Spanking Stewardesses — Part 5

This week we return to the Will Henry classic, “Spanking Stewardesses.” In this episode a few of the girls get into it.11745401_131638523838996_9206544666338563453_n


When Sharon and Connie returned from their next flight, the living room of the apartment was a shambles. The ashtrays were almost overflowing, there were numerous empty beer cans on the table and on the floor and two pieces of furniture were overturned. The culprits were obviously Eleanor and Debbie, as the other two girls were away on vacation and wouldn’t be back for a couple of weeks.

“Well, how do you like that?” Connie remarked in exasperation. “We got twenty whacks and didn’t leave nearly that much of a mess!”

“I know,” Sharon looked thoughtful. “Do you have some film for your Polaroid?”

“Sure, but what for?” Connie looked puzzled.

“I want to take a picture of this mess, in case we have to show it to Kathy and Jackie later on,” Sharon explained.

“Good idea!” Connie replied. The cute blonde promptly got out her camera and duly recorded the scene in the living room.

When Eleanor and Debbie returned to the apartment later that afternoon, both looked considerably surprised to find their two roommates waiting for them. Sharon and Connie had removed their uniforms, and were seated in the living room in their slips.

“We thought you were coming on a later flight,” Eleanor told them, looking rather uneasily at the mess in the room.

“Yes, I imagine you did!” Connie replied with a trace of sarcasm in her voice.

“Well,” Eleanor shrugged. “We had a little party last night. But we’re going to clean it up right away, aren’t we Debbie?”

“Listen you two,” Sharon spoke up. “Connie and I got twenty whacks for leaving a mess that wasn’t half this bad!”

“So what?” Eleanor replied. “There’s just the two of you, and you can’t very well force us to take it.”

“Maybe you’d prefer to wait until Kathy and Jackie come back,” Sharon told them. “But two weeks is a long time to wait for a paddling! And I’d say you ought to get at least twenty-five swats for something like this!”

“Don’t be silly,” Eleanor told her. “It will be just your word against ours.

“No, it won’t!” Connie spoke up. “I made some real good color photos of the whole mess!”

Eleanor and Debbie both looked rather startled, and the latter gulped apprehensively.

“Well, I’d rather take my chances in a couple of weeks,” Eleanor managed. “After all, what have we got to lose?”

“Well, you might agree to settle it right here on the spot!” Sharon told them.

“What do you mean?” Eleanor asked skeptically.

“Well,” Sharon explained. “Instead of taking a chance on a hard paddling in a couple of weeks, Connie and I might let you off with a hand spanking now!”

Debbie looked quite surprised and Eleanor started to protest. However, she changed her mind and turned to Debbie. “Well, what do you think?” she asked the pert teenager.

Debbie swallowed hard and looked a little embarrassed. “Well, I’d almost rather get it over with!” she admitted. “You know, we might get an awful whacking later on!”

Eleanor gulped and seemed to lose considerable resolve. “Well, all right, I guess so!” she told Sharon.

The two pretty stewardesses beamed at their roommates’ capitulation. “Just so there won’t be any misunderstanding,” Sharon told them. “This is what you have to do. Both of you will get hand spanked by each of us. Twenty smacks apiece! It has to be over our knees and on the bare bottom, of course! You get your first dose now. Then you take time out to clean the apartment, and then you get your second dose!”


“But…” Eleanor started to argue.

“Don’t argue!” Kathy spoke up. “It’s not nearly as bad as it could be!”

Eleanor started to say something but abruptly fell silent. Sharon and Connie exchanged knowing glances and nodded to each other.

“Come here, Eleanor!” Sharon ordered, uncrossing her legs and sitting on the couch with her brief white slip up over the tops of her dark brown stockings.

Swallowing heavily and becoming red in the face, the twenty-nine year old high school teacher slowly complied. As usual on school days, Eleanor was wearing a trim white blouse, a formfitting navy blue skirt hemmed to end just above her knees, beige stockings and black patent pumps. Standing in front of Sharon, Eleanor cast a shamefaced glance at the latter’s attractive lap.

“And you come here, Debbie!” Connie announced, obviously pleased at the opportunity of putting the saucy young teenager through her paces.

Blushing as much as her fellow miscreant, Debbie walked over to the chair where Connie was seated. The honey blonde teenager was attired in a pretty plaid miniskirt that ended at mid thigh, dark brown pantyhose and trim brown pumps. As she approached Connie, it was apparent that she was a little weak in the knees.

“Get ready!” Sharon bossily ordered Eleanor.

“And you, too!” Connie told Debbie.

Looking quite shamefaced, Eleanor reached down with both hands and hoisted her navy skirt and slip nearly to her waist. The tall, long-legged brunette was wearing a tightfitting white Lycra girdle that confined her ample buttocks quite severely. While Sharon watched with some bemusement, Eleanor unhooked her stockings and allowed to slide down her long white legs. With a resigned sigh, she then yanked her girdle and pulled it down. Her white nylon panties came down with it, revealing the heavy patch of brown hair for a brief moment before she pulled her skirt down in front.

At the same time, Kathy pulled up her brief mini-skirt to reveal a trim pair of pink panties worn over her panty-hose. Blushing cutely, she hooked her fingers into the waistband of her panties and pantyhose and pulled the two garments down together in one motion. Connie couldn’t suppress an amused smile as she caught a glimpse of the downy tuft of hair before Debbie’s miniskirt came down over it.

“Over my knee!” Sharon tapped a forefinger against her nyloned thigh and looked closely at Eleanor.

“You, too, Debbie!” Connie instructed the blushing teenager. Like Sharon, Connie was seated with her thin white slip up over the tops of her brown stockings. Patting her pretty thighs invitingly with both hands, Connie smiled knowingly at her anxious victim.

“P-please!” Eleanor suddenly spoke up. “Couldn’t we just bend over a chair?” Her humiliation at having to bend over the pretty younger stewardess’ knees was quite apparent.

“No, you have to get over my knee!” Sharon told her. “That’s part of it. You’re both going to get smack paddled like a couple of babies!”

“P-please! It’s—it’s humiliating!” Eleanor exclaimed.

“That’s part of it!” Sharon told her.

Seeing that she was making no progress, Eleanor capitulated. Blushing furiously and keeping her eyes tightly closed, the attractive brunette schoolteacher haplessly stretched out over Sharon’s tapering thighs with her long legs up on the couch. As she got into position over Sharon’s knees, her navy skirt slid down in back to her lowered girdle and panties.

As she observed Eleanor getting over Sharon’s knees, Debbie hesitated a moment and then somewhat awkwardly draped herself face down over Connie’s inviting lap. Her brief mini-skirt rode up in back, leaving her cute, well rounded bottom completely exposed. With her panties and pantyhose lowered to mid-thigh, the spanking area was completely vulnerable. Feeling thoroughly juvenile and embarrassed, Debbie held her pretty legs closely together and tried to hold as still as possible.

“Pull your skirt up out of the way!” Sharon instructed Eleanor. “Go ahead! It will show how you want to cooperate with me!”

Feeling completely mortified and keeping her eyes tightly closed, Eleanor miserably reached back with both hands and began pulling the hem of her skirt and slid up. While Sharon and Connie watched with broad grins on their faces, the longlegged schoolteacher haplessly pulled her skirts up to her waist—completely exposing her plump, wide hips and buxom upper thighs. Eleanor’s buttocks were girlishly big but not overweight. Feeling the cool room air on her quivering buttocks, Eleanor gasped with shame and anxiously bit her lip.

With the two pretty pairs of buttocks positioned over their laps, Sharon and Connie paused and smiled knowingly at one another.

“Ready, girls?” Sharon teased.

“Come on! Get it over with!” Eleanor demanded indignantly.

With a smile, Sharon raised her right hand and took careful aim at the spacious target. Smack!


“Oooh!” Eleanor gasped. Sharon’s hand stung considerably more than she had expected, but the humiliation of having a bare palm in contact with her exposed posterior was much worse than the discomfort. To make matters worse, Sharon deliberately left her hand in place for a long moment afterward.

At the same time, Connie raised her right hand and brought it down briskly on Debbie’s cute bottom. Her hand landed right across the crevice and smacked noisily against the bare flesh.

“Ow!” Debbie squealed, her pretty legs swinging upward as Connie’s hand bounced against her resilient flesh.

“That’s one!” Sharon announced, finally raising her hand from Eleanor’s bottom and raising it in the air. Haplessly awaiting the next spank, the pretty schoolteacher anxiously puckered her bottom and held her long legs stiffly together. Smack!

“Ow!” Eleanor exclaimed as Sharon’s hand once again descended on her plump bottom with a stinging smack. Sharon deliberately kept her hand in place for a moment afterward.

Smack! Connie applied her palm to another portion of Debbie’s pretty posterior with a crisp spank.

“Ooooooh!” Debbie squealed shrilly. Hobbled by her lowered panties and pantyhose, the pert teenager swung her legs back and forth and bucked up on Connie’s lap. Copying Sharon’s technique, Connie allowed her hand to rest in place for a moment afterward on the soft target, and could feel Debbie crawling with shame beneath her.

“That’s only two!” Connie informed her. “Hold still! You’ve got a long way to go!”

“Well, hurry up!” Debbie pleaded. “It’s awful to have to wait!”

Smack! Sharon applied another spank to Eleanor’s upturned buttocks. The pretty teacher kicked up her feet and squirmed about on Sharon’s lap, gasping and biting her lip to keep from crying out. Leaving her hand in place afterwards, Sharon was quite aware of Eleanor’s deep humiliation. The tall brunette’s face was as red as a beet and she was keeping her eyes tightly shut.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Taking plenty of time about it, Sharon and Connie continued warming up their embarrassed victims. The two stewardesses spread the spanks around, always resting their hands in place for a moment after each smack. By the time the two victims had each received ten spanks, their bottoms were pink on both cheeks and prickling somewhat uncomfortably. Eleanor was blinking back tears of shame and trying to avoid kicking her long legs. Debbie was on the verge of tears, and swinging her pretty legs back and forth each time Connie’s palm landed on her stinging bottom.

“Ow! Ouch! Not so hard!” Debbie cried out as Connie gave her another crisp spank.

“Eleven!” Connie announced. “You should see your bottom!”

“Please!” Debbie wailed. “Take it easy!”

“Twelve!” Connie announced as she brought her hand down with a resounding smack.

“Oooooh! Ah… Oh, boo hoo hoo!” Debbie dissolved in tears. Her bottom stung warmly, but her tears resulted more from shame than pain. Crying haplessly, she squirmed around on Connie’s lap and waved her legs in the air, occasionally exposing the pink crevice between her legs.

Smack! Sharon applied the twelfth spank to Eleanor’s reddening bottom.

“OW!” Eleanor yelped, bucking up on Sharon’s lap. As her bottom prickled smartly and the humiliation of being hand spanked on the bare became more intense with each passing moment, the pretty teacher could no longer hold back the tears. Crying softly and gasping for breath, Eleanor began swinging her long legs girlishly back and forth although it made her feel completely ridiculous and juvenile.

“Thirteen!” Sharon exclaimed, landing a loud spank right across the crevice and pressing her hand downward against the yielding flesh.

“OWWW! Please, stop! Oh!” Eleanor gasped and pleaded, unintentionally exposing her feminine charms as she haplessly twisted about on Sharon’s lap.

“A good smacking is obviously what you need!” Sharon tormented her. “Now, hold still, you still have seven spanks coming!”

Smack! Smack! While the two pretty victims cried and kicked their legs, Sharon and Connie proceeded with the bottom warming ceremonies. As the two palms bounced up and down on the ample targets, Eleanor and Debbie continually thrashed about it on the girls’ laps even though both were only too well aware of how much they were exposing themselves. It wasn’t long before their bottoms were as red as their faces.

“Pleeeeese! Stop, please!” Debbie begged tearfully. “My bottom’s on fire!”

“Pleeeeeeeese! Pleeeeeeeese!” Eleanor pleaded between sobs, completely losing her dignity.

“Nineteen!” Sharon called out.

“OW!” Eleanor yelped, jerking her legs hard.

“Twenty!” Sharon announced, deliberately making the last spank the hardest. Across the room, Connie applied the final spank to Debbie’s bottom and the pretty teenager lay crying and breathless over her pretty tormentress’ knees. Sharon and Connie looked at the two red and glowing bottoms, and smiled at one another.

“I think these two brats are learning their lesson!” Connie spoke up with a broad grin.

Sharon nodded in agreement. “All right, you two, you know what you have to do next!” she told the tearful young women. “Get up, put your clothes back on and straighten this place up. After that, we’ll give you the second dose!”

Trying to get her tears under control, Eleanor uneasily got to her feet and slowly pulled up her girdle and panties, wincing a little as the tight girdle compressed her smarting, bottom. While Sharon watched with some amusement, Eleanor bent down and hooked up her stockings. In her distress, she was a little careless about it and left them bagging slightly around her knees. Smoothing out her navy skirt as much as possible, she set about straightening up the apartment.

At the same time, Debbie slowly got to her feet in front of Connie. Despite the embarrassment involved, the pretty teenager paused a moment to rub her stinging bottom with both hands before pulling up her panties and pantyhose.

“Hurry up, girls!” Sharon told them. “No stalling!”

Sniffling and trying to ignore the wide grins from the two stewardesses, Eleanor and Debbie began emptying the ashtrays and carrying out the beer cans. Lighting up cigarettes and relaxing in their slips, Sharon and Connie watched them closely and couldn’t refrain from making some cutting comments from time to time. Redfaced and keeping their eyes averted, the two miscreants suffered in silence. In a few minutes, the apartment was back in order.

“That’s much better!” Sharon told them. “Now I think it’s time for your second installment!”

“Come here, Miss Scott!” Connie commanded Eleanor with a knowing smile, pulling her slip back over her stockings and patting her shapely thighs superiorly.

As Eleanor shamefacedly walked over to the pretty blonde, Debbie meekly hung her head and walked over to Sharon. The two culprits were both blushing hotly and kept their eyes on the floor.

“Come on, girls!” Sharon told them. “Let’s turn them up bare for us!”

“P-please!” Eleanor stalled, darting a shamed look in Connie’s direction. “This time, couldn’t we at least keep our panties on?”

Connie slowly shook her head, grinning broadly and thoroughly enjoying the attractive teacher’s discomfiture. “No, and quit stalling!” she told her. “If you don’t hurry up, I just may get you ready myself!”

Eleanor gulped heavily and reluctantly hoisted her skirt and slip about her waist. This time she didn’t bother to unhook her stockings and simply yanked her girdle and panties down around her knees. At the same time, Debbie blushingly lifted her mini-skirt and lowered her panties and pantyhose.

“Over my knees!” Connie demanded, smiling at Eleanor. Swallowing and looking quite shamefaced, Eleanor lowered herself over Connie’s buxom nyloned thighs. As she got into position, Debbie bent over Sharon’s knees and haplessly made no effort to keep her mini-skirt from riding up over her bare bottom.

“Pull your skirts up yourself!” Connie ordered, taking a cue from Sharon. After hesitating a moment, Eleanor reached back with her hands and pulled her skirts up over her wide bottom. The two victims’ bottoms were both still a healthy shade of pink from the previous hand spankings, and both young women squirmed about rather uneasily at the prospect of getting spanked some more. Smiling at each other, Sharon and Connie deliberately made them wait for the punishment.

“This time I want you to count them aloud!” Sharon instructed Debbie. “Make it loud enough for me to hear, or I won’t count it!”

“That goes for you too, Eleanor!” Connie smiled wickedly as she heard Eleanor’s mortified groan.

Smack! Sharon and Connie applied their hands simultaneously to their respective targets.


“Ow!” Eleanor and Debbie squealed in unison, jerking their hips and kicking their legs up. With their bottoms still warm and sensitive from the previous workout, the crisp spanks stung considerably.

“Well?” Sharon demanded, holding her palm pressed very firmly against Debbie’s rosy bottom.

“Uh… One!” the cute teenager finally remembered.

“O-one!” Eleanor finally managed to stammer, feeling deep humiliation as she felt Connie’s warm palm pressed intimately against her right buttock.

“That’s better!” Connie tormented the pretty teacher. “You had better not forget or you’re really going to get hot back there!”

Smack! She proceeded to apply a brisk second spank to Eleanor’s plump bottom, this time smacking the left cheek.

“Ow! Two!” Eleanor sang out, tears of shame blurring her vision as Connie’s hand bounced on her sensitive buttocks.

Smack! Smack! Sharon and Connie commenced applying their palms briskly to the two upturned bottoms, smiling as their humiliated victims counted the strokes aloud. Squirming and kicking their pretty legs, Eleanor and Debbie were both soon crying and gasping. Their bottoms quickly reddened and stung smartly on both sides, making each fresh spank all the more uncomfortable. Neither had imagined that a hand spanking could sting so much, and both were beginning to wonder if they hadn’t been too hasty in agreeing to settle the affair in this matter.

“Seven! Ow! Please, stop!” Eleanor shrieked, exposing the pink slit between her legs as she thrashed about miserably on Connie’s pretty lap.

“Eight! Ouch, oh my! Ow!” Debbie squealed, her feet waving in the air and her bottom twisting prettily.

“Hold still!” Sharon urged.

“Nine! Please, stop! I’m on fire!” Debbie tearfully pleaded. “Pleeese, you don’t realize how much it hurts!”

Smack! Connie applied a stinging smack across both cheeks of Eleanor’s red and burning bottom.

“Eight! Pleeeeeeeeeese!” Eleanor pleaded hoarsely, her long legs jerking spasmodically.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Sharon and Connie continued hand smacking the two young women, taking their time and allowing a good interval between spanks. As their bottoms began to feel aflame, Eleanor and Debbie wept with shame and pain as they lay there squirming miserably and haplessly counting their own spanks aloud. Although their own palms were stinging rather smartly, the two pretty stewardesses kept on spanking just as hard.

“Seventeen! Pleeeeeeeese! Stop, pleeeeeeeese!” Eleanor shrieked, sobbing heavily.

“Eighteen! Owwwww! Ah! Oooooooh!” Debbie wailed, tears streaming down at her pretty face.

As the spankings neared their conclusion, Sharon and Connie increased the interval between spanks and made each small all the harder.

“Nineteen! OWWW!” Eleanor screamed.

“Owwww! N-nineteen!” Debbie echoed her fellow sufferer.

Sharon and Connie deliberately held back the final spank, watching their two red bottomed victims squirming anxiously on their laps.

“Hurry up! For heaven’s sake!” Debbie pleaded desperately.

Smack! Smack!

“Twenty! Ow!” Eleanor and Debbie sang out almost in unison.

As their spankings came to a conclusion, the two miserable young women lay sobbing and breathless over their tormentresses’ laps with their fire red bottoms sticking up on display. As Eleanor and Debbie unsteadily got to their feet, their hands flew back to console their scarlet posteriors. The two pretty stewardesses smiled broadly at the amusing spectacle.

“I think our two young ladies are going to behave themselves now!” Sharon laughed as she and Connie smiled knowingly at the two tearful culprits.


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