Spanking Stewardesses — Part 8


Sharon watched intently as Craig flipped the coin in the air.

“Heads!” he announced with a grin.

“Nuts!” Sharon made a face. “And I was so looking forward to putting you through your paces again!”

In working out their equal partnership agreement, the two young people had agreed that it might prove interesting to take turns playing master-and-slave with one another. Rather than simply alternate between the two roles, they had found that it was much more exciting if they determined the master for the evening by flipping a coin. That way neither of them knew in advance what role he or she would have to play, and the uncertainty increased the anticipation considerably.

“You’ve won enough already!” Craig told her. Sharon had been the winner the three past Saturday evenings, and Craig still had vivid memories of how she had tormented him. Picking up a number of ideas from Kathy, Sharon had introduced him to bondage and had spanked and switched him thoroughly. Tied up helplessly, he had been compelled to caress her entire body orally, beginning with her feet. He hadn’t realized how demanding she could be until he was completely helpless and at her mercy.

“Please, could I have a cigarette first?” Sharon asked a little nervously, anticipating that he fully intended to get some revenge.

“I’ll give you a couple of minutes, slave!” he told her.

Sharon puffed anxiously on her cigarette, occasionally directing a meek glance at him.

“Time’s up!” Craig finally told her. “Take off your dress!”

Stamping out her cigarette and getting to her feet, Sharon reached behind her and unzipped her black dress. Slightly flushed and self-conscious, she stepped out of the dress and stood there attired in a matching black bra and pantie outfit, a black garter belt, charcoal nylon stockings and spike heel pumps. The black garments made a striking contrast with her white flesh, and Craig gave her long, lithe figure an appreciative glance.

Sharon watched with some concern and a little anxiety as Craig brought a cardboard box from the closet. “What’s in there?” she asked nervously.

“You’ll find out, slave girl!” he told. “Come over here and put your hands behind your back!”

Sharon meekly complied, watching backward over her shoulder as Craig brought a brown leather strap out of the box. He promptly secured her wrists together behind her back with the strap, buckling it firmly in place. Bringing a similar strap out of the box, he passed it around her elbows and began drawing it together. Sharon gasped as he forced her shoulders back, compelling her to stick her breasts out even more prominently in front.

“Hey, not so tight!” she gasped.

Craig didn’t stop until her elbows were in contact, leaving Sharon a little embarrassed and uncomfortable. He buckled the strap in place while she continued protesting meekly. Next, to Sharon’s surprise, be brought out a metal-studded leather dog collar and promptly snapped it around her neck. The collar had a four foot long leather leash attached to it.

“Please, that’s humiliating!” Sharon protested. “Say, where did you get these things anyway?”

“Never mind!” he remarked, grasping the leash and starting to lead her around the room. Given no choice, Sharon had to follow him and blushed prettily as he led her around the room a couple of times. The long-legged brunette watched rather apprehensively as he once again reached into the box and brought out a couple of additional leather straps.

Dropping to his knees beside her, he slipped one of the straps around her trim ankles and hobbled them together. Next he took the second strap and wrapped it around her thighs just above her knees, buckling it securely in place. By this time, Sharon felt completely helpless and was watching him quite anxiously. She surreptitiously tried to work loose from the bonds at her wrists, but found that it wasn’t possible.

“What are you going to do to me?” she asked in a small, childlike voice.

“A slave has no right to ask questions!” he told her. “I just might lead you around on the leash some more!”

“I couldn’t even hop with those things around my legs!” Sharon protested.

“We may see about that!” he grinned, reaching into the box and bringing out a red rubber ball strung on a clothesline rope.

“Oh, no!” Sharon gasped as she saw the gag. “Please, no gag! Please, honey, not that!”

With a confident smile, he stood up and held the gag up to her face.

“Please, honey, I don’t want to!” Sharon continued to plead. “Please, don’t make me! It’s uncomfortable!”

Craig stepped behind her and, reaching over her shoulders, grasped the loose ends of the rope with both hands. Stretching the rope taut, he pulled the rubber ball up in front of her mouth.

“Open your mouth!” he ordered.

“Please! Please!” Sharon pleaded.

“Open your mouth!” he repeated the order.

After a moment’s hesitation, Sharon reluctantly opened her pretty mouth wide and submissively held her brunette head back. Craig pushed the rubber ball into her mouth, forcing it between her teeth.

“Ugh!” Sharon groaned as she was forced to bite down on the rubber ball, which forced her jaws apart quite uncomfortably.

With the rubber ball deep in her mouth, Craig tied the loose ends of the rope together behind her neck. With her mouth wide apart and her eyes bulging from the effect of the gag, Sharon looked delightfully helpless as she stood there with her arms and legs confined in the straps. Unable to say anything through the gag, she looked continually at him in a futile effort to communicate with her eyes. After pausing to give her attractive figure an admiring look, Craig brought out a long length of clotheslines rope and fastened it to the bonds at her wrists in back.

While Sharon watched apprehensively, he flipped the rope over an overhead light fixture and slowly began pulling on the rope. As her arms were drawn up in back, the helpless young woman had no choice but to bend forward while keeping her legs straight.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!” Sharon ineffectually tried to protest through the gag as Craig kept pulling on the rope.

He didn’t stop until poor Sharon was practically bending double with her brunette head down to her knees and her pantie-clad buttocks jackknifed upward in back. As he tied the rope in place, there was nothing she could do but haplessly remain in position despite the strain on nearly every muscle in her body. As Craig stood there giving her long, nyloned legs and upturned bottom the once over, Sharon futilely tried to protest and plead through her gag.

Leaving Sharon in the uncomfortable position, Craig walked over to the closet and started bringing out some punishment implements. In recent weeks, he and Sharon had collected a number of such items, including a couple of wooden paddles, a riding crop, a leather paddle, a switch and several straps in various sizes. Although Sharon could not see what he was doing from her position, she suspected what he had in mind and writhed haplessly in the vulnerable position.

Once had he had brought out all of the punishment instruments, Craig decided to take time out to fix himself a drink. Leaving Sharon in the helpless position, he went out to the kitchen and leisurely fixed himself a drink. Returning to the living room, he sat down with his drink in hand and leaned back to enjoy the scenery.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,” Sharon moaned through the gag, trying to attract his attention. Her arms and back were beginning to ache in the uncomfortable position, but she couldn’t move a muscle to relieve the tension.

After a few sips on his drink, Craig picked up one of the leather straps and walked over to her. Assuming that he was going to use the strap on her upturned bottom, Sharon cringed and tried to plead through her gag. However, Craig had a different project in mind. First, he unfastened the rope at her wrists, allowing her to straighten once again. The pretty brunette breathed a sigh of relief and tried to tell him something through the gag. Next, Craig reached behind her and unsnapped her bra and pulled the cups loose in front, allowing her pretty breasts to spill out. Sharon looked quite surprised and blushed.

With an amused smile, Craig grasped the leash and pulled it up with a short rein. “Let’s go!” he instructed, giving a slight yank on the leash.

“Mmmmmmmmmm!” Sharon shook her head vigorously.

“Come on!” Craig ordered, yanking on the rope.

With her long legs still fastened together by the straps at her knees and ankles, Sharon had no choice but to hop even though her high heels made the task all the more difficult. As she hopped along in response to Craig’s yanks on the leash, there was nothing Sharon could do to keep her loose breasts from flip-flopping embarrassingly in front of him. Blushing with embarrassment and feeling thoroughly undignified and ridiculous, Sharon haplessly followed him in a wide circle around the room. From the bulge in his trousers, she could tell that he was enjoying the show she was unintentionally putting on for him.

Craig led her over to the couch and seated himself. Staring at the strap in his hand, the helpless brunette shook her head and tried to protest as he pulled her toward him. She finally collapsed over his lap and he pulled her legs up on the couch. Without further ado, he inserted his hand into the waistband of her panties and began pulling them down. He pulled the panties down out of the way below her stocking tops, leaving her well-rounded bottom squirming anxiously on his lap.

“It’s about time you had some discipline!” he told her.

“Mmmmmmmmmm!” Sharon tried to protest through her gag, turning her brunette head around to look at him.

After making her wait anxiously over his lap for a couple of minutes, Craig raised the strap and applied the first stroke across both pretty bottom cheeks.


“MMMMMMMMMM!” Sharon’s girlishly wide hips bucked up sharply on his lap as the strap left its red mark across her sensitive flesh.

Craig paused and applied the second stroke lower down, flicking the tender base of her buttocks.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm!” Sharon squirmed prettily on his lap, her pained shriek muffled by her gag. She instinctively fought against the bonds holding her arms and legs helpless, but none of the straps gave way. Settling back down on his lap, she could feel his erection pressing firmly against her side.

Holding the helpless young woman face down over his lap, Craig began putting the strap to her bare bottom and upper thighs with regular strokes. Gagged and completely helpless, Sharon could do nothing but moan through her gag and squirm furiously as the strap set her aflame. As her tender spanking surfaces turned a flaming red, the pretty stewardess kicked her long legs frantically back and forth and did her best to evade the downward strokes of the strap.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm! Mmmmmmmmmmm! she pleaded and protested through the gag, tears streaming down her cheeks.

Disregarding her pleas and frantic efforts to avoid the strap, Craig continued applying it vigorously to her burning hind quarters. He didn’t stop until Sharon’s pretty buttocks and upper thighs were a deep shade of scarlet and the tearful young woman felt as if she had been sitting on an oven. Gasping and nearly choking with the gag in her mouth, Sharon desperately tried to catch her breath while her helpless hands futilely tried to reach down to console her flaming bottom.

“Now I suppose you’d be willing to do about anything to avoid any more of this strap!” he told her.

Sharon hastily nodded her brunette head in agreement. Getting to his feet, he picked her up in his arms and carried her into the bedroom. Placing her face down on the bed, he began undoing the straps that confined her arms and legs.

“Now don’t remove your gag!” he warned her, rolling her over on her back. Sharon winced as her freshly spanked bottom came in contact with the bedspread, and tried to protest to him through the gag. Craig proceeded to strip her panties down her long legs and removed them along with her shoes. After taking a quick look at the pretty nest of dark brown hair, Craig went over to a closet and brought out three lengths of rope.

“Hold out your hands!” he instructed.

As Sharon meekly extended her hands, he took one of the lengths of rope and quickly tied her wrists together. Next, he looped a length of rope around each of her ankles, pulling her legs well apart and tying her ankles to the foot of the bed. Lying there with her brunette charms fully on display, Sharon blushed prettily and watched him with a combination of fear and excitement. Standing beside the bed, Craig quickly began disrobing. Sharon stared at his erection as he knelt on the bed beside her.

Stroking his hand gently over the pretty triangle of hair at the apex of her legs. Craig began fondling her charms with his fingers. Helpless to resist, Sharon blushed and squirmed girlishly against her bonds and moaned through her gag. It wasn’t long before she was moist and sticky between the legs, and was rocking her pelvis as much as the bound position would permit. Craig continued tormenting her manually for the next few minutes, and Sharon was gasping and thoroughly flushed when he finally stopped.

Pulling her bound wrists down against her torso, Craig knelt astride her helpless body and reached under her head to untie the gag rope. Knowing what was in store for her, Sharon stared upward at his stiff penis. As he pulled the rubber ball from between her teeth, Sharon gulped for air and tried to relax her jaw muscles a little. Feeling her warm breath against him, Craig stuffed an additional pillow under her head—elevating it some more and bringing her pretty face closer to his throbbing member.

Balancing himself on all fours Craig leaned forward on his elbows, slowly lowering his sleek hard shaft to her waiting face. Sharon lifted her head slightly and planted a moist kiss on the tip of his stiff muscle. Feeling her warm mouth against his sensitive flesh, Craig tensed with pleasure and held himself in position over her. Without further ado, Sharon began covering his sturdy member with moist, eager kisses. She quickly worked up and down the full length of his penis, her pretty lips nibbling at the masculine rod above her.

As Sharon settled back on the pillow to catch her breath, Craig lowered herself closer to her to explore her pretty face and throat with his pulsing shaft. He began at her throat first and Sharon drew her head back to permit the sleek head to probe the entire area. Moving his hips from side to side, Craig allowed his hard spear to brush familiarly against the soft white flesh of her throat. As he did so, he could feel Sharon’s warm breath on him.

“Oooooh!” Sharon moaned expectantly as he moved his body forward slightly, allowing the head of his penis to rub against her chin.

As Sharon opened her pretty mouth expectantly, Craig turned his body slightly to one side and allowed his bulging shaft to brush against her soft cheek. He could feel her quivering under him as he allowed the head of his member to slide up her cheek until the tip was pressing against her right eye. As he held it there for a moment, Sharon kissed the base of his penis moistly and excitedly. Next, he moved to the other side and allowed the tip of his hard muscle to probe her left eye. Finally, he began moving his hips in a semicircle above her face, allowing his throbbing member to rub against her forehead, cheeks, nose and eyes.

“Please!” Sharon whispered urgently, planting a couple of moist kisses along the base of his exploring rod.

The pretty stewardess opened her mouth as far as she could, and drew back her head slightly to make it easier for him. Craig brought the tip of his erect penis up to the inviting opening, and felt Sharon’s eager lips cupping around it. He thrust forward just slightly, pushing the crown of his shaft just inside her warm, moist mouth. As Sharon eagerly embraced his masculine spear with her pretty mouth, Craig paused for a moment to allow her slippery tongue to thoroughly caress the head of his penis.

“ Mmmmmmmmmmm!” Sharon moaned beneath him, turning her brunette head from one side to the other and allowing his stiff member to explore the insides of her cheeks.

Craig thrust forward again, penetrating slightly farther into the moist opening. Sharon groaned slightly as he forced her mouth wider apart, but quickly became accustomed to having the sturdy muscle inside her yielding mouth. Nibbling on the outside with her lips, she rolled her tongue around the probing shaft and sucked on it. As her saliva moistened his penis and filled her mouth, the sucking noises became quite audible. Craig tensed anxiously at the warm, tantalizing caresses, and could feel her long, brunette body writhing with excitement under him.

Slowly he pushed forward again, inserting his hard member deeply into her mouth. As Sharon groaned and gulped heavily under him, he quickly drew back slightly to give her more time to become adjusted to his probing shaft. After a moment, he slowly inched forward again, forcing her mouth wide apart. This time Sharon was able to handle it and continued her sucking and licking movements as his bulging rod reached the back of her mouth. Craig waited for a moment to make sure that she was fully prepared to accommodate him.

He began moving back and forth, allowing the hard, sleek member to slide back and forth in her wet mouth. With each forward thrust he reached the back of her mouth. Gulping heavily on her saliva and quite breathless under him, Sharon nibbled and sucked and eagerly kept her pretty head in position for him. As she became accustomed to the deep thrusts into her mouth, Craig began rocking back and forth with quicker movements.

“Oooooooooooooh!” Sharon shuddered beneath him as the pulsating member jerked back and forth in her expanded mouth.

Drawing back until just the head of his penis was in her mouth, Craig paused for a moment. “Do you want to rest for a moment, honey?” he asked.

When Sharon refused the opportunity to take it out of her mouth, Craig resumed his pumping movements. He began slowly but was soon rocking back and forth with quick, jerky movements. Gulping breathlessly, Sharon sucked hard on the throbbing muscle with audible slurping sounds. She could sense his tension and was quite prepared for the inevitable. As his movements became faster and faster, she writhed excitedly on the bed under him.

Finally Craig thrust forward deeply into her mouth, and the pretty stewardess felt the sudden gush of warm, sticky fluid jetting into her mouth and throat. As the fluid sprayed into her mouth with erratic spurts, Sharon uttered a loud gasp and gulped heavily to keep from choking. She made no effort to escape and Craig left his throbbing and aching muscle plunged deeply into her mouth until the last drop of semen had emerged and his penis was beginning to lose its tension.

Afterwards, Sharon lay breathlessly on the bed as Craig untied the ropes at her wrists and ankles. Gratefully stretching her long, stockinged legs, the shapely brunette removed her bra and lay expectantly on the bed. Leaving on her stockings and garter belt, she drew her knees back and spread her thighs apart invitingly. Her glistening brunette charms revealed her excitement. Although it wasn’t consistent with his master-slave role, Craig could not resist the opportunity to caress Sharon’s pretty cunny with his tongue.

Dropping to his knees between her legs, Craig slipped his palms under her scarlet hips to lift her slightly. Sharon flinched as his hands came in contact with her smarting bottom, and excitedly opened her thighs even farther. Craig quickly plunged his face into the inviting nest between her legs. The leggy stewardess was already soaking wet and gasped with delight as Craig’s mouth and tongue began to explore her pink girlish charms. With a pleased sigh, she coiled her long legs around him to hold him in position.

“Oh! Oooh! Oh, my!” she exclaimed breathlessly, rocking her pelvis back and forth with excited jerks. As her moisture began to cover his mouth and face, Craig shoved his tongue between the thicker outer lips and worked it deeply inside her. Sharon reacted with a squeal of delight. Her long legs jerking almost straight up in the air, the pretty young stewardess reached an intense orgasm.


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