Mrs Mundinger’s Rose Bushes — Part 2

This is an excerpt of a work in progress. It will be featured in an upcoming short story collection, most likely titled “Ladies Who Spank, Vol. 2.”

Mrs. Mundinger’s Rose Bushes

Part 2


The day dawned bright and hot. This would not be pleasant. Chad was obligated to replant Mrs. Mundinger’s rose bushes after he had trashed them with his car, driving drunk and plowing them down in an attempt to park in his own driveway, which he had missed by a country mile.

He shivered as he recalled his last shameful, and extremely painful, visit to Mrs. Mundinger’s. The woman had spanked him! Spanked! At his age. Put him over her knee like a 9-year-old and smacked the daylights out of his bare bottom for driving drunk and destroying her bushes. Then she had forced him to bend over and take six strokes across his already throbbing buttocks with a whippy rattan cane. tumblr_n2fydewo8r1r7thdeo1_500 Nothing in his memory had ever hurt so bad. It had felt like a red hot wire laid across his backside. Would she do it again? No, that was done. He’d do this chore and that would be it.

He was surprised, therefore, that when he knocked on her door, she wasn’t home. Anna, her daughter greeted him instead.

“Mama is not here today, Chad. She left me to supervise you. She said I must make you do a good job or else….”


Or else what? She didn’t say. She merely smiled that sly smile, more like a smirk, actually. The thought gave him goosebumps. What did she mean? The thing was, Anna was hot. The thought of getting physical with Anna made a woody begin to rise. She had been there last week, quietly watching as her mom had stripped then punished him. Why then was the thought of Anna in charge giving him a hard on?


He got to work, but it did not go well.

“It is not right,” said Anna, frowning. “You are doing it all wrong.”

Chad had been at it all morning. Anna stood in the shade of the doorway, watching, instructing, but still Chad wasn’t doing the replanting correctly. He couldn’t get them to stand up straight. Not for lack of trying though. He was hot, tired, sweaty and dirty. The thorns had stuck him as he tried to plant the bushes, and he was generally miserable.

“Look, I’ve been doing the best I can, but I’m no gardener,” he whined.

“You do not do what I tell you. That is the reason.” She had tried to direct him but he was all thumbs.

Chad’s anger flared up. “Then you get down here and do it, if you know so much.” He immediately regretted the outburst. Anna frowned and folded her arms across her chest. Her eyes shot daggers his way. It had been the wrong thing to say.

“Look, okay, I’m sorry,” said Chad. “It’s just, well, I’m hot and dirty and these thorns are sticking me all over.”

Anna crooked her finger at Chad. “Come up here. Let me see.”

Chad got up. He was filthy and he had cuts a scratches all over his hands and arms. “Damn thorns,” he mumbled as he tried to brush himself off.

“You must finish the job, Chad. Dig the holes deeper. These you must do over,” she said, pointing to the ones that were leaning sideways.

Chad grunted and sweated, but it was clear he didn’t know what he was doing.

“Momma will not be pleased,” said Anna. “I could help you and show you what to do.”

Chad looked up. “You could? That would really help because, whew, I’m having trouble here.”

There was that smirk again. “There is a price, you know. For my help.”

Warning bells went off in Chad’s head, but at this point he was ready to try anything.

“Okay – what?”

“I’ll plant them but … you are my slave for the rest of the day.”

Chad sighed. “Your slave?”

“Yes. I’ve always wanted a little boy slave. Don’t worry. I take good care of you just like you were my little boy.”


Chad had to think. This sounded bizarre, but, really, how bad could it be? He had no idea what she wanted, but the excitement in her eyes and the hungry way she looked at him led him to believe this was something sexual she was proposing. That prospect was even alluring. Be a slave for a day to this big Nordic blonde beauty? Did she want to fuck him? Holy crap. That had to be it.

“All right. I’ll do it.”

Anna clapped her hands. “Wonderful. Now I’ll show you how to plant roses.”


Anna knew exactly what she was doing, and in no time the old crushed plants were out and the new ones were in.

“There,” she said, looking up at Chad who looked on, hands in his pockets, not knowing what to do with himself.

“It looks easy when you do it,” he said, thinking how lame that sounded.

“Well,” she said, standing up and dusting herself off. “It’s done. Now I get you, little boy.”

She was six inches taller than he was, and looked down at him with a wide grin on her face. Chad gulped. It was intimidating. She exuded power and control. He hadn’t met girls her age who were so confident, so sure of themselves, and the way she studied him up and down, it was like a cat sizing up her mouse.

“You come inside now.” She crooked her finger and Chad followed as she opened the front door and ushered him in. He now felt apprehensive, but really he had no choice. He’d made a deal and besides she’d tell her mom if he didn’t cooperate. “This way,” she said, leading him up a flight of stairs. She wore tight play shorts and the sight of her buttocks flexing and swaying as she led the way up the stairs was nothing short of mesmerizing. He had an instant woody. “In here,” she said, leading him into a bathroom. She made straight for the bathtub and turned on the water. “Now strip. Everything.”


“What?” said Chad. “What are you going to do?”

“Bathe you, of course. You are dirty and gross. I want my slave boy all nice and clean.” She ran the water in the tub, getting it ready.

Strip naked? He had to go along with this. No choice. Chad blushed as he shucked out of his clothing, which admittedly was dusty and grimy from his attempts to plant the bushes. Still, he’d be naked. She was clothed. It was just a little weird. When he took his pants down, his woody popped out. She smiled and arched her eyebrows.


“Well, well, my little man is excited, I see. We’ll see about that soon.” She turned off the water. “Into the tub with you,” she said, giving him a smack on the rear.

Chad flinched. He felt that smack. It gave his penis a jolt, and it bobbed up and down as he slid into the tub. Anna picked up a washcloth to wash him with and started scrubbing.

“Hey,” said Chad. “I can do it myself.”

Chad had made a weak attempt to fend off her hands which annoyed her.

“You be still. I wash you, just like a small boy. Like your babysitter did when you were younger. Put your hands down.” She reached down and grabbed his scrotum. Chad’s stiff penis bobbed to the surface and she squeezed it as she scrubbed around his crotch.

“I don’t need any help. Hey!”

She ignored him and ran the washcloth all over his body, sometimes grabbing his ear or his hair to make him hold still. She was none too gentle about it. “Stop squirming around. I am trying to clean you. I see you need discipline, just like a little boy who is naughty. After this bath you will get it, I promise you.”

“Okay, okay.” That settled Chad down for a minute and he let her finish until she stood him up and started washing the crack between his rear cheeks.

This was too much. “Okay, now stop,” said Chad.

“I need you clean everywhere. Stand still.” She grabbed his stiff penis to hold him still and ran the cloth roughly up his crack. The pleasure of her hand gripping his cock vied with the rough way she cleaned his anal crack.

“Ow, ow!” Chad stomped his feet in the tub splashing water all over Anna.

“Stop that splashing! You are acting like a child. Get out,” she said, pulling on his ear, forcing him to step out. She slipped a towel off a nearby rack and wiped him down with it. “I see I need to teach you to behave.”


Chad had a bad feeling. Why was she sitting down?

Anna sat on the commode next to the tub. She stood Chad in front her between her legs, clamping his knees with her thighs to hold him fast. She shook her finger in his face. “You are mine for today, little boy. I ask for obedience and you act up like a naughty child. Now I show you what happens to misbehaving boys.”


Chad felt her pulling him off balance. She flipped him down across her lap and circled his back with her arm, pinning him. She did it so fast it took his breath away. He never had time to react and now his bottom was elevated over her right knee, jacknifed into a most vulnerable posture. He felt horribly exposed. His feet flew up and he squirmed across her broad lap, sputtering in protest.


“Hey stop! Okay! I’m sorry!”

“You will be,” said a determined Anna.

Smack! Smack! Smack!


She commenced a noisy spanking of Chad’s bare bottom, slapping one cheek then the other, her arm flashing up and down like a trip hammer. The sharp sound of the smacks was deafening in the close confines of the bathroom.

The stinging sensation from Anna’s hand landing on his bare bottom was an immediate shock to his system. It was like a fiery torch applied to his seat that got hotter and hotter with each meaty smack. Chad tried to shift and avoid the spanks that rained down relentlessly, but she had him in an iron grip. He fluttered his feet and bucked all over Anna’s knee. Nothing worked. The stinging heat intensified as spank after spank impacted his nude fanny. Sweat broke out all over. This was unbearable. It hurt like crazy. He didn’t want to cry but he could feel the tears coming.


“Yes, now you understand I bet. Are you learning a good lesson, boy?”

He was. She had a hand like a paddle, burning his behind like a hot iron. The spanking continued at a steady tempo, each impact generating more heat in his already sizzling bare flesh. He squirmed. His fanny wobbled, set in undulating motion by the relentless smack-smack-smack of her palm. Snot poured from his nose, tears filled his eyes.He’d do anything to make it stop. But now there was something else. The underside of his stiff penis slid against her bare thigh as he wriggled in his crazy lap dance, sending pleasurable jolts of sensation down to the pit of his stomach even as his rear end burned. His cock felt swollen, his balls heavy. Was he going to shoot? What would she do then?

She must have felt his hardness because she immediately redoubled her efforts, spanking harder and faster. “We won’t have that. Not yet.” Nothing teaches a boy a good lesson like a bright red fanny,” said Anna, raising her arm and bringing it down again.


Her palm cracked like a whip with a wristy snap at the end of her stroke that put a little extra into each brisk spank. The hot pain obliterated the pleasure and he wailed. Chad’s bottom soon resembled a pair of red stoplights against a white background.

Anna’s efforts had the effect of cooling Chad’s growing excitement. “Ow! Ow! Okay! Please stop! I’ll do whatever you say.”

“Yes, they all say that when their bottoms are stinging. A few more good hard spanks should finish your lesson.”

Anna delivered a last flurry of brisk spanks then stopped, resting her hand on his bright red bottom. She rubbed his flesh in circles then patted it, as if reminding him that the gentle pats could just as easily turn to sharp spanks.

“So, you will be my obedient boy?”

“Yes! Yes! Anything.”

“Good,” she said. “Get up. Follow me.”


Chad hissed between his teeth and rubbed his tortured sit spot as he obediently followed her down the hall. She led him to her bedroom. “Stand there,” she said. Chad stood, completely nude, trying to rub some sting out of his reddened behind. Anna rummaged through a drawer for a minute before pulling out some clothes. She held them up. “I will dress you like a proper maid,” she said smiling wickedly. It was a black silky ruffled miniskirt and a matching top along with black stockings, a garter belt and panties.

“This will fit you I think,” she said.

“You expect me to wear that?”

“Of course. You are going to clean our house.”

Chad was about to protest when she reached back into the drawer and pulled out a long riding switch with a large leather popper flap at its business end. She threw the outfit on the bed and tapped her leg meaningfully with the riding switch.

“I imagine this will be quite painful on your swollen hiney, so get into your maid’s costume.”

Gingerly he put on the humiliating garments under Anna’s direction. When he was done Anna said, “Very cute. Maybe I call my girlfriends and they come see you, too.”


It looks like a long afternoon for Chad.


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