Mrs. Hansen’s Boarding House — Part 4



Part 4

It was a miserable week for James. Fran avoided him. She wouldn’t talk to him at meals and would not walk to class with him. Attempts at apology were met with rebuffs. Lisa, however, was more forgiving.

“I’m sorry,” he pleaded, as they walked to class few days later. “I had no choice. I’m in the same fix as all of you.” That much was true. It seemed all of the other boarders, being freshmen and away from home for the first time were under mandates from parents to board with Mrs. Hansen’s and abide by her rules.

“I know,” said Lisa. She was still sitting rather gingerly even three days later. But neither Lisa nor Fran knew the real reason why Ida Reed had faked an injury. And James was certain that the blind draw had been rigged. It had been a ruse to drive James and Lisa apart. Trouble was, it had worked. But how could he ever tell any of the girls why Mrs. Reed had such a hold on him?

“Look, if I tell you something, do you promise not to tell Fran? It’s—it’s pretty embarrassing.”

“Well, sure. I can keep a secret.” The fact was, Lisa was very taken with James. Was this a way to get closer? Might she have a chance? She was different from Fran. Fran the cheerleader, Fran the extroverted social charmer toward whom everyone gravitated.  But Lisa had her own charms.

Lisa knew she was attractive, and, let’s be honest, built like the proverbial brick you-know-what. But she was shy. And pretty, although she hid behind these big glasses with black plastic frames. Still, boys stared at her tits all the time, which annoyed her. James hadn’t done that. James was different. Like her, he was shy. But she speculated that under that polite and shy exterior he might be the man for her. Not only because he was cute, but because he was nice and seemed to care about her as a person.


And because she had a secret. Her real erogenous zone was her ass. She had discovered that fact with a boyfriend when she had been only sixteen. They had made out in her house, down in the recreation room. Tommy had been fascinated by the satiny smoothness of her ass and had always found excuses to squeeze and fondle it. Being a rather voluptuous girl, it jutted out, filling the backs of her skirts and jeans and making for a provocative display when she walked. Tommy had obviously liked that part of her anatomy to the point of fascination. His attentions had driven her crazy. He had once even given her a play birthday spanking. It hadn’t hurt. Instead it had tingled deliciously, driving her wild and they’d had the hottest make out session ever. She had even let him get to third base, and it might have gone farther than that, but they’d had to quit when she heard her parents’ car pulling up the driveway.

That’s why she hadn’t minded so much bending over and displaying her bottom to James, even if it was for a paddling. And it had hurt. Whew! It had stung like blazes. But later, later when the sting had faded to a warm glow, it felt almost sensuous. She could imagine James running his hands over it, squeezing it, fondling it. And she knew he would. She had seen the woody poking through his pants, knowing that the paddling had—what was that new phrase?—turned him on. That would be heavenly. He would be so different from the boorish boys who leered at the stacked blonde girl. And right then and there she resolved to keep his secret no matter how shameful.

“You can tell me, James. I swear I won’t tell anyone, especially Fran.”

James told her. Haltingly at first, and then it all spilled out.

“My gosh, James!” Lisa put her hands to her face. “That’s awful! She made you do those things?” Lisa was dumbfounded. She’d only heard about such things, older women who preyed upon young boys. Now here was one in the flesh. “What are you going to do?”

James sighed. “I don’t know, Lisa. I really don’t know.”

“It will all be ok,” said Lisa. “We’ll think of something.” And she embraced James with a big hug. And that felt so good, she decided. She didn’t care if he’d been seduced by Ida Reed and had had sex with her. The feel of his body pressing against hers told her that she wanted this man.

James, too was surprised and pleasantly so. Here was a girl with whom he had shared an embarrassing intimate secret, and yet she hadn’t judged him. He had to wonder if Fran would have been so accepting. And better yet, he now had an ally.


Deliverance came in the form of a random bit of luck, but sometimes serendipity will work when plans do not. But it was not without some sacrifice that the formidable Ida Reed would be vanquished.

The basement was off limits. Mrs. Hansen had made that clear. “There is nothing down there but the furnace and some old tools. It’s dark and dangerous and none of you are to go down there,” she had announced one day in response to a question. Everyone accepted that at face value. Why would they want to go down there anyway?

But the place had aroused Lisa’s curiosity when she had chanced to be in the house around 10 o’clock one morning. Usually everyone was at class at that time, leaving only Mrs. Hansen and Mrs. Reed. But having forgotten a paper she’d been working on, Lisa had returned to retrieve it. As she had passed by the doorway to the basement, she’d heard a sound. It was a sound like a twig snapping, a sharp thwick! Then it was followed by another. Then another, this time accompanied by a low moan. She realized she could hear because these sounds came from the grates that led to the furnace below. Swick! There it was again. And someone was moaning, a low sound made a chill run up her spine. What was going on?

Carefully, almost on tiptoe, Lisa made her way down the dark stairs. The basement seemed large but Lisa couldn’t tell because it was so dark. The old oil-fired furnace gave off a soft glow, just enough so she could see without bumping into something. Toward the back she could see a sliver of bright light. It was spilling onto the basement floor from beneath a closed door. The snapping sound came from that direction. She heard another moan and this time, voices. A soft murmur came from behind that door. Lisa crept closer. The door was closed, but it was the type that had an old fashioned keyhole. Lisa crouched down, barely daring to breathe. Something was going on in that room that she had to see. Lisa put her eye to the keyhole.

Once her eye had adjusted, a startling tableau was revealed. It was Mrs. Hansen, but a Mrs. Hansen like she’d never seen before. This Mrs. Hansen wore a black corset and black stockings. Her pendulous breasts jutted over the top of the stiff material, the nipples hardened in apparent arousal. Before her was a woman, encased in black. It was a shiny material, like some kind of rubber, covering her from head to toe except for her face—and except for a large cutout portion that totally exposed her breasts, ass and crotch. It was Mrs. Reed.


Mrs. Hansen reclined on a large four poster bed. Mrs. Reed knelt on the bed, her face buried in the muff between Greta Hansen’s legs. The large blonde woman held a riding switch in her hand and snapped it down across the bared buttocks of her ‘friend’ as Ida Reed licked the sex of her employer. A multitude of red striations covered the bare bottom of Ida Reed attesting to the fact that they had been at it for some time.

“That’s right, my sweet, (swick! the switch bit) lick me. Go on, Ida, you sweet bitch (swick!). Ahhh….that’s it. That’s it. You know how to pleasure me.”

Ida moaned when the switch hit, but kept her tongue firmly in place, working frantically, her head bobbing up and down. Then Greta Hansen moaned and threw her head back. Her body shuddered in climax.

This was unbelievable! Mrs. Hansen and Mrs. Reed? Lovers? And in these wild get ups? She’d seen pictures like these in forbidden magazines, but had never thought for a minute that such things were real. Letting her gaze wander, she saw other things too. The room was painted black and red. Mirrors were everywhere. There was a block of some sort with straps for restraint. There was a large X-shaped frame with manacles at the ends. Various straps and paddles hung on hooks along the wall. No wonder they spanked and paddled the girls and boys in their house. It was all fuel for…for…this! They probably came down here on Sunday nights after the reckoning. Then a chilling thought hit her. Had any of their boarders been taken down here? Maybe for some special attention?

But it was what she heard next that was to have such long range consequences. Greta Hansen stood. Ida was still on her hands and knees. She started to rise.

“Did I say you could get up? I’m not finished with you.”

“Greta, please,” said Ida.

Greta went over to the wall and selected a thing that looked like a harness. She began to buckle it around her waist and Lisa could see it sported a black rubber protrusion shaped like a man’s penis. What did they call that? It came to her. A dildo. Yes, a dildo, that was it.

“Now, you were so good, a treat for you, love. Put your face down. Arch your bottom up to me and spread those legs. I’ll show you, Ida, who you belong to. You’ve been mooning after that boy, haven’t you?”

“No, Greta,” she protested.

Greta Hansen frowned. With an arm like a steel band she encircled Ida Reed’s waist, held her fast and gave her a dozen brisk spanks on her bare bottom while Ida squealed, drumming her toes on the bed.

“Don’t lie to me, woman. I know you. You always have an eye out for the fresh ones, the innocent ones, don’t you?”

“No Greta. It’s only you. I swear.”

“Well, I hope so, pet. Because if I catch you cheating on me…well, you know. You’ll be on that X-cross getting the whipping of your life. Then we’ll be done. You’ll be back on the street. Understand? I won’t put up with it.”

“Yes, Greta.” Ida Reed practically whimpered.

“Now get ready, girl.” Greta Hansen knelt behind Ida and thrust the long black dildo right into her pussy. Ida threw her head back and moaned, whether in pain or pleasure, Lisa couldn’t say. But she’d seen enough. She was now in possession of a very big secret. She rose and tiptoed away to the wet slapping sounds of Greta Hansen’s belly smacking lewdly against Ida Reed’s bottom.


James listened to Lisa in stunned silence. His jaw dropped as Lisa recounted her foray into the basement and its secret pleasure room.

“No wonder the basement is off limits,” said James. “I’ve heard of these things, but wow! Right here—and Mrs. Hansen being such a Christian and all. But now, with what Mrs. Reed did, with me I mean, I don’t doubt you for a minute. But, so what?” he said scratching his head.

“Don’t you see? She’s jealous. Mrs. Hansen suspects her lesbian lover of wanting you.” Lisa gestured with her hands, emphasizing her point. “If she catches Mrs. Reed with you, she’ll throw her out. Then that problem will be over for you.”

James nodded slowly.

“You do want that, don’t you?” But even as she said it, Lisa wondered. James seemed lost in thought. “Don’t you?”

James recovered. “Yes, yes. Of course.” He ran his hand through his hair. Truth be told, he wasn’t sure. Whenever he received a summons from Mrs. Reed, he broke into a cold sweat but his cock stood straight up. But here was this girl, a pretty girl who seemed to really like him. The lure of Mrs. Reed was strong. It was like a drug. But he knew it was a drug he had to quit. “So. Do you have any ideas? Mrs. Reed will be more careful now. She may not want to have me come to her after…what you saw.”

“She will if she is jealous. Look how she manipulated you into paddling Fran and me. It broke you and Fran apart. It worked. Fran is still mad.”

“Yeah, I know. So how do I make her jealous? Fran isn’t even speaking to me now.”

Lisa looked at James and said softly, “with me.”

“With you?”

“Yes. Let her catch us making out or something. She will be insanely jealous. Like you said.”

“Us? Making out?” James looked at Lisa in a new light. He’d been so distraught about Fran that he hadn’t noticed that Lisa had not only forgiven him, but she had listened to his shameful confession without condemning him. And she now proposed to help him out of his predicament. The idea was definitely appealing.

“Yes,” said Lisa. “She won’t tell Mrs. Hansen but she’ll send for you. You’ll tell me when it happens and I’ll find Mrs. Hansen. I’ll tell her there is a strange noise on the fourth floor. I’ll take her up there and she’ll catch Mrs. Reed in the act.”

“She’ll catch me in the act, too,” said James ruefully.

“You can say she made you do it. Say she was blackmailing you. Mrs. Hansen will be so mad at Mrs. Reed she’ll believe it. Problem solved.” Lisa smiled like she had planned a clever caper, just like in the movies.

It all sounded so simple…


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  1. naughtynora00

    Poor James…he has no idea what he is getting into!


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