Three’s Company (fanfic by CJ West)

You remember this show, don’t you? Chrissy and Janet and Jack? Here’s a different take on it from the always excellent CJ West. More CJ West can be found at

Three’s Company – A Tough
Week For Chrissy and Janet
By C.J. West

The noise was distracting to Reverend Snow and his wife as their dinner was
being placed on the table. A minister from Illinois, he was in Los Angeles with
his wife for a week and had planned, as a surprise, to spend a great deal of the
time with his 23 year old daughter, Chrissy.

Chrissy was the Snow’s only daughter (they had a 28 year old son who was a
practicing attorney in Baltimore) and they were a little concerned when Chrissy
left the University of Illinois after five semesters to move to L.A.. But this
was the 1980’s and, after much discussion, they agreed to let her go.

While Chrissy was over 21 when she expressed the desire to move to the west
coast, she had been brought up under strict supervision and probably would not
have gone if her parents had objected strongly. The fact that they still
contributed almost half of her monthly rent also was a big factor.

Now, almost two years after her move, the Snows were visiting her for the first
time. She had been home twice, once for a week with her L.A. roommate, Janet

But the surprise had been delayed a few hours since there had been no answer at
Chrissy’s apartment when the Snows stopped by. So they checked into their hotel
and headed to Booker’s, the bar and restaurant about a block away for dinner.

As Rev. Snow took a sip of his coffee the laughing, yelling and rowdy behavior
from the adjoining room interrupted him. There was the sound of crashing glass
and even louder laughing. Twice he had asked his waiter if he could do something
about it. The waiter explained that one of the young men at the table was the
owner’s son and, basically, he could do just about anything he wanted in the

“I can’t believe they don’t do something about that noise,” Rev. Snow said to
his wife, “even if it is the owner’s son. Can’t they see how much it is
disturbing their other customers?”

Finally, after a few more hoots and hollers that included a couple of
obscenities shouted by a male voice, Rev. Snow had enough. Setting his fork down
and lifting the napkin from his lap and placing it on the table, he rose to his
feet. “Let them take care of it,” his wife pleaded with him as he got up.

“How many times do I have to ask them,” Rev. Snow replied. He walked toward the
opening that led to the other room.

The sight that Rev. Snow encountered upon entering the smaller room caused him
to freeze in his tracks. Seated at the table – the table that had been the
source of all the noise – were two young men. And seated in between them,
laughing and drinking, were Chrissy and Janet.

Chrissy’s back was toward her father, though he had no doubt it was her. But
Janet saw him right away. At first she didn’t recognize him. When he kept
staring at the table, however, she looked closer and realized that it was
Chrissy’s father.

Janet’s face became solemn and her mouth dropped open slightly. Chrissy noticed
this change in her friend’s behavior. “What’s wrong, Janet,” she asked with a
laugh, taking a swig of beer.

Janet nodded slightly toward Rev. Snow. Puzzled, Chrissy turned around to see
the stern, angry face of her father. Instantly her faced turned bright red and
her hand flew up to her mouth.

“Daddy,” she said, “what are you doing here? I didn’t know…”

As if he had just come out of a coma, Rev. Snow sprung to life. He interrupted
his daughter in mid-sentence. “Chrissy, I can’t believe what I see and what I’ve
been hearing. We brought you up to behave better than that.”

“But, Daddy,” Chrissy replied. “Janet and I weren’t disturbing anybody. We were
just here having a few drinks with two guys we had met a couple of weeks ago.”

“You sat there with them while they continued to act like that, didn’t you” he
asked. “You didn’t get up and leave. You didn’t prevail upon them to stop.”

Chrissy dropped her eyes, realizing that her father was right. And, by the tone
of his voice, she was afraid she might be in real trouble. Suddenly she felt
like a naughty teenager again.

“We’d all better go to your apartment so we can straighten this out,” he finally
decided. He had gently taken his daughter’s elbow and was helping her to her
feet. “Janet,” he instructed, “You come with us.”

Janet, also blushing and avoiding eye contact with Rev. Snow, also stood up,
causing one of the guys they were sitting with to rise to his feet.

“What the hell is going on,” he said. “Why is everybody leaving just because the
old guy showed up?”

“Shut up, Bob,” Chrissy said. Her father was glaring at the young man. He sat
down and, following her advice, said nothing.

Rev. Snow walked from the smaller room with his beautiful daughter in hand,
Janet shuffling right behind. His wife was pleasantly surprised to see her
daughter but she also noticed the angry expression on her husband’s face.
“Mary,” he said to her, “we’re going up to Chrissy’s apartment. We’ll have to
get something to eat later.” With that he grabbed some money from his pocket and
put it on the table.

Instantly, Mrs. Snow knew that Chrissy was in trouble. So many times when she
was living at home she had seen her husband take this attitude with their
daughter. She hated it when Chrissy was in trouble. But the girl had a knack for
doing something foolish or thoughtless every once in a while. And her husband
was very fair about his treatment of her. Still, if Mrs. Snow’s feeling were
correct, her 23 year old daughter was about to get a good spanking.

Very little was said during the one block walk back to the apartment. When they
climbed one floor of steps to the door, Janet stepped forward with the key and
unlocked it. They all stepped inside.


No sooner did the door close than Rev. Snow’s hand landed on the right cheek of
his daughter’s bottom. She jumped, turned toward him and reached back to grab
the spot of attack with her hands.

“How can you behave like that in public,” her father said, not expecting an
answer. “We send you out here with out blessing and expect you to conduct
yourself like the young woman we raised. I can’t believe the way you were all
carrying on in that bar. No daughter of mine will ever behave like that in my
presence and not be soundly disciplined.”

Chrissy, already embarrassed by the sound smack she had received, could now feel
her heart pounding in her throat. “Soundly disciplined” was a phrase her father
used only when he was very upset. And it always meant one thing.

Rev. Snow was taking off his jacket and placing it on a table. He walked across
the room to the little desk by the window and pulled the chair away, turning it
toward the middle of the room.

“Russell, please,” his wife begged, realizing what he had intended to do. “Let’s
talk a little more about this.”

“There will be plenty to talk about tomorrow,” he said, “But first I need to
give a couple of reminders on how a young lady behaves.”

The phrase ‘couple of reminders’ did not sink in with Janet who was feeling very
embarrassed for her roommate. Chrissy had told her she was spanked all of her
life when she misbehaved and Janet, who had been across her father’s knee until
her mid-teens, knew that was what was coming.

Having positioned the chair to his liking, Rev. Snow walked toward his daughter.
Though she was petrified about what was to come, Chrissy did not offer much

Chrissy Snow, who worked occasionally as a model and actress, was a beautiful
young woman. She stood 5-foot-8 with wavy, blonde hair that fell over her
shoulders. She had an incredible body with large, firm breasts, a slim waist and
full, round buttocks.

Depending on what she wore, it was not unusual for everything to stop when she
entered a room. She was a little self-conscious about her breasts, frequently
wearing loose, flowing tops. But she seemed proud of her round bottom, favoring
tight shorts, slacks and skirts.

This evening she wore tight cut-off jeans, sneakers with no socks, and a large,
white football jersey.

“Daddy, please,” she begged, tears now forming in her eyes as he guided her
toward the chair. “I know I deserve to be punished, but can’t we do it in

Her father seated himself and pulled his daughter around to his right side. “It
is appropriate for you to be punished together,” he said, reaching for the waist
of his daughter’s jeans.

“Together,” Janet thought to herself. “You don’t think he intends to…. No. He

Meanwhile, Rev. Snow had unbuttoned Chrissy’s jeans and lowered the zipper.
Reaching across his body with his left arm, he took hold of her arm and pulled
her face down in the classic position.

“It may be extra embarrassing for a 23 year old to have her bare bottom
spanked,” he said, lowering her shorts to her knees, “but it is extra
embarrassing for me to see my 23 year old daughter behave like a spoiled
teenager in public.”

He lowered her panties to her knees, baring her beautifully sculptured buttocks
that were twitching in anticipation.

Then the spanking began.

For the first time in almost three years, Chrissy Snow was getting her bare
bottom spanked.

Whack! She squirmed. Whack! She twisted. Whack! She bounced over his knee.

Rev. Snow knew how to warm his daughter’s behind. His hand slapped first one
cheek, then the other. He gave special attention to causing every inch of her
round bottom to burn and become very red.

“Please, Daddy. Ouch! I’m sorry. Owwww! I don’t normally act like that. Ouch! My
bottom’s on fire. Please. Ouch! That’s enough!”

Rev. Snow’s hand continued to fall on Chrissy’s bouncing fanny until it was
uniformly red. He had said nothing once the spanking had begun. Finally, he
turned her loose.

“Pull your pants up and stand over there,” he ordered, pointing toward the
kitchen door. Chrissy, tears rolling down her cheeks, scrambled to her feet and
pulled her panties and shorts over her burning bottom. She quickly moved to the
spot her father had indicated.

While Chrissy was replacing her clothing and rubbing her throbbing behind, her
father was on his feet and headed toward Janet.

“We told you when you came to visit us last year that you’ve become part of the
family,” he said to Janet, “and you’re about to experience what happens to young
women in our family when they act the way you did tonight.”

Rev. Snow had taken Janet by the arm and was marching her toward the chair. She
was mortified. Though she had a great deal of respect for him – even looked at
him like a second father – and she felt badly about the way they’d all behaved
in the bar, Janet couldn’t believe she was about to receive a spanking in front
of an audience.

Janet Wood was almost 27 years old. She was barely 5-foot-2 with black curly
hair that was cut stylishly short. Janet was nicely proportioned with a slim but
nicely rounded figure. She didn’t have the glamorous body of her roommate but
her body got her plenty of attention.

Janet hadn’t been spanked in nearly 12 years, though both her mother and father
had slapped her bottom many times before her 16th birthday. The day after her
birthday they sat down with Janet and told her they would no longer use
spankings as a regular part of her discipline unless she forced them to. She was
relieved and never got so far out of line again that her parents went back to
spanking her.

But now, 12 years later, a man she had met only once for one week was about to
spank her. Strangely enough, she seemed to feel that he had the right.

With all of these feelings running through her mind, Janet felt herself being
pushed toward the floor and across the knees of her roommate’s father. She was
wearing a modest skirt with a colorful floral pattern that reached to mid-calf.
But her modesty was about to go out the window.

Rev. Snow grabbed the hem of Janet’s skirt and pulled it up onto her back,
exposing her white, cotton panties. She moaned as her skirt was raised and
squealed as she felt his hands at her waist. He lowered her panties to her
knees, baring her slim, but cheeky bottom.

“Janet, I’m sorry this is necessary,” he said, “but you obviously need a
reminder on how to behave. And it has been my experience that this is the most
effective reminder.”


“Ouch,” Janet yelped, twisting her bare bottom on his lap,

Rev. Snow applied his right palm to her squirming cheeks with the same force he
had to Chrissy’s bottom. Since Janet’s buttocks were smaller, they reddened more
quickly. And, judging by the way she bounced and twisted on his lap after each
smack, her fanny was very sensitive.

Chrissy, tears still swelling in her eyes, continued to rub her sore bottom as
she watched Janet get her bare bottom spanked over her father’s knees. She
remembered one other time, when Chrissy was 17, that her father had spanked one
of her friends.

It was Saturday night. chrissy and one of her best friends, Shelley, had gone to
a party and returned home before her father’s 12 midnight curfew. But the party
was still going on and, at Shelley’s urging, the two snuck out again and
returned to the party.

Well, Rev. Snow caught them sneaking back in at 1:45 and wasted no time. He
snatched Chrissy over his knee, quickly bared her bottom and spanked her with
his hand until her behind glowed red. She was sobbing both from the burning in
her seat and the embarrassment of a public spanking.

After releasing his daughter, Rev. Snow grabbed Shelley and pulled her across
his lap. She resisted and screamed in protest but he proceeded. After raising
her skirt, he reached for her panties. Chrissy stopped her sobbing for a few
seconds as her father uncovered her friend’s bottom.

Shelley squirmed and kicked, telling Rev. Snow he had no right to treat her like
this. But, when his hand started spanking Shelley’s bare bottom, she forgot
about demands and started begging and pleading.

Before he finished, Rev. Snow had turned Shelley’s rounded cheeks a bright red
and brought waves of tears to her eyes. To add to her humiliation, Chrissy’s
brother, then 22 and home from college, had been awakened by the noise and stood
in the doorway of his room, watching the curvy teenage bottom bounce and jiggle
under the attack.

Shelley brought forth a new stream of tears when she first noticed him watching.

All this flashed through Chrissy’s mind as she watched her 27 year old roommate
kick and cry in the final stages of her spanking. Her cute little bottom was
bright red and her sobs and pleas were very sincere.

Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack!

Rev. Snow’s hand fell four more times on Janet’s squirming bare bottom. She
squealed and yelled with each smack.

“Get up, Janet,” he finally said, with very little emotion.

Janet fell to her knees and frantically pushed her skirt down over her blazing
behind. She stood up, crouched down and pulled her panties up to her waist.

“Girls, I have made a decision,” Rev. Snow announced. “Mrs. Snow and I will be
here for a week and we are going to use that week to restore discipline to your
lives. I’m sure your bottoms are very sore right now and you are very
embarrassed, but you need more than one lesson to correct your bad habits.

“Effective immediately, you are both grounded. You will spend every moment of
the next week in this apartment and in your pajamas, except when you go to work.
I will come by on a regular basis to make sure you are completing your chores
and to give you some assignments that will help straighten out your thinking.

“You will receive at least two more spankings across my knees as part of this
punishment. And, if you do not fulfill your other chores, you may receive even
more. Is that clear?”

“Daddy, I…”, Chrissy started to say.

“This is not up for discussion,” he interrupted. “I’ve been paying half of the
rent for this apartment for more than two years. That, plus the fact that I’m
you father, gives me the right to set down any rules I think are necessary.

“Now, do you understand what the next week will be like?”

Chrissy dropped her eyes for a second. “Yes, Daddy,” she said, the bright red
blush returning to her face.

“Janet?” he asked, turning toward his daughter’s roommate.

With her eyes still filled with tears and her bottom on fire, Janet wasn’t about
to do anything to upset Chrissy’s dad. “Yes, sir,” she said, barely loud enough
to be heard.

“Very well,” Rev. Snow said, walking to the table to get his jacket. “I’ll be
here tomorrow morning at 11. You are to have cleaned the kitchen thoroughly
before I arrive. Mary, let’s go get some dinner.”

Mrs. Snow, somewhat taken aback from watching her husband spank two mature young
adults on their bare bottoms, walked toward the door with her husband. As they
shut the door behind them, Chrissy and Janet hugged each other and started
crying all over again.

“Janet, I’m so sorry,” Chrissy said.

“You got it just as hard as I did,” Janet said, tears continuing to flow. “I
just can’t believe we’re going to get it again….TWICE!”

“My father can be tough,” Chrissy said. “We’ll have to make sure we don’t do
anything else to upset him or he’ll make it even worse.”

“But there is one good thing,” Chrissy added.

“What?” Janet shot back.

“At least Jack isn’t here.”

Jack Tripper was their roommate. He slept in one bedroom while the two girls
shared the other. But Jack, a budding chef, was away for a week attending a
cooking seminar in San Diego.

“Surely he wouldn’t do this with Jack here,” Janet said.

“Not only would he spank us with Jack here,” Chrissy said, “He’d spank us right
in front of him. I’ve had my bare bottom smacked in front of my brother, aunts,
uncles, cousins, girlfriends and once in front of a male teacher.”

“Oh, Chrissy, this is terrible,” Janet said as the two headed for the bedroom.

Both girls examined their bare bottoms as they got ready for bed and were amazed
at their redness. They squirmed around in bed to find a comfortable position and
then went off to sleep, resting before the beginning of a very difficult week.

It was 11:05 the next morning when Rev. Snow rang the bell. Chrissy and Janet
had been up since eight and had the kitchen, which was already pretty clean, in
spotless condition.

Chrissy ran from the kitchen and opened the front door. “Hi, Daddy,” she said,
giving him a quick kiss on the cheek.

“Good morning, Chrissy,” he said, again showing little emotion. “Good morning,

Janet had emerged from the kitchen. She nodded silently to Rev. Snow, the
embarrassment of her bare bottom spanking coming back to her as she saw him

“Ladies, Mrs. Snow and I are going to spend the rest of the day sightseeing,” he
explained. “I will be back here tomorrow morning at 10. When I get here you will
have thoroughly cleaned your bedroom. And you will each compose a 1,000 word
essay describing how badly you behaved last night, and how soundly you were
punished for it. If it is not well done you will be spanked again tomorrow

The two girls blushed thinking about how childishly they were being treated.

“Now,” Rev. Snow said, heading for the kitchen, “let me see if your kitchen is
as clean as it should be or if you’re each in for a session across my knee this

Both girls could feel their hearts pounding as Rev. Snow examined the kitchen.

“It’s fine,” he said, heading toward the front door. “Keep up the good work.
I’ll see you both tomorrow morning.”

And he was gone.

The girls worked all day on their essays, struggling with the embarrassment of
putting on paper a description of their spankings. But they finished the essays
and cleaned up their bedroom before heading for be that night.

The next morning Rev. Snow was late. He didn’t arrive until 10:45. He checked
the bedroom immediately upon entering and pronounced it satisfactory.

“Do you have your essays finished?” he asked. The girls each handed him their
“I’ll read these tonight,” he said. “Tomorrow you will receive a second spanking
but it won’t be until about 4 in the afternoon. I’ll see you then.”

The girls couldn’t believe how quickly he had left. He was in the apartment
maybe 90 seconds, dropped a bomb like ‘you’ll bet a spanking tomorrow’ and left.

As he undoubtedly anticipated, Chrissy and Janet spent most of the next 29 hours
thinking about what was ahead for them. Both felt they had long become too big
to spank. Now they were forced to face the fact that there was another
over-the-knee session coming up the next day.

For most of the next 29 hours it seemed like the torture of waiting for 4
o’clock to arrive would never end. Then, when 4 o’clock did arrive, it seemed
too soon.

The doorbell rang at 4:11. Chrissy looked at Janet. They shared a knowing
glance, the type of exchange that takes place between two people who know they
are about to experience something together over which they have no control.

Chrissy walked to the front door and let her father in. Without a word, he
immediately removed his jacket and set it on the sofa. Janet was sitting there
and she rose. He pulled the chair from the desk and placed it once again in the
middle of the room.

Both girls were blushing now.

“Remove your robes,” he ordered, seating himself in the chair. Both girls wore
thing, cotton pajamas underneath.

“Chrissy, get over here,” he said, “and lower your pajamas.”

His 23 year old daughter, feeling every bit like she did when she was 12, walked
to her father’s side and lowered her pajama pants to her ankles.

He pulled her quickly across his lap, slip her panties down to her knees and
began to spank her bare bottom. Chrissy immediately began to wiggle, trying in
vain, as she had all of her life, to get her exposed buttocks out from under his
punishing hand.

Once again her father did not scold. His complete concentration was on spanking
the bouncing behind in front of him as thoroughly as possible.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

His palm slapped the firm, reddening flesh. Each spank brought a squeal or yelp
from Chrissy.

Janet watched all this, unable to believe the twitching in her bottom. It was as
though her rear end had a mind of its own, knew what was about to happen to it
and was already protesting.

This time, unlike the previous experience, Janet knew she was next.

Rev. Snow’s hand continued to fall on Chrissy’s squirming bare bottom and, after
the seventieth or seventy-first spank, she grabbed the leg of the chair and just
squeezed. Her bottom had never felt hotter.

The spanking continued until her butt had absorbed almost ninety smacks. “Get
over in that corner, young lady,” her father ordered. Chrissy, with tears
flowing, hopped to her feet and, holding her panties and pajama pants with her
left hand, hobbled to the corner. Once there, she let her clothes fall. Reaching
behind her, she lifted her pajama top onto her back and twisted it so it would
stay. She knew being in the corner meant displaying her bare red bottom.

“Let’s go, Janet,” Rev. Snow said to the older girl. Janet slowly moved to his

“Get them down,” he said with some impatience.

Janet lowered her pajama pants to her knees.

Rev. Snow yanked her across his lap, grabbed the waistband of her panties with
his right hand and, after pulling them down to her knees, raised the hand and
began the spanking.

Smack! “Ouch, Rev. Snow!” Smack! “Please, it hurts so much!” Smack! “Oh,

This time Janet, not taken by surprise as much, was reacting the way she had
reacted when she was 15 years old and across the lap of her parents. She kicked,
wiggled, yelped, begged and pleaded as her 27 year old bare bottom received slap
after slap from his powerful palm.

Rev. Snow had applied nearly 40 spanks on Janet’s bare bottom when suddenly
there was a quick knock on the front door and it opened.

There stood the Ropers, Stanley and Helen, who owned the apartment building.

“What’s wrong in here?” Helen Roper yelled as the door opened. “We heard

They both froze in their tracks. They saw Janet across the knees of a strange
man with her pajamas down and her cute little bare bottom a deep pink. Then they
noticed Chrissy standing in the corner with her pants down and her full, round
bare bottom a brilliant red.

Stanley was struck speechless by all of the feminine charms on display, but
Helen wanted an explanation.

“What is going on,” she said in a tone demanding an answer.

Rev. Snow had stopped spanking Janet, though he still held her over his lap.
Chrissy answered.

“Please, Mrs. Roper,” she said. “This is my father and he’s punishing us. Please
go. It’s so embarrassing.”

Mrs. Roper backed toward the open door. “I’m sorry, Rev. Snow,” she said. Though
she hadn’t met Chrissy’s father, she knew he was a minister. She grabbed her
husband’s arm and dragged him with her. His eyes were darting back and forth
from Janet’s adorable little rump to Chrissy’s beautiful round bottom.

“Come on, Stanley,” his wife said.

Just before the door closed, Rev. Snow resumed spanking Janet and Stanley saw a
stinging smack land on her bare right cheek, causing it to jiggle.

A few minutes later, Janet’s spanking ended. Her bottom was now bright red and
she was sobbing from the burning sensation.

“In the corner,” he said. And Janet stood in the opposite corner of the living
room, her bare bottom on display.

“I’m sorry your landlords had to see that,” Rev. Snow told the girls, “but as
long as they know I’ll have a talk with them before I leave. Maybe they can keep
an eye on your behavior when I’m not here and let me know if you earn any more

Both girls cringed.

Ladies,” he continued, “my wife and I are going to San Francisco for the next
three days. I will be back on Saturday night and will be here Sunday at noon to
give you the final spanking of the week. You are to have the living room
spotless when I get here. And do not leave this apartment, except to go to

He headed toward the kitchen. “I’m going to get something to drink,” he said.
“You stand in the corner until I tell you to move.”

The two girls stood in their living room bare-bottomed, feeling every bit like
naughty little girls, for almost five more minutes until Rev. Snow returned.

He said a quick goodbye and left. Slowly the girls pulled up their pajamas and
left their respective corners.

“How will we ever face the Ropers again,” Janet said, a few new tears dripping
down her face. “This is so awful.”

“It’s almost over,” Chrissy said, rubbing her butt as she walked toward the
bathroom. Within minutes the two young women had cold, wet towels soothing their
burning behinds.

The next three days were tense. Though they did manage to avoid the Ropers, the
girls couldn’t stop thinking about their first two humiliating spankings and the
one that was still ahead.

Once again, when the time arrived it seemed to come too quickly.

Rev. Snow arrived at noon on Sunday. This time he didn’t wait for the girls to
open the door. He knocked and entered, finding both of them sitting on the sofa.

“OK, girls,” he said, “take off your robes and your pajama pants.”

With hesitation, they both stood, placed their robes on the sofa and their
pajama pants on top.

Rev. Snow took Chrissy by the arm and marched her to the corner. When she was in
position he lowered her panties and slapped her bare bottom about a dozen times.
She squirmed, jumped and shifted from foot to foot as he spanked her.

Then he turned, took Janet by the arm and marched her to the other corner. Down
came her panties and her bottom jiggled as he gave her a dozen slaps.

“You are young women,” he said, addressing the two girls as they stood with
their noses in the corner, “but you were acting like wild, undisciplined brats
the other night. Right now, and for most of the last week, you have probably
felt like naughty little girls. That was my purpose.

“I don’t object to you having fun. I understand things are changing with the
younger generation. But there is never a reason to conduct yourself in public in
a way that disturbs others. I love you both, but I expect you to act in a manner
that will make me proud of you. Is that understood?”

Both girls replied with a sharp, “Yes, sir,” hoping that would mark the end of
their punishment. But it didn’t.

“Just to make sure you remember,” he said, “I’ll leave you with another

He led Chrissy to the sofa, bent her across his lap and began to spank her bare
bottom once again with his hand. She started to kick and yell immediately.

“Owwww! Daddy! Please! We’ve been punished enough! Ouch!”

His hand fell on her squirming behind about 40 or 50 times. Then he pulled her
to her feet and marched her back to the corner.

Janet was next. She went over his knee on the sofa and yelled from the very
first smack, though she muffled them a little by burying her face in the
pillows. She didn’t want to put on another show for the Ropers.

Rev. Snow spanked Janet’s bare bottom until it was universally pink and then
guided her back to the corner. His spanking duties completed, he went to the
phone and called his wife. They were going to have lunch at the hotel and catch
an evening flight home.

“You can call them tonight,” he said into the phone, “or even come see them. But
I want them to stay in the corner right now for a few more minutes.”

He ended the phone conversation and turned toward the girls.

“I’m going back to the hotel now,” he said. “We may come back to see you before
we leave.”

He opened the door, the two girls still facing their respective corners. As Rev.
Snow turned to leave, however, he bumped into Jack Tripper.

“I’m sorry,” Jack said.

“You must be Jack, he said, shaking his hand. “I’m Chrissy’s father.”

“Oh, Reverend Snow,” Jack said, returning the firm handshake. “How are you?”

The girls heard Jack’s voice and their hearts stopped. But the spankings had so
conditioned them to obey that they were afraid to move.

Eventually, Jack turned toward the living room. His eyes tried to move in two
directions at once. There was Chrissy’s round, shapely bare bottom on display to
his left and Janet’s slim, firm behind, also naked, to his right. Both were very

“See you later, Jack,” Rev. Snow said as he left, closing the door behind him.

When they heard the door close, both Chrissy and Janet couldn’t pull their pants
up fast enough.

“Looks like I picked the wrong week to go away,” said Jack with a smile.

“Jack,” said Chrissy, “If you ever tell a soul about this we’ll kill you in your

“Forget everything you saw,” Janet ordered as they both backed jack toward his
bedroom door.

He shook his head in agreement. “OK,” he said, but as he entered his bedroom his
expression said otherwise. That was a sight Jack Tripper would never forget.

And both Chrissy Snow and Janet Wood, two very attractive young women in their
twenties, would never forget what they had learned the hard way – that immature
behavior can lead to immature and very embarrassing discipline.

There was a lot of blushing that night when everyone got together for a farewell
meal before Rev. Snow and his wife headed home.

< Three’s Company – a Tough Week for Chrissy and Janet > Copywrite CF
Publications 1999


2 responses to “Three’s Company (fanfic by CJ West)

  1. Fantastic story! Two cuties getting well-deserved spankings at the hand of Daddy. Love it!


  2. Great stuff, and we get to see things from many angles in this one.


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