Spanking Stewardesses — Part 7


Kathy leaned back in the easy chair in Frank’s living room and crossed her pretty legs provocatively.

“Where’s my drink?” she demanded, looking sharply at Frank.

“I-I’ll get it!” he hastily replied, walking over to the portable bar. After dating the pretty auburn haired stewardess for several months, he was quite accustomed to being under her domination and had to admit to himself that he was too intrigued by her commanding ways to even consider rebelling against her authority. During the past few weeks, Kathy had even scheduled regular Saturday evening training sessions in his apartment to dramatize her complete control over him. She seemed to have countless ways to humble him and make him fully aware of his status as her slave, and Frank never knew what to expect next.

Frank mixed her drink and brought it over to her. Casting an admiring glance at her pretty legs, he placed her drink on the coffee table at her side. Kathy was wearing a snugfitting red knit dress that hugged the contours of her figure, outlining her full bosom and buxom hips to best advantage. In addition, she wore sheer black nylons and black patent leather pumps. Her dress had hiked up considerably and Frank could see the expanded tops of her dark stockings and a glimpse of bare white thigh. During the training sessions, she always deliberately let her skirts ride up over her stocking tops just to tantalize him.

“Please, Kathy, couldn’t we talk for awhile?” he asked meekly, unable to keep his eyes off her tapering thighs. His pants were already showing a telltale bulge.

“Perhaps, later,” she told him. “But right now I want you to bring out all my spanking and bondage equipment!”

Frank swallowed and, after a moment’s hesitation, walked over to the closet and started bringing out the items she demanded. During recent weeks she had made him purchase an entire assortment of punishment devices for her use. These included a red maple paddle, a black leather razor strap, a leather riding crop, a long whippy switch and an old fashioned style wooden hairbrush. In addition, she had made him acquire a collection of bondage items, including ropes, straps of various lengths and a red rubber ball gag.

“Bring them all out and put them there on the couch!” Kathy bossily instructed, watching him closely.

Frank rather uneasily complied. He was quite aware of her capabilities with all of the various items, and wondered what she had in mind.

“Bring me the switch!” Kathy ordered after carefully looking over the various items.

Biting his lip and looking rather uneasy, Frank picked up the switch and brought it over to her. Kathy flicked it menacingly in the air and, with a taunting smile, pressed the tip of the switch against the bulge in his trousers. Frank winced but knew better than to try to turn away.

“Kneel, slave!” Kathy told him.

Looking slightly embarrassed, Frank dropped to his knees in front of her, his eyes fastened on her pretty nyloned legs and arched feet. Smiling haughtily at him, Kathy swung a pretty foot up in front of his face.

“Kiss my shoe!” she told him.

Frank meekly pressed his lips against the toe of her gleaming patent leather pump.

“Now the other one!” Kathy told him. Leaning farther forward, Frank humbly kissed the tip of her other shoe.

“That’s right,” she smiled at him. “I hope that puts you in a suitably humble mood, because this evening’s session is going to be extremely interesting for you, I can assure you!”

Frank had no idea what she had in mind, and looked rather apprehensively at her.

“First, go take off all your clothes and then come back!” she instructed.

Frank returned in a moment, completely nude. Despite his embarrassment, his penis was dangling heavily in a manner that revealed his underlying fascination at being under the domination of the shapely young stewardess. Holding her switch in her hand, Kathy smiled knowingly at him.

“Bring me a couple of lengths of rope—one long and the other short!” she told him.

“Please, Kathy, you don’t have to tie me up!” he protested meekly. “You know I’ll do anything you ask!”

“Bring me the ropes!” Kathy repeated the command, giving him an angry look.

Frank hastily picked up the ropes she requested and brought them over to her. Using the shorter rope, Kathy tied his wrists together behind his back in a crossed position. Next, she fashioned a loop in the longer rope and put it around his neck to serve as a collar and leash.

“By this time next week, you must remember to get me a regular dog collar and leash!” she told him. “I’m tired of just using this rope.”

Pulling on the rope leash, Kathy started leading him around the room, flicking his bare legs lightly with her switch. Despite his humiliation, his excitement was obvious and Kathy smiled imperiously at the evidence of her complete control over him. Continuing to flick his legs with the switch, she led him around the room several times, tormenting him verbally and making it all the more apparent to him that she was fully in command of the situation.

Finally, she led him to the center of the room facing the door and dropped the leash. “Now, stand there, no matter what!” she ordered, giving his bare hips a flick with her switch.

Returning to the easy chair, Kathy seated herself and took a sip on her drink. Leaning back and crossing her legs with deliberate carelessness, she lit a cigarette and pretended to ignore her helpless male slave.

“Please, Kathy, do I just have to stand here all night?” Frank finally complained after several humiliating minutes.

“You do if I say so!” Kathy informed him. “Now be quiet or I’ll gag you! While you’re standing there, try to concentrate on how much you enjoy being my slave. Look at my legs! Try to make your thing stand right straight up! It will show us both how thrilling you think I am!”

Swinging her pretty leg back and forth, she smiled wickedly at Frank’s embarrassment.

Just then the apartment door buzzer rang!

“Looks as if we have visitors!” Kathy remarked, getting up from her chair with a broad grin.

“Don’t answer it!” Frank spoke up. “It’s probably just some salesman.”

Smiling impishly at him, Kathy walked over to the intercom system by the door. “Who is it?” she spoke into the mouthpiece.

Frank couldn’t hear the answer but he saw Kathy press the buzzer that unlocked the main entrance in the lobby.

“Kathy, what the hell are you doing?” he suddenly exclaimed, frantically working his wrists against the ropes that held them together.

Kathy picked up her switch and gave him a sharp crack across the hips. “I told you to stand facing the door,” she told him. “So just keep standing there!”

“Kathy, you can’t do this!” he sputtered. It was already apparent to him that he couldn’t break loose from the bonds at his wrists, and he looked thoroughly alarmed.

Kathy gave him another flick with the switch, making him flinch.

“Ow!” he exclaimed. “Come on, Kathy! This is going too far! Please!”

“Be quiet!” Kathy demanded, glowering at him.

There was a knock on the door and Frank watched frantically as Kathy walked over to the door. At the door, she turned to face him with a knowing smile. She opened the door with a flourish, and Frank’s knees nearly buckled under him as Sharon and Connie walked in with expectant smiles on their faces!

“Ooh!” both squealed and clasped their hands to their mouths as they saw Frank standing there completely naked and ashamed. The two pretty stewardesses had just returned from a flight and were still wearing their bright green uniforms. As Kathy escorted them into the apartment and closed the door, they both stared at Frank with unconcealed interest.

“Fix yourselves a drink, girls!” Kathy told them with a warm smile. “Then I’ll have my slave entertain us!”

As the two newcomers headed for the bar, Kathy returned to the easy chair and seated herself with a flash of nylon.

“Please, Kathy!” Frank pleaded with her in a low voice. “This is going too far!”

“Quiet, slave!” Kathy smiled delightedly at him.

Blushing slightly at the presence of a nude male, Sharon and Connie seated themselves on the couch with their drinks in hand. Leaning back and crossing their pretty legs, they smiled at Frank and couldn’t take their eyes off of him. Looking thoroughly embarrassed and shamefaced, Frank lowered his eyes and stared at the floor.

“Come here, slave!” Kathy told him, picking up her switch and brandishing it in the air.

Frank reluctantly walked over to her, and stood in front of her with his head bowed. As Sharon and Connie tittered in the background, Kathy reached out with her switch and playfully poked it against his semi-rigid penis.

“Tonight, slave,” she told him. “Connie and Sharon are going to help me train you! You have to obey them and do everything they say, the same as you must obey me!”

Frank gulped and cast a quick shamefaced glance at the two leggy stewardesses seated on the couch. Both smiled brightly at him and made it apparent that they could hardly wait to put him through his paces.

“I mean everything, too!” Kathy went on, continuing to poke his member familiarly with the switch. “You girls had better help yourself to those items on the couch beside you.”

Sharon picked up the red maple paddle while Connie helped herself to the black leather razor strap. Frank swallowed hard and looked quite apprehensive at the prospect of being paddled by all three of them.

“Now, slave,” Kathy told him. “I want my girlfriends to see how much you’re under my control! Get down on your knees!”

His lip trembling slightly, Frank slowly dropped to his knees in front of her. Kathy slipped off her spike heels and extended her pretty stocking feet together. Pointing her switch toward her feet and wriggling her toes, she smiled haughtily at him!

“Each toe!” she demanded.

It wasn’t the first time she had given that humiliating order, but having witnesses present made it all the more embarrassing. Frank gave her an imploring look, which she returned with an icy stare. After a long pause, he leaned forward and began kissing the nylon over her brightly painted toenails. He winced visibly as he overheard Sharon and Connie smirking delightedly in the background.

“My, you do have him well trained!” Sharon laughed.

“You haven’t seen anything yet!” Kathy assured her, flicking her switch menacingly across Frank’s bare shoulders as his mouth moved across the tips of her trim feet. Frank gulped at the implications of her remark, and wondered how far she would go in front of the two visitors.

“Now it’s about time you gave our visitors the same treat!” Kathy informed him as he finished kissing her toes.

Before Frank could turn around, Sharon and Connie had both slipped off their pumps and were seated with their pretty stocking feet extended expectantly. Both smiled and wriggled their toes as Frank embarrassedly looked at them.

“Go on! Crawl over there!” Kathy urged, getting to her feet and applying the switch vertically to his bare buttocks.

“P-please!” Frank tried to protest but Kathy smacked his hips vigorously with the switch, compelling him to crawl on the floor toward the two girls. As he made his way over to them, both girls were quite aware of the pulsing erection that revealed the full extent of Kathy’s control over him.

As Kathy continued putting the switch to him, he bent over in front of Sharon’s feet and abjectly began kissing the reinforced part of her dark brown nylons covering her pink toes. Flushing prettily, the pretty stewardess watched with obvious amusement as he humbly kissed her slender feet.

“Keep doing it!” Kathy urged him, repeatedly smacking his hips with the switch. By this time, his buttocks were criss-crossed with red lines and prickling quite uncomfortably. With each new application, he twisted his hips and gasped with pain. As he finished kissing Sharon’s feet, he moved over to Connie and began bussing her dainty feet in the same manner. The petite blonde tittered and couldn’t refrain from wriggling her toes as his lips moved up and down them.


When he finally completed the humbling assignment, Kathy looked down superiorly at him. “Now, slave, I hope you’re in the mood to serve me!” she told him.

While Sharon and Connie gasped and Frank stared in alarm, Kathy suddenly reached down with both hands and yanked up her red knit dress to the waist. She wore no panties, and her black garter belt and stockings provided an intriguing frame for the enticing patch of auburn hair.

“Not in front of them!” Frank gasped.

Holding her dress up to the waist in front and looking down severely at him, Kathy slowly started backing toward the easy chair. Sitting down on the chair, she put her feet up on the chair and spread her thighs apart, exposing herself completely. While Frank gazed at her pink charms and cast a shamefaced glance toward the two visitors, Kathy pointed a demanding forefinger at her midsection.


“Come here, slave!” she commanded.

Frank slowly began crawling to her while Sharon and Connie watched closely. The two pretty visitors were blushing slightly but obviously quite intrigued by the proceedings.

“P-please, not in front of them!” Frank pleaded as he knelt in front of Kathy’s exposed charms.

“Go ahead!” Kathy insisted. “Lick me down there. It will show my power over you!”

Frank gulped heavily and moved his face closer to the patch of auburn hair. “Please!” he pleaded once again.

“Hurry up!” Kathy commanded angrily, reaching for the willowy switch at her side.

Frank paused for a moment and then plunged his face into the heavy growth of hair. As Sharon and Connie watched with wide eyed interest, Frank abjectly began to caress the pink groove with his tongue. Kathy smiled down superiorly at him, keeping her thighs well apart to give him ample room to work in. Working his tongue up and down the coral slit, Frank occasionally cast a quick, shamed glance at the two visitors.

“Keep doing it!” Kathy told him sweetly. “Don’t turn your face away!”

Despite the presence of the two visitors, Kathy’s juices were soon flowing and she was rocking her hips back and forth in the chair. Listening to the slurping and squishing sounds, Sharon and Connie stared at the scene in fascination. Kathy clasped her hands down over Frank’s head, mashing his face against her wet delta and forcing him to continue the servile caresses.

“Oh! Keep doing it like that!” Kathy gasped with delight, beginning to move her pelvis with rapid jerks.

Gasping for breath, Frank managed to work his tongue into the pink cleft and rolled it around. Kathy let out a loud gasp and, dropping one stockinged leg down over his back, pressed his face even more tightly against her moist warm charms. Sitting on the edge of their seats, Sharon and Connie watched as if hypnotized. For the next few moments, Kathy’s delighted gasps were intermingled with the slurping noises between her legs.

“Ooh! Oooh! Ooooooooh!” Kathy finally uttered a prolonged gasp and reached a breathless climax.

As Kathy relaxed her grip on him, Frank drew back his head and remained on his knees before her. His face glistening with her moisture, he looked quite sheepish and kept his eyes lowered.

“Now that you girls have seen how delightful my slave is,” Kathy spoke up after she caught her breath. “Perhaps you would like to avail yourself of the same service?”

Frank quickly glanced up, his face a mixture of fear and excitement, as Sharon and Connie both laughed at the interesting offer.

“Well, what do you think?” Sharon asked, turning to Connie.

Both girls were blushing prettily. “Well,” Connie replied hesitantly. “I will if you will!”

“What are we waiting for?” Sharon laughed.

Frank watched closely as the two pretty stewardesses quickly pulled back their uniform skirts and began removing their dark brown stockings. As he stared at their shapely white bare legs, the two girls hoisted their skirts and pulled down their girdles and panties. Stepping out of them, they blushingly sat down on beside each other on the couch with their legs apart and pulled their uniforms back nearly to their waists. Frank stared in fascination, his eyes alternating between Sharon’s dark brown bush to Connie’s lighter haired charms.

“Well, go ahead!” Kathy told him, getting up and picking up her switch. “They both want to be licked down there, so get busy!”

She flicked his buttocks and back with the switch as he crawled over to the couch. As the three young women watched him closely, he crawled between Sharon’s white thighs. After a moment’s hesitation, he quickly lowered his face into the enticing brown patch.

“Ooh!” Sharon gasped with delight, blushing prettily as she felt his tongue come in contact with her vulva.

As Kathy stood bossily over him, supervising him with her switch, Frank servilely began to lick Sharon’s pink cleft. It wasn’t long before the longlegged stewardess was dripping wet between the legs and working her pelvis back and forth. As Sharon gasped and moved about on the couch, Connie waited anxiously for her turn to come.

“Keep doing it!” Kathy ordered when Frank stopped to catch his breath. He started to protest but she slashed the switch vigorously across his back. With a gasp of pain, he hastily lowered his face into Sharon’s moist nest.

“Oh! Oooh!” Sharon gasped, pumping her hips back and forth and pressing his face down against her with both hands.

Frank worked his tongue inside her, lolling it around her clitoris. Her long legs jerking out straight, Sharon squealed with delight and promptly reached an orgasm. As Kathy and Connie watched with big smiles, Sharon held his face down against her until her spasms began to subside.

“Hey, isn’t it about time I got in on the fun?” Connie asked even before Sharon had released him.

“Yes,” Kathy replied, flicking her switch against Frank’s back. “Get over there and lick her the same way!”

Directing a shamed look at the pretty blonde stewardess, Frank crawled between her pretty bare legs. Connie spread her thighs apart and watched closely as he lowered his face into the downy tuft of hair. Feeling the light hair brushing against his face, he began licking his tongue over her soft vulva. Connie trembled at the intimate caress and immediately began rocking her pelvis back and forth with rhythmic movements.

“Ooh!” she squirmed girlishly as he worked his tongue inside her, squeezing her smooth thighs against his head.

Sharon and Kathy watched closely as Frank’s head began moving up and down between Connie’s shapely legs. From time to time, Kathy gave him a flick with the switch to spur him on. Pausing for a moment to catch his breath despite Kathy’s insistent flicks with the switch, Frank rolled his tongue up and down the length of Connie’s moist slit. The pretty blonde responded by rocking her hips back and forth with coital movements, gasping delightedly each time his tongue caressed a particularly sensitive spot.

“Ooooooh!” Connie finally erupted with an intense orgasm, jerking her hips back and forth and squeezing him firmly between her thighs.

Frank remained on his knees afterward looking quite subdued as Sharon and Connie replaced their clothing.

“This has been quite an interesting demonstration, Kathy!” Sharon remarked. “I hope you’ll have us over again some time.

“Oh, I intend to!” Kathy told her. “This young man is going to have to learn to serve all my friends!”

Their cheeks slightly flushed, their stockings wrinkled and their uniform skirts mussed, the two pretty stewardesses gave Frank a knowing smile and prepared to depart. As Kathy accompanied the two visitors to the door, Frank couldn’t help overhearing their cutting comments and girlish laughter.

As soon as they had gone, Kathy picked up her switch and, grabbing the rope leash around his neck, started leading him into the bedroom. Staring at his erection, she flicked his legs with the switch. “Come on, slave!” she urged.

In the bedroom, Kathy paused long enough to remove all of her clothes before untying the bonds at his wrists. As they got into bed, Kathy brought the switch along with her and continually flicked his buttocks and bare legs with it.

“You had better do it just right!” she warned.

As he mounted her supine figure, Kathy switched his bare bottom even more vigorously. Spurred on by the burning and prickling sensation in his buttocks, Frank plunged his aching penis deeply into her and began riding wildly back and forth. Kathy continued applying the switch to drive him on, and in a few moments they both reached a surging climax.


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