is possible to be spanked by relatives, friends, employers and others, but so far as we are concerned, for a spanking to be really meaningful, it must be administered by your wedded mate, or at least by your one and only.

A spanking is rather an intimate rite, and as such it tends to be an expression of love. For, if one didn’t love his marital partner, he wouldn’t care how far she got out of line, or how outlandish her behavior.

So, in this respect, the wives who get spanked are apt to be the ones most cherished.

From experience, we find that spanking has its place in the marital bedroom, but harsh and bitter words do not. If you will take our advice, you wives and husbands will never speak the first angry word to each other. If needed, a thorough spanking should be administered on the spot, and leave off the tongue lashing. For a throbbing backside will quickly return to normal, but the wounds inflicted by faultfinding and a mean, nasty tongue may remain in a heart for a lifetime.

We would recommend a swinging ping-pong paddle rather than nagging; a flailing hairbrush rather than scolding; a punishing leather strap rather than arguing; a willowy yard-stick rather than fussing. The wife and husband should not raise their voices to each other in anger. Instead, the misbehaving member of the marital team should be spanked as indicated.


Since spanking is an accepted part of married life, we are including the rights of the wife to spank her husband in case he gets too far overboard in any respect. As in our modern days, the woman is taking over more and more fields formerly reserved for men. We think that either wife or husband, who acts childishly or wrongfully, should be soundly spanked as soon thereafter as possible by the other marital partner. Thus, marriages would be happier and more fruitful…

Signed, Mrs. J. K.

Dear Editor:

I enjoyed so very much the letters about spanking. The subject is so very interesting to me. Most of those letters were from wives, but my experiences bring back the saying, “Pity the poor working girl.”

I have only been out of Business School a couple of years and have a job in an office as a steno-typist. The girl who is my supervisor in this office (I’ll call her Helen) was very friendly from the beginning and even offered to share her apartment with me. I accepted. She said she could help me get ahead if I would follow her advice and counsel. She is only a few years older than 1, quite good looking, and has really made a success of herself in this firm.

One day I really goofed on the job, and I could tell she was very angry, but she didn’t say much until we got back to our apartment. Then, eyes snapping, she told me to come to the bedroom. She slipped off her jacket and pushed up the sleeves of her blouse. Then she picked up her hairbrush and seated herself.

“Come here,” she said, and then I realized what she was going to do. I felt just like a naughty teen-ager about to be spanked by her mother or teacher. I knew my new friend had good reason to be angry with me, and I placed myself over her lap. She was facing east. I felt my skirt go north and my panties go south. A cool breeze told me my spanking area was completely nude, but it did not stay cool very long, for the smacks of that brush made it feel like fire. Each crack of the hard, flat back of the hairbrush seemed to land on just a little bit different area of my bottoms and loins.


My squirming and kicking did no good, for she held me fast and continued her merciless triphammering with the brush. My screams were loud, and I was bawling like a baby ‘ere she finally stopped. My bottom must have looked like twin ripe tomatoes.

Helen informed me that she intended to continue to spank me in the future, and I might as well resign myself to it if I were to continue to live with her and be under her guidance. She has spanked me many times, yet I do not dislike her for it or resent the spankings-painful though they are.

I love her for the interest she has shown in me and the strict discipline she gives me, and she is surely helping me get ahead in my job. I quake, and my stomach fairly melts when I must go across her lap for a spanking, but I know it’s for my own good, and there is a certain satisfaction in being spanked when one deserves it.

I gather from remarks about the office that I am not the only one Helen has ever spanked, and Helen has told me of a girl who formerly lived with her, who she spanked regularly.


Signed: Miss H.M.

I find your column interesting and educational, especially the letters about spanking of wives and husbands.

Some years ago, my wife and I discovered that a spanking at the right time prevented a lot of needless bickering and nagging.

It all came about in this way-my wife and I were engaged in one of our useless arguments over some trivial crime that she or I had committed. As we hollered back and forth, I was suddenly aware of the senselessness of it.

I took her shoulder and said, “We are acting like a couple of kids; we should be spanked.”

My wife stared at me a moment, then said, “You’re right, but who’ll spank us?”

So we decided we’d just have to spank each other when we got that way. That evening, as we were getting ready for bed, my wife handed me her hairbrush. I laid her over my knees and, drawing her nightie over her hips, I spanked her bare bottom -hard-until she was rosy red.

Then I gave her back the brush and rolled over. She pulled my pajamas down, and I felt the brush sting my bottom as she laid it on as hard as she could for a full ten minutes.

Since then we have had no more arguments.

In the kitchen is a small blackboard with her name on one side and mine on the other. When either does something wrong, a mark is placed beneath the guilty party’s name. When three marks appear beneath my name, my wife goes to her room and puts on a fetching hostess gown. Then she leads me into the den. From the drawer, she takes a leather strap I procured for her use. I lower my trousers and shorts and lay over the ottoman. My wife then proceeds to strap my bottom until it feels completely on fire.


When three marks appear under her name, I go and put on my dressing gown, while she puts on her shortie nightgown. Then, seated on the ottoman, I take her over my knees. With a paddle, I spank her until her bottom matches a robin’s breast.

After each spanking session we kiss and make up. It is so much better than nagging. We recommend it highly.

Signed: Mr. D.S.

Those complaining teenagers and wives who say it hurts when they get spanked must be all on the skinny side, because I am sure that anyone with a proper amount of padding in that area wouldn’t mind a few smacks from a hairbrush or a few licks from a strap. But even so, I think they’re lucky to get off so easily.

I am the “extra plump” type, I guess, because I am five feet, four inches tall, weigh 145 pounds and have hips so well upholstered that my husband gave up spanking me there either with his hand or my hairbrush, because it just didn’t bother me. I hardly felt it.

But now, Wow! Now when he gets me over his knee, he uses a long, springy dowel-stick about one-fourth inch in diameter across the back of my thighs. Believe me, there’s a difference! It stings like the devil, and I get from 20 to 50 each time.

My husband says he punishes me this way to save the time of taking my panties down, but I know he does it be cause he found out he could make me cry when he hit my thighs. He never could make me cry when he spanked my bare bottom, because I was so fat there.

I’ve been married six years, and my husband spanks me about twice a month. It is awful. How can I make him stop, please?

Signed, R.H.S.

Attention teenage girls! Any of you that think you’re too old for spanking, listen to me! You’re never too old!

Even I, who am 19 and a married woman, still get my share of the paddlings. My husband, who is the sweetest and gentlest guy in the whole world, still won’t stand for temper tantrums or the like from me. He found out shortly after our marriage, that best results came from baring my bottom, turning me over his knees and laying either hand or hairbrush to me. He never really hurt me, and I guess I got a little confident.

A couple of months ago, I threw a temper tantrum to end all temper tantrums, and was I ever shocked when my panties were taken down, I was laid across the bed, and given a good tanning with a razor strap! Believe me when I say that now, when I’m misbehaving and see my husband going after that strap, I straighten up fast!

But I’m not complaining, I sort of like having a husband who’ll give me the discipline I probably should have had years ago. How about you other married gals any of you get turned over that husbandly knee and how do you feel about it?

My usual correction employs both a paddle and a strap. The parent doing the job sits on the edge of the bed, and I lie across one knee and the bed, girdle and panties down. My dress and slip are then pulled above my waist in back, my legs are gripped securely with the other knee, and my left wrist is held firmly behind me.

The paddle is one dad made, about a half-inch thick and covered with small holes. The strap is a black razor strop, thick but very flexible and smooth. I always know how much the discipline will be. Most often it is an even two-dozen wallops with each. It is a great help in taking it to know when it will be over. The paddle is applied first, very solidly and smartly, alternately three whacks on each side. This produces a lot of heat and soon makes the bottom stinging and sensitive. Two-dozen whacks feel blistering.

The sound strapping which follows is really painful and has to be applied slowly. Two dozen strokes takes five to ten minutes, which gives me time to think about it. Being strapped like this produces a profound impression that is vividly remembered for a long time. The strap has a terrific sting and certainly gets results on both behind and behavior!

Very serious or repeated misbehavior, of course, calls for more thorough correction. This usually means getting the paddle and strap another dozen times each, which is also the penalty for interfering with the treatment and a great inspiration to take it as quietly as possible.

Minor offenses, such as mother may correct, are taken care of with the strap alone. For this kind of disciplining, I may simply bend over the back of a chair and brace myself on the arms or seat with my girdle and panties lowered, and skirt and slip pinned up in back. One or two dozen applications are usually considered sufficient.

This method of correction need not make a girl feel juvenile or that her parents are treating her as a child. When I am disciplined, it is almost always for something I am old enough to know better than to do. I am not ashamed to be spanked, only for being so foolish as to make it necessary. It is very, very hard for me to have to pull down my girdle and get soundly strapped. But, believe me, I know I am a better girl for it.

Dear Sir,

During the last war it was necessary for my sisters and I to concentrate our total of seven daughters, 12 to 19, in the large-enough home of our parents while the men were serving in the Seabees. The resultant general riot made it necessary to impose rigid corrective methods.

Parenthetically, I would like to suggest to Mrs. Parks that she make sure the girls are actually misbehaving, as distinct from merely “bobby-soxing.” Youngsters of this age are most bewildering at best.

We purchased an ordinary wooden clothes-brush, the type about twice as long as a hairbrush and half as wide. After a few semi-effective uses, we hit upon the ideal weapon by soaking the brush overnight in a strong detergent, pulling out the loosened bristles, and scrubbing excess glue from the perforated surface, which was then used as the business area. It must be used directly on the skin.

The handiest position is found in sitting on the side of the bed, with the girl lying straight over the lap, supported by the bed. Attempting to balance the child on one or both knees is a precarious procedure. The adult’s right leg may be placed across the backs of the child’s knees in case of unusual “athletes.”

Twenty spanks were found the maximum advisable in any one area, which is to say the older girl’s buttocks might take 40 without excessive irritation. The most severe punishment was repeated application to one area.

Congratulations are in order for finally bringing to the attention of the American parent the idea of spanking teen-age girls. You again have done a service, and I hope this will have a thorough discussion through your magazine.

Dear Sir

I am 19 and still subjected to the hairbrush treatment for discipline. I will sketch my father’s method:

Dad has never spanked me in anger, so we talk things over first. Then he takes me by the wrist and drapes me very firmly across his knees. My head extends over his lap, and I clasp his knees with both hands for support.

My skirt and slip are raised to the waist. For teen-agers, I think this is necessary. If the offense is great or is a repeat, my panties and girdle are slipped down to my knees. This is painful and an experience you don’t forget.

The whacks, I would surmise are about 150. They are not “love taps.” They are reddening and sting plenty! You may wonder about putting the hands back to protect the exposed area. In our house we get ten extra whacks if we do.

It is not easy for me, with high heels and nylons, to be bent over my parent’s knee and spanked on my bare backside until I have blisters, but it has kept me a good girl. I am proud of the discipline of my parents. It smarts, but it is the best thing to help you remember you are always a lady.


Dear Editor,

I have a gripe which I wish to air. A mother wrote in to you recently that your magazine would not be bought for her daughters. She said that for their actions they received a spanking with a hairbrush. Dad read that letter and said it was a good idea.

Last night I was disobedient to my father, and when he started to lecture I talked back to him. Dad then took my hairbrush and sat down on the bed. Then he took up my dress and slip and peeled down my panties to my knees! Thereupon Dad spanked me on my bare backside for ten minutes, putting sting into every swat.

I am 19. 1 was wearing high heels and nylons, and yet Dad spanked me as if I were 12. My curls flew and I howled plenty. Dad reddened me until he could see the blisters. Then he told me to get up and behave myself.

Mr. Editor, I protest this punishment. I wish you would print this letter so all fathers might see it. Your magazine is read by many people, and you are able to do a lot of good. After all, a 19-year-old girl is too old to have her panties downed and be taken over the parental knee for paddling, isn’t she?

When a broad-backed hairbrush is not available, a ping-pong bat, the back of a pot-brush or a strap can be used effectively for discipline.

For bobby-soxers, 30 to 50 whacks would constitute a good spanking. The discomfort can be prolonged by making the spankee sit on a low, hard seat immediately afterward, and, of course, spankings are more effective on the bare skin.

One effective method for teenagers is to compel the culprit to bend over from a standing position and grab her legs just above the ankles. The whacks are more painful, and many find this more satisfactory than taking her over the knee.

Dear Sir

Your bulletin came at a very opportune time. While your bulletin was resting in our mailbox, my wife was resting, or should I say, lying across my knees bottoms up, the skirt of her dress pulled up and her panties pulled down around her legs. Her buttocks were becoming a crimson red with every stroke of the strap across her bared bottom. I started this spanking with my hand across her buttocks, which were still protected somewhat with her panties. After I had pre-warmed her thusly, I pulled her panties down and applied my special spanking-strap until my arm felt like a dead weight.

She kicked and cried but did not stop me in any way as she knew she really deserved this spanking, for an offense which was so serious I cannot tell you about it. As I write this letter to you, my wife is standing by my side applying soothing skin lotion to her well-heated bottom, which incidentally is still uncovered as even thin panties at this time would be torture. My wife has told me to tell all your readers that while I was spanking her she could feel all the badness leaving her, and she is proud that I punish her in this way as it leaves the air fresh and clean, so to speak, in our married life.

Dear Editor

My husband has given me a free hand in the disciplining of our daughter Sandra, age 15, and in her case the theory of “spare the rod” (to be more accurate “the strap”) is in full practice. She is a high-spirited girl, but is in full realization and accord with the idea that her misdeeds must be fully atoned for at frequent held disciplinary sessions. These corrective periods are held in the evening following her misbehavior, and are conducted in such a manner as to impress her with the importance of the punishment.

After having her bath and putting on her “shortie” nightgown (her only garment), she reports to my room. She is then required to kneel in the center of the room while I give her an account of her misdeeds and assess the punishment. In order that the sound whipping can be administered with the utmost of efficiency and ease, Sandra’s hands are strapped behind her back, high enough out of the strapping area. She lies over the foot end of the bed with her feet just touching the floor and ankles strapped tightly to a rail that is near the floor.


This places her bottom most prominently in position for the punishment it will receive and prevents any movement. Her nightie is pulled up over her back, as her correction is always given on the bare flesh. I first warm her with two-dozen strokes of a flat hairbrush. When she is well reddened, she receives from thirty to fifty slowly administered, sound strokes of the leather razor strap. For more severe offenses of conduct, I allow her to remain in the spanking position for fifteen minutes and then lay on twenty more strokes of the strap.

Believe me, this regularly applied physical discipline is most effective, and no other “modern psychology methods” are needed or wanted by me or her. I would like to ask your readers their opinion on how young a girl should be before the sound strapping can begin to be used in their disciplining.

Dear Sir

My wife spanks our 2 teenaged daughters when they are sassy, or misbehave. She uses a small paddle, which she applies to their bare bottoms quite vigorously and with determination. Twenty to thirty whacks with the paddle are usually sufficient to produce a rosy complexion to their well rounded buttocks, which I’m sure burn and sting for some time.

In case of more serious offenses, I’m elected to give them a sound spanking with an old razor strop I keep for that purpose alone. When this occurs my wife makes them don what we call their “Spankee Panties.” These are sheer nylon, white panties, which my wife purchased about one size too small for them, so they are a tight fit. She also sewed an elastic band on the waistband in the back and a hook and eye fastner in front.

My wife slips the panties on them and then pulls the band between their mounding buttocks, and fastens it in the front. This pulls the panties skin tight without a single wrinkle. I then apply the strap to their nylon-encased buttocks until they beg for mercy. I have discovered they can receive many more strokes with the panties on then if given on their bare skin. This extends the spanking a longer time.”

A friend of my husband’s showed us your first bulletin, and we were very much pleased to learn that there is such an organization in existence. Ever since we were first married, my husband has spanked me whenever I stepped out of line. As a woman, I believe that this is a husband’s privilege, though there have been many times when I wished I could give him a taste of his own medicine. I have never approached him on this, but now that I have seen this bulletin, I believe I can muster my courage.

In the time being, I would just like to be able to answer the questions put forth: I am spanked regularly. Sometimes as much as three times in one week. The “seat of learning” is always the base of operations. Although I’ve had plenty of applications on the “bare,” most of the time John demands that I don a tight-fitting rubber panty-girdle which he refers to as my “whipping pants.” This girdle fits like a seond skin, with scarcely a wrinkle anywhere.

John doesn’t believe in the application of the bare palm or even the hairbrush, but always uses a lean, supple riding switch which he can apply “scientifically and with finesse” (his own words). As this implement is a bit unwieldy to use when I am across his lap, I am made to assume a variety of positions, depending on his whims.

Sometimes I am required to lean across a chair, other times across the bed. Most often he requires me to bend forward and grasp my ankles.

Any one of these positions can be most painful, as the skin around the target area is stretched quite tightly. He is never brutal in his application of the switch. The most severe punishment I’ve ever undergone has been two dozen. Most of the time I receive six or twelve. The switch burns like a hot wire, but I never get more than I can stand.

His punishments, however, seldom stop at a mere switching. Sometimes I have to stand in a corner for an hour after the initial punishment. Other times I am gagged and bound to the bed for a certain interval. We have been happily married for more than five years, and I find him a delightful companion and a loving husband.

I am convinced that I deserve whatever punishment he administers to me and bear him no malice however harsh this punishment may be. He is my lord and master, and I am his slave. I could not be happy otherwise. But certainly there are wives who feel as I do and yet have an understanding with their husbands that what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. If this is true, then I shall certainly be interested to hear of how other women handle their beloved spouses.

I feel that perhaps some of our members may be interested in an Englishman’s version on how a teenage girl’s bottom should be smacked. Take her to her bedroom, bend her over the foot of her bed, tell her she is about to get her bare bottom smacked soundly, raise her dress over her hips and up to her shoulders. Next raise her slip likewise, slide her pants down over her bottom and right down to her ankles. Her bottom is now completely bare and ready for smacking with a broad hairbrush.

Make certain that her bottom is higher than her head. This position makes the skin of her bottom tight, and the cheeks of her bottom should be slightly apart if she is bent at the right angle. Smack one cheek of her bottom at a time until it is crimson, then smack her other cheek until both cheeks are the same color. I have found it takes about 25 smacks on each cheek to get a young girl’s bottom red and smarting.


Dear Sir

We have been married for several years, and I still do things that are juvenile in nature. My husband feels that if I act that way I should be punished as a child is. The other night, at dinner, I told him that I had gone downtown that day and purchased something extravagant -and which did not fit into our budget. Without a word, he got up from that table, came over to my chair, took hold of my right arm and led me into our bedroom. He sat down on the side of the bed and pulled me over his left knee. He raised my dress and slip over my waist, pulled my panties down to my knees, rolled my girdle down, put his right leg across my knees (just under the panties and girdle) so I couldn’t kick. I held onto his left leg with my hands to balance myself. He then told me that I was going to be spanked because of the purchase I made since it ruined our budget.

He then took up the large wooden hairbrush (which we had purchased just for these spanking sessions) and proceeded to give me a blistering spanking. I received about 150 whacks applied with all his might-alternately, one wallop on each side. They weren’t light taps either. Each one hurt and hurt plenty. When the spanking was finished, he told me to get up and get dressed. He went to finish his dinner, but I remained for a long time in the bedroom, crying.

Dear Editor

The small firm for which I work offers unusually good working conditions, both as to pay and other benefits, but in return I must submit to corporal punishment when guilty of some rule infractions. I went to work here January 1, 1955, and since that time have received two spankings. I suppose you would call them of the sound variety.

My first severe whipping is to come shortly after five this afternoon and believe me, as the time approaches I realize I am really in for it. Perhaps if you like I shall write again sometime describing this session but I imagine I shall want to sit at the typewriter as little as possible for the next few days.


I think a woman or a teenager should receive a spanking’ whenever she does not behave. When spanking her, she should wear as little as possible. That is, only panties, girdle, nylons, and very high-heeled pumps. The spanking should be given very methodically and slowly-no use to hurry up things. First on the panties, which, incidentally, should be of nylon and very thin, and later, when the rose color starts glowing through the panties, take them off and lay it on the bare bottom!

A very good position is the following: let her lay on her back on a couch, then grab both her legs (which you might bind beforehand) and draw them back towards her head. This way, her bottom will become very compact and smooth, and the cane will jump back from sheer elasticity. Furthermore, you have the advantage to be able to cane her upper thighs in case she should move too much and not behave! I wonder what your other readers have to say about spanking positions.

I prefer spanking in the bedroom although I have administered punishment in about every conceivable setting. First the young wife strips down to bra and panties. She kneels before me and recites the tale of her wrongdoings. I chide her and point out her evil ways. Then, when I feel she has a real understanding of her wrongdoings, I stretch her out over my knees. Her panties are smoothed out until not a wrinkle shows.

Then, either using my hand or a brush, I let her get acquainted with the object that will soon be smacking her. The brush is passed gently over the inner thighs. Then I begin to spank. Slowly I strip off her panties and go to work with a will. I alternate cheeks until they are a burning red and my victim is squirming on my knees, pleading for forgiveness. I never stop spanking until the victim has felt that clear, sharp, burning ecstasy that makes them shudder with delight.

Dear Sir,

My father gave me your spanking bulletin to read and I would like to tell you of my experience. I am the oldest in a family of two brothers and sisters. All of us have, since very early childhood, been spanked for misbehaving. For minor things, mother makes us girls remove our panties, raise our skirts and slips and lie down across her knees. Then, with a paddle, she really makes us have a hot bottom. The boys remove their pants and shorts and they get the same treatment.

But it is when we are turned over to father that we really get it. He takes us to our bedroom, calls in all the rest to see the punishment. We have to remove all our clothes and get on the bed on our knees bent over, then it commences. When he gets through our bottom is red and sore, and sometimes he hits our legs a few whacks.


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